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4 (cont'd)    NO Retainer Agreement given to client Marc Mills... No Invoice... No hourly rate given... NO Documentation of any kind    Note: Non Refundable retainer is illegal unless signed off by client (Marc Mills did NOT sign off)

The Contract signed in mediation is not a valid contract because:

21) To fulfill the terms Marc Mills would be forced to commit a crime. A Contact is illegal if the fulfillment of it forces a party to commit a crime. Marc Mills would be committing perjury since he initially signed the initial bar complaint “under oath and under penalty of perjury.” Going back on his word would be to commit the crime of perjury. He stands 100 % behind his bar complaint.

22) Marc Mills would
never sign such a contract under normal terms free from duress & some of the most most heightened fear he has experienced.

23) He signed the contract because he was
extorted and he feared for his reputation and being taken advantage of through willful legal deceit and trickery perpetrated by Carla and mark Lowry. This mediated contract is null and void on the face of it. It is not close to being legitimate.

24) It bears mentioning that the mediator never told me that my case did b=not have merits. It should have been a “slam dunk” given I never gave consent for M Lowry to keep all the money. Yet the mediator dissuaded me because “I have no chance against 2 lawyers.

25) Marc Mills will absolutely not abide by this contract which is clearly not a legal contract and would force him to commit a crime. Instead he is filing two new bar complaints and is seeking to file criminal charges.
25) How was Mark Lowry able to move the “stalking” hearing to a “hand picked” time most optimal for him to use as a tool for extortion?

26) Did a Judge
collude with Mark Lowry in giving him his “handpicked” hearing time? It is not believable that this hearing time was not intentionally selected… and this raises major ethical questions.

27) What is the legality, legal precedent, and ethics of “serving” someone
four hours before the actual hearing? CARLA LOWRY (ex wife representing Mark Lowry) STOOD TO GAIN FROM EXTORTION. WHY? Because Carla Lowry bore a child with Mark Lowry and she would benefit financially if Mark Lowry held on to his Bar License.

28) Shouldn't Lowry be sanctioned/punished/disbarred for filing the most eminently frivolous injunction for stalking against a client when:

29) Mills had a
legitimate purposeto collect his $2500 retainer which,by law, was nonrefundable without Marc Mill’s consent and signature.
    30) The Florida Bar
required that Marc Mills contact
           Mark Lowry. Was Marc Mills to refuse the direction
           of the Florida Bar?
IMPORTANT!  Mark Lowry files an injunction for cyber stalking... but never ONCE did he personally ask client Mark Mills to stop contacting him! He went directly to the "nuclear" option. The ethics here are atrocious.

      33) One can wonder... how could all of this be worth $2500 to Mark Lowry? Did he spend the $2500 in cash as soon as he received it? Cash seemed very important to him. Is he fighting this because he CANNOT pay? His girlfriend of 2 years will not have her lease renewed at Broadstone Apts (not actually revoked) because of behavior that management is not comfortable with. 

34) "If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck..." This blogger has been sober for 30 years and knows what "junkie behavior" looks like. In my experience only active junkies (and sociopaths) lie and perform dirty unconscionable tricks like you have read here. I am not specifically accusing anyone of being on drugs but am simply reporting what it looks like to me with years of experience in recovery community. 

35) Lastly for the Christians (Old & New Testament) and Jews (Old Testament) among us...  What does the Bible say?

1. Luke 3:14    Even some soldiers were asking him, “And what should we do?” He told them, “Never extort money from anyone by threats or blackmail, and be satisfied with your pay.”
2. Psalm 62:10    Put no trust in extortionset no vain hopes on robbery; if riches increase, set not your heart on them.
3. Ecclesiastes 7:7    Extortion turns a wise person into a fool,and a bribe corrupts the heart.
4. Jeremiah 22:17     But your eyes and your heart are set only on dishonest gain, on shedding innocent blood and on oppression and extortion.

