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Child Rescue Coalition / They fooled everyone

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FRAUD - Child Rescue Coalition deceived everyone 

(1) Who are they? The Child Rescue Coalition ("CRC" in Boca Raton) allegedly provides software to catch child abusers. The software fails to work and - even if it did - hacking violations would be incurred. Their presentation consists of a map of lights that appear to be brightened in random fashion. Perhaps no more sophisticated than Christmas lights.

(2) What are the CRC revenues? The CRC has received staggering revenues.   
        $ 8 million over four years (2015-2018)
        $2.8 million in $2018 alone.
The intentional distortion of their software's efficacy against child abusers is fraudulent

  Additionally, their recently stated (2018) salaries of approximately $1M per year (for 5-6 employees) are exorbitant. There was a time when President Carly Yoost's father produced effective software. Yet these years have long past and Yoost has deceptively ridden the coattails of her father's legacy (now deceased). Times change and software changes even faster.

(3) Is there more fraud? Fraud also exists by virtue of the remarkably ridiculous claims of success. The 12,300 claimed predator arrests by CRC is remarkably, stunningly, and "cartoonishly" ridiculous. All of CRC's numbers are so unrealistically high that a prudent investigator would seek to see if CRC has "dark" functions in existence. Are they money laundering for a sex trafficking ring or performing other illegal endeavors? 

STATS that could never be reached
Beyond incomprehensible

(4) President (John Kelly) of Florida Atlantic University (FAU) gave CRC President's Carly Yoost the highest Presidential honor at  the 2020 FAU winter graduation (pic below). Yoost has pulled off a great con job. John Kelly has committed gross negligence by failing to vet the CRC. I was incensed when I learned that this duplicitous nonprofit would receive unearned adulation while so many other nonprofits struggle.   

(5) Do they trick celebrities? Using deceit, the CRC has tricked celebrities into making event appearances. Included here would be (l to r) Ashley Judd, Blake Lively, Cindy McCain, and Elizabeth Smart. Cindy McCain was slated to speak in 2020 but the pandemic forced to cancellation. 

  Dawn Marie Basham (above) is a pageant winner and a sometime singer at Mara Lago. She has supported CRC in past years. She appeared willing to re-establish work with them seemingly to capture a little more buzz and publicity for herself. 

  However, she also authored a stinging rebuke of CRC which belied her support for them. Her affirming actions were both puzzling and contradictory. See her comments below. 

She attacked me very personally after I posted her highly contradictory remarks. I clearly believed - and still believe - that the posting of her remarks represents the best interest to the anti sex trafficking cause. Illegitimate nonprofits do not deserve support. Period. I would ask that Ms. Basham's actions align with her true sentiments.

The CRC web site can be found HERE.
The 2018 “990” can be found at this link
I found all of the “990’s on GuideStar (Link HERE).

I was scheduled to attend the play (pic below) that I had financially supported and of which I knew the director / producer Abigail Howard for almost a1 1/2 years. 

  The play was held at Florida Atlantic University where CRC President Carly Yoost received her President's award. I had posted my report / research (all above) prior to the play. 

  Carly Yoost used her FAU "celebrity status" to have me banned from the play. In a most undignified way, I received a "No Trespassing" warning - served at my residence - banning me from the play. No reason given. It is more than obvious I am "spot on" with my reporting otherwise I would be ignored. Attacks make me stronger. 




PROPOSED LETTER SENT TO Governor / Attorney General / Inspector General, FBI etc...



To FL Atlantic President John Kelly (Winter 2018):

The granting of an award to Carly Yoost made my heart sink. I truly wished you had vetted her organization. She is not who she appears to be.

I am also very disappointed that Carly Yoost was able to convince you to ban me from the anti trafficking play held at FAU ("The One"). I have financially supported that play for over a year and have worked with the play's producer Abigail Howard for over a year. It was humiliating for me to be "served" with a No Trespassing order. "Due diligence" obviously is something you don't practice. 

     Mark M Robbins 

EIN: 45-45358378  Boca Raton, FL

SUMMARY: Fraud is intentional distortion for monetary gain. Figures are from 2018 & consistent with prior years.

