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This blog has been viewed nearly 700,000 times. I have committed four years researching (mostly Broward County) sex trafficking and the fraudulent nonprofits supporting it. (Note: sex trafficking rings like New Beginnings hide behind a nonprofit facade - cloaking themselves in plain view. Even collecting donations from duped contributors.)    

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OVER-ARCHING SUMMARY - 10 Glaring red flags (among over 100). Note that the facts below all fall under the sex trafficking model. Lies. False hope. Vulnerability. Exploitation. Grooming etc.

1) New Beginnings (NB) is not who they say they are. They cannot be a "Trans surgical recovery center" for "top only" (breast) surgery. This is same day surgery.

2) Kids are pictured alone with no guardians / parents. Where are the parents?

3) There is no one looking for the kids... especially those coming from overseas. They are as vulnerable as a family pet. 

4) The kids have to be lied and given false promises  because no person would travel thousands of miles for simple breast surgery.

5) Transgender kids, alone with no parents, do NOT have money to (A) travel to Davie (FL) by plane from as far as Australia, (B) pay rent at NB, and (C) pay $7,ooo for surgery. This is preposterous.

6) The only revenue source for New Beginnings has to be sex trafficking (or unthinkables such as organ harvesting or porn). $1.6 million houses need maintenance. There is no sign of ANY revenue coming in from any source. The owners are NOT independently wealthy.  

7) NB offers pet dogs, movie nights, excursions, and life longs friends. This is grooming behavior.

8) New Beginnings can do their deeds within one network or one "roof." They have a surgeon with a same sex husband (also a doctor). A trans porn star leading to porn. The owners who are groomers. A board member who worked as Head Trainer within a cult. Three young "interns" who can recruit or manage daily affairs (they are called "bottoms.").

9) NB is associated with other groups that do not provide the affirming qualities one would seek for a recovery house. They run a huge BDSM / orgy business where all owners and staff take part. They are also aligned with a secretive cult called Gratitude Training. They are linked with corrupt nonprofits and have somehow managed to run a "safe house" themselves.

10) NB has nearly nothing one would expect to see at a bona fide nonprofit 
A  No stated address
B  Untrained staff 
C  Nothing to suggest that there is anything "medical"
D  No fundraisers
E  No news stories
F  No accompanying the youth
G  Financials that do not match the activities
H  Medical insurance is never mentioned.
I   There appear to be no certifications to run a medical center
J  They flip flop between calling themselves a retreat and also a surgical recovery center. What are they? A sex trafficking ring.
K  No mission statement  
They breach the privacy of their "patients" with pictures as personal as inside their surgery center run by their "medical director" Dr Sassani. Of course they show these pictures to give a false air of legitimacy; a façade. The best trafficking rings work this way.
M  NB has not provided ANY defense against my allegations 


BELOW: 100 Red Flags as evidence to sex trafficking... but first some slides. 


There is no recovery for this out-patient surgery. 
New Beginnings (NB) therefore cannot be a recovery center. 
NB lies about who they are.

1) The First RED FLAG will focus on my passed polygraph (07/03/18). This is important in two ways: (1) It demonstrates the outlandish statements made by the FBI Agent (working just miles from New Beginnings) in pretending not to know about New Beginnings (2) It also demonstrates the lengths that this FBI Agent went to in order to have me arrested. He pressured Boca Raton police jail me and try and pin a felony on me. Dates were falsified on the report. I passed a polygraph confirming all of this corruption. See HERE for results of the polygraph and more details on the areas questioned and the mischief involved.

2) Second red flag:   New Beginnings (NB) lies about who they are. They are not a transgender surgical recovery center. There is no recovery period for “top only” breast removal surgery.  

    The argument could end here. What non-profit lies about who they are? Nevertheless I will proceed to list MORE indicators that implicates NB and the corrupt entities supporting them.  

     BELOW: A patient being driven home from same day surgery. Some do receive the “top only” surgery so NB can hold up their false façade / business front. Does this person below look like a person who needs a recovery center? For even a day?

3)  Third red flag:   It is preposterous, inconceivable, and impossible to believe NB’s promise that life-long friends could be made based on same-day surgery. This could only be used as an incentive to lure desperate and lonely patients to NB.     

4)   Fourth red flag:   No one would fly overseas (as far as Australia) for a 2-hour simple procedure (breast removal) unless they were given false promises. 

