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7801 North Federal Highway (close to Delray Beach)  Boca Raton  FL  33487

I am making party open all of Gratitude Training  Community and (more importantly) their friends and Broadstone residents

View from Club House balcony

Broadstone View of Balcony (to Clubhouse)

Covered Area (Eating area) next to pool - View towards Clubhouse

Covered Area (Eating area) next to pool - View from Billiards table (away from Club House)

Another picture of Covered area (Eating area) with pool in sight

Inside Clubhouse; view towards balcony

Lobby (stairs to left to Club Room)

Entrance 7801 North Federal Hwy  Boca Raton FL (West side of Us 1)

Covered area next to pool; Lots of space for finger foods
Beer provided for those that can drink

Mini golf and Bocci (I think?)

Dining area within clubhouse we use for whatever reason (we can move chairs)

Inside Lobby with view to pool

Kitchen area; 2nd floor in clubhouse

Cabanas by the pool

Parking across the street or at WICK THEATRE; 150 yards North of Broadstone Entrance on same side (Wick has no event for July 15) 

My man cave is on the right; needs Feng Shui



ABOVE: Video Testimonials... click here:  VIDEO TESTIMONIALS / CHANCE TO SUPPORT



My son with green sign


My adopted twin boys - the early years (below)

"Nerd" Halloween costume

HS Senior


OUR SPECIFIC REQUEST   We, as a recent graduating class of “Gratitude Training,” ask for an investment in the next part of our journey.

REQUEST FOR WHAT AND FROM WHOM?  We enter Part 3, the last phase of Gratitude Training, which takes our training to the world and sets us up, ultimately, to be volunteers and stewards for others and the world. We ask only for willing contributors who are inspired by what we stand for and the impeccable integrity and authenticity of this training.

GIVE FROM THE HEART   We ask that you give from your heart... and we also ask you to “stretch” in what you can contribute. Much is at stake in terms of where we have come and where we desire to be.  $ 1700 covers one student in our class of 75 and $ 80,000 would cover our balance. Give what you can if only ten dollars. This gives you a stake. Living in south Florida, we know what people spend on sports cars and even dog grooming. We claim to have value than a car. We don’t just ask for money but also ask that you become part of our community. We are very generous people.

WHO ARE WE?  Again, we represent the most recent “Gratitude Training” team in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We are the biggest class yet (Parts 1 and 2 which included 9 days of intense training). Part 3 spans three months. We are determined to make an immediate difference in people’s lives. Our authenticity lies in the fact that we have paid our own way and are led almost entirely by a volunteer staff of coaches and contributors who see the value of this work and the value of our team.  At least 125 people (graduates) have volunteered their time in support of us thus far.  There are approximately 5,000 graduates world-wide.

OUR INTENT   Our intent is to touch and move you at a deep level. We seek your support if only if you are inspired by our commitment to our communities and those we touch at broader levels. We look to share with you. You can become part of us through your support or through the training itself. We are not a secret community but a very public one. Many of us have already achieved major personal and family break throughs that we never thought possible.

OUR VISION   Our Commitment is to create a world that is loving, compassionate, accepting, and powerful.

WHAT WAS MISSING   We all have come to Gratitude Training for different reasons. At some level, we knew that we were not completely fulfilled in life and all the “mores” in life still us still left us short. More money. More romance. More education. More muscles. At some level our formulas for life left us, to varying degrees, empty and afraid. We are as a diverse a group as you can imagine.

WHAT WE HAVE RECEIVED   The training has shifted us in our ways of being in the world. By this we mean that by training very hard and being courageous, we are experiencing more joy and love than we ever thought possible. In so doing many of us have had break throughs with our families and those we care about most. This has been our experience and we desire to impart this upon you. We wish we could explain nine days of training into a few sentences but the training is not condensable into an “elevator speech.” We can tell you that the training is experiential in nature and based on our relating with one another. “Chalk and blackboards” gave us or old, somewhat dead lives. Gratitude Training moves it up a notch. Many notches in fact.

We ask that you listen to our testimonials, give, and consider out offer to be 
part of our community. We declare our love and commitment to you.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Attorneys Mark Lowry and Attorney Carla Lowry... A PLEA FOR POLICING

I ask the legal community of Broward and Palm Beach Counties to share this post with your brethren. YOU MUST POLICE YOURSELVES.  The Florida Bar is (minimally) completely overwhelmed and cannot perform proper investigations. 
Atty Mark Lowry... $2,500 Cash, No retainer agreement, No hourly rate, No Invoice of work done. 
Entire amount taken in 9 days. How business is done? Closed case being re-opened.
Ex-wife of Mark Lowry... Atty Carla Lowry
Meets all necessary elements of extortion (below). Closed case being re-opened.

