Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Word has it that Degnan is having major problems with the state police at the DNC. Gee... I wonder why? It is called complete lack of integrity. CORRUPTION. Who has he covered up for? A short list follows...

All of the following are known or rumored to be alcoholics and/or heavy/ blackout type drinkers.

It is widely known that she and alcoholic 1st Asst DA Sam Sangeudolce had a DUI covered up when Salavantis slammed into a pole. She threw out many DUI's associated with Sanguedolce's law firm as well. Degnan and other top officials knew of the protected heroin house and LAG Towing. If I knew - they knew!   

Salavantis hugging predator Gerard Dessoye (resigned from King's College for alleged sexual harassment)

 ... It is important to note that the PSP did not come down on LAG Towing (Leo Glodzik) until the father of a trooper was ripped off. It was fine that poor (many black) victims had their cars stolen. It was only when my activism reached "one of their own" did they decide to act. Sick bastards. 

Forgive me if I puke when Salavantis puts on a fundraiser (at her dad's restaurant) when a trooper was killed. Truly, Captain Degnan protects and serves his own interests before others. He is a coward. He belongs in prison for crimes committed. The cover ups span for miles.

1st Assistant Sam Sanguedolce
Part of the cover-up because he was in the car with the DA at time of DUI. Sanguedolce routinely stays out until 4 AM at a local bar where he leaves from the kitchen. Then he represents the people that morning? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Sanguedolce enriches himself by his firm getting special favors from the DA who tosses DUI's. Who charged with a DUI wouldn't use this firm knowing the fix is in? 

Chief Judge Richard Hughes
Hughes, who bought his Judge position (spent the most), actively campaigned with Salavantis when she got her DUI.  Who did the State Police endorse? Dick Hughes. Are the pieces coming together for you? 

Those red cheeks aren't from a morning jog. He is the biggest phony I have ever met. He was paid by my dad for 30 years. I should know. My dad put his kids through school. "Opportunity seeker" doesn't begin to explain him.

Luzerne County Head of Detectives Mike Dessoye
Salavantis's first pick when she was in office. Has he done anything of importance other than to cover up for others... most especially his brother Gerard Dessoye? How did the cover up for your brother work out, Mikey?

Marty Kane
Jared Kane 
Kathy Kane
Magistrate Cronauer
Thomas Leighton... Google "Leighton and WB Truth."
Gerard Dessoye... nowhere to be found
Mayor Haggerty of Kingston
... There has to be many more.

With alcoholism comes corruption. I put down the bottle 28 years ago (along with many others). These wimps don't have the courage to recover... and they should be all DRUG TESTED and removed. 

The papers have folded their tents with investigative journalism. This is what you get when big money meets $30,000 per year reporters.

It is no secret that people come to me first with information and I am by far the most respected source when it comes to exposing corruption. It is simply the way it is.

Luzerne County will be the armpit of AMERICA until it sobers up.