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1) I have a very high sense of justice which motivates me... especially with the defenseless.
2) I do not lie (Yes.. I use satire and sarcasm. It must be entertaining!).
3) I have the humility to retract a statement if in error.
4) I go to extraordinary lengths to prove my integrity to include (see below) taking a polygraph test to cement my credibility.
5) I get results. Two cops and a tow driver are off to prison. There will likely be more.
6) I survived the gauntlet of having people throw stones at me, swear at me, and worse. The results achieved serve as my vindication. These days I rarely ever receive a negative comment.

The "CARS FOR CASH" (LAG Towing; Leo Glodzik) represented my biggest undertaking and I provided a huge public service through the work I did. If not for me he would still be stealing cars.

WNEP TV Video Here.  I am interviewed via Skype.
Times Leader Article HERE
Citizens Voice Article HERE

Here is how "CARS FOR CASH" WORKED. WB Police manipulated paper trails to protect Leo Glodzik.


Former Mayor Thomas Leighton helped. He refused to help auto theft victims. He simply ignored them. Trustworthy sources have confided in me that he regularly received cash from Glodzik for looking the other way. Remember the the properties he tried to surreptitiously "gift" to Glodzik? There is "dirt" behind every shady deal. 
Former police chief Gerard Dessoye looked the other way and would not keep required records of tows. His secretary's husband was the Manager at LAG Towing. Dessoye was forced to resign recently from King's College ("trouser issues").
Former Police Chief Bob Hughes literally sold "LAG Towing" cars on consignment when he was a Captain. Imagine having the power to tow a car on one end and sell it on the back end! The conflict is staggering to consider. It is interesting to note that Leighton chose the very tainted Bob Hughes - the ultimate LAG Towing insider - as the WB police chief.
DA Stefanie Salavantis and ASST DA Sam Sanguedolce refused to prosecute Leo Glodzik for auto theft. I know because I submitted charges with (and on behalf) of Delores Gipson. Salavantis knew about Leo Glodzik before taking office. I have the e mails to prove this. When you consider all the cover ups for DUI's... these two are as culpable as any.
Wilkes-Barre cops How many cops does it take to cover up for an auto theft ring? Answer: All of them! Current WBPD Chief Tony George told me the going rate for bribes was $50 per car. Glodzik would "pony up" this money. Cops also took part in "debauchery parties" at LAG Towing location (strippers etc..). Neighbors reported that cop cars would remain parked for hours at LAG Towing. WB cops played the part of "Jack Booted Thugs" in protecting Glodzik (and thereby protecting Mayor Leighton and WBPD Chief Gerard Dessoye).
WBPD cop John Majikes illegally drove a LAG Towing truck for months on end. No consequences.
WBPD Cops Anthony and Ninotti took out loans at the credit union on cars they did not own. They were given jail time. 
The Manager of the credit union killed himself when the credit union scam was to be exposed. 
Sate Police Head James Degnan squashed the DUI of DA Salavantis which would have likely cost her the election.

1) Why no restitution? Because the DA, MAYOR, CHIEF OF POLICE, and COPS covered for Glodzik and "buried" paper trails. 
2) Why not more of an outrage? Because victims had no place to take their complaint. They had no voice. It was cruel.
3) What started the investigation? I laid the bedrock. But it was only until a state trooper's father was victimized by LAG that law enforcement acted. It was only when someone within the "thin blue line" was affected that things began to move. Sickening.
4) Are cops concerned about the average citizen? Not in the least. The WBPD treated a stolen auto as a "civil matter" and put the onus on the victim to seek justice. This was a travesty because a "stolen car" clearly falls under the criminal code and police should have "protected and served" the victims.
5) WBPD Chief Gerard Dessoye failed to keep correct paperwork and/or proper procedures which pave the way for Glodzik.
6) A local paper reported Glodzik was treated foe drug use. Alcoholism and/or drug addiction/problem use is a major problem that needs addressing. Sanguedolce, Salavantis, Leighton. Mike Dessoye, Gerard Dessoye, Judge Hughes, Mayor Haggerty (Kingston) need evaluations and likely treatment.
7) Biggest Auto Theft Ring in Pa is what LAG Towing represents based on the rate cars were were stolen and research involving the largest theft rings in the state. Glodzik likely stole between 500 and 1,000 cars over 10 years.
8) Sam Sanguedolce has no business being part of a private practice along with his role as an Assistant DA. Major ethical breaches have occurred in that Sanguedolce's firm has received prejudicial treatment by having DUI's tossed out for no legally defensible reasons. A scam.
9) Have I been harassed? Absolutely. I was the only citizen EVER to be cited for trespassing behind the police station. There were also other "Mickey Mouse" charges brought against me. A sick lady named Cathy Bella was allegedly sending me crude and disgusting letters (about 25 times). Yet when I called to confront her... it was me who had harassment charges filed against me. 
10) DA Salavantis made the horrible mistake of appointing Mike Dessoye as head Luzerne County detective. This is in effect insulated brother Mike Dessoye (WBPD Chief) from the law. There exist so many corrupt hacks that an independent investigator is need to come in and "clean house." 