Thursday, February 23, 2017


UPDATE: Upon reviewing the occurrence of Feb 22, 2017 with legal counsel, this blogger has been told that all of the elements necessary for felony extortion have been met and it was suggested that I aggressively pursue criminal charges against Carla Lowry and Mark Lowry (divorced couple). The days of taking cash, not issuing a contract, not documenting any work, and keeping the retainer when fired will be coming to an end for Mark Lowry. 

I hereby proclaim, through both private and public domains, that if this blog has posted any defamatory, slanderous, or libelous statements or comments or wordings against the two attorneys listed below...  this blog will make full, complete, and thorough retractions in an effort to make these people whole. This remains a standing offer for Attorney Mark Lowry. He has yet to produce any statements about him/ his work that have proven to be untrue by this blogger.

This blogger has agreed and still agrees to taking a concomitant polygraph test with anyone who wishes to challenge his credibility and truthfulness. No one has taken me up on this offer. WB TRUTH has over 6 million page views. The blog started in Wilkes-Barre PA and has expanded to south Florida.

The blogger of WB Truth will never intentionally hurt innocent people and promises to remain true to the theme of this blog which is to expose corruption. 

- Attorney Carla Lowry and/or her law firm   Ex wife of Atty Mark Lowry who represented him in court Feb 22 2017 and whom a FLORIDA BAR COMPLAINT will be filed shortly... and 

Attorney Mark Lowry and/or his law firm who has one FLORIDA BAR COMPLAINT pending and will have a second complaint filed shortly.  

Google searches for Carla Lowry and Mark Lowry show these entries on page 1 of results.


Let it be known that Carla Lowry had this blogger (this week) sign a contract which is illegal on several fronts. The contract is null and void based on the ...


Attorney Mark Lowry Palm Beach County Attorney Mark Lowry Palm ...

Jan 16, 2017 - Attorney Mark Lowry Palm Beach County Attorney Mark Lowry Palm Beach County Attorney Mark Lowry Palm Beach County Attorney Mark Lowry Palm Beach ...

** FLORIDA BAR COMPLAINT against Attorney Mark Lowry COURT ...

Jan 18, 2017 - FLORIDA BAR COMPLAINT against Attorney Mark Lowry COURT ACTION against Attorney Mark Lowry Lawyer in Palm Beach County Florida courtesy Lowry ...

OCCURRENCE ON FEB 22, 2017:  Let it be known that Carla Lowry Esq (representing ex husband Mark Lowry Esq) coerced this blogger (Feb 22 2017) to sign a contract which is illegal on several fronts. The contract is null and void based on the reasons cited below. The agreement asked for this blogger to withdraw his bar complaint against Mark Lowry. Not only will the bar complaint not be dropped, but this blogger is preparing two new bar complaints against Carla Lowry and Mark Lowry based on the information below. This blogger will be petitioning the court for a new hearing based on the sordid activities of the two attorneys. The blogger is also vigorously searching 

1) Terms of the (bogus) agreement that this blogger was forced to sign included a stipulation that that this blogger remove/retract a bar complaint against Mark Lowry. However, doing so would force this blogger to commit the crime of perjury which he will not do.

How is this so? Robbins signed the the outstanding bar complaint against attorney Mark Lowry" under oath and under penalty of perjury stating that the statements are true, full, and complete. Mark Robbins stands by the bar complaint against Mark Lowry and will not lie (commit perjury) on Mark Lowry's behalf.

The agreement that Carla Lowry Esq drew up contained a sentence that this blogger was to sign off on. It said... "the (Lowry) complaint was unfounded, the statements made were untrue, and that Lowry did not violate any rules." These statements are in directly opposed to how I feel about Mark Lowry Esq and what actually happened. Mark Lowry is one of the dirtiest lawyers I have ever come across.

2) EXTORTION    A Contract is not validly signed unless it is signed by each participant by his own accord and free will. I did not freely sign this agreement under my free will but did so only under extreme stress, fear, intimidation, and duress. 

How so? While awaiting for my $2500 claim (retainer fee against Mark lowry) to be heard in Delray Beach... Attorney Mark Lowry pulled a "fast one." He served me with papers that said I was to show up for a hearing in front of a judge at 1:30 PM that day!! Less than 4 hours. 

