Sunday, July 31, 2016


It will be interesting to see how Plains police will doctor (falsify) this police report. This weekend... in Plains... LCTA Bus Station was demolished near 500 N Main St in Plains. Based on extremely reliable sources and physical damage plain to see...

The Driver Pa State Trooper Don MacRae III (Fern Ridge Barracks) - Turn your self in for Leaving the scene of an accident and an alleged DUI and the cover up.
F--- your thin blue line.
F--- your systemic corruption.
F--- the PSP for covering up for the corrupt DA Salavantis's DUI

WB Cop Pete Cordaro (below; passenger in the car) - Turn your self in for your part in the cover up... POLICE CORRUPTION.

To protect and serve (other cops)

Plains Cops - Turn yourself in for your cover up... POLICE CORRUPTION.

PSP Captain Degnan - We have had enough. Resign. Pretend like you did not know about this. Go ahead you liar. No matter if the trooper was in Fern Ridge barracks or Wyoming... you failed to take action.

You jerks put the good cops at risk through your corruption. This is why people HATE YOU. This is what pushes people near the edge to take out cops.

I was charged with two counts of leaving the scene of an accident two years ago. Only it was never reported as an accident. How the hell does that happen? I was pinned in at Motorworld and grazed two cars during a torrential rain storm trying to get out. 

State Trooper Don MacRae III walks with nothing? 
Are you kidding me?

All cops know about this (if I know they know).
All knew about the LAG Towing auto theft empire.
All cops knew that Dessoye was protecting a drug house.

How can you possibly ask for sympathy from the public?

You are the thugs and bullies and morons from high school 
who couldn't make it in the real world. Now you want to 
get paid for "bullying with a badge." Some of you live on a diet of alcohol and steroids (and cover -ups.) If you weren't
cops you would probably be skin heads.

What is the difference between dirty cops and the bloods and crips?
The bloods and crips are more honest about what they stand for.

Go ahead... continue with your cover ups and bullying... just don't expect us to shed a tear when you are taken out. It is this shit that makes people white hot with anger. You are scum.
Do you want to know what enabling and covering up looks like?
See the WBPD former chief below (Dessoye)
This is what you can look forward to.

Alcohol plus Corruption = THIS
Dead man walking
(Emotionally dead, vacuous soul... but still is alive) 

Saturday, July 30, 2016

This will make you sad... and angry

Look at the picture below.  The ashen pallor looks and the deadness in the eyes shows a man who, in my opinion, is not well. He needs help. This picture also  represents a sign post for first assistant DA Sam Sanguedolce if he doesn't get help for his drinking.
Did Gerard Dessoye receive help? No. He was protected and enabled. I warned King's College that hiring former WBPD Chief Dessoye  was a colossal mistake given his condition and his past for covering up for other "users." Catherine Meehan (the heroin honey) and Leo Glodzik (newspaper stated he got drug counseling... he stole cars like an addict would).

Salavantis... you failed this man by looking the other way. He doesn't need a hug (above) - he needs rehab. 

"Father" Ryan... you willingly risked young lives by hiring Dessoye
Head Detective Mike Dessoye... you ruined your family name (if there was anything left that could be ruined) by enabling your brother.

This is a story about the predictable effects of alcoholism.
It is also the story of MASSIVE county corruption that has officials cover for an alcoholic who desperately needed help.

Luzerne County Head Detective Mike Dessoye; appointed by Salavantis
Now there are sex allegations.
Nice job brother Mike!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Who is hangs on to our drunken 1st DA?

WHO  is a Girl with Very Low Esteem?
Likely to be with our drunk first Assistant DA
A different girl each week it seems.
She must have drug/alcohol stamina... out until 4 - 6 AM!!
The floozy is likely to be impressed by a 6-series BMW

... Arrogantly parked across the lines as an alcoholic narcissist would.

This car was earned the old fashioned way! Corruption!!!
 It is hard not to be a successful DUI Law firm when you can tell your clients that the DA (Salavantis) will toss the DUI's for no reason at all.
This slick womanizer has also played the part of the one who covers up... ie; the Salavantis DUI swept under the rug by Captain Degnan and the state police.
This cover up became common knowledge to current Judges and county detectives as well.

Sadly, this man's boss (Salavantis) is too weak, stupid, and over her head to force this man into rehab which he so desperately needs.

We drug test Weis Market and Turkey Hill employees... and not DA's, Judges, Magistrates, or cops. Pathetic.