5)   Fifth red flag:   No one would fly overseas (again, as far as Australia) for a simple procedure when they could have this surgery done in their own country.

6)  Sixth red flag: There is no evidence that any of these “patients” have been flown back to the countries from where they came. I specifically looked at Leland Koble’s FB message wishing everyone a warm Thanksgiving in Nov 2017.  Not one former “patient” (victim) responded. Consider the chances of this if indeed this non-profit had taken care of over 700 “patients” (700 is the number Leland Koble claims).

7)   NB has floated a lie lied for years to the public about the transgender surgery. Interested parties like me had assumed that they offered “top” and “bottom surgery. 

8)    They changed this false impression on their web site ONLY after I called them out on their false advertising.

9)  There is no nurse on staff. Owner Leland Koble was a nurse… but is likely not still licensed.

10)   Even if a certified nurse, Leland Koble lives in Miramar and would not be “on site” if an emergency did arise.

11)    There are no fund raisers.

12)        If NB was indeed a one-of-a-kind center in the world, there would have been TV stories about them. Instead NB hides from the media.

13)           In the same vein, if NB was indeed a one-of-a-kind center in the world there would be newspaper articles written about them. There would be a genuine interest in what they are doing. NB shuns all publicity. 

14)           Pet dogs have nothing to do with same-day surgery. 

15)           A pet parrot has nothing to do with same-day surgery. 

16)           Wednesday movie nights have nothing to do with same-day surgery. 

17)           Excursions have nothing to do with same-day surgery.

18)           Picnics at the beach (see photo above) have nothing to do with surgical recovery.

19)           Pool parties & swimming have nothing to do w same-day surgery w no 
                 recovery (see photo above).

20)           Every patient pictured looks between ages 14-24.

21)           NB accepts young biological females… the most marketable (by far) within the sex trade. This also represents the gender of choice of board members Leland Koble and Francine Rahe.

22)         An inordinate number of “patients” come alone from foreign countries.

23)         Transgender youth is perhaps the most vulnerable group to exploit and to traffic.

24)        “Patients” are told NOT to rent a car. They are told they will be picked up by a luxury van.

25)         Once the victims’ documents are taken – they become slaves in that moment.

26)         “Patients” are told not to bring cash… that all their needs will be taken care of. This predicament aligns with a sex trafficking operation.

27)         Public records show no income stream for NB.

28)         Public records show no assets could not possibly be used to fund surgeries.

29)         New Beginnings claims “700 patients.” Not even 10 % can receive surgery.

30)         Since New Beginnings discloses no income or asset sources, revenues must be made off the black market. Transgender youth is one of the poorest demographics in the world. They do not have money for surgeries.

31)           NB does not publicly disclose how travel expenses of "patients" are paid for. 

32)         NB does not disclose how ANY of the expenses of a 2 million house is paid for.

33)         NB does not disclose rent or tax information.
34)         On the day I was at NB (06/25/17), I was told that Leland Koble owned the house. This was a lie.

35)         I was told that Leland Koble was independently wealthy. But video of Leland Koble captured when she first opened the house refutes this claim. Thus, it is reasonable to conclude that the provision of a $ 2 M house was made by people who had an interest in the sex trafficking.
36)         Records show that the house has been foreclosed on and is owned currently by Wells Fargo Bank. There is no disclosed revenue source to pay for rent.

37)          The corporate listing claims an address of a home in Winter Haven, FL. I visited this house and it is vacant with tall weeds. The three below are listed on the many corporate records.

38) NB Board member Francine Rahe serves as a keystone to all of the cults.
- She is on the Board of the New Beginnings sex trafficking cult. 
- She owns / manages the "Beyond Leather" BDSM cult
- She has a "coaching" business w Leland Koble

39) Francine Rahe is also the Head Trainer of GT where she is responsible for the bawdy programs where child molesters self-identify themselves (and are not reported). A place where all students (of all ages) are asked to wear thongs for the final weekend. 
- She also runs sexuality workshops within GT which slakes her carnal thirst and provides fertile hunting ground to identify and target the most vulnerable. Youngsters who may be lured into the sex trafficking or BDSM worlds that Francine Rahe is part of.
40) NB co-owner Bonnie Lazarus is listed as a staff member of the cult called Gratitude Training.

41) NB Co-owner Leland Koble is listed as a graduate of GT.  


