Monday, March 20, 2017


Everyone... I want you to meet Johnny. Johnny is homeless. 
He is also the man that returned my I Phone when it fell from my bike on US 1. Johnny is 60. He is not on drugs. He works. He used to work while living behind Walgreen's. There is a sudden and precipitous drop between the $2,000 per month Boca Apartments and the street. Not much in between.

Johnny's face blurred for humility's sake

Johnny took my phone to his friend who owns the dry cleaner below (see map). Johnny was worried about me... the owner of the phone... and information that may be lost. I called my phone and I retrieved it in 5 minutes. Johnny is an angel of light if there ever was one. But he has trouble getting work because his teeth aren't perfect.

So... to help provide Johnny stability, a sense of community, and a hot shower every day - I am buying a year gym membership at a "family" gym. Palm Beach gym. A gym that I call a hub of racial and ethnic harmony. A place where Johnny can belong. I really should do more. Maybe I will.

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