Saturday, February 27, 2016


  Karen Esposito...  aka Kim Weigal

A well known personality called me and said that he was trying to help "KIM WEIGAL" regain custody of her kids. She was being held out as the "poster child" for moms being hurt in an allegedly corrupt children and youth system. It appears that a Scranton man who heads the "VOICES" Facebook group was equally duped. Peple trying to do good for a citizen claiming distress.

But there was a problem. Kim Weigal does not exist. Karen Esposito is the real person. It is kind of hard to pursue an investigation if you are chasing ghosts. It also takes a junkie to lie like this, doesn't it? Pretty close to the truth.


- Crack Cocaine conviction (man from Bronx hiding in closet; scales and other items found)
- Crack Cocaine paraphenalia conviction

- Karen has claimed to be on Suboxone (similar to methadone; a drug used for heroin and pain killers)
- Two DUI cases pending

- Ordered by a Judge not to drive her kids (held in contempt several times when she did anyway)
- Lost custody of her kids 

- Passes out frequently (many witnesses)
- Karen still drinks and smokes

- A family connection stated that she has tested positive for many drugs over the years (allegedly even morphine)

- Karen invited a man over for a date. Karen passed out in the shower. This man then broke ties with Karen due to drug use. Karen Esposito then filed felony criminal trespassing charges against the man after she left the door open for him for the date. The man spoke with the reporting officer and charges were dropped.

- Karen Esposito is in the company of ANDY OSTROWSKI frequently (moving items from his apartment on 02/27) and is seen staying overnight often. A neighbor stated that that Karen Esposito once said a few months ago: "I am bringing Andy some marijuana to make him feel good." Andy Ostrowski has also told this neighbor that he frequently smokes pot.

CRACK BUST    Karen Esposito   Crack, wads of cash, weight scales found. Two black men (one from Bronx) found hiding in closet).