42)         The actual address of New Beginnings is not listed on their web site.

43)         The actual address of New Beginnings is not listed on Facebook.

44)        The actual address of New Beginnings is not listed on “Yelp.” 

45)          New Beginnings claims privacy issues as the reason for not listing their address. Yet “patients” from around the globe would not have privacy concerns.

46)         Three board members of NB (Leland Koble, Bonnie Lazarus, and Francine Rahe) also own and run a BDSM business which hosts huge secretive workshops. This BDSM empire was a clandestine organization up until the time I found them and publicized them. The “Beyond Leather” workshops take place in Fort Lauderdale.

More on BDSM empire HERE

47)         New Beginnings lists 3 interns. But what is completely unclear is what they could be interning for given there is no surgical recovery. 

48)         The three interns are likely to be acting as “bottoms” (low level managers of a sex trafficking ring). They are likely given free housing as payment. Or perhaps they pay their way via “survivor sex.”

49)        The three interns below are all graduates of Gratitude Training. I took the picture on the left on June 25, 2017 when I was invited to a small party at New Beginnings. I had wrongly assume that "patients" were given top and bottom surgery. The very first "red flag" for me was finding out that they gave "top only" surgery. I immediately looked up mastectomies and other breast removal surgeries. There was no "recovery periods" other than being sore and taking pain pills. I was astounded at this revelation. 

More on Luna Clark HERE
50)         In my eight months of exposing NB, the ONLY defenders of NB’s activities have been Gratitude Training cult members. No one outside of GT has come to their defense.   

The brainwashing techniques within GT are more powerful than any "bonding" experience exercised by the military. Manipulated and exploited "students" think they are somehow working towards the absurd, grandiose, and child-like belief that world peace can be achieved through this cult.

To illustrate the grip that the GT cult can apply, below I have copied a FB post of a young woman who volunteered so many hours for the for-profit GT that she was forced to pose nude for a "little money or food." GT leadership simply ignored her and did not help her.

A recent graduate of GT died of a heroin overdose in early 2018. She was  literally in withdrawal as she began GT in June 2017. She was clearly not fit for the intensity and the brainwashing of GT. No one representing GT leadership showed up for any of her memorial services. GT is "sub-human" and diabolical in their ways. 

Though GT has not been convicted on tax evasion, the fact remains they have avoid paying SUTA (State unemployment taxes) in FL as well as payroll taxes in NC for workers they failed to pay (GT calls them volunteers in this for profit company). Here is correspondence w the FL Attorney General.  See here:  HERE

51)           The listed NB medical director (Dr. Russell Sasanni) is an NB insider. I saw him at NB on June 25, 2017 and have seen him in pictures and videos. He is an intricate part of the trafficking. His husband is also a doctor adding "flexibility" to the terror. Organ harvesting? 

52)         The fourth NB Board member is named “Buck Angel.” Buck Angel was the 2007 Porn Star of the year and is listed as the Advocacy Director for NB. Nothing to do with surgery.

53)         Buck Angel is a porn executive in LA having developed a transgender sex toy. Buck Angel is in position to act as a conduit for NB victims into the porn world.

54)         No one within NB has denied sex trafficking in a public (at least to my knowledge) nor towards me.

55)         I have not been threatened by a defamation suit nor have I had an attorney call me.

56)         Trader Joe’s was giving free food to NB. Upon reading my research, they ceased providing food immediately.

57)           New Beginnings reporting of no revenue or negligible revenue  means that they have likely failed to pay hospitality tax years. They are not a certified medical facility.

58)         NB claims to have a secret safe house. This and other localities can be used to move the trafficked kids. Additionally, the Gratitude Training cult members can also be providing housing and cover for the trafficked kids. They all operate in a very dark world. 

59)         The “Scientology-like” grip that the GT cult has with its graduates cannot be understated. GT provides a huge network to aid and abet the trafficking.  

    THREE CULTS AS ONE  - The influence of cults acting together is breath taking in scope. The cult of Gratitude Training enmeshed with the cult environment of sex trafficking in addition to the BDSM cult provide veils of secrecy that are unmatched. It is an absolute miracle that I have been able to pierce through these veils to reach the truth.

60)         I have received third party confirmation that NB co-owner Leland Koble runs “sex warehouses” which obviously could include trafficked youth.