Please see complaints filed below against Attorney Mark Lowry (Lowry Legal) and Attorney Carla Patricia Lowry (Lowry at Law, PA) and use your conscience in deciding whether these two are reputable attorneys worthy of your trust and in deciding if you (in good conscience) would ever refer them. 

OFFER: I plan on taking a polygraph test on the main points in my FL Bar complaints so you at least know that I am credible. I will post the results. I will pay for a polygraph test on the main points for BOTH Mark Lowry and Carla Lowry if they would agree to take one. 


The blogger of WB Truth realizes the great power of this blog. I respect this power with reverence and care. I will never intentionally hurt innocent people. The theme of this blog is to expose corruption as well as to highlight the good works of deserving people/ businesses. 
I hereby proclaim to all, through both private and public domains, that if this blog has posted any defamatory, slanderous, or libelous statements or comments or wordings about anyone that are shown to be untrue, the author of this blog will hastily set the record straight. If errors are made, this blog will make full, complete, and thorough retractions in an effort to make these people whole. This remains a standing offer. I cannot repair a mistake unless I am notified.

About me:

Live in Boca raton near my twin sons who attend college
BA Economics Wake Forest University
MBA Lehigh University (Graduated first in class)
CMA (Certified Management Accountant) 
CFM (Certified Financial Manager) 
OFFICER in Corporate Finance / Business Owner / School Teacher / Benefactor
Adopted twin boys at 9 month (now 19)

I am author/administrator of one of the most successful anti corruption blogs in the country (began in PA) with over 6 million page views. I write on a variety of topics including LGBTQ rights and anti-corruption.

Very sincerely,

Mark M Robbins

Mark M Robbins

2016 -2017   Four Bar Complaints filed against 
Attorney Mark Lowry (Lowry Legal) and 
Attorney Carla Patricia Lowry (Lowry at Law, PA) 
(A Divorced Couple)

 Incident: I attempted to borrow a bike for my son who had no vehicle. I paid for the bike. I went into the garage of my (then) girlfriend's garage at a place where I was paying full rent.  A nosy neighbor called police. Once the mix up was realized I was charged with nothing.  

(1)   Complaint against Mark Lowry: Theft of $2500.
(2)   Complaint against Mark Lowry. "Serving me" with papers (for an action) illegally.
(3)   Complaint against Mark Lowry: Lying in his response to my bar complaint.

(4)   Complaint against Carla LowryExtortion. She was representing her ex-husband in small claims court. The extortion took place in mediation as I was extorted into signing an agreement that was brought about under the most extreme duress. The duress was brought about by the illegal service of papers imposed upon me just minutes before by Mark Lowry which would have forced me to defend myself in another county (Palm Beach to Broward) on four hours’ notice. I was given no details of the allegations and had no time to seek legal help. Perhaps surprisingly, In Carla Lawry’s response to my extortion allegations she offered no rebuttal.  

(1) Complaint against Mark Lowry: Theft of $2500.

The words “Paid $2500” and “Retainer” can be deciphered from this “chicken scratch” contract on the back of his business card in October 2016. This was the only documentation received from him. This occurred in a parking lot around 10 PM. Mark Lowry had at this time moved away from my apartment complex.

A) Attorney Mark Lowry told me that by paying cash that he could contact the State Attorney expediently and likely have the charges dropped . The charges pertain to me borrowing a bike for my son (I paid for the bike) from my (then) girlfriends' garage. A nosy neighbor called the police not knowing who I was. All charges were dismissed.   
B) After 11 days of non-action I called Mark Lowry and he still had not contacted the State Attorney to have the charges dropped. My legitimate fear was that he was “sandbagging” so he could be paid more at a trial.
C) I then fired Mark Lowry and hired the Boca Raton firm of Lavalle, Brown, and Rogan who quickly had the charges reduced and ultimately dropped.
D) Mark Lowry promised me that I would receive a professional, typed, and legitimate retainer agreement very soon. I never received it.
E) His chicken scratch “contract” had the word “retainer” on it. No contract was ever signed indicating that the fees were non-refundable (as required by law). 
F) I was never given an invoice of work performed and I wasn’t told the hourly rate.
G) I was never told that the $2,500 was “burned through” and he needed more money .     HE) SIMPLY KEPT IT ALL OF THE RETAIMER. HE STOLE FROM ME.
H) When I confronted Mark Lowry with stealing from me he threatened me by warning. me “this will not end well for you, Mark (Robbins).”
I) The firm of Lavalle, Brown, and Rogan directed me to file a bar complaint against Mark Lowry.

