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   I WANT MY LOAN REPAID.  I lent the Muckrakers Inc. (WB Ind Gazette) $4,400 to get started. Lou Jasikoff gave me four post-dated checks for $1,100 each. He told me not to cash them when they were due as they would bounce. I will file both civil and criminal charges this week if not paid in full.

    Lou Jasikoff keeps dodging me. I will go to court and will blog if  necessary to expose this matter and other matters regarding the paper if need be (this blog post is buried in my AUGUST posts so as to not embarrass people... obviously this can change). If this company does not have $4,400 by now they are not solvent. There is something wrong. 

   I do not believe in the message or the people. I do not believe in what or who they support. I believe Andy Ostrowski has tricked people.... or maybe people want to be tricked. My most recent message from him.


Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on the perspective), I’ve become accustomed to emasculated grown men, with much greater power and influence than a clown like you, needing to play tattle-tale to the so-called authorities because they lack the character and substance to deal with me directly, man-to-man.  Get in the back of the line, pal.    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

What is most important to know is that, after 28 years of sobriety, I know that nobody spends significant time with a junkie unless they are use too. It is that simple. 

Opening Check list I sent to PA Disciplinary Board (page 1) regarding Andy Ostrowski:
A) First list is summary of Disciplinary Counsel conclusions
B) Second list are my observations


Now let me address the issues of the female Ostrowski has chosen to spend months with (sources are very legitimate including documentation)

-          As a mother she lost custody of her kids

-          She has had supervised visits because of her drug use

-          She told me she was on Suboxyn (replacement for heroin). 

-           She  drank while taking this

-           Like Ostrowski, she wraps her denial around medical ailments such as Diabetes (No one passes out cold to diabetes).         
-          She has showed up positive for vicodin, percocet, oxycontin, morphine, muscle relaxers, and sleeping pills. She also smokes and drinks.

-          She passed out one night when I was there when she was in the shower. Her roomate had to carry her limp body to her bed room.

-          She also has passed out in her car at her sons’ football game.

-          She has also passed out for entire weekends when her kids were over.

-          A Judge ordered her to NOT to drive her kids. She did so anyway and was held in contempt of court with a $1,000 fine.

-          She has been in two rehabs. The director who I know (Dr Nick Colangelo) reportedly has “wrung his hands” of her.

-          She has been through approximately 10 lawyers. Four have sued her for money. The others didn’t want to waste their time.

-          She has had approximately five Judges to recuse themselves.

-          She has abused the legal system by filing so many motions that the number of hearings between her and her ex-husband is said to be 92.

-          She appeared at an “adult read” at her kids’ elementary school  and was so “loopy” that the teacher felt compelled to call for assistance. 

-          She has to check in daily at the courthouse. In the 9 days that I spoke to her (saw her twice in person... other time she had passed out in bathtub.)

-          She has 2 pending DUI’s from the pills she takes. 

-          The one DUI took place in the afternoon. I am told she could barely walk.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Laurie Meritt Murder Investigation: A COVER UP... plain and simple

Laurie Meritt Murder Investigation: Case Study in Corruption (from Times Leader  / Jerry Lynott)

The 51-year-old mail carrier died more than a year ago as a result of an intentionally set fire (described by state police) in her Wyoming Street house. No one has been charged in her death and Walkowiak, 51, wonders if anyone will be as long as the Wilkes-Barre Police Department is in charge of the case.

Here is where the corruption starts:

- 2 WB Police Detectives refusing to investigate Laurie's boyfriend (Kosakowski)... a former WB TWP Police detective. Why didn't Salavantis step in with this massive conflict?

- The boyfriend, Kosakowski, left notes in home. Why?

- Why did he not "haul ass" to the home when he was called about the fire.

- The family pointed at (boyfriend) Kosakowski but Simonetti and the other detective Brent Sevinson ignored them. Why?