Put your self in my position!

A) I was served papers that said I was to be in Broward County (Ft Lauderdale) before my hearing in Palm Beach County (Delray Beach) was even heard.

B) Mark Lowry served me with less than 4 hours warning.

C) I had no idea what the charges meant (Injunction for cyber stalking). 

D) I was given NO detail as to what these bogus (I would learn later) charges in Fort Lauderdale were about.

E) In the most sleazy fashion, Carla Lowry and Mark Lowry (divorced couple) used these frivolous charges charges to coerce me to sign an agreement against my will.

F) The "same day" charges in Fort Lauderdale would only be dropped if I signed an agreement that was completely one-sised toward Mark Lowry. 

G) I was in a complete panic not knowing the details of these charges in Fort Lauderdale and having no time to get legal help (remember... this all took place before the hearing in Delray Beach.

G) In my opinion, I was extorted. It is more than a little 

Extortion involves gaining something (especially money) through force intimidation, or threats. The last minute charges were served to me in a way that allowed force and intimidate get me to sign an agreement in mediation that "I would not have signed under normal conditions."

3) SLEAZE      To attorneys reading this post... I ask you... 

Is it proper to serve someone 4 hours before a hearing?

Is it proper to use these tactics to drop an existing bar complaint?

If this is "normal and proper"... wouldn't all attorneys use this nefarious tactic to get bar bar complaints dropped?

How long did Attorney Mark Lowry know of this court date?

Why would he wait to serve me four hours before the scheduled hearing if not for coercive and potentially illegal purposes?

Did Mark Lowry have a hand in scheduling the hearing in Fort Lauderdale the exact same day as the hearing in Delray Beach? 

Was there collusion involved in helping Mark Lowry schedule the appointment in Fort Lauderdale the same day as the hearing in Delray Beach?  



Practicing law is a privilege and not a right. In my opinion, those that perform dirty and debased and dishonest tricks and use extortion to get what they want should not have a law license. Consuming court time for legal trickery is abhorrent and against what the law and honorable judges and attorneys stands for.

NOTICE    Every legal maneuver that "Lowry and Lowry" from here on out will be part of public record in this blog. Every move will be documented so both citizens and peers in the legal profession can be witness to further duplicity. 

The best disinfectant for corruption is the light.
Evil wins when good people do nothing.

Monday, January 16, 2017

FLORIDA BAR COMPLAINT against Attorney Mark Lowry

COURT ACTION against Attorney Mark Lowry

Lawyer in Palm Beach County Florida

courtesy Lowry legal

Attorney Mark Lowry 
500 E Broward Blvd  Suite 1710 
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33394
(954) 445 4132  
Re: Full refund of money  $2,500 

I was instructed by the Florida Bar to contact Attorney Mark Lowry to resolve a dispute.  He has been contacted. In no uncertain terms, I believe that Attorney Mark Lowry should have his bar license revoked for his abhorrent behavior and, in my opinion, criminal behavior (theft). I believe $2,500 was stolen from me and have filed a civil action against Mark Lowry.

Complaint against Attorney Mark Lowry of Palm Beach County Florida

INTRODUCTION: This complaint documents the lies, manipulation, fraud, and theft perpetrated by Attorney Mark Lowry in Palm Beach County, Florida. his complaint is not simply targeted so I receive my money back ($2,500)… but carries the broader intent to see that others are not stolen from by the lawyer named Mark Lowry.  As such, if Attorney Mark Lowry does not provide both a prompt and full restitution to me (he has not), I will report his behavior to the Florida Bar, ask for his disbarment, and will provide world-wide attention to anyone searching for “Mark Lowry” as they will find my blog (WB Truth) occupying a top result on any google search bearing his name. 