One cannot perform a job effectively while staying out til 4-6 AM. Having been there myself many years ago, this man is likely operating with a daily patch work of "brown outs" (forget some things) and "black outs" (forget everything). Empathetically, it is pure hell to live like this because one has to lie everyday to protect one's drinking. It is a lonely prison.

A man in this state is an affront to our system under his altered state of mind. This man's drinking is so well known that his cases ought to be tossed. It is that bad.

Have you figured out what type of woman would accompany a man in this state?

So... Mr Sanguedolce (1st Asst DA)... I urge you to find a rehab facility as soon as humanly possible. Don’t dawdle. The problem only gets worse over time – never better. There reaches a point when people are compelled to keep drinking long after the fun time are over. You are clearly there. 

Nothing good will happen going forward. Your reputation will plummet and your relationships have no chance of success. It is time. Make the move. Or your story will look like the pathetic and sad story of former WBPD Chief Gerard Dessoye.

Is that what you want to look forward to, Mr. Sam Sanguedolce?


Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Word has it that Degnan is having major problems with the state police at the DNC. Gee... I wonder why? It is called complete lack of integrity. CORRUPTION. Who has he covered up for? A short list follows...

All of the following are known or rumored to be alcoholics and/or heavy/ blackout type drinkers.

It is widely known that she and alcoholic 1st Asst DA Sam Sangeudolce had a DUI covered up when Salavantis slammed into a pole. She threw out many DUI's associated with Sanguedolce's law firm as well. Degnan and other top officials knew of the protected heroin house and LAG Towing. If I knew - they knew!   

Salavantis hugging predator Gerard Dessoye (resigned from King's College for alleged sexual harassment)

 ... It is important to note that the PSP did not come down on LAG Towing (Leo Glodzik) until the father of a trooper was ripped off. It was fine that poor (many black) victims had their cars stolen. It was only when my activism reached "one of their own" did they decide to act. Sick bastards. 

Forgive me if I puke when Salavantis puts on a fundraiser (at her dad's restaurant) when a trooper was killed. Truly, Captain Degnan protects and serves his own interests before others. He is a coward. He belongs in prison for crimes committed. The cover ups span for miles.

1st Assistant Sam Sanguedolce
Part of the cover-up because he was in the car with the DA at time of DUI. Sanguedolce routinely stays out until 4 AM at a local bar where he leaves from the kitchen. Then he represents the people that morning? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Sanguedolce enriches himself by his firm getting special favors from the DA who tosses DUI's. Who charged with a DUI wouldn't use this firm knowing the fix is in? 

Chief Judge Richard Hughes
Hughes, who bought his Judge position (spent the most), actively campaigned with Salavantis when she got her DUI.  Who did the State Police endorse? Dick Hughes. Are the pieces coming together for you? 

Those red cheeks aren't from a morning jog. He is the biggest phony I have ever met. He was paid by my dad for 30 years. I should know. My dad put his kids through school. "Opportunity seeker" doesn't begin to explain him.

Luzerne County Head of Detectives Mike Dessoye
Salavantis's first pick when she was in office. Has he done anything of importance other than to cover up for others... most especially his brother Gerard Dessoye? How did the cover up for your brother work out, Mikey?

Marty Kane
Jared Kane 
Kathy Kane
Magistrate Cronauer
Thomas Leighton... Google "Leighton and WB Truth."
Gerard Dessoye... nowhere to be found
Mayor Haggerty of Kingston
... There has to be many more.

With alcoholism comes corruption. I put down the bottle 28 years ago (along with many others). These wimps don't have the courage to recover... and they should be all DRUG TESTED and removed. 

The papers have folded their tents with investigative journalism. This is what you get when big money meets $30,000 per year reporters.

It is no secret that people come to me first with information and I am by far the most respected source when it comes to exposing corruption. It is simply the way it is.

Luzerne County will be the armpit of AMERICA until it sobers up.

Regarding Dessoye and Ryan: Firm representing the Bill Cosby victims Gloria Allred.contacted

I am pursuing an interview with the firm representing the Bill Cosby victims - Gloria Allred.

"FATHER" (COUGH...COUGH) RYAN and GERARD DESSOYE will soon learn what Eastern religions have LONG taught - KARMA IS A BITCH. TOO LATE FOR "HOLY WATER."




From e mailer:  Mark, I have nothing but respect for what you did.

John Ryan? Imam John Ryan? His soul is for sale,....everything about him is for sale. He is a very VERY bad person. GOOD LUCK!!!!