The distortions: 
The claims/results made below (in pic) are unachievable, nonsensical, and fictitious. CRC cannot document these numbers. These are listed on home page of web site. The CRC web site can be found HERE.

Monetary gain 2018:
- 2018  $2.790 M revenues / gains (Schedule D / Part XI)
(Four years more than $8 million)
- $ 979 k in compensation (part VII).
- The minimum compensation for any employee was $110k (Part 7 / page 7).

- Service revenue was $ 801 k despite the CRC claim that their “predator seeking” software was offered for free (Page 1).
- $ 1.552 M held as cash / cash equivalents (See page 11; current assets are easily convertible to cash)

- Fundraisers (golf and gala) netted a mere $ 26,650 (See schedule D  Part II). How have they accumulated millions?
- $700k loan from CEO Carly Yoost. What is the reason behind this?

Fraud, money laundering, tax evasion, trafficking, accessory to trafficking with stated 96 countries (labor, sex, human, drug, human parts), racketeering, others to be named

Where are the $ Millions coming from?

I, Mark M Robbins, address alleged corruption within the Child Rescue Coalition (CRC), a registered nonprofit (EIN 45-5358378) headquartered in Boca Raton in the state of Florida (link). The CRC and it’s CEO Carly Yoost claim to run sophisticated software that finds child abusers from around the globe (specifically “CSAM” which stands for “child sexual abuse material”). They claim that “CSAM” is captured on a (rudimentary) world map with blinking red lights. 

Facts, and my views based on these facts, are presented here as I make the case that the CRC is a fraudulent anti sex trafficking nonprofit. I believe that the CRC is open to both civil (donors) and serious criminal liability. For simplicity, I focus on the most recent reported financials (2018). The 2018 “990” can be found at this link. But the fraud that I allege is part of a pattern which extends throughout the life of this nonprofit (inception appears to be 2013 or 2014). I found all of the “990’s on GuideStar (Link HERE).

It is my opinion that the CRC has been operating under false pretenses and has gravely and intentionally distorted their success to secure monetary gain. This fraud is both long standing and very material. Celebrities, newspapers, and media outlets have been duped (or were part of the scam) by virtue of their endorsement of CRC. Millions of dollars are in play here. One must also consider the inflicted damage / opportunity costs that sex trafficked victims and survivors have suffered as a result of help that they did not receive. I refer to aid that could have been provided had not this behemoth (CRC) soaked up enormous resources. 

Attention must also be given to the ethics and lawfulness of any voice that has provided insincere or dishonest endorsements to the CRC in return for increased standing, compensation, or reward. This too would be a form of fraud. I personally know (addressed later) of precedent here. What I can’t measure is the totality of this activity. Any financially literate person would know that the numbers that CRC report are wildly outside the norms of legitimate nonprofits and such a person would discern that there is something very wrong here. 

I can’t help but compare the CRC to the scam orchestrated by
Bernie Madoff. Investors relied on the exalted position of Madoff to assure themselves that everything was on the “up and up.” In this instance, Carly Yoost’s father (who passed away seven years ago) was the respected authority. But software has a limited shelf life and it is not reasonable to assume that efficacy of the software eill live on without the designer. The intricacies of the internet grow exponentially and at this point I question whether ANY software is present. Blinking red lights on a world map may be no more sophisticated than Christmas lights.

Like Madoff, complacency has set in as seemingly no one has “checked under the hood.” One investment professional did report Madoff early on - but he was ignored as the pyramid grew. Critical time passed as people lost their next eggs. I make a personal demand that intervention of the CRC begin immediately so that trafficked  victims / survivors do not lose any more ground. Resources (grants, donations, mind share etc.) that could be provided to legitimate nonprofits are being misdirected to the illegitimate CRC.

The CRC is not a hedge fund. But like Madoff’s Ponzi scheme, the CRC has no substantive legitimacy. CRC appears to exist only as an expanding pink cloud of endorsers who incrementally add dominos based on CRC’s false assertions. The list includes south Florida news stations and celebrities such as Ashley Judd, Elizabeth Smart, Dr. Oz, Blake Lively, and Cindy McCain (scheduled for April 2020). 