How "Attorney Mark Lowry" appears on a Google search:

My track record on my blog is perfect. I have had threats of law suits but nothing has come forth as accusers have always backed down. Even corrupt people know that the truth always wins regarding slander accusations. Mark Lowry has threatened to sue me for defamation. To this I will reply:

1)      As I did when I was accused of lying by the Wilkes-Barre (Pa) police, I will protect my name by taking a polygraph test on the important facts.  This silenced my accusers very quickly and gave me instant and full credibility. I have asked Attorney Mark Lowry to take a polygraph test on the issues on the same facts that I am willing to test on. He has not accepted my challenge.

2)      All activities and actions are fair game for my blog. If I take a polygraph test the results will be posted making Lowry look more incompetent and “integrity challenged" than he already is. Further threats of his will also be posted.

Two adages I live by:
(A)   The best disinfectant to corrupt behavior is the light.
(B)   Evil wins when good people choose to do nothing.


1)      The “chicken scratch” receipt (Exhibit A) is illegible, unsigned, and not legitimate. The only correct piece to it is that it does indicated $2,500 was paid. It was written on the back of a business card.
2)      Attorney Mark Lowry said he would follow up with a typed contract (formal retainer agreement) for me to sign (of normal legal standards). HE NEVER PRODUCED SUCH A CONTRACT.
3)      Attorney Mark Lowry never told me (oral or in writing) what his hourly rate was.
4)      Attorney Mark Lowry never provided ANY documentation regarding any work performed. He simply stole the money from me. The standard to provide a contract is a “reasonable time.” Obviously a “reasonable time” indicates a period BEFORE all the money is gone. Attorney Mark Lowry NEVER provided a retainer agreement yet literally whipped me clean for $2500.
5)      Attorney Mark Lowry expressed to me that by paying cash he could move more quickly in processing my case. I spoke to him approximately 11 days after I gave him $2,500. He still had not performed any concrete actions on my case. (BTW... The frivolous charges have since been dropped through another attorney.
6)      A reasonable assumption that I made (and I believe anyone would make) was that Attorney Mark Lowry was acting in bad faith.
7)      Attorney Mark Lowry never showed me ANY evidence that he (as he said he would both orally and in writing) was actively pursuing my best interest and working as my advocate. I fully believe he was acting in bad faith knowing a bigger “pay day” awaited him if he dragged his feet. 
8)      Mark Lowry provided an explanation to me in writing that the Florida Bar would not entertain a complaint about fees. I called the Florida Bar who specifically told me to file a complaint if Attorney Mark Lowry refused to return my money.
9)      Mark Lowry used up the entire retainer with:
           A) No formal and/or professional typed contract
           B) No statement of hourly fees
           C) No presentation of actual work having been done. 

Defamation suit:  Lowry wrote in an E Mail: “Lastly re your threat of making statements about me. Please be advised that you have hired me to represent you and by my notice of appearance and calls with the prosecutor I am doing just that. (This is a lie… at this point he made no calls to the prosecutor). The fact that you now want a different attorney is not grounds for a refund (Please note that Attorney mark Lowry assumes the retainer is 100 per cent his to keep without a contract or work done in the case). Therefore, please be advised that if you write, print, or state anything in a false light or otherwise defamatory manner I will bring action for defamation in Palm Beach County Circuit Court and will prevail, as I know I have done nothing but uphold the Florida Bar rules and regulations.”
Generalized threat:  (“It will not end well for you”) Lowry wrote in an E Mail:  “Mark (Robbins)  it really doesn't have to be this way, but I am warning you that if you persist in either threatening me or follow through with these threats I will not hesitate to use my knowledge and experience to prevail. Please be smart and let this lie, it will not end well for you Mark. (My note: Is it really “smart” to not file a complaint? Really?)

What you need to know: In trying to help Lowry’s on again/ off again girlfriend last summer… I unwittingly performed actions that caused severe hostility from the girlfriend. I initially asked Mark Lowry to help with a case simply because (very literally) he was the only defense attorney I knew in Palm Beach County. 