61)           I have received third party confirmation that GT runs swinger circles and sex clubs which tie into NB.
62)         I have posted numerous pictures of nude and prurient pictures within GRATITUDE TRAINING LLC that ties directly to NB.

63)         Much of the youth at NB are trapped in a foreign land who do not speak English as a primary language. They have no resources to escape. They are hostages.


64)        When I visited NB on June 25, 2017… they sent out their luxury van to caravan people in from a local Wal Mart to distract people from knowing their exact location.   While at NB, all “patients” were ordered to stay on the second floor.

65)    Power imbalances are necessary for trafficking to occur. In another part of my blog I listed an astonishing 34 imbalances of power that the operators of NB has over their victims. These poor kids have no chance at freedom. 

66)         Nothing at New Beginnings struck me as having to do anything with a surgical or medical nature. The pictures on their web site confirm this. Can you even spot a band aid?

67)         A bona fide medical center would charge more than $134 per day. No where is medical insurance ever mentioned!

68)         Since NB claims no legitimate source of revenue or funding, the money to support this opulent house plus their “patients” must come from the black market = sex trafficking. There is no information on where these kids end up. "If one is capable of sex trafficking, then one is capable of anything." The very real fact is that many of these kids likely have died along the way or have been murdered. The average life span of a trafficked kid is 7 years.

69)         NB shows no certifications/ licenses delineating them as a medical center.

70)         One of the NB “interns” (Luna Clark) self-admitted (in front of me and the GT Part 2 team) that she had molested children in her past.

71)           New Beginnings touts having patients from around the world. In fact, they listed this a badge of honor. Since my exposure they now claim to recruit from only from south Florida.

72)         There is no psychologist or therapist affiliated with New Beginnings.

73)          NB has no mission statement or stated vision.

74)         NB provides no paper trail to do what they claim to do. A simple audit of (1) Matching kids with surgeons (2) Matching kids with flight records could expose the entire operation. But the corrupt racketeer known as FBI agent Adam Granit chooses to protect New Beginnings.

75)          NB provides no information on salaries, expenses, or benefits.

76)         NB provides no Income Statement, Balance Sheet, or Statement of Cash Flows.

77)          On one public web site for non-profits, NB claims to be a counseling center as opposed to a surgical recovery center. They cannot keep their own story straight!

78)          NB refers to themselves often as a “retreat” as opposed to a “surgical recovery center.” A retreat indicates a long stay. Yet there is no known source of funds to pay for this nor is there a medical need.

79)         NB's house is inaccessible to the public and is part of a small gated community. The only phone "in" to New Beginnings is Leland Kobe's private cell phone number.

80)        NB recently claimed to run a safe house at an open and public workshop,.The implications here are horrifying. It is positively chilling to think that NB claims to run safe houses sanctioned by local police or any other authority who provide them with teens.

81)          I have been operating within a "House of Mirrors" in my investigation of sex trafficking. I have been giving information to people I thought were my allies. It turns out that many of the people I thought I could trust are criminally organized. I have been thwarted at every turn within Broward County. 

82)         I reported NB to the National Trafficking Hot Line. A case number was given. Mu complaint never made it into the Broward Sheriff's system. 

83)         I reported child sex trafficking to the Broward Human Trafficking Coalition (BHTC). They passed it on to their President Jumorrow Johnson who is also a Victims’ Advocate for the Florida Atlantic U police. They ignored me except for one "canned message" telling me to call a Hot Line (which I already had completed). 

84) Here was the first E mail that I sent to the BHTC  in October 2017:

85)          Second E mail

86)         Third E mail  (sent to multiple board members at BHTC)

87)         I confronted both BHTC President Jumorrow Johnson (FAU Victims Advocate) and the FAU President and staff about these e mails and have yet to hear of any actions being taken (it has been about a month). Thus, as far as I know FAU continues to employ a victims’ advocate who willfully and willingly provided cover (and still does) for a major sex trafficking ring (New Beginnings).  

88)          I sent e mails and texts to BHTC personnel a minimum of 16 times and the only response I ever received was the canned e mail message for me to call the hot line. I also had my application and sponsorship request tossed aside by Atty Lauren Riegler for the June 1st BHTC summit.
89)        FBI Agent Adam Granit is based out of the Davie FL police station in Broward County. Adam Granit made some stunning remarks when I spoke to him by phone in early November 2017. Some of what occurred...

