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MY SONS... I LOVE YOU JACK AND BILLY "It doesn’t change when we stare at it from across the room. It doesn’t change when we sit in prayer and wish it away. It doesn’t change when we pretend it’s all Go(o)d. IT CHANGES WHEN WE CROSS THE SACRED BATTLEGROUND WILLING TO DIE FOR OUR TRUTH. It changes when WE LOOK THE LIE IN THE EYE until it has nowhere left to hide. It changes when we pick up the sword of truth and cut the falsity until it bleeds right through. The era of the sacred activist is upon us. Not the warrior run amok, but the benevolent warrior who fights for our right to the light. Some battles are worth fighting. I will die on any hill for you, my sons."

"GRATITUDE TRAINING EXPOSED" is a PUBLIC FACEBOOK GROUP.  DISCLAIMER: This blog represents this blogger's opinions, research, inside experience, observations, interpretations, and perceptions of Gratitude Training LLC. I was a student. I was told I wasn't a "good fit" the same day I questioned the business practices about not paying workers. If any statement(s) is indicated to be materially untrue, the blogger will examine the merits of the claim. If found to have merit, the blogger will post a timely retraction so as to quickly rectify the concern. THIS BLOG HAS OVER 7.5 MILLION PAGE VIEWS.  NO ONE HAS PROVIDED ANY EVIDENCE AT ALL... AT ANY TIME... THAT ANY OF THE MATERIAL IN THIS POST IS MATERIALLY UNTRUE or FALSE. I AM WILLING TO EXAMINE ANY STATEMENT. THEREFORE I CAN WITH CERTAINTY SAY THAT I HAVE NOT WILLFULLY MADE ANY STATEMENTS THAT I KNOW TO BE UNTRUE OR FALSE. My peaceful protest will continue with vigor and I am confident that my right to peacefully protest will not be taken away.  I have asked very uncomfortable questions. I have broken no laws.   


Aug 16, 2017  The following reflects my opinions and/or convictions. I make the earnest request that Gratitude Training LLC (a for profit co) be made to CEASE AND DESIST activities immediately. (Pompano, WPB, Miami, St Pete, and 4 others). Today, not tomorrow, is the best day to end this. This is a CULT. It needs to end now. I ask for the support of past participants of the program, law enforcement, NEWS organizations, FaceBookers, those who hold political office, official labor boards, the IRS, and anyone else who sees the depravity of this cult. 

Involuntary servitude of brainwashed labor in a "FOR PROFIT" business is immoral and illegal. Many have worked 60 hours of unpaid labor in a single week. W-4's? Withholdings? Social Security Contributions? State taxes (outside FL)? Federal income taxes paid? Labor laws? Overtime? Back pay at "double pay?" UNDECLARED" AND "UNDER THE TABLE." A "FOR PROFIT" LLC. 

There are young women who have revealed backgrounds of broken homes and molestation. Yet these same (now brainwashed) women are being coerced to "make tuition" by selling personal items and taking part in "sexy bingo night." Some have been coerced to prance in bras and panties to the delight of male and/or lesbian participants - some who have had histories of molestation and/or sex addictions themselves. WOULD YOU WANT YOUR DAUGHTER IN THIS? 

I want you - the police, EMS, and authorities - to know WHO you are "protecting" here and WHY you have had to forcibly commit (at least one young woman in my training) to the local Psych unit for a multiple day stay this summer. I will tell you as an eye witness that she had a psychotic and/or disassociated "break" as a result of an exercise taken way too far. In my view, she was bullied into her uncontrollable quivering state by an unrelenting exercise. I and another woman compassionately tried to "to reach her." But she was gone. There was no one present at the training with ANY QUALIFICATIONS to handle this situation. It was chilling.

This evening I received a request from a 20 year old girl desperate for tuition money. If this were a a bona fide program - an alumni supported program - this young woman and others like her would not have to "crowd fund," sell themselves as dates, beg while standing on chairs, wash cars,  or bear skin at events to get into the next phase of the program (indoctrination).

This is beyond reprehensible and is disgusting. FOUNDER JO ENGELLSON can file whatever she wants against me. I will NOT be intimidated by a manipulative and exploitative cult leader. The road and the future here is clear. It is to be brainwashed so as to brainwash others. Without this the business crumbles. This is the truth as I see it and I have been given no reason to vary from it. I call it a "metaphysical death hole." It is time for action. Fathers! Save your daughters!