1) Pictured below are statistics posted by the CRC on their web site. Anyone familiar with sex trafficking knows the grinding process of rescuing a single victim let alone making the arrest. The claim of 600,000 prevented sexual abuses is fanciful and untethered. No one could ever determine how many “hypothetical abused” have been prevented. I guarantee there is no documentation backing any CRC declarations.

2) I view the “red light” world map (see background of picture of Carly Yoost) as a gimmick and nothing more. There is no correlation between red lights and arrests. In fact one of the CRC employees admitted as much in an article. On WSVN, CRC President Bill Wiltse states, “We don’t have a dot on someone’s house claiming this is where illegal activity is taking place.”

3) CRC claims that their software is so powerful that an arrest can be made on the software alone. This is ridiculous, patently false, and has no legal standing.

4) Notes in the 990 (page 13) infers that the software should be examined “on location” (in Boca Raton). This stipulation undermines the breadth that the CRC assets in their statistics (96 countries). 

5) The dad was extremely proficient with software. But his passing left his sophisticated programming to others without his skills. The internet grows exponentially and there is no evidence the software progressed with the times. I question the existence of any legitimate software. 

6) The rescue numbers of 2,789 and the predator arrests total of 12,130 are assuredly undocumented and are ”cartoonishly” high for those that know the challenges in this field. 

7) Even if the software worked, entry into personal computers is permission based and this private company would not be authorized to invade computers. 96 countries would also have their own separate laws regarding hacking. 


8) $979,000 in compensation (four salaried employees; part VII of the 2018 “990”) for a nonprofit this small is several deviations away form the norm for anti trafficking nonprofits (or any nonprofit). 

9) The lowest salaried employee is Scott Smith. His total compensation is $110,000. By comparison the highest compensated employee of the well established “Florida Abolitionists” (now called “United Abolitionists”) is President Tomas Lares. His salary is $60,000 per year.

10) $226,000 in fundraising expenses is incomprehensible. The CRC fundraised only for themselves. In fact, they posted an “intern” position whose sole mission was to extract products / services from businesses to be sold at CRC’s auctions.

11) CRC is sitting on $1.552 M in cash and cash equivalents. See current assets on page 11 of form 990. WHERE IS THE CASH COMING FROM?

12) CRC reports $2.791 M in revenues / gains. Why would Carly Yoost offer $700k loan? To tax evade? By comparison the well established Florida Abolitionists report merely $160,000 in revenue. 

13) CRC has reported administrative expenses at 5 per cent which represents an industry best practice. But this number is contrived. More subterfuge. 


14) I have posted the basic information about CRC on FB and have received no denials. Not the reaction of someone falsely accused. What typically happens when I report corruption is that I receive restraining order accusations despite the fact that solid investigative journalism has no place in family court. 

15) A sex trafficking play was held by FAU students on the FAU campus on Feb 09, 2020 called “ONLY ONE.”  I have known the director (a female student) of this play for two years. 

The director (withholding student’s name here) runs Micah 6:8 which is a campus anti trafficking non profit. I have emotionally and FINANCIALLY supported Micah 6:8 as well as the play. The director has become one of my best friends within the anti trafficking volunteer community. So what happened? I was sent a certified letter BANNING ME FROM THE THEATRE from FAU. No reason was cited. Just a warning for trespassing. This came after I paid a 300 dollar stipend to the play’s actors (with another $300 pledged). 

The director was shocked to learn of this. It does not take a detective to figure out who requested the ban.

Consider for a moment the chilling effect this has on the anti trafficking efforts. I would have been able to mix with 1,000 people interested in this movement and would have been able to park my wildly successful “stuffed animal” awareness truck outside the venue which always draws throngs of interested parties. 

What is important to know is that I wrote an e mail to FAU President John Kelly expressing my distress with the ban. He has known me to be a leading activist for more than two years. Yet he let the ban stand. I am unique in that I am a leading MALE activist within the state of Florida. I work fo no pay.