Monday, July 25, 2016

Mark, I have nothing but respect for what you did.

John Ryan? Imam John Ryan? His soul is for sale,....everything about him is for sale. He is a very VERY bad person. GOOD LUCK!!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

UPDATE:  Some attorneys I have talked to have suggested an aggressive Philadelphia attorney because there are many conflicts of interests with local attorneys. Anyone please give me the names of good Philly attorneys who will get the victims the maximum amount. Only I (the blogger) can read KINGSMEGALAWSUIT@GMAIL.COM  Use this address send referrals or have the attorneys write to me directly.
Add DA Salavantis - Possibly the most corrupt of them all
Add Mike Dessoye - Chief County Detective, Enabler, Criminal Concealer 
State Trooper Head Degnan... concealed Salavantis DUI
Any WB Cops who knew of Dessoye's "heroin honey" and Cars for Cash and said nothing
Any troopers and judges (Hughes) that knew of "squashed" Salavantis DUI and said nothing

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Don't let dirty Dessoye walk away clean

This week the most influential man in TV NEWS was brought down from a lawsuit. FOX NEWS's Gretchen Carlson stepped forward.  If Head of Fox News (Roger Ailes) can be brought down... so can the Security Head of King's (Gerard Dessoye) and KING's College. Resignation is a slap on the wrist and an affront to all women at KING'S COLLEGE. I am interviewing attorneys to bring you the best settlement. 


What is considered sexual harassment?

Watch Gretchen Carlson on FOX News (2 minutes) Click Here

For details of her suits... watch this video (16 minutes). Click HERE

King's students - the administration of King's are NOT your friends. They were warned.
How often? Approximately 50 times. No joke. Do not be intimidated. In my book Dessoye is a degenerate criminal... a brat protected (and hired) by corrupt people. 

King's College was warned BEFORE the hiring of Dessoye of his involvement with a "heroin honey." This woman was sent to prison for stabbing the fetus of a pregnant woman. This is the company that Dessoye keeps.  The drug house was located on McLean Street in Wilkes-Barre. Cops were forced to cover for their boss or get fired. A woman died from that house and a young boy hung himself. That drug house caused havoc throughout the neighborhood. Dessoye's drinking and/or drug use and his very serious "trouser issues" were well known.  KING'S COLLEGE KNEW IT. I CAN PROVE IT. And they hired Dessoye as security chief anyway.

I have all the evidence. Pages upon pages. 

This lawsuit is an absolute "lay up." My evidence plus your testimony = $ millions. 

Like the students who have come forth... please get on the right side of this issue.

As you know from the pedophile priests, having "Father" before your name does NOT make one holy or clean. Ryan (King's President) is a very very bad man. I would call him evil.

You may not know it, but I stuck my head out for you knowing this day would come.

I took a lot of heat for the benefit of others. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Two attorneys and students from King's College have contacted me.
You must be part of the lawsuit to win money.
I have evidence that makes this an easily winnable case.
King's College is CLEARLY at fault/


See the picture above?
Reliable word has it that King's female students were at risk and harmed... with alcohol involved... and bad things ensued. 

King's was warned repeatedly by me about this degenerate. They were warned that student safety was at risk with Dessoye and they hired him anyway. Ryan (I refuse to call him Father) is as crooked as they come and has blood on his hands (not Christ's blood). He has been joined at the hip with the corrupt Thomas Leighton for years. Do NOT trust him.

It is time he pays up!!

If anyone was treated with disrespect (to include sexual harassment or worse) please contact me.

Victims and Civil Lawsuit attorneys must contact me at E mail I set up for this situation.

Ready-made $10 Million (plus) Lawsuit. I have all you need for a successful suit.


You will be held in strict confidence. King's students, you don't know me but I have been the public's leading anti-corruption advocate for years. Officials contact me before the papers because they trust me more.

I have
... brought LAG Towing to its knees
... I have paid for funerals of young victims
... I have put heat in homes in the winter
... I have paid medical expenses for people
... I have bought car theft victims new cars
... I have saved homes from foreclosure

Haver I profited at all? Not a single penny.


You have nothing to lose... except $ millions if you stay quiet.

Monday, July 18, 2016


WB TRUTH  ~ almost 3 million vews


1) Worked hand-to hand with LAG Towing enabling the emergence of the largest auto
theft scam in state history (according to reliable research).
2) Protected a heroin house and dated and/or met clandestinely with the "heroin honey." This house is responsible for at least one death and and a hanging. This house terrorized a neighborhood. As long as Dessoye was getting what he wanted from the situation, he didn't care who he hurt in his doped up/alcoholic state.