BREAKING NEWS!!   August 15, 2017     My adopted twins, as a result of witnessing of the desperate and slanderous accusations made against their dad (message below) by founder Jo Engellson... they have both informed me that they will not finish Part 3 of Gratitude Training. (Thank you Jesus... not "source movement"). They know their father to be a man who stands on principle, and they are sickened to see their father's name be unfairly sullied on a FB group of over 3,000 members. They see their father to be a powerful and brilliant leader, and a father loving and sensitive enough to have never laid a hand on them. My sons implicate ONLY the founder in their reason to leave and WILL remain close to the many dear friends made. I wish to stay close to the dear friends I have made as well. My sons implore the community to see the accusations made against their dad in light of the inquiry their father has made regarding unpaid labor practices and the pursuant IRS complaint filed against the "for profit" Gratitude Training LLC   (Dad, Billy, and Jack pictured below)

I LOVE YOU JACK AND BILLY "It doesn’t change when we stare at it from across the room. It doesn’t change when we sit in prayer and wish it away. It doesn’t change when we pretend it’s all Go(o)d. IT CHANGES WHEN WE CROSS THE SACRED BATTLEGROUND WILLING TO DIE FOR OUR TRUTH. It changes when we look the lie in the eye until it has nowhere left to hide. It changes when we pick up the sword of truth and cut the falsity until it bleeds right through. The era of the sacred activist is upon us. Not the warrior run amok, but the benevolent warrior who fights for our right to the light. Some battles are worth fighting. I will die on any hill for you."

MESSAGE: From Founder Jo Engellson of GratituteTraining LLC to FB group of all 
Florida "alumni" (>3,000) of the approximate 3 1/2 month training.    Dear Community, As many of you have seen, there is a man named Mark Robbins, who after being asked to leave ML in Fort Lauderdale, decided to slander me and the Gratitude Trainings. I've had to file an injunction for stalking as he kept contacting and showing up harassing the staff and graduates. At this point we are also working on a defamation lawsuit as he is doing the same on Social Media and on the Internet. If you don't know who this man is, or you have no desire to be in relationship with him, just ignore, report, or block him (as you desire). Moreover, feel free to forward any communication from him to me should you feel it's inappropriate or false. Send it to jo----

According to Jo Englesson’s own theories, she claims she is 100 % responsible for everything 100 % of the time. So, as can be seen above, presumably some of the alumni who posted see the irony of (1) Her own theories collapsing within on her (2) and (possibly) presumed doubts about the woman who claims a vision of “world peace” who uses court rooms and lawyers when questioned. The ugly allegations were made against a dad who “scholar-shipped” at least 15 students into the program and whose sons were still in Part 3 in the program. Nice.

It appears that from some corners, that (A) Englesson’s unproven and fanciful metaphysical theories, and (B) the credibility and integrity of the founder, and (C) the notion that anyone’s life can be actually grounded on these notions, and (D) that the idea anyone should forfeit hours of unpaid labor… are under siege. (Forgive me for a practical thought - but if you never pay into social security are you willing to live on the streets at 80?) 


Personal experiences that I can share is that (1) the euphoria created in certain parts of this program are also available elsewhere at retreats, other programs etc. My hope is that young people who are feeling these wonderful feelings for the first time realize that this program is not the lone source of these non-pharmaceutical “highs.” (2) Everything fades. We all end up in a drift of some sort. Hopefully a peaceful and joyful one. Vacuuming the center at no pay will not prevent a drift other than the one called "poverty." (3) Unpaid labor should not be the price one pays to keep the energy alive. Love won’t pay the bills. And neither will the founder. Instead, for the young women listening, you "get" the chance  to show your wares at "sexy bingo" night. Classy. A thrust (no pun intended) for Engellson's vision of "world peace?" (Why did she stop at the world? There is a universe you know. So small minded. Sigh.)

Out of the approximate 3500 Florida alumni, how many people 5 years out are able to give ample free time to this program, and raise kids, and go to school/ have a career, and have a full life outside of the training room? And who wants to commit their future to give no one else a future? (This isn't a Zen Koan from "Baba DeSanti" nor a claim that fetuses choose or "author" their own abortion (cue - play Schindler's List music). This is a real question.

