Thursday, March 9, 2017


Four bar complaints have been filed against MARK LOWRY.
A Complaint has also been opened against CARLA LOWRY (ex wife) regarding extortion. See letter below.

Bar Complaint # 1           Theft                               Accepted by FL BAR
Bar Complaint # 2           Extortion                         Accepted by FL BAR
Bar Complaint # 3           Illegal service of court papers            pending
Bar Complaint # 4           Lying on response to the Bar              pending

On February 22, 2017 while sitting in small claims court I was stunned to be (completely illegally) served by Mark Lowry (represented by ex-wife Carla Lowry). Rather than given the requited requisite 20 day warning I was given four hours to be in Fort Lauderdale to defend myself against two attorneys for an "injuction for cyber stalking." To make matters worse, I was provided with no allegations. I literally did not know what I was defending against.

The Lowrys the offered to continue this ILLEGAL HEARING as a way to intimidate and scare me into conceding what they wanted in mediation. Mark Lowry walked off with $2500 only because he extorted me. The necessary elements of EXTORTION are present here. Mark and Carla Lowry used the fear engendered by their illegal act to bully me and extort me into signing something I would never normally sign. 

The Florida Bar rises and falls in cases like this. If Mark and Carla Lowry are not severely punished the integrity of the FL Bar will take a major hit.

BAR COMPLAINT # 3 against Attorney Mark Lowry

Dear Florida Bar:

    Upon legal advice, I am reporting the illegal activity of Mark Stephen Lowry.

     Mark Lowry stated, “Prior to our case being called, I requested law enforcement to serve ----  with the temporary injunction and notice of hearing which was completed.”

    Carla Lowry was a party to this illegality that follows as having represented Mark Lowry on Feb 22, 2017. This was illegal for at least two reasons which Attorney Mark Lowry defied in his thirst for retribution.

1)     One cannot be “served” at another hearing between identical parties.

2)     The defendant must be given notice 20 days prior to hearing. The defendant in this situation was given less than five hours.  The service and hearing should be quashed (eliminated).

Bar complaint # 4 against Mark Stephen Lowry   

Dear Florida Bar:
    Attorney Stephen Mark Lowry lied in his formal response to a former client bar complaint # 1 against him dated on or about January 14, 2017.

    On page 2 of “Lowry response TFB Fil NO. 2017-50.618 (17D)” (included), Mark Stephen Lowry states that (2nd paragraph), “so the Court, on its own, reset the hearing for February 22, coincidentally, the same day as the pretrial conference in the small claims matter.” The statement above completely contradicts reality and indicates a false sworn statement.  

 In Case No. DVCE 17-457   Division 59, says, “This cause came before the Court on January 30, 2017 upon PETITIONER'S (MARK LOWRY ESQ) MOTION FOR AN EXTENSION OF INJUNCTION …”

Mark Lowry continues to misuse, exploit, and bastardize the use of his law license to gain RETRIBUTION against a former client who claims he was both stolen from and extorted. This complaint provides further evidence that Mark Lowry is not ethically suited to hold a Bar license in Florida.

Judge Kaplan (Ft Lauderdale) - Are you aware of how your Court room is being used? 
ROOM 3121

Your Honor:

                Please receive my enclosed motion. Judge Kaplan, are you aware of how your Court room is being used?

                On February 22, 2017 I was awaiting a hearing to receive back the refundable $2500 retainer from Attorney Mark Lowry of Fort Lauderdale. The criminal matter (involving a misunderstanding re: a bicycle and my girlfriend's garage) has now been dropped. See enclosed letter from Attorney Ronan of Boca Raton.

                On February 22, while awaiting the hearing in Delray Beach, I was stunned when I was “served” and told that I had to be in YOUR court room in four hours! I had no legal help available. With the service came no explanation and/or write-up and/or verbiage. Nothing. The “offered continuation” by Mark and Carla (ex wife) Lowry of the hearing in YOUR court room was then used as a way to extort me to sign away everything the Lowry’s wanted. ALL the elements of extortion were fulfilled (Please see packet. Contract is illegal on its face anyway because the Lowrys asked me to commit perjury on Mark Lowry's behalf which I WILL NOT DO!) 