She (neighbor)  saw Merritt crying after an argument with Kosakowski outside the house the day of the fire. The neighbor went over to Merritt who said, “Just pray for me,” That night she was dead.

- Why would the Simonetti and partner assume laurie Merritt took muscle relaxants when the family was pointing at Kosakowski?  Why wouldn't they investiagate other scenarios anyway? Since when do detectives consider a single theory. This is reckless and corrupt !!

- Even though the family indicated they believe Kosakowski set the fire — and said so in search warrant affidavits filed by investigators — police didn’t think the evidence was important, Walkowiak said. FOLKS... THIS IS A COVER-UP.

“From day one, we had begged for Wilkes-Barre and the DA to allow the state police in on the investigation because we saw that they weren’t taking us seriously and they would not allow it. Their main focus at this point is covering up shoddy detective work,” she said.


We had done their job for them by providing them with articles of evidence that they never looked for and they still didn’t make it into evidence,” Kristin Merritt said.

She was found in the attic with the chairs kicked out which she couldn't have done on her own. The attic stairs were in the basement!

The impression Mike Merritt, Laurie Merritt’s ex-husband and chairman of the Wilkes-Barre city council, said he got from meeting with detectives the day after the fire was they did not want to hear what the family had to say. More than a year later, police have not made any progress in the case and Merritt said it’s because, “they guessed and they guessed wrong. “

Look at the disrespect
- When the family provided police evidence and the name of a suspect... they were ignored and and told they watch too much television.

“Sometimes the bad people in this world outsmart us and we hit a brick wall,” a woman, who said her husband is one of the active detectives, posted on July 22 on facebook. WHY IS SHE FLAPPING HER LIPS?

- She then said, "“He has re-interviewed people, he has (revisited) the scene, he has went through extensive paperwork and feels guilty because he has no further leads on Laurie’s case.” Does this nut speak for the detectives? Walkowiak (Laurie's brother) bristled at the posts and said, “She should be talking to no one.”

More questions

Salavantis  -  15 months too late
The postings were deleted after Walkowiak said family members met with Luzerne County District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis earlier this month. Salavantis said she was unaware of the postings before the meeting and sympathized with the family as they sought a resolution.
“This is an active investigation,” Salavantis said. “It takes time. It’s not an open-and-shut case.” (ACTUALLY... IT IS OPEN AND SHUT),
But Walkowiak questioned whether the first set of detectives ever started an investigation.
“I did more detective work than them,” Walkowiak said. “They never did anything on their own.”

City’s response
Wilkes-Barre Police Chief Robert Hughes was contacted through city spokeswoman Liza Prokop, who wrote in an Aug. 14 email: “This case is still an open investigation. Chief Hughes has no knowledge of or can confirm any such Facebook posting.”

NOTE: Leighton's appointmemts:
WB Chief Hughes who use to sell LAG's stolen cars at A1 Auto. 
Prokop: Taught classes  at YMCA

The impression Mike Merritt, Laurie Merritt’s ex-husband and chairman of the Wilkes-Barre city council, said he got from meeting with detectives the day after the fire was they did not want to hear what the family had to say. More than a year later, police have not made any progress in the case and Merritt said it’s because, “they guessed and they guessed wrong. “
He questioned whether police made any attempt to look at video from the Wilkes-Barre Area School District, whose Daniel J. Flood Elementary School is at the end of the block and wondered what they made of the notes left around the house.
“There are too many disconnects here,” he said.
The April 14, 2014 fire was not declared a crime scene, and a few days later police had to get search warrants to obtain call information from cell phones used by Merritt and Kosakowski.
State police deputy fire marshal Ron Jarocha was asked to investigate and arrived at the fire scene in the early morning hours of April 15 while firefighters were still on the scene.
Over the next month, he said, he and other members of the fire marshal’s unit conducted “a thorough investigation” that included burn tests before concluding the fire was intentionally set.
“It’s my opinion that someone went into the attic and set combustible materials on fire causing that fire,” he said Thursday.
His official determination announced on May 27, 2014, forced a review of the case because it contradicted the accidental death ruling from the county coroner.  
Merritt was pronounced dead at Wilkes-Barre General Hospital and an autopsy determined the cause of death was smoke inhalation and carbon monoxide poisoning. Salavantis scheduled meetings with investigators to review “the findings of all the agencies to determine how the different conclusions were reached and upon what information each was based.”
She has since asked the FBI to assist in the investigation, and Walkowiak said he spoke to them in July.
“I wrote down from day one who I talked to,” he said, adding he has an inch-thick book of notes.
Among those Walkowiak spoke with is a neighbor who told him she saw his sister crying after an argument with Kosakowski outside the house the day of the fire. The neighbor went over to Merritt who said, “Just pray for me,” Walkowiak said. “That night she was dead,” he said.
How and where Merritt was found in the attic crawl space and the location of a set of folding stairs that connected to the attic door further led the family to believe her death was not accidental.