For me, the literal absence of a future was the most frightening observation. I was subsidizing my sons’ unpaid volunteering (God Bless them) while a company profited. Trying to raise money for their friends’ tuition was admirable and even winsome – but who staged this (admittedly ingenious) game? No future means your present really sucks. I doubt this will become a slogan. Maybe “I am because you are (as stupid as I am). Take no offense, I was stupid too. But together we don’t have to stay that way. (Emoticons of Smiles, hearts, hands clapping, hands worshipping, Yipee yee haw and a namaste too!)

Put bluntly, I never once saw Jo Englesson wash a car. And at the same time, when questioned uncomfortably, with alacrity, she runs to her lawyer and the courts (and not to hand out Gratitude tokens). 

Who gave her guru status? And Why? Something to think about. It appears from research this was a copied program by a lady who gave it a nice name. 
It could have been called “Trauma bonding.” It could have been called “Breakdowns and Love bombs.” But it was given the euphemistic name of Gratitude Training. Lovely.

Cult master? Getting closer. Perhaps “Slickster that makes Trump turn green.” Perhaps “Life rafter for the broken.” Perhaps “Catch the tail wind of Ellen and watch me fly.” Perhaps “Coin dispenser with crocodile tears?” You decide. 


A) PEACEFUL PROTESTING 101 -  Smear campaign against this blogger (and former student) commenced thru legal documents and attorney representing the cult (straight from the "Scientology playbook").
B) IRS Letter reporting unpaid taxes of the Gratitude Training from this "for profit" cult
C) Purchase of domain name: "" (will be a "stand alone" site)
D) Founder Jo Englesson breaks all confidentiality rules in "trashing me" (Slander suit if there's any money left)
E) Class Action interviews have commenced

The officer was very pleasant, professional, and empathetic!!
"Illegal service" provided one day before the hearing; Hearing set up to prevent my peaceful protesting of the cult (Cults don't usually play fair).
My friend Maria, Jo Englesson, and I sharing love and Jo's vision of "world peace"... before the "curtain was drawn" and the lawyers were called!! (NOTE: SOMEONE "TRYING" TO LOOK LIKE ELLEN DEGENERES DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE ETHICALLY THE SAME!! DO NOT BE FOOLED BY APPEARANCES!!)

C) (domain name) has been purchased. This will be a site dedicated to exposing this "special kind of cult" where mad money is being made, labor isn't compensated, and taxes aren't being paid.

D) Nothing is confidential when you anger Miss "World Peace" (Founder Jo Engellson): Trashing includes disclosure of private and very intimate sharing from training, information from application, hearsay and gossip, questioning of sobriety (31 yrs with no drink), false accusations of made up Psychiatric Conditions, Criminal allegations (w no actual convictions on record)... you know... the types of things cults do when they are exposed.  
E) WANTED: LABOR ATTORNEY TO FILE MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR CLASS ACTION SUIT AGAINST "GRATITUDE TRAINING LLC" for tens of thousands of hours of unpaid labor. Send e mail to   Note to unpaid worker:  If you acted as a Coach who, for example, has worked 500 hours for GT and would make $80 per hour on the free market, you should be eligible for back "double-pay." 500 hrs times $160/ hour = $80,000. As an LLC, Jo Englesson's and other partners' assets are at personal risk. IS THIS YOUR TRUE SHOT AT YOUR PROMISED ABUNDANCE? Think outside the box, right? What you are taught.  Gratitude Training "graduates" (a 3 month graduation?!) also counsels and coaches students with no license or qualifications and puts students at severe risk.

The spiritual philosophy of the founder who is a recovering alcoholic and once-divorced to a female partner (not that there is anything wrong with this) is that "you are responsible for 100% of everything... 100% of the time." You are fully accountable. You chose everything that has happened to you. At some level, you have played God even if you don't know realize it or think you have. They would say you "sourced it" or you "authored it."

Gang raped as a child? You "authored" it.
Killed in World Trade Center? You "authored" it.  
Aborted at two months? Yes, you "authored" it!

(1) Business Model (above)
(2) Illegal unpaid labor
(3) Letter to Founder (from me, an insider) 
(4) Gratitude Training... Summary of their Cult
(5) Business Practices (Illegal)
(6) Characteristics of a cult 
(8) Exercises within the Training (in progress) 
Pictured above is the blogger (me) that Gratitude Training fears so much. All I do is tell the truth. BA Wake Forest; MBA (4.0) Lehigh University; CMA Cetified Management Accountant; CFM Certified Financial Manager; Taught business classes at University level; Career in Finance; adopted twin boys.

