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Dirty nonprofit - Broward Human Trafficking Coalition

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- President Jumorrow Johnson.  Please read about her dismissal from FAU in Boca Raton. The “press clippings” have it appear to be a firing (I complained very loudly with one of my kids being an FAU student). I address this issues more further down. I applaud FAU for making the right call. See Here

- Nelson Bogren (also with dirty Covenant House)
- Tabitha Bush and 2 other board members

It is noteworthy to mention that my message has never been attacked - but I have been relentlessly attacked in a personal way. There have been 5 completely fraudulent retraining orders ATTEMPTED against me by those involved / supporting trafficking. These have been unsuccessful except for one instance in which I was not present to defend myself and Jumorrow Johnson used the opportunity to fabricate a lie about me. I have the audio recording of this lie in court (see below) 

I have had an anti corruption blog for a decade. I have a particular skill set in spotting red flags given my background in a Senior Finance position, experience with acquisitions, running an investment fund, and business modeling. I take part in this cause purely out of desire to end the scourge of human sex trafficking. I do not have to do this. I don’t take donations. I have been the investigating sex trafficking for 2 years. I have never been sued fo libel nor have I received any legal order to stop. I have the support and validation of several Broward county candidates for Sheriff and State Attorney (the equivalent of a district attorney in other states).

For the sake of those who are sex trafficked and for the sake of the cause - I will publicize any group that in any way validated the BHTC. Successful anti trafficking efforts must commence with the exposure and termination of any group related to sex trafficking.

Below I offer chilling e mails between the BHTC and me.


One of the emails (above) between Jumorrow Johnson and another member of the BHTC stated, “ I don’t know this guy - not sure how we want to involve ourselves." should we handle this?” I was then 12 days later - given a dismissive message asking me to call a National Hotline. How should this haven handled?
    They should have spoken to me
     They should have called law enforcement
      They should have had DCF perform a wellness check.

I reached out to the BHTC at a minimum 15 times. I would NEVER hear from them.
At their “summit” President Jumorrow Johnson literally could not make eye contact with me when I approached her.

- The BHTC invited the traffickers (NB) to their “summit” on June 1, 2018. I have an taped admission in court of this action. I ordered an audio tape of a hearing.

- I registered and asked to be a sponsor at this event. My registration and request for sponsorship was discarded.

- At this event the BHTC spent at least two hours speaking with the owners of New Beginnings (Leland Koble and Bonnie Lazarus).

- At this meeting Sheriff deputies were requested to stand in both sides of me (while I was sitting at n the company of Judge Stacy Ross). I never received a reason for this “watch.”

- Ten days later I was a panelist at an anti trafficking symposium and again the cops were called. This time to question me. There was no incident and I spoke on the panel.

- There is not a single piece of evidence that the BHTC has ever rescued a victim. Yet they have showed up in photo ops of arrests

- The BHTC meets four times per year with three other ancillary groups meeting four times per year as well. This does not represent the work of a boba fide nonprofit.

- The BHTC has never reported financials in the customary site called Charity Navigator. The public has no idea how much money is taken in or spent.

- I am close with a transgender student at FAU in Boca Raton. I was horrified to discover that Jumorrow Johnson was the victims’ advocate. Her access to vulnerable youth and her connection to New Beginnings, the dirty Covenant House, and a safe house run by New Beginnings (Lippmann Youth  Center) horrifies me.

- I petitioned the FAU Board and the President to have Johnson removed. In November of 2028 Johnson’s employment was terminated mid semester. There was no formal announcement. There was no “Thank you for your work.” She just disappeared and landed a job in Plantation... under the cover of corrupt Broward County.

- My last communication with Johnson was in June of 2018 where I informed her of my concerns at FAU and simply said “What say you?” The email was approximately 15 words.

- In August of 2018 Johnson levied a “legal Hail Mary” against me. She used the “code words” that she is “afraid for her life” and was granted a temporary order for 6 months which is customary if for no other reason than for judges to cover their backs.

- Six months went by with no contact at which point the order should have been terminated. It is critical to point out that if I Could had violated the order I would have been arrested. I was never arrested. I had no reason to show for the hearing since there was no evidence of a violation.

- But Jumorrow Johnson lied in court. She fabricated a story that I showed up at an event for “1BHT” or something close to this. How do I know? Because I ordered the audio tape of the hearing. 

- She claimed that I showed up at this event and ranted and raved (I don’t even know what this would look like) and had the police had to remove me. The problem for Johnson was that I have debit charges showing I was in Sarasota that day. She received a year extension on the order which is is very defamatory.

- I since have ordered a hearing to show evidence that Johnson misrepresented the facts and the restraining order should be annulled.

- I will then file felony perjury charges which will remove her from access to kids. As it should be.

- It is important to point out that on the audio tape Johnson stayed that she “invited New Beginnings to the summit in 2017. There was a relationship. It also explains why I never received replies from my many emails... and why my registration and request for sponsorship was discarded.

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