Family members said Merritt was found on her back in the attic with her iPhone next to her and the fire was started at the opening approximately 10 feet away. Investigators have asked that the passcode for the iPhone be unlocked, the data be copied to a storage medium and the unlocked phone be returned to them.
Family’s theory
The work clothes Merritt went to retrieve were piled near the attic opening. The attic door was open and the folding steps were located in the basement to the side of the stairwell leading from the ground floor.
Nothing was disturbed in the house. The doors were locked and Merritt’s car was parked on the street, not in her usual spot in the driveway, leading family members to believe she was waiting for someone she knew.
Walkowiak said his sister worked that day, came home, faxed her taxes, cooked dinner and was preparing a room for painting for her son Mike, who was graduating from college. In her bedroom, she had bonds that were going to be cashed the next day on her day off. But, he said something else caught his attention; a handgun permit was filled out and left on a dresser.
“She was in fear,” Walkowiak said.
Merritt’s son joined other family members who found fault with the investigation.
“At the scene of the crime, my family was urging the Wilkes Barre Police Department that something wasn’t right, that they really need to investigate this fire. Coincidence only goes so far,” Michael J. Merritt wrote in an Aug. 14 email.
“The Wilkes Barre police didn’t think it was necessary. I mean really? To literally be told, ‘Hey something is up here,’ and not to look into it is neglect at its highest degree,” the son wrote
Police interviewed Kosakowski and he confirmed he spoke with Laurie Merritt the day of the fire. He called and spoke with her at approximately 7 p.m., according to paperwork filed to obtain a search warrant to verify his statements and the location of his cell phone when the calls were made and received.
According to paperwork: Kosakowski said he was at home when he missed a call from Merritt at 10:20 p.m. He returned her call and she told him she was going to the attic to get some things. Kosakowski said he received a call at approximately 11:31 p.m. from John Morris, a next door neighbor of Merritt, alerting him that her house was on fire.
Kosakowski told police he was at home when he got the call.
Rescue effort
Morris recalled another neighbor came to his house to alert him of the fire and, together, they rushed next door. The neighbor went to one side and banged on the windows while calling 911 and Morris, at the front door, dialed Merritt’s number with the hope she would answer and escape to safety.
“I could hear my voice through her answering machine,” Morris said.
In what he described as a “knee-jerk reaction,” Morris said he phoned Kosakowski, thinking he might know if there was a key stashed outside the house in case someone got locked out or in the event of an emergency. “I never thought to call her sister down the road,” Morris said.
“Knowing that she and Mr. Kosakowski were friendly over the years, they were a couple, if anybody knows of a spare key, he may,” Morris said. Kosakowski answered and told him to break down the door, Morris said. Kosakowski had done work for his family, Morris said, explaining how he had Kosakowski’s cell phone number.
The fire department arrived within a few minutes of the 911 call and broke down the door, Morris said. He did not go inside but saw firefighters with flashlights searching the first floor. Morris said he told a patrolman to check the attic where Merritt’s body was found.
The following day, he spoke to fire officials and told them what he did. Morris said he was not interviewed by police.
Burial arrangements
Merritt’s family requested that Morris, a funeral director, handle her funeral.
“Our family was more than humbled and honored to care for her,” he said. She was buried in the clothes she was wearing when she died, her U.S. Postal Service uniform.
A friend of Merritt’s recalled calling her approximately two hours before the fire was reported.
Ken Huhn said the two spoke for approximately 45 minutes before they ended their conversation at 9:30 p.m. with her promising to phone him the next day with a recipe for pork chops. Merritt told him, “I gotta go, Paul’s home,” Huhn said. He was certain of the time he hung up because he kept it on his cell phone.
He doubted Merritt would take her own life because he noticed nothing in her demeanor to indicate she was suicidal.
As did family members, Huhn dismissed any notion that Merritt kicked out the steps from the attic, saying it would have been too hard to do.
Police contacted him by phone about his call to Merritt and asked why he didn’t get in touch with them, Huhn said.
He could not recall the name of the detective he spoke with, but remembered being asked one question, “What was the last thing she said to you?” Huhn said she told him Paul was home because she must have seen his headlights in the driveway.
The conversation with the detective lasted a minute or two, he said. “A year and four months later, I still haven’t heard from any law enforcement,” Huhn said.

