Saturday, June 22, 2013


Readers… I have a new blog posted. It is after this one. Please see it.

(Sorry for the Confusion).


Some of the people who help Leo Glodzik make it all happen… (Can you guess who they are?)

“Run”   Someone needs their car. Gotta run… to Mohegan Sun

“Duck”    We have performed an extensive internal investigation – which no one is privy to – and have decided that LAG is clean as a whistle.

“Cover”    I see nothing wrong with “bribe” cars. I see nothing wrong with keeping no LAG records… and …ah… who am I? What am I doing here?

“Lie”    Speaking for the Mayor and Police chief – who need me as there one degree of separation from the law – I can assure you all is well with the King and his henchman.

“Smoothie”   I am allowed to run, duck, cover, and lie for the chief and the Mayor because I have “esquire” after my name.  The Pennsylvania Bar?  Ha Ha  We lawyers call it the “rabbit hole.”

“Stomp”    If I have to so much as get my butt out of this squad car you are goin’ to jail. If the wind blows you are goin’ to jail. If you breathe you are going to jail.

“Degenerate”    Nothing wrong with a lil’ boozing, snorting, skirt chasing, case fixen’, and cheatin’ the common folk… is there?

“Hooker shakin”    It is my discretion as a cop to treat prostitutes as I see fit… even if I very “personally” take care of the problem while lettin’ my trousers do the talking.

“Liar in training”    I am proud of the progress I have made in a short time. This week I laid some real whoppers. Lying seems to come natural around here. My boss that if I keep it up… I might soon have his job. That Mayor… he is so funny!