                                                                    Trainer Chris DeSanti far left    Jo Englesson Center   Trainer Francine Rahe closest to you

(2) Illegal unpaid labor   A for profitbusiness cannot use unpaid volunteers regardless of their motivations, zeal, belief in the vision, or level of brainwashing. Consequences for misclassifying employees as volunteers can be grave.  A "volunteer" can claim that an employer-employee relationship existed and ask for unpaid wages and overtime pay.  Businesses may also be liable for unpaid taxes (Social Security, unemployment and workers’ compensation and payroll taxes) and fines for failure to withhold income tax. 
For example, in 2010, America Online, Inc. settled a class action suit brought against it by thousands of former volunteers (community leaders who during the 1990s spent approximately 2-4 hours per week hosting and moderating AOL chat rooms, reporting offensive behavior, answering questions from other subscribers and reviewing bulletin board postings)claiming that they were employees and not volunteers and should have been paid at least minimum wages for the work they performed for AOL.  What started as a two-person lawsuit was later certified into a class action and resulted in America Online reportedly paying $15 million to settle the litigation. 
Correctly classifying employees is important for any business, whether it is a start-up or an established enterprise.  The amount of money that may be saved by using volunteers may pale in comparison to all the back wages, legal fees, fines and penalties that a business may have to pay later if sued by the disgruntled volunteers and/or investigated by the Department of Labor.
(3) Letter to Founder (from an insider... me!!) 

Dear Jo Englesson -  What you are doing to people is horrifically exploitative. Sucking thousands of hours from people's live with no pay is both despicable and illegal. 

Image result for jo englesson


  The money ends up in your pocket and this fringe New Age Movement is already at maturity.  You know full well that when people leave or get kicked out they lose their whole community. Nowhere else does this happen except in cult like environments. 

  You know this and you continue to exploit anyway. Cut the shit, Jo. You are a very intelligent and clever manipulator. It should be called "Pink Cloud" training. Leaving Gratitude Training is like leaving the Mormon Church or Scientology or Hare Krishna's  I am already meeting people online that want to get their loved ones out. You are unscrupulous and charismatic and wicked all in one breath. 

  The only way for a student to "keep the energy alive" is to convince people that they must work at no pay to keep it alive. This is not a vision. This is involuntary servitude. My message is resonating rapidly. There are multi year sentences for breaking labor laws. Nothing is voluntary in this "training." Saying it is voluntary does not make it so. The thing to look for is coercion. Without coercion "Pink Cloud Training" would cease to exist. Coercion is the key factor. Coerced shows up everywhere. You need to get right with God or Source or whatever you believe in. This is mass manipulation 

  "Take your pick" on what's illegal. Extortion, untrained "counselors/coaches" holding vomit bags, completely deceptive claims, unpaid labor etc.  I predicted it would take a year to shut this down. I am refining my goal to 4 months. When I see Warren Jeffs I see you. You have plenty to be concerned about. 

  Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to expose "Pink Cloud" Training and to actually make an impact on the world. Gratitude Training has told me I am bold, courageous, brilliant, and power beyond belief. A true wall breaker in the image you claim to admire.
(4) Gratitude Training cult summary 
Jo Englesson, the Head of Gratitude Training, tried to buy my silence. I would have none of it. This occurred after I asked all the important questions that anyone should ask of a cult and a business operating illegally. And make no mistake - this is a very nefarious cult wearing happy "New Age" clothes.