The girlfriend  played the "single mom sympathy card" on me and was able to extract $400 from me. Despite my generous offer to her things soured quckly as I tried to help. What is important here is that a conflict of interest arises given the girlfriend's resentment against me coinciding with her relationship with Mark Lowry (which he described as having been sexual). Put another way, it is logical to assume that the girlfriend would have a “rooting interest” against me which would understandably affect how Lowry provides for my interests. 

Attorney Mark Lowry said to me in E mails:
1)      He has not been dating this person.
2)      Attorney Mark Lowry claimed he spoke very briefly about the girlfriend with me. In reality we spoke for at least 75 minutes about her.

Contradicting facts
1)      Mark Lowry told me (the night I gave him $2500) that he was still "seeing" his girlfriend (10/31/2017).
2)      Attorney Mark Lowry told me himself that he was having a sexual relationship with the girlfriend while she was still married and was raising to very young children.
3)      This Fall they walked by me together into her apartment building with bottles of beer in a six pack.
4)      In the last month, the girlfriend revealed to me that Attorney Lowry discussed key details of my case with the girlfriend. This is a definite "no no."
5)      The girlfriend revealed to me that Lowry would pick up the girlfriend in the front of Broadstone Apartments (out of my sight). The girlfriend said the reason for this pick up spot was so that I would not see them together. Red flags are raised here.
6)      In July of 2016 Mark Lowry and I talked for more about 75 minutes regarding the girlfriend providing details such as:
-          Fights they had
-          Sex they had (while she married with children)
-          Personal descriptions
-          Lowry paying medical bills for girlfriend’s broken nose
-          The jerk that her “ex” was
-          Spending time with girlfriend’s family 
-          How she had threatened to press "battery" charges against Lowry when he slammed his door on her arm.

OF IMPORTANCE… he told me that the girlfriend “trashed me” after the girlfriend and I had our disagreement last July and Lowry seemed genuinely hurt that the girlfriend begged me for money and gave me attention she did. This gives cause for the “conflict of interest” that I brought up to Attorney Mark Lowry. He instead took ALL my money with absolutely NO DOCUMENTATION ever of ANY work done to this day.

FURTHER EVIDENCE of a conflist occurred when I left a polite note with the girlfriend asking her to consider paying me back the money I gave her. The reason for my request was stated as current medical expenses for my son. Rather than simply giving me a "yes" or a "no"...  she called the apartment security and contacted the apartment manager (who did nothing). Her reaction shows she still holds antipathy for me.

EXHIBITS      Please see the following exhibits below:
Exhibit A: The farcical, illegible, and illegitimate receipt that Lowry wrote up with runny blue ink on the back of a business card.
Exhibit B: The front of the business card. 
Exhibit C: My withdrawal of $3,000 so that I could pay Mark Lowry with cash
Exhibit D: The actual currency (bills) totaling $2,500 which I paid to Mark Lowery as he pulled up to my apartment complex at Broadstone in Boca Raton.

Exhibit A  This is what Mark Lowry calls a “contract”

Exhibit B  Front of business card

Exhibit C   Withdrawal taken out to give Mark Lowry $2500 in cash he requested.

Exhibit D   The exact bills given to Mark Lowry of $2,500


I, Mark Robbins, have over 5 million views on this blog (WB TRUTH) because it has 
been built on a bedrock of integrity. 

             2017 photo

This began when I first exposed "CARS FOR CASH" (LAG Towing; Leo Glodzik). I was called a liar by the Wilkes-Barre (Pa) police and was lied about by the (then) Chief of Police Gerard Dessoye at A Wilkes-Barre (Pa) Council meeting. I vowed to never be humiliated like this again. The action I took was to take a polygraph test regarding the facts of my encounter with the WB police. See below. 


WB TRUTH is read voraciously because (in the words of C.S. Lewis), not only does it have a "ring of truth," but in fact it represents the truth. I am told that most of the Luzerne County (Pa) court house reads my posts by 9 AM. Countless reporters and public officials count on me for exposing corruption or other writing on other news I deem important. Not only is their a great quantity of readers, but qualitatively the consistent readers are far more likely to hold positions of power within Luzerne County.

