Monday, August 1, 2016


First... WB Chief Lendacky and Mayor George... what repercussions will your officer (Pete Cordaro) face over his role as the passenger in an alleged DUI case where he covered up minimally for "leaving the scene of an accident."  

State police... will you investigate Pa State Trooper Don MacRae III (Fern Ridge Barracks) for a DUI cover up and certainly for leaving the scene of an accident>

Plains police   Is it standard procedure to drive an alleged drunk trooper home (to Dunmore)? Who else do you drive home? Someone needs to be fired.

We can't expect the "Sanguedolce/Salavantis" run DA office to prosecute because they could be blackmaled over all the DUI's they have tossed (including their own) and the fact that they routinely drive drunk which is known by... well... EVERYONE in the law enforcement community.

Don't expect respect from any citizen if you further the cover up.

Our homely DA

Arm fat anyone?

Miss Piggy showing up late
(Pictures in response to managed media attempts to glamorize our DA...
quid pro quo between Salavantis and papers is the joke about town)

In other news...
The WB police union filed grievances (few months ago) over
(1) The detectives having to wear ties
(2) Where they can spit their tobacco.

Let's compare this group of corrupt and entitled spoiled brats to, say, a Holy Redeemed Sophomore.
Holy Redeemer students wearing ties

From Fox News... how WB police force is portrayed

Holy Redeemer students wear ties
WB Detectives cry about it

Holy Redeemer students cannot use tobacco
WB Police want to spit their "chew" anywhere... rules don't apply... nor does setting an example.

Holy Redeemer students pay the penalty for DUI's
WB Police drive the Mayor (Leighton) home.

Holy Redeemer students are penalized for helping others cheat
WB Police cover up (Cordaro)... business as usual.

Holy Redeemer students have drug concerns addressed
WB Police cover up for a heroin house (Dessoye)

Holy Redeemer students work an honest job at McDonalds
WB Police sell stolen cars (LAG Towing) out the back (Former Captain and Chief Hughes)

Holy Redeemer females do not give oral sex to stay out of detention.
Some cops gladly receive "BJ's" to drop charges.

Holy Redeemer students don't steal money from a fund drive. 
Some cops do a "shake down" on drug houses and pocket the money.

Holy Redeemer students play billiards for pleasure.
Some WB Cops had naked whores entertain them at LAG Towing.

Some Holy Redeemer students are expelled for bad behavior
Some WB Police who should be in prison (Dessoye) are given cushy $85,000 per year jobs at King's (and forced to resign)

Holy Redeemer students are not part of retribution and revenge
WB Police shut down the bar of an unpopular citizen (Thom Greco) as though it was a terroristic threat.

Holy Redeemer students buy cars by saving money. 
WB Police run scams through LAG Towing and Credit Union.

Holy Redeemer students can't fathom the corruption around them.
WB Police know it all too well.

With exceptions... the good cops are those who may have reported what they have seen. There are also good cops that do good work (I don't want to name because I will miss some... you know who you are). They are overshadowed by the corrupt ones. This is a very sad fact.