Pictures related to my activism below...

16) The “enemy of my enemy is my friend.” As the truth of my exposure of corruption has become more known... strange bed fellows are being made. The corrupt are coalescing. Carly Yoost has befriended Jumorrow Johnson who is President of the nefarious Broward Human Trafficking Coalition (BHTC). See HERE. Pictured below is Jumorrow Johnson. She once worked as a Victims Advocate for FAU and left quietly mid-semester. She may have been fired.

Carly Yoost recently held a CRC event / workshop that was sparsely attended. But it is interesting that two who did attend are President Jumorrow Johnson and board member Tabitha Bush of the aforementioned Broward Human Trafficking Coalition. They are in the navy blue t shirts in the CRC picture below.

Courtroom testimony by Jumorrow Johnson (Feb 06, 2019) provides a direct link between her (Johnson) and the sex trafficking ring called New Beginnings. If you don’t know about New Beginnings it is time you should. Here is the case against them HERE  

17) Smoking Gun   It is very interesting to note that in my 2 1/2 half years of activism I had NEVER heard of the Child Rescue Coalition (CRC). Yet they are located just two miles from me. Their “hidden foot print” speaks to what I have revealed about them. They are a self promoting / celebrity endorsed pink cloud “cash launder” or “tax evader” or participants in another reprehensible activity.

I only heard of them when I read that Carly Yoost received her medal from the FAU President. I read what Carly Yoost said in the article and knew (from her ridiculous claims) that she and her organization were corrupt. 

In December 2019 I had come to know Dawn Marie Basham through her anti trafficking FB group. She has won beauty pageants and is a local vocalist. Below is a message she sent me regarding a gala she was hosting on Jan 20, 2020. (Note: many people believe that I live in Broward County since my blog is called “Wicked Broward Truth.”)

Google images 

I was very surprised when I saw that Dawn Marie was inviting Carly Yoost (CRC) to speak at her gala. It was patently obvious to me that the CRC was a corrupt organization based upon Carly Yoost’s comments. This was BEFORE I had seen the financials! 

I questioned Dawn Marie about inviting Carly Yoost of the CRC to speak and these were her words:

At the gala I was shocked to hear me Dawn Marie praise Carly Yoost saying she “comes from the heart” and how she (Dawn Marie) looks forward to meeting Cindy McCain at the CRC event in April. I was shocked and disgusted. I have it on video. 

In my opinion one cannot condone and be complicit with the CRC and consider themselves to be an authentic anti trafficking activist. Just as one would not join the KKK and the NAACP at the same time. It was at this moment that I viewed Dawn Marie as the opportunist I believe she is. Epstein has made sex trafficking a hot topic. Dawn Marie is now on board.

There are several points to be made here regarding the CRC.

A) The cash that CRC has access to is intoxicating and draws shade to sunlight. People are turned. Many of the corrupt have aligned with them.

B) The CRC becomes more powerful as the endorsements line up and appear to give the CRC more and more credibility. The picture at the CRC event (above) demonstrated that the corrupt (BHTC) is already queuing up behind the CRC.

C) The immense cash that CRC has access to (over $1.5 million in current assets alone) can be used to pay any willing person to laud the CRC. It is a “PAY TO PRAISE” SCAM.

D) FAU and other schools give awards to big donors all time. This is how the game is played. But this case is different. FAU has an obligation to look at a nonprofit’s financials before collaring their  CEO with a medal. I sent the FAU President a very clear message. 

E) When an organization’s financials look like a drug cartel’s ($2.75 M in annual revenues/ gains) it is time to back away. The fact that FAU doubled down by banning me from an anti trafficking play that I supported... places them in a horribly unethical light to which the President needs to account for. 


BA Economics Wake Forest University
MBA Lehigh University 4.0 GPA
CMA Certified Management Accountant
CFM Certified Financial Manager

Extensive career in Finance
including work in a Fortune 200 corporation
High School teacher / coach
Adopted twins now age 22
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