MY PLEDGE: A POLYGRAPH CHALLENGE   If anyone legitimately claims my posts to be false or defamatory, I will take a polygraph test regarding the pertinent facts. I will offer such person to do the same as well. In this the truth will be uncovered. No one has yet had the courage (nor basis in fact) to take me up on my "polygraph challenge."

My blog has become not only reports the news... it now moves the news. What do I mean by this? If your name is mentioned in one of my posts, based on the volume of WB Truth's views, you will likely show up in one of the top spots in a google search of your name. This can obviously work favorably for a person who  is commended, or work against a person who is maligned. If you don't like how you are portrayed - then change your behavior. It is that simple. My grandfather (Donald Scott Mills) once said, "Never do anything that you would want to have printed on the cover of the newspaper." Well... my blog represents the proverbial "cover of the newspaper."

WB TRUTH HAS BECOME A "GOOGLE SEARCH" POWERHOUSE. This has truly been earned by painstaking work and attention to the truth.

Here is an example. If you google "Lisa Cuenca," my apartment manager, my blog shows up in the third spot after I wrote a positive recommendation for her.

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See Tony George's "Kids for Cash" endorsement further down. First take a look at the broad facts of "Kids for Cash" to realize the huge scope of this horrific bribery scheme.



Judge Mark Civiarella (17 yrs in prison) for taking $1 Million and "stuffing" juvenile center with kids for pal Rob Mericle
Sandy Fonzo behind Judge Mark Civiarella. Her son committed suicide after illicit/unethical jail sentence by Civiarella.

Judge Michael Conahan (8 yrs in prison) for taking $1 Million and "stuffing" juvenile center with kids for pal Rob Mericle
Rob Mericle received just one year in prison for bribing judges to "stuff" his juvenile facility illicitly / unethically / dubiously in Luzerne County Pa.
PALM BEACH GARDENS resident (PA Attorney) Michael Powell served 18 months. RECENT NEWS!! (June 2016)   Powell reported to be under federal investigation. See article HERE

W-B Mayor Tony George supported "Kids for Cash" Judge (Civiarella; serving 17 years). See letter to editor below. After the prison sentences were administered, Tony George proved to be one of the most stubborn and thick headed (and just plain stupid ) men alive. After all the of the irrefutable evidence was in regarding "Kids for Cash," Tony George would not relent on his apparent "man crush" of the nefarious Civiarella. In fact Tony George "double downed" on his position and continued his support of disgraced Civiarella at the W-B Mayoral candidate debate. 
Transcript (below) of the above letter written to Wilkes-Barre Citizens Voice Newspaper in 2008:

Editor:   We feel it is our responsibility to respond to the criticism that Judge Mark Civiarella has received the last few weeks concerning juvenile justice.

We can say from personal experience in Judge Civiarella's court room that he was always fair and firm with all students. 

His concern for safe schools was always a top concern for him. 

An example of his concern for safe schools is the fact that every year for the past 10 years, Judge Civiarella took the time from his busy schedule to speak to all students at Wilkes-Barre Area Vocational Technical School. 

He spoke to the students regarding the purpose of attending school and the consequences that result if the safety and welfare of any student or staff member was in jeopardy. 

Also, in the past several years, Civiarella participated in a school play in which he re-enacted a court room trial with the students acting as lawyers as well as victims of school violence.

His dedication of working with our students created a bond of trust and confidence with him, the students, and the staff. Students who have had personal experience with Judge Civiarella have expressed gratitude and thanks for his involvement in their lives. His concern for students after adjudication is what makes him so special. He has made a tremendous difference in the educational process of our school. 

In closing, Judge Civiarella will always be a part of Wilkes-Barre Area Vocational Technical School and we are thankful for all the years of quality and dedicated service he has given to our school and to our community. 

Anthony Testa
Dean of Students
Wilkes-Barre Area Vocational Technical School

Anthony (Tony) George
School Resource Officer  
Wilkes-Barre Area Vocational Technical School

  Eye Opening news from "Wake Up Wilkes-Barre" blog. See HERE