1) If you leave the "love bombed" community you thought cared for you, you will be treated viciously and cruelly. A complete freeze-out... similar to a Scientology "subversive."  Alone in the desert. Prior to leaving you would have been pressured and coerced into Coaching calls, Mentor calls, Small group calls, Large group calls, Group projects, Fundraising, Signing up others etc... As many as 30 plus hours per week. (The 80 day Part 3 is the indoctrination phase where hooks are placed in and you are smothered with brainwashing techniques.) 
2) Family members who are "inside" the cult put immediate distance between those "outside" the cult by simply being ""in the cult. The solution? Sign up all your family who stand outside the cult. They have no qualms with separations of family relations like the father/son separation I experienced.   
3) Completely untrained and unpaid staff will hold your vomit bag as you incessantly scream who you hate most in life. If you aint' sobbbin' you aint tryin.' Vomiting is always a break through!
4) Group calls (in Part 3) can last over 3 hours and damaged, broken, and often molested young girls are lauded for sobbing hysterically. This is part of the "breaking down" and control process. This is the harvest for unpaid future "zombie like" staffs.
5) In my training a young female experienced a psychotic break that looked every bit like a demonic possession. The staff ran after her and tackled her and the police and 911 were called. She was in a Psych hospital for 5 days. We were told that she was taken care of properly but there is no verification this is true. This poor girl became as "disposable" as highway road kill. I was told that to talk about her was to take away sacred space from the group (hmmmm). 
6) As you move further into the training the demands on your time increase where it consumes your entire life, family, and steals time from your career. You, the paying customer, are relentlessly hounded to sign people up.
7) The founder is trained only in that she has learned from other "teachers" and has been in it only 10 years approximately. The background is sketchy and Gratitude Training claims Ghandi, Mother Theresa, and Martin Luther King as prototypes. Yet it is highly deceptive for Gratitude Training to claim their principles were used by these people. 
8) They claim that students will attain abundance. They state this with zero documentation. Zero. My experience has been that the population of graduates are nearly broke...  many caught in a whirl wind of New Age practices where students literally compete against each other. A model predestined to fail.
9) Those with money will be extorted to pay for those with no money (approximately 70 per cent). Extortion can be direct pressure... or seating you with team mates who are standing on chairs literally begging foe help. Pressure is clearly applied to those with means as those that want help are often in tears.  
10) Never have I seen one very well paid trainer or staff member open their wallet.  

Having the deepest business background in the room, I asked the necessary questions that anyone should who is asked to turn their life over to a new and wobbly program. Sometimes I pressed hard and never once was I answered. When this angered me, I was told I was not a "team player." When I insisted further, I was slandered with horrible accusations. My defense was never honored. I was told I was not a good "fit" which is code for "you ask too many
damn questions" and are not compliant.

My vision and my goal is to expose Gratitude Training as a nasty cult that it is and to have them close doors within a year. This would be the best contribution I could make to the communities they prey upon. Using their language - they "authored" me and now they get to have me. Pure magic!!

(5) Business Practices - Hidden Practices

1) Salaries (The fact alone that they disclose nothing... and will ask you to leave if you a ask a few times... raises many red flags.) 
2) Incentives not disclosed.
3) Extortion  A) Example: Having someone stand up and embarrass themselves if they don't agree to a ground rule. Use of public embarrassment is coercion. If you don't agree you get to experience the "walk of shame" from your 70 person (or so) group. Every ground rule made in this way is"null and void." This includes confidentiality. So trust me when I tell you - your secrets are not safe. I have ethics. I am "playing nice" by not mentioning names and very personal stuff.
B)  Example: I was called and extortion was attempted to help get a team member from Part 2 into Part 3. He lived in Texas. Air fare and tuition! He never came. 
C) Example: Our entire Part 3 Team (who had paid) was told to go and "rescue" our teammates who were stuck in registration and could not afford the tuition. So we all were forced to watch our teammates with sad puppy faces... some in tears. Coercion? Ya think? Were we (with ability to pay) going to let our teammates drown in the lifeboat (this was an actual exercise in the program probably, very calculatingly, inserted into Part 2 with this exact scenario in mind.)
Note: Since all ground rules were extorted... I have no duty to keep these from public view. Truth be told... very little has not been used in some program previously. I will disclose the exercises when I get the time. 
4) Involuntary servitude (coerced labor with no pay)
5) Deceptive and unsubstantiated claims
6) Pyramid scheme model
7) Business model based on other cults (Scientology, Hare Krishna's, Landmark Education). Paid staff on a bedrock of free labor.
8) Material taken from Land mark Education, Summit, LifeSpring etc...  but out to music (so you get to think of dear departed dad while listening to the theme song to Schindler's List).
9) Unfair Labor Practices (NOTE: Prima Facie... it is patently illegal to use force or coercion to have somebody work. In other words... it is coercion to say you will have a "10 life" or a "10 partner" only if you throw your self into service and show commitment by signing up your office mates and family. 
10) More unsubstantiated claims... many ML grads down their road struggle with poverty. Many lead desultory lives as though they had never taken the training.  

My singular "mistake" was asking too many questions. They will have you think otherwise... and there is a word for this. It is called 
slander. As a caveat, I can't be sued since my money is held in a trust. So GT is really fucked. I could have a 20 million judgment against me and the most they can take is my litter box. 

Readers will view this blog en masse and this blog will climb the google search board. Good bye Gratitude Training! Miss "world peace" (Founder Jo Englesson)... will have to find a less obvious way to exploit people. 