3 Wilkes-barre Policemen Charged In Theft, Bribery .


Google News
WILKES-BARRE - A preliminary hearing will be held June 9 for two wilkes-barre Township police officers arrested in connection with a six-month probe of ... Grencavage and Detective Paul Kosakowski were arrested and arraigned on Friday, ...


Saturday, August 22, 2015

Someone has stepped forward with incredibly damning information.

Someone has gifted me with material that I promise you will cast DA Stefanie Salavantis in a light worse than our State Attorney General. If Salavantis doesn't resign before the election she should. When you see what I know to be true you likely will be livid as I currently feel. I need to put finishing touches on what I have. For safekeeping I have given copies to four individuals who have been with me from the start four years ago in our collective fight against corruption and racketeering. Get ready for new black eyes on our county... and hopefully prison.

DA Office... begin sending resumes or retire in shame (Mike Dessoye)

Cars for Cash        ... Glodzik in jail
Parking Authority activism      ... Grand Jury called

Photo of Majikes illegal plate      ... Credit Union Gate  (officers indicted)

"Child gate"     The Child DA (Salavantis) has crossed the line... and is next

No more Leighton
No more G Dessoye
No more Marty Kane

Salavantis WILL BE next

We have accomplished a lot for no pay

Friday, August 21, 2015


29 months ago: "County DA will open Hazleton office" ... never happened

Words from Salavantis and Hazleton Mayor aint worth ----

What is really wrong here is:
1) They lied
2) They covered up their lie by putting the DA seal on a door going nowhere (inside city hall; below)

The County Seal may just as well have been put on on an outhouse 
because there is no ASST DA or County Detectives working behind wooden doors pictured below (Locked doors and no lights).
(Confirmation from DA office itself that there is no annex office)

(Standard Speaker article HERE)  From article:  Hazleton Police Chief Frank DeAndrea continues to work on renovations on the third floor of City Hall - the new home of the detectives' division.

But the space will also serve as a satellite office of the Luzerne County District Attorney's office. "District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis loves this county and she recognizes an assistant district attorney and county detective need to be in southern Luzerne County," DeAndrea said. "It's no different than when the courthouse annex was here. "On a daily basis, there will be a county detective and an assistant district attorney here."

Salavantis already has her people in the Hazleton area every day but without the benefit of a base of operations, she said. The satellite office in City Hall will give them a place to work without driving 25 miles back to the courthouse in Wilkes-Barre. (Note: This makes no sense… are they going to stay in a hotel in Hazleton?  … or were two people moving to Hazleton?)