Below... Leo Glodzik stands in front of Senta Boyer's stolen car. I had pity on Ms. Boyer and her circumstance and bought her a new car (see below).

When I first exposed the story...

My Polygraph results I was compelled to take to avoid WB Cops calling me a liar:
Three of four cops who "shouted me down" when I asked for an incident report to document Glodzik's damage to my car. June 01, 2012...

This is truly one of the saddest criminal syndicates because it targeted the most vulnerable of populations - the poor. Each stolen vehicle represented an "economic death spiral" for those affected. These people were COMPLETELY shut out of the justice system as the DA and police and the Mayor and city council would not listen to the pleas. I felt so awful for some victims (like in January) that I personally used my own cash to put people in cars. If there was ever an example of "putting money where one's mouth is"... this is it.

Degenerate Dessoye (former WB Chief of police) 
"copping" a feel from the Luzerne County DA (Salavantis)
... very professional !!

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Here is the toe-tapping musical parody, now a classic centered around Leo Glodzik (LAG Towing) and his auto theft ring. Click HERE. 

PLEASE KNOW: Leo Glodzik faces up to 30 years in jail. LEO GLODZIK DID NOT AND COULD NOT HAVE ACTED ALONE. The following people should be sentenced to prison as well.

Former Mayor Thomas Leighton helped. He refused to help auto theft victims. Remember the the properties he tried to surreptitiously "gift" to Glodzik?
Former police chief Gerard Dessoye looked the other way and would not keep required records of tows. His secretary's husband was the Manager at LAG Towing. Dessoye was forced to resign recently from King's College ("trouser issues").
Former Police Chief Bob Hughes literally sold "LAG Towing" cars on consignment when he was a Captain. Imagine having the power to tow a car on one end and sell it on the back end!
DA Stefanie Salavantis and ASST DA Sam Sanguedolce refused to prosecute Leo Glodzik for auto theft. I know because I submitted charges with (and on behalf) of Delores Gipson.
Wilkes-Barre cops (too many to name accepted bribes from Leo Glodzik in return for ordering cars to be towed. They also took part in "debauchery parties" at LAG Towing location (strippers etc..). Neighbors reported that cop cars would remain parked for hours at LAG Towing.
WBPD cop John Majikes illegally drove a LAG Towing truck for months on end.
WBPD Cops Anthony and Ninotti took out loans at the credit union on cars they did not own. They were given jail time.
The Manager of the credit union killed himself when the credit union scam was to be exposed.

Not resigned... but forced out. Is there any wonder why?

State Attorney Peter Smith in a September 20 news release said Glodzik’s “CORRUPT dealings with the City of Wilkes-Barre, the credit union and elements of the city’s police department constituted a sad and SLEAZY chapter in the city’s history."

SLEAZY is defined as "contemptibly low, mean, or disreputable."

CORRUPTION is defined as (Black's Law Dictionary)? Illegality; a vicious and fraudulent intention to evade the prohibitions of the law. The act of an official or fiduciary person who unlawfully and wrongfully uses his station or character to procure some benefit for himself or for another person, contrary to duty and the rights of others.

Given Peter Smith's comments, one can only conclude:
(1) He knew of fraudulent and unlawful activity.
(2) He willingly looked the other way. He covered it up.
(3) Minimally he was part of a crime syndicate. Rico Laws likely apply.
(4) At best he is guilty of misprision (failure to report a crime). This was used against local celebrity Thom Greco.
(5) Peter Smith deserves a prison sentence far in excess of Leo Glodzik.

It is shocking to the conscience that a single private tow driver is taking all the heat (30 months in prison). No individual can run one of the most lucrative stolen vehicle scams in Pa history without major help.

Justice will NOT be served until elected officials and law enforcement join Leo Glodzik in prison.

Lastly, King;s College should be shamed beyond belief. Ten King's graduates...
- US Attorney Peter Smith
- Head County Detective Mike Dessoye
- The former WB Police Chief of police and known degenerate Gerard Dessoye
- former Mayor Thomas Leighton
- former city "spokes joke" Drew McLaughlin
- former city Manager JJ Murphy involved in dubious or corrupt behavior (now in Hobbs, new Mexico).
- Father James Ryan; As crooked as they come
- Current Mayor Tony George. Time will tell.
- the two Noone brothers (detective and FBI)

If I knew of the immense corruption, and others knew of it, then Peter Smith in his lofty position had to know. It is simply impossible for him to not know.

Peter Smith - You have failed the people in incalculable ways !! You leave in shame.

Scroll to next blog post to find a "Who's Who" in corruption.

Parody classic... guaranteed to make you laugh (unless 

you are in it). The laughs begin at this LINK.

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FRANK SORICK and I broke the corruption of the Wilkes Barre Parking Authority a few years ago. It appears that the same cast of characters are still peddling their wares. JJ Murphy... Alan Wolfestetter of Fox Rothchild...  I cant believe Tom Leighton's name is missing ("Why pay for a cab when the police drive me home drunk?")