 Just remember. Everything fades. I did enjoy Parts 1 and 2. But it seems so distant now (6 weeks!). Over time you will have nothing to keep it alive unless you want to sell your soul as an unpaid volunteer for life. Or you can be a paid trainer. But do you really want to exploit people?

(6) Characteristics of a cult 
A religion or sect, generally considered to be extremist or false, under the guidance of an authoritarian, charismatic leader or leadership for whom members exhibit fixed, even religious, veneration. Groups that meet this definition tend to have an escalating negative impact on the lives of followers. These groups exhibit many common characteristics: --- 

(1) One charismatic leader or charismatic leaders stand as the group's sole authority on truth. They decide , or has the authority to approve, all policies and practices.
(2) Members are zealous, protective, and unquestioningly committed. --- Members regard leadership and their ideology as truth and law; the leadership affirms and enforces this idea. 
(3) Philosophy is often based on the ideations coming from the mind of one person; often not psychiatrically sound (Narcissism can be mistaken for charisma). L Ron Hubbard, Joseph Smith, whoever "channeled" Course in Miracles, and Jo Englesson (who will soon burn out as the "Roman Candle" she is)/
(4) Questioning, doubt, and dissent are discouraged or punished. (hmmm... like being kicked out?)
(5) The group uses public humiliation or punishment, debilitating work, sleep deprivation, or other practices to create group-think and to suppress individualism and doubt. 
(6) Criticism about leadership or group are taken very seriously and likely punished. 
(7) The group is elitist, claiming special status for itself and its members. 
(8) The leader and members maintain theirs is the right and true path
(9) The pull of the group can be so strong that it can split family members apart.
(10 The group becomes the sole community of its followers. Members of the group are given fixed or scripted answers to common questions.
(11) Questioning the group's practices often leads to forced exodus. Members remain because they become afraid of alienation and isolation if they leave. 
(12) Groups "love bomb" its members so they feel valued and special. They prey mostly upon those who are struggling in life and offer a way out. 
 (13) The well of love dries up if a member is outside the community.
(14) Youth and LGBTQ's are most vulnerable (half the staff of Gratitude Training) is LGBTQ (just a fact and not at all condemning)
(15) Longitudinal studies reflect that most members struggle over time. A syndrome called the "Roman Candle Effect" takes place. Inspired members often see immediate improvements in their life which almost always fades over time.


Date: July 30, 2017 
I am a graduate of Gratitude Training in South Florida. I did all of their programs from beginning to staffing and I’m embarrassed to say I did. I am NOT going to write about what I THINK of my time at Gratitude Training. AM going to just tell you what I saw: Many people who go and the staff are barely functioning in their lives. Not paying rent, losing jobs, putting this crap ahead of family. Married people flirting and groping people that were not their wife and husband. So so many affairs. An unbelievable amount of drug and sex addicts. Many who recently came from AA. Doing it all again! (my note: Like trying to force a heroin addict into ML... and using extortion tactics to do so?) They talking nasty about things outside of the training. Their people, family, jobs, their kids. And the kids!! People using Gratitude events as a chance to get away from their “brats” (their kids). Ya, I heard that a lot!!! I saw people lose their jobs and claim it was an empowered choice. Lots of couch surfing and homeless people. (my note: I have offered my place twice!!) People looking for any reason to get naked with each other. Lots of talk about “being” God. (One trainer goes around and he call himself Christ).

 They trash openly over things shared in confidence. Lot’s of side conversations. Right! They don’t judge! lol People given assignments to give sex to make them “grow out of their limiting beliefs”. Calling it a stretch!!  Some people that have solid finances and jobs are pushed and shame to carry others, so that they could continue their training. (my note: hmmm... sounds familiar!!) There are groups of gay girls that get off on turning the straight girl. And a bunch of guys that staff and hang out at the trainings to get girls. 

And a huge amount of people offering enlightening, coaching, massages, drugs, and every multi level marketing job you can think of. But no one has a  job!! What shocks me is that employees of Gratitude Training seem to be aware of all of these things! They don't care!! They really don't! They all say, “What does your judgement create in the world?” (my note: "Said to me today!) That girl Jo Englesson seemed so nice. But really? Save the world and world peace!! Are you shitting me? I am so worn out. Some of these people are my family. Can’t do it anymore. Because it is making me crazy. I’m ashamed that I brought my people in. I'm more ashamed that I lost what I loved most. I liked myself better before I had to keep so many secrets.