"It'll be the southern annex of the district attorney's office," Salavantis said. "As large as our county is, it's important that we have multiple locations to help police departments from all over and have police officers on the streets where they should be."

READER COMMENT TO ARTICLE:  I hope that no one is buying this. I'm upset that our police chief is playing politics - it's well known that Chief DeAndrea is lining up one of those sweet $100,000 DA detective jobs. Stephanie is the worst District Attorney in Luzerne County history and now she wants you to think that there will be someone in an office? When she just complained to county council that she has no staff? This office is going to be as empty as the District Attorney's head.

Thursday, August 20, 2015


Can the public trust these two?

Hazleton Police Chief Frank Deandra and 
DA Stefanie Salavantis

Stay tuned !!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Salavantis and Musto Carroll and Sanguedolce

A joke floating on the internet in case you missed it. Hope this joke is OK... I laughed out loud based on a not so true story. 

So, I was walking through Philly and I saw that there was a "Muslim Book Store." I was wondering what exactly was in a Muslim bookstore, so I went in.

As I was wandering around taking a look, the clerk stopped me and asked if he could help me.

I imagine I didn't look like his normal clientele, so I asked, “Do you have a copy of Donald Trump's book on his U.S. Immigration Policy regarding Muslims and illegal Mexicans?"

The clerk said, "Fuck off, get out and stay out!"

I said, "Yes, that's the one. Do you have it in paperback?"

Back to reality...

If you are like me, you may have voted for Salavantis for DA four years ago based on the very dark light that she cast former DA Jackie Musto Carroll in. Some comments on this:

1) Though she maligned Musto Carroll to get the job... Salavantis proceeded to offer Musto Carroll a job. So how awful did you feel about Carroll, Ms. Salavantis?

2) Sam Sanguedolce was working in Civiarella's court room (See Interbranch documents below) and he was offered (what amounts to) the acting DA job by Salavantis! How weird can it get? Sanguedolce gets the job and Musto Carroll is portrayed as a demon.

3) Candidate Vito DeLuca has nothing to do with Kids for Cash... or Cars for Cash... or Gas Gate etc...

4) This whole mess is nothing but hypocrisy as Salavantis has routinely covered up and forgiven corruption. As an example, the state found wrongdoing in gas gate (fines) but Salavantis did not. She then proceeded to hire Leighton's former spokesman in the court house. This is how much gas was taken:

Consider you could circle the distance of the earth in a car 21 times.
(math nerds: 18,000 gallons times 30 mpg divided by 24,901 = 21.69)
... or drive the distance to the moon and back.


page 34

Monday, August 17, 2015

From the pile of "No Duh" - It's a crime for law enforcement to cover up crime

Courthouse and WB rules

I will be posting what I feel is Salavantis's biggest lie tomorrow but as for today... let me point out a lie from four years ago:

If I run for Surgeon General and have little medical experience... I am deceiving the people. It is deceptive because the average voter doesn't have the wherewithal to study backgrounds of each candidate and most people don't think that they would be lied to in this way.

But this is what Salavantis did. She had no reason to run for DA and she clearly tricked the people. She tricked me as I voted for her. Two years after taking the bar? To be DA? This is nuts.

As many of you know I faced corruption face to face four years ago when my car was towed by Leo Glodzik of LAG Towing. I felt compelled to look more deeply into what I knew to be a huge criminal operation. My efforts paid off.

However, many law enforcement officials knew what was happening at LAG Towing and either benefitted from it or looked the other way. It is a crime for a law enforcement officicial to not report a crime. In my opinion both Brother Dessoyes, Leighton, Kane, and many others should be serving time along with Glodzik. GLODZIK COULD NOT HAVE ACTED ALONE.