                Your honor, I bring this to your attention because the highly irregular course of events and the “last second” notice seem HIGHLY IMPROPER to me. I am clearly not a lawyer, but I an one of the fiercest anti-corruption advocates in the US (6 million views on WBTRUTH,BLOGSPOT.COM). I stand for the marginalized (like your father with his handicap) and use the glare of the public eye as a disinfectant against corruption. My blog started in corrupt Luzerne county in NE PA (Kids for Cash, etc.). “Red flags” of corruption are waving boldly with Mark Lowry Esq and I ask you , sir, does Lowry have too much influence / independence in scheduling hearings in front of you? Would you deem it proper and fair to serve someone on 4 hours notice? It appears that very serious mischief has occurred and I wanted to alert you. Criminal behavior is occurring and individuals need to be held accountable.
                                                                   Signed -----

Injunction for protection against cyber stalking
In the Circuit Court of the 17th Judicial District In and For Broward County FL
Case No   -----  Division --
Mark Stephen Lowry (Petitioner)    and    ---------
Judge Kaplan    Hearing set for ----

(continued below)



The blogger of WB Truth realizes the great power of this blog. I respect this power with reverence and care. I will never intentionally hurt innocent people and I promise to remain true to the theme of this blog which is to expose corruption. 

I hereby proclaim to all, through both private and public domains, that if this blog has posted any defamatory, slanderous, or libelous statements or comments or wordings anyone and they can prove the statements to be untrue,  the author of this blog will hastily set the record straight. If errors are made, this blog will make full, complete, and thorough retractions in an effort to make these people whole. This remains a standing offer. But you must tell me. 

This blogger has agreed and still agrees to taking a concomitant polygraph test with anyone who wishes to challenge the credibility and truthfulness of this blog. Though I have taken a polygraph test in the past, no one has countered by taking one themselves. WB TRUTH has over 6 million page views. The blog started in Wilkes-Barre PA and has expanded to south Florida.

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Attorney Stephen Mark Lowry continues to misuse, exploit, and bastardize the use of his law license to gain RETRIBUTION against a former client  who has filed two bar complaints against Mark Lowry regarding THEFT and EXTORTION. Client makes a motion to this to cancel this hearing and that the charges / allegations be dismissed due to a number of factors cited below. Mark Lowry’s complaint fails on every element of stalking and/or cyber stalking and/or harassment charges (see body of text).

Your honor, these insincere charges make a mockery of your Court room, Sir, and represent a complete waste of county resources. As of March 10 2017, after hiring an ethical lawyer (Ken Ronan of Lavelle, Brown, and Ronan), no charges of any kind will be filed against client regarding a gross misunderstanding the night he retrieved his bike from his girlfriend's garage. 

I may be providing more information than a “motion” requires, but Lowry’s illegal acts are intertwined. I wanted YOUR HONOR to understand both the “forest and the trees.”


EXHIBIT 1    EXTORTED AGREEMENT (Illegal in that it forces me to commit perjury and was a product of extortion)

       EXHIBIT 2    LOWRY RIDICULOUS “STALKING” VERBEAGE  (presented after 2nd of 3 hearing dates)

DISTURBING QUESTIONS:    How was it that Attorney Mark Stephen Lowry moved a hearing date (to Feb 22 2017)... the same day his client took him to small claims court for theft?

This is an important questions as it goes to the integrity of the courts. Lowry used this "surprise" hearing time as a mechanism of leverage  - as a tool of extortion - to force his ex client to sign off on terms he would never have if not for extreme duress, fear, and intimidation... caused by this last second "surprise."

(1) Did the Fort Lauderdale Judge allow Lowry to hand pick a hearing time/date most advantageous for extortion? 

(2)  Was there active collusion between the Fort Lauderdale Judge and Attorney Mark Lowry?

These questions are VERY DISTURBING !!