LEO GLODZIK did not act alone in running one of the largest auto theft ring in state (Pa) history... "CARS FOR CASH"

MIKE DESSOYE (brother)... the man in the middle (Head County Detective)... protected everyone

Former W-B Mayor THOMAS LEIGHTON helped him

- COPS helped him. Current Mayor Tony George told me dirty cops were bribed at $50 per tow.
- The Manager of the Credit Union (where mischief happened regarding stolen cars) committed suicide.
- 2 cops face jail time
Ninotti juiced up

- DA Salavantis helped him (She was told "Cars for Cash" prior to becoming DA... I still have the e mail I first sent to her along with her acknowledgment of the auto theft ring.)

Salavantis had a DUI rubbed out by the state police. Asst DA Sanguedolce was in car with her.

Above: Inappropriate "daddy hug" between DA Salavantis and former Chief Gerard Dessoye
You'd be happy too if you had your DUI snuffed out !!

Asst Sanguedolce tossed out legitimate car theft criminal complaints.

Salavantis had a DUI rubbed out by the state police. Sanguedolce was in car with her.
PSP Chief Degnan... Salavantis DUI?... I lost the paperwork

Chief Judge Hughes... door to door campaigner with Salavantis... are we to believe he knew nothing of her DUI?

What role did he have in the DUI concealment (btw... Hughes received endorsement from police)



KING's does not want you to see this. But they know what you are about to read. Several activists made King's aware of the perils of taking on Gerard Dessoye (Head of Security, former WBPD Chief) as a "gift" to the city of Wilkes-Barre in exchange for Leightons' scams and/or secret deals. In fact activists have notified other employers who listened to our concerns and did NOTmake the Dessoye hire.

Both Leighton and Gerard Dessoye are alcoholics (caveat: if either has miraculously made it to rehab and can prove sobriety please let me know and I will retract my concerns). "Father" James Ryan is a very, very dishonest man. Bad trees bear bad fruit and I do not think King's will profit from this man. If you lay down with pigs you will get dirty and your reputation will suffer. Holy water can never take the place of integrity.
Ryan and Leighton

Gerard Dessoye protected a drug house while he was chief and was an active addict himself. What were the purposes of his secret meetings with heroin addict Catherine Meehan?
- Heroin and/or narcotics?
- Sex?
- Was he funding the arrangement and was he profiting from the drug house?

These are fair questions when you read the phone logs of complaints to the police and the nature of some of the complaints (below). It is not reasonable to assume the drug house was not protected given the enormous volume of calls made to the police regarding 252 McLean Street.

The calls were made by Brenda Meehan (Catherine's sister) who was trying to protect her young daughter on the other half of the double (254 McLean). Brenda Meehan was financially locked to her living situation as are many people. The house is owned by three sisters which made it complicated.

PARENTS OF KING'S COLLEGE:  I suggest you question the hire of Gerard Dessoye. Do you think KING's actually hired the best man for the job? If Dessoye was using heroin with Catherine Meehan (who spent time in NY prison for stabbing a fetus)... why do you think this behavior has changed? Given that the alcoholic Gerard Dessoye was enabled and just handed a job why would he have reason to quit any addictive behavior? Corrupt cronies have always covered for him to include his brother Mike Dessoye in the courthouse who knew all of what you read below (or he is the worst detective in history).

Given that King's administration knew of Dessoye's deficiencies and hired him anyway... they have opened themselves up to amassive lawsuit if there is a serious incident at King's and Dessoye is impaired. Dealing with the devil brings consequences.  

It would seem to me that the minimum requirement is that the Head of Security is clean and sober. ... but that would make too much sense!!

Described below is just part of Dessoye's wide scale corruption. He was also a key part of "Cars for Cash"...  the massive auto theft scandal led by Leo Glodzik. He allowed cop John Majikes to ride an illegal car for more than a year which may have a tie in to the Credit union scandal and the suicide that occurred. 

Though my pereception and relations with some law enforcement agencies has improved... I stand  by what I wrote a few years ago.

Salvantis and Dessoye....

POLICE REPORTS (sampling) made against heroin addict and former NY state prison inmate Catherine Meehan (attempted murder for stabbing a pregnant woman in the belly). Her boyfriend at 252 McLean Street also a heroin addict.