- "It sounds like these kids (transgendered youth from Europe) are in a 'better place' in a 2 million dollar home (as sex slaves)."
-   "I looked at your blog. I don't see anyone that looks like a minor to me." (LOOK AT PICTURE BELOW. NO MINORS?)

Conversation with FBI Agent Adam Granit continued...
- Every conceivable idea and avenue that I offered to find victims was scuttled by A Granit. I literally felt like I was talking to NB's Defense Attorney. He said that the Broward State Attorney (Michael Satz) claimed that he needed to see victims. Of course this will NEVER HAPPEN since Adam Granit serves the equivalent of NB's security force. He is the "gargoyle" at the gate.

- The next day I spoke with the Office of the Florida Attorney General. I held rage stemming from my call with FBI agent Adam Granit.. In my outrage I asked to be given (1) access to the tape regarding my conversion with Adam Granit. (2) I asked that Granit be investigated. I told the Florida Attorney General that I felt as though Granit was on NB's payroll. I still feel that way. 

- I tried to explain the location of New Beginnings to Granit. A $2 M house... off an access road... in a gated community... at the end of a cul-de-sac. See the diagram below. Granit lied. He knew exactly which house I was referring to. I was ultimately able to find the house on Google maps (remember... I was there once before in June 2017 and could spot it). 

- He said "there are hundreds of gated communities in Davie (false!)"
- When I made reference to an access road he changed my wording to say "there are hundreds of 'drive-ways' in Davie." That is not what I said!
- It became very obvious he was blocking me at every turn and was protecting NB like a royal guard might protect a dictator. 

- I proffered several common sense ideas to track down victims. One idea was to track plane flights to see who was not returned to their counties of origin. How hard could this be?  
Another idea was to audit who actually had surgery and those who did not. Compare lists. Again, this is a rudimentary form of auditing. All I received from Granit was hindrance, interference, and child-like excuses. His bigoted comments made it clear to me that he considered transgendered people to be "throw-aways." In his eyes it he considered this population to be less than human and was not worthy of protections afforded to  other citizens. 

90) Granit has had access to everything you are reading in this document and has chosen to cover for New Beginnings. I have given "far and away" much more than "probable cause." My evidence has been "gift wrapped" for any honest investigator. Granit is a racketeer. 

91)           I have reported my findings to the FL Atty General at least 4 times and have heard nothing.

92)         I asked that the Florida Department of Agriculture  and Consumer Services to revoke the non profit status of NB. Adam Putnam is in charge. Nothing done. This is no surprise as Adam Putnam has a history of "making things disappear" including his labor trafficking of migrant workers and Publix health violations.

93)         I have filed at least 5 reports with the FBI in Washington DC and have received no response. 

94)        I also called the FBI in DC and was cross examined like I was the perpetrator. It was degrading and demeaning.

95)         I recently reported New Beginnings and the affiliated racketeering to Homeland Security. In the very near term I am taking a polygraph test to attest to the outrageous and bigoted comments that Adam Granit made to me by phone in addition to some of the lies he uttered.  

96)         I recently learned that the Covenant House in Fort Lauderdale is “dirty” as well by flagrantly violating health and confidentiality laws in running a safe house. The manager of the Covenant House is also a board member of the corrupt non-profit BHTC. He is also their Treasurer... all but assuring that donation money is being channeled to the sex traffickers and those taking bribes.

97)         Complaints to the Broward Sheriff office have gone unanswered. The reach of the corruption is very wide.

98)         I was told by the FL Attorney General that I had to use FBI Agent Adam Granit as the lone investigator of NB despite his corrupt involvement with this sex trafficking juggernaut. This would be tantamount to investigating the mob and being told John Gotti was the only available investigator.

99)         Adam Granit told me that I had to “come up with victims” regarding NB to prove sex trafficking when he knew full well that he was “playing on the side” of New Beginnings and that he would prevent me from ever getting close to a victim. He is NB’s “gatekeeper” and no one will get by him – especially a private citizen. It is rigged. And he may be the most corrupt law enforcement official I have read about or experienced. 

100)     One person did go to jail. ME. A phony felony charge engineered behind the scenes by Adam Granit for which I will prove corruption. I LEGALLY lifted up a cross beam at a broken RR crossing and was put in jail 3 months after the fact.

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