Image result for JJ murphy

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RELIGIOUS FREEDOM is the "DOG WHISTLE" for "UNHINGED BIGOTRY  FOR CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIANS." Religious freedom really means Christian freedom. No one actually wants to give Muslims he same freedom. Below is a list of schools who are the chief enemy of people who happen to be born with a minority sexual orientation or gender identity. When one considers the LGBT teen suicide rate (8 times the average) as a result of Christian bigotry... they might as well push gays off of roof tops like ISIS does. It would be quicker and more humane.

Kin Park Thaing
Mother beats kid in the name of Christianity. See HERE

Shame List: The Absolute Worst Colleges for LGBTQ Youth
American Indian CollegePhoenixAZ
Anderson UniversityAndersonSC
Andrews UniversityBerrien SpringsMI
Arlington Baptist CollegeArlingtonTX
Asbury Theological SeminaryWilmoreKY
Asbury UniversityWilmoreKY
Azusa Pacific UniversityAzusaCA
Belmont Abbey CollegeBelmontNC
Bethel CollegeMishawakaIN
Biola UniversityLa MiradaCA
Blue Mountain CollegeBlue MountainMS
Bob Jones UniversityGreenvilleSC
Brewton Parker CollegeMount VernonGA
Brigham Young UniversityProvoUT
Brigham Young University—IdahoRexburgID
Bryan CollegeDaytonTN
California Baptist UniversityRiversideCA
Carson-Newman UniversityJefferson CityTN
Charleston Southern UniversityNorth CharlestonSC
Clear Creek Baptist Bible CollegePinevilleKY
Colorado Christian UniversityLakewoodCO
Concordia UniversityIrvineCA
Covenant CollegeLookout MountainGA
Criswell CollegeOld East DallasTX
Crown CollegeSt. BonifaciusMN
Dordt CollegeSioux CenterIA
East Texas Baptist UniversityMarshallTX
Franciscan University of SteubenvilleSteubenvilleOH
Freed-Hardeman UniversityHendersonTN
Fresno Pacific UniversityFresnoCA
Geneva CollegeBeaver FallsPA
George Fox UniversityNewbergOR
Gordon CollegeWenhamMA
Grove City CollegeGrove CityPA
Hannibal-LaGrange UniversityHannibalMO
Hardin-Simmons UniversityAbileneTX
Howard Payne UniversityBrownwoodTX
Indiana Wesleyan UniversityMarionIN
John Paul the Great Catholic UniversityEscondidoCA
Judson CollegeMarionAL
LABI CollegeLa PuenteCA
Lancaster Bible CollegeLancasterPA
Liberty CollegeLynchburgVA
Life Pacific CollegeSan DimasCA
Louisiana CollegePinevilleLA
Manhattan Christian CollegeManhattanKS
Maranatha Baptist UniversityWatertownWI
Midwest Baptist Theological SeminaryKansas CityMO
Mississippi CollegeClintonMS
Missouri Baptist UniversitySt.LouisMO
Multnomah UniversityPortlandOR
North Greenville UniversityTigervilleSC
Northpoint Bible CollegeHaverhillMA
Northwestern Nazarene UniversityNampaID
Ohio Christian UniversityCirclevilleOH
Oklahoma Baptist UniversityShawneeOK
Oklahoma Christian UniversityOklahoma CityOK
Oklahoma Wesleyan UniversityBartlesvilleOK
Ozark Christian CollegeJoplinMO
Point Loma Nazarene UniversitySan DiegoCA
Rhema Bible Training CollegeBroken ArrowOK

Shorter UniversityRomeGA
Simpson UniversityReddingCA
Southeastern Baptist Theological SeminaryWake ForestNC
Southeastern UniversityLakelandFL
Southern Nazarene UniversityBethanyOK
Southern Wesleyan UniversityCentralSC
Southwest Baptist UniversityBolivarMO
Southwestern Assemblies of God UniversityWaxahachieTX
Spring Arbor UniversitySpring ArborMI
St. Gregory’s UniversityShawneeOK
Tabor CollegeHillsboroKS
The Baptist College of FloridaGracevilleFL
The Master’s College For Christ and ScriptureSanta ClaritaCA
Toccoa Falls CollegeToccoaGA
Trinity Baptist CollegeJacksonvilleFL
Trinity Bible CollegeEllendaleND
Trinity Law SchoolSanta AnaCA
Truett-McConnell UniversityClevelandGA
Union UniversityJacksonTN
University of DallasIrvingTX
University of Mary Hardin-BaylorBeltonTX
University of MobileEight MileAL
University of Northwestern-St. PaulSt.PaulMN
University of the CumberlandsWilliamsburgKY
Vanguard University of Southern CaliforniaCosta MesaCA
Virginia Baptist CollegeFredericksburgVA
Wayland Baptist UniversityPlainviewTX
West Coast Baptist CollegeLancasterCA
Westminster Seminary CaliforniaEscondidoCA
Westmont CollegeSanta BarbaraCA
Wheaton CollegeWheatonIL
William Carey UniversityHattiesburgMS
William Jessup CollegeRocklinCA
Williams Baptist CollegeWalnut RidgeAR