Here is an example of two huges lies from a Gerard Dessoye affadavit that helped "Cars for Cash" steal cars from poor people. The Towing contract clearly required monthly inventories to be submitted to the WB police by LAG Towing. 
POINT 1 is a lie because he knew what was required
POINT 3 is perjury because he knowingly lied on the affadavit

I made Stefanie Salavantis aware of the entire LAG operation before she took office. Criminal complaints regarding stolen cars were stamped and sent back to me as "not prosecutable." But we all know if Mike Dessoye's car was stolen there would be 5 detectives on the case.

I have nothing personal against Stefanie Salavantis. I have tremendous issues with her job as DA. Salavantis is the head law enforcement official for the county. It is impossible for her not to know details of the near decade long "Cars for Cash" run and other scams. She is clearly covering for Leighton.

It is obvious that Salavantis is too inexperienced and too "star struck" to do her job properly. I knew Mike Dessoye was corrupt 5 years ago when I opened my eyes to local politics. Yet she immediately assigned him head detective. We now have 12 unsolved murders. It is also completely unaccaptable to have Magistrates, Mayors, and police chiefs completely awash in alcoholism as everyone "rubber necks" and watches and does nothing. Turkey Hill and Wal Mart have much higher standards regarding substance abuse.

If Salavantis were to do the honorable thing she would resign and admit she wasn't seasoned for the job. Intstead she is trying to "BS" her way into another term. There are many good Asst DA's and many good new Judges. But there is a pocket of corruption around Salavantis and the cronies I mentioned. It has reached an intolerable state. We really don't know "who" we elected DA because we don't know who is actually running things.
Vito Deluca has has been in and out of the courts for 20 years and is seasoned. He is the the straight shooter that we need for DA. I don't enjoy picking the many weaknesses of our DA but the alternative is she may get elected again. I want to be firmly out in front of the mendacious TV ads that helped her trick the people last election. "She works" is the apparent theme. Lots of people work.

Sunday, August 16, 2015


Ask yourself if you consider the following employee theft?

Let's say you own a restaurant. You hire a manager of a restaurant we'll call "Majestic Diner." You have 10 cooks. Your busiest time is night and you are open for breakfast.

Would you schedule your staff as follows? All 10 cooks 8AM to 4PM everyday? 

You would obviously fire a manager this dim witted and you would stagger the schedule to cover the whole day.


Definition of Insanity
We rig the system because we've always done it this way... and we've always gotten away with it

When do most murders and violent crimes happen? At night. So why are the detectives scheduled 9-5? Why aren't their shifts staggered? A private business that cared about money would never be run like this. It is easy to see the OT hours running into the hundreds of thousands.

This is the method our County Detectives use to manufacture overtime hours which would be unnecessary if the detectives were managed properly by Salavantis or Mike Dessoye... and represents another way in which Salavantis is out of her league.

The detectives take this OT Pay because they "can" and not because it is ethical. Is this a form of cheating? Stealing? Is it honest? You decide.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

TIMES LEADER: No free advertising for KIDS FOR CASH's MERICLE

See the cloyingly suck-holish article HERE.

Why do you run free advertising for the conspirator for KIDS FOR CASH? 

Think of the other companies they squashed as they cheated their way to to the top? Are you doing stories on them?

Why did you not mention the crimes of Mericle? Any business can do "good works" after bribing their way to the top. Or was this story not free and represents another bribe from Mericle? Do you run stories on all companies that do good works? ... or just ones that pay you? 

The Times Leader's integrity is in serious doubt. 


This story sickens me. And lastly... why should we believe that they are telling the truth about their "good works?" You just took their words and printed them. Just like you believed Robby boy, right? This story is positively rancid.

Times Leader… here are some leads for stories…

1)       Find out if it’s true that Mericle will bribe a lot more than one Judge... or was that the lone bribe of a life time? Hmmm... 
2)       Ask him why he didn’t get “get-me-out-of-jail” letters from Wharton Business School?
3)       Investigate the the “Mericle/Barrouk tango” while Barrouk was buying up properties at the Chamber?