(2)    Complaint against Mark Lowry: ILLEGAL SERVICE OF ACTIONABLE ITEM.

 Above:  SAME DAY HEARING in Fort Lauderdale at 1:30 PM on February 22, 2017. The Bar specifically requires a client settle with Attorney. My attempts to follow FL BAR instructions and "settle" with Lowry was turned on me by Mark Lowry's  insane cyber stalking allegations. This was an attempt to both intimidate me and a way for Lowry to dodge his obligations. 

A)    While waiting in Judge Panse’s court room on 02/22/17 for mediation for the $2,500 retainer that I allege Attorney Mark Lowry stole from me, Attorney Mark Lowry approached the Sheriff and pointed to me sitting in the gallery. I was then given papers indicating I had to be in Fort Lauderdale for cyberstalking charges (filed by Attorney Mark Lowry) in fourhours. (Per Florida Bar instructions, I had summoned Mark Lowry solely/only to work out our issues prior to filing a complaint. I was simply following directions. I stalked no one.)
B) The firm of Lavalle, Brown, and Rogan later informed me that that the “service” was illegal. It was illegal because I am to be provided 20 days’ notice.  I WAS GIVEN  SAME DAY 4 HOURS NOTICE and was given no allegations to respond to.
C) The firm of Lavalle, Brown, and Rogan also explained to me that the “service” was illegal because one cannot serve one in court for a future action (cybertheft) while in court for another existing action (the $2500 theft).

(3) Complaint against Mark Lowry: Lying in his response to my bar complaint. Details have been provided to the Florida Bar.

(4) Complaint against Carla Lowry: EXTORTION. 

(NOTE: In Carla Lowry’s response to this bar complaint, she stated in writing that she offered no response to my allegations of extortion described below. Instead she used a “straw man argument" which means she contested an argument that I did not put forth. 
A) She was representing her ex-husband (Mark Lowry) in small claims court for mediation (Judge Panse; morning of February 22, 2017) regarding the $2,500 I assert Mark Lowry stole from me,
B) Here was the deal that was offered to me that I will demonstrate clearly meets the elements of extortion.
1)      I would allow Mark Lowry to keep the $2,500
2)      I would remove the bar complaint filed against him
3)      I would state in writing (to the Bar) that I was happy with Mark Lowry’s performance.
4)      IN RETURN… They would “continue” the action (give me more than four hours notice) regarding the hearing to take place the same day at 1:30 PM in Judge Kaplan’s court room in Fort Lauderdale.
C)   EXTORTION  I signed an agreement UNDER DURESS and an AGREEMENT I WOULD NEVER SIGN UNDER NORMAL CIRCUMSTANCES. Put simply, it was last second surprise… one big CON JOB… a dirty trick that the included the necessary elements for extortion. Duress and fear was applied in these ways:
1)      I was under duress because the “illegal service” gave me just 4 hours to prepare when I would later learn from Lavalle, Brown, and Rogan that I had to be legally given 20 days’ notice.
2)      I was under duress because I did not understand the charges in that I did not know whether it was a criminal charge or a civil charge.  
3)      I was under duress because I did not understand the charges because the papers I was served with were bereft of any specific or written allegations.
4)      I was under duress because I was to be force to attend a hearing in another county in front of a Judge that Mark and Carla Lowry claimed to know (thus adding to my fear which increased the pressure on me signing whatever they put forth.)
5)      I was under duress because I had no time to get legal representation.
6)      I was under duress because I was afraid of the word “stalking” going on my record in any form. The word “stalking” has a horrible and creepy connotation to it… a connotation that has never been associated with someone with a clean record like myself.
7)      I was under duress because I was startled and “frozen” by the circumstances I was placed in. To use street terms… I was “jumped” whereas Mark and Carly Lowry had their extortion scheme planned out well in advance.
D)    THEAGREEMENT I WAS PRESSURED INTO SIGNING WAS ILLEGAL ON ITS FACE. In retrospect, I was asked to commit a crime. I signed my bar complaint under penalty of perjury. If I retracted my bar complaint and stated lies about Lowry’s performance (claiming I was happy with his work), I would be guilty of perjury. Thus, I did not abide by a contract that was null and void the second it was signed (on the face of it).

Mark Lowry Extortion Flow Chart