Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Robin Williams quips on alchoholism

I thought I was hiding it from people... then I realized that I was alone in this thought.

Functional alcoholic?  It's like a parapalegic trying to lap dance... you can do it - but not quite as well as the others

You know you are an alcoholic when you wake up (at say, the River Grill) and shout, " Hey - who sh*t in my pants!"

Alcoholics violate their standards faster than they can lower them.  Even the devil says,

Blackouts are like having your conscience going into the witness program.

For those still suffering:

1) You aren't fooling anyone. Your secret is out. You have nothing to protect. Especially public figures. SWALLOW YOUR PRIDE

2) Get a detox if you need it. A detox is imperative if you have used a lot of "whatever" for a long time. They even give you medicine to feel good. It is a bridge.

3) Once your mind is sober you will feel depressed and distraught lasting no longer than a week. Be patient... you will get grounded.

4) Next comes the good part. You get to share stories with people who have the exact same illness. This is a "eureka" moment as you haven't done this for years.

5) At AA meetings you will make some of the best friends of your life. AA people tend to be very witty and very smart. You will feel at home and you will have hope maybe for the first time ever,