Freda- Don't be ashamed. Millions of people have been manipulated by these LGATs. What matters is that you "woke up" and realized what they truly are. This is a great place to get support. I am currently working on a project. If you are interested in helping, I would love your support. Feel free to message me and I can give you further details if you are interested. For now, forgive yourself- IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT. Take some time to process and heal. 

Posted by: Free from this cult ()
Date: August 01, 2017 12:21PM

I HOPE I CAN REACH OUT TO THIS COMMUNITY. My son is talking like a zombie and as entrapped in the cult called "GRATITUDE TRAINING." WHO has experience in getting their kids out of a cult? WHO CAN HELP ME PROSECUTE GRATITUDE TRAINING BY NOT PAYING WORKERS AND THROUGH THEIR ROUTINE USE OF EXTORTION?

It is a “FOR PROFIT" Company and the founder Jo Englesson has been profiting madly off the exploitation. She is a charlatan, charismatic, conniving, very wicked.

My son is caught in the "80 day" induction phase and his life is completely consumed by this cult. Any help would be greatly appreciated. He is only 19. My son is a newly "out" Transgender.The cult is exploiting this dangerous transition time of both!! It is absolutely sickening to watch.

I was part of their organization until when, with my extensive business background, I called them out on their ILLEGAL BUSINESS PRACTICES. Two Hours later I was frozen out of the entire community. It took seconds. I live in Boca Raton FL. I love my son so much and this cult has ensnared him. I have written a comprehensive evaluation of this cult and I guarantee it is eye-popping." Go to the FB page called GRATITUDE TRAINING EXPOSED 

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Posted by: Free from this cult ()
Date: August 03, 2017 02:12AM

New Information: While my son was attending one of the "FREE INTRODUCTIONS"... I held up a sign outside the training that said: "GRATITUDE TRAINING EXPOSED - A FaceBoook Page (go there!). I was there 5 minutes and walked away. They had two of their "staff" follow me throughout the mall whole on cell phones. It was positively creepy.

They then called the cops and lied to them. They claimed that they had already warned me of trespassing and were trying to convince the cops of this. THIS WAS A LIE.  They 
were literally trying to send me to jail while my son was inside the Training Center.
What are they so afraid of? I will tell you what... their entire existence!  I was the consummate insider who was asked to leave because I questioned them on heir highly illegal business practices. They don't pay their workers! This is completely illegal for a "FOR PROFIT" business." 

- So once again we have new versions of the same thing. My wife is involved and has turned into a somewhat groupie. She keeps telling me I am a victim and makes me wron for thngs she thought before were OK. Watch out for this one. Gratitude Trainings in Florida have the same Lifespring trainers. Jo Englesson is a guru wanna be leader. She is a good actress. Scary - relationships fail. And she is about money money money. She is creating other ones as well. 

 -  Gratitude Training in Florida and Charlotte is run by Jo Englesson. She is a self made guru who wants everyone to follow her. She and Ray Blanchard Uses same methods of training as other Large Group Awareness Trainings. She is Unethical. They use public Humiliation, manipulation, and it is definitely a cult.   Everything is about their "great leader."    

- Aggressive / Manipulative Sales Tactics, Psychological Breakdown/ Breakthrough, Exploiting Human Weakness for Profit, Food and Sleep Deprivation, Trance and Ericksonian Hypnosis, Embedded Commands, Social Influence, Mind Control

Gratitude Training does indeed incorporate the same fundamental principles to get people to not think for themselves. It must be the forms they make you sign. This smells like a cult, People seem like robots. 

- I recently found out I had a co-worker that did the Gratitude Training in Florida for a year or so. I realize he was always mildly annoying as it was but for that year everyone in the office did their best to avoid talking to him. I asked some of my coworkers why. They said it was because all he was doing was recruiting/reciting back the feel-good messages they were pumping into his head. It did seem to have a somewhat positive effect on his life, but I don't feel like it would be any different than joining a legitimate church and taking it seriously. I think you have to be very open-minded plus slightly dumb in order to "get" anything from this organization. My coworker said it is a cult. I get that now. 

