Sunday, August 17, 2014


I am naming this latest scam "Facade gate." 
What is "Facade gate?" 

It is the program where WB throws a ridiculous amount of money to improve 1-5 % of the homes on some really nasty streets.

Will anyone actually fall for this "facade?"
Will an innocent outsider to WB suddenly fall for Blackman's Street's charm?

Should the city even be in the "facade" (intentional deception) business? What's next? Fake boobies for city gals?  Facelifts too? Why limit it to buildings?

“Do you like my facades?"

"People see me and not the cruddy homes"

We know one thing. Leighton is the man for this job.
The FBI may agree based on their six investigations into the city (my current count).

Below see another pro-Leighton "brown nose" article from Bill O'Boyle. This is sickening. I held off on calling the paper the "Leighton Leader" because I know some TL reporters who still put out balanced stories.

This "feel good" program uses public money to
1) Improve the homes of friends of Leighton
2) give business to crony WB contractors
TL Story here     ...Home is on Blackman Street

You will notice in the picture (in article) that no other houses are shown. Gee... why do you think no other downtrodden Blackman Street homes aren't shown? Hint: It is called a "facade" program.

It is kind of like this:   
1) Imagine a long piece of something that looks like poop. 
2) Now imagine squirting a tiny bit of whipped cream on it
3) Now imagine paying a contractor a lot of money to do this (cream prices very high!).
4) Now imagine taking a picture of the tiny bit of whipped cream only (have to really zoom in!).
5) Next you call Bill O'Boyle for a story.
Net result... Waddya have? 

What is the return on investment for WB Taxpayers by fixing up two house on an ugly, crime-ridden street? ZERO. More money flushed to friends of Leighton.

Note to reader: Kickback alert. Where there's "mucho money" there could be kickbacks. Just saying. Playin' it real.
What every other house owner on Blackman Street should be asking Leighton is, "What arbitrary reason did you use to not pick my home?"

$1/2 million plus is spent so SOME homeowners can improve their property... but Leighton claims poverty when it comes to funding Martin Luther King Day. 
It is called "playing favorites."
Does anyone think Carey Ave and Blackman Streets will EVER look nice... or is this just a way Leighton can slide money to cronies/friends? Complete waste of money.

Bill O'Boyle  --  Did you ever get  the FULL RESULTS from the survey from Larry Newman (Diamond City Partnership)? You know... the article last week that made WB look so good? You did a story on it. Remember? 

The survey said that 7 out of 9 people go to the Farmers' Market. 77 %. Wow. If it were a TV show... it would be the highest rated TV show ever. By Far. That's pretty high. I need to become a farmer.

As I said, the survey was only partially done. Did you get the complete results, Mr. O'Boyle? And did you inquire about the integrity of the survey?


In case you forgot, I named the story "Smooches heard round the valley."   Click HERE.

From Aug 18 TL article ("Facade gate") Barrouk (Landscaper turned City Hall financial whiz) said $496,803 was spent in total improvements of 53 properties for the completion of Phase I.


My Count:   6 Federal Investigations
(1)            Federal raid two years ago on WB police (LAG?)
(2)            Federal raid on Credit union
(3)            Federal jurisdiction over Gas Gate
(4)            Federal Investigation into Parking Authority
(5)            Federal Raid on Sherman Hills
(6)            Federal raid on LAG Towing (this past week)
Plus… Felony conviction on Leo Glodzik of LAG Towing

Accounting for $9 Million  
(rose $ 1/2 million over weekend for "Facade gate")

Approximations of “Leighton/City generated” expenses
and money wasted/stolen/due/hidden

$60,0000   Unneeded Spokesman (never needed McLaughlin who just; incl benefits           
$500,000   Estimate for legal fees (up to 60 depositions for Thom Greco   civil rights case)
$4,600,000   Camera System that won’t work
$58,000         City gas stolen (Gas Gate)
$10,000 ($100k?)     Cost of two city cops driving a drunken Leighton home
$500,000         Taxes owed by city contractor (LAG)
$80,000     Parking Authority payments to JJ Murphy and Fox Rothschild
$ 200,000   Estimate to defend city from corruption (federal investigations)
$1,000,000  Money laundered and/or hidden through a charity for fire trucks (Leighton did not disclose)
$ 25,000    Alarm systems
$500,000   Wasted money on “do nothing” jobs
`                           (A)    Leighton’s 3 hour workday
                             (B)    Controller who doesn’t show up  
                             (C)     Redundant “city manager/ econ devt” positions

$1,000,000 (low estimate) for both social costs for poor performances/ dereliction/ soaring crime rates/ Sherman Hills etc… for widespread alcohol abuse and/or addiction and/or protection of drug houses. Price tag on double figure murders?

Barrouk (landscaper turned financial whiz) said $496,803 was spent in total improvements of 53 properties for the completion of Phase I (of "Facade gate").