Gratitude Trainings are dangerous, like a cult , and make people become strange. I have been doing more research about Gratitude Trainings in Florida and Gratitude Charlotte and Jo Englesson and the new leader Liliana Barr, Very scary. They are spawned from Lifespring which then was turned into Summit Education. Then this Jo Englesson, self declared author. No integrity but lots of charisma. Perfect cult leader stuff. This is a truly slimey offspring of Lifespring. One woman in one of the trainings went into a catatonic fit during one of those hypnotic lectures. She was removed from the room. Another woman went into a hysterical fit during an exercise. Someone was telling me in detail how the tactic is like confidence building along with an Amway style approach to manulipating your friends into the pyramid scheme. The agressive approach is about getting people into the work. Especially offering free introductions. There are plenty of weak minded people out there for them to prey on. SO they use the new pop word gratitude to cover up the business of making money. Jo Englesson isnt even a citizen of the US. Very sad and concerning. 

 "Uninformed and at a vulnerable time" -- that's the situation most of us are in when we get recruited. And, too often, we are not told, up front, about a leader's actual background and training. Instead, we are given only glowing testimonials. Nor are we told what percentage of subjects benefit and what percentage do not benefit. We don't even know how students are faring 3 years out. It is nothing but a magic cloud that dissipates over time.... and actually leaves people disillusioned... like WHERE DID IT GO ? WHY CAN'T I GET IT BACK? A Drawn OUT DRUG HIGH

- Gratitude Training - Beware 

FYI...  Gratitude training's hierarchy looks like this:
Trainer (one per class) 
Paid staff (maybe 2 per location?) 
12 or more Volunteer leaders (I still don't understand a volunteer at a for profit business.) Free labor - Holy shit - must be nice. 
And other people holding doors open and holding sacred space, (is this a real thing?) One thing,I noticed is that some people mentioned that they alienated their family or friends soon after the seminar ended. That's probably the more common kind of damage.

Response: No wonder they have you sign your rights away. Lawsuits! The connection with all of the other LGAT's is obvious but I didn't realize how closely connected it was to the old "Lifespring". Even if these groups are sued and close down they somehow reopen with new names. It's clearly a money maker. Warn your family members!   

2011  There is a new LGAT on the scene and it goes by the name of Gratitude Training. Unbeknownst to me, I signed up for the training based on a "friend's" recommendation. I actually learned a lot from the first part of the training, but took it with a grain of salt. The teachings are actually pretty useful and relevant to an extent. The part that I take issue with is the people who are qualified as "trainers" running the training. These people have no qualifications, which is not to say that they can't offer anything, but the zealotry that they preach with is tough to take. Also, they do not take no for an answer, which will end up biting them in the long run.

I tried to stay out of the long term training, repeatedly saying no to the staff. I was clear that the gratitude training was not for me long term. However, these groups are quite incestuous, so if you say no the trainers or staff, with whom you have no prior experience, they will tell your friend (the person who enrolled you) and get them to try to manipulate your decision. This is exactly what happened to me. I have since moved on from the Gratitude Training, but not after having gone to places I did not want to go. Feeling used and manipulated by the group is a pretty bad feeling, especially knowing that they repeatedly take advantage of people's vulnerability. Having been in the training long enough, they brag about enrollment rates and how many people stay with the training from phase to phase. This is completely disgusting because they do not look at the individual's situation, but think that their method is right for all, which it is clearly not. These people are leaches and prey on innocent people, and will never look in the mirror to admit it.


What you need to remember in Gratitude Training is that nothing lasts. The biggest high is no different than a drug high though it may last longer. In Part 3 they try and break you down to become "one of them." This is a classic cult technique to get you to be a Gratitude Zombie. They need to "break you" to convince you to that the best thing you can do with your life is give them free labor. Not just a few hours. It will become a full time job.

FRIDAY NIGHT of PART 2 you will be cradled and scream at the top of your lungs and will be rewarded with a barf bag if you do really well. This will last for hours.You will then play a game of lifeboat where the team picks who lives and dies Hint: Hot girls always get saved so don't take it personally.

SAT NIGHT of Part 2 you will be given a drug like high where you will be cradled and literally be lifted high into the air by a bunch of bunch of culty volunteers. You will feel high and feel loved and you wll be fed and even massaged. This is all part of "lift them up
and break them down."  This started with EST and the manipulation is refined. Another brand of cult control.

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NOTE: In case you missed it, The US Intelligent Heads are on record as saying Trump likes his briefings to be on one page with "killer graphics" and "big pictures." The name "Trump" is also repeated several times to keep his attention.


(follow along, Donald)

   (You still with us, Donald?)

(Have we lost you yet, Donald?)

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Liberty Counsel, the Orlando-based Religious Right law firm that has represented public officials who got into trouble for defying the Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling,…