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Gratitude Training / Kava Sutra Exposed



UPDATE (Jan 2018): Jo Englesson of Gratitude Training hires KavaSutra attorney (Michael Antorini):


NOTES  October 1, 2017    Questions asked based on credible information received... 

- Is the KavaSutra Bar in Denver owned in substance by Dylan Harrison and in form by Dylan Harrison's attorney?
- Why are so many nicknames being used? Does this not resemble gang activity?
- Is it true that Dylan Anderson owns / has a stake in sober (half way) houses in Florida?
- Is there a conflict between selling the drug Kratom and being a party to halfway houses?
- Are any such patients/residents encouraged to use the addicting substance named Kratom?
- It is reported that some sober house owners partake in drug use with residents. Does this behavior apply to Dylan Harrison?
- It is reported that Dylan Harrison owns a clothing line ("Local"). In 2015 just two employees were listed. Given that $800,000 was found in the synthetic drug raid that sent HARRISON to prison... is it conceivable that money is laundered through this business?

JO ENGELLSON   (Gratitude Training)
- With so many ties between Gratitude Training and KavaSutra, does Jo Engellson have a business interest in KavaSutra?
- Does Jo Engellson consume Kratom? (Addictive substance sold surreptitiously within Gratitude Training?)
- Was the General Manger of KavaSutra (Michael Klein) "fast tracked" as a trainer in Gratitude Training? Did he go through all of the channels of other trainers? Did he pay $15,000? Where is he listed as a trainer (I could not find his name)?
- Is Jo Englesson using pictures of children and talk of her own children to gain sympathy from others in order to distract from criminal activity?

A) FELONY COUNTS     KAVA SUTRA (and others like it) commit a felony for ASSAULT every time they provide Kratom to a customer without their consent or by withholding information about the risks. I believe a case can also be made for POISONING. Assault:  Someone who "administers to or causes to be taken by another, poison or any other destructive or noxious substance" is guilty of Assault. The law includes sedatives or other sedating type drugs within this definition. Each felony count yields a multi-year prison sentence.  (Kava Sutra and other Kava Bars are located nation wide. The verbiage above reflects statute from WA. Statutes from other states are similar in substance). 
- The 24 yr old General Manager of the degenerate Kava Sutra Bars (Mike Klein)... is recognized & certified by GT Founder Jo Englesson                                                   
- The convicted synthetic marijuana kingpin Dylan  Harrison owns the Kava Sutra Bars and is a GT graduate. He pushes/ coerces his employees into GT.  (Fellow convicted synthetic marijuana mfr John Shealy has also opened a Kava Bar).
- The connection between GT and Kava Sutra is very deep.         

B) FDA   The FDA considers Kratom to be a dangerous drug. Kratom was to be listed as a schedule one drug (on par with heroin) before further review (See link HERE). Kratom contains 2 chemicals and these allow Kratom to act on the opioid receptors in the brain. Symptoms of Kratom include some or any of the following: vomiting /  hyper alertness / lethargy / sedation  / mild euphoria. Kratom is an addictive substance. Withdrawal from Kratom can be lengthy and very painful. 

C) SYNTHETICS   The owner of Kava Sutra has been jailed for selling and manufacturing synthetic marijuana at "KRATOM LABS" (others fingered were John Shealy and Michael Bryant).  See link HERE. It is not disclosed / known to customers whether Kratom is being laced with other dangerous / synthetic chemicals. Fire from "KRATOM LABS" WAREHOUSE EXPLOSION INCLUDED IN THIS VIDEO HERE. Why would anyone trust Dylan Harrison and what her serves? 

C) FAILURE TO DISCLOSE    Customers are not routinely informed that they are ingesting Kratom. Kratom is literally hidden from the menu. It is called "Happy Tea" at Noble Star or "Euphoric Tea" at Kava Culture or some other name. Here is Kava Sutra's menu and web site HERE. Notice...
1) Kratom is NOT disclosed in any of the selections.
2) The risks and dangers of Kratom (including addiction) are NOT disclosed.
3)  The only legitimate medical uses of Kratom are NOT disclosed
   PAIN RELIEF  Kava Sutra does not claim to be nor is it a licensed as a "pain relief clinic."
    DETOX   An aid to heroin withdrawal symptoms. Kava Sutra is not a detox center nor should one try and detox on their own.


Yet another Gratitude Training alumnus involved in this business - Caroline Rusher
Owner Caroline Rusher on left below. Is that the General Manager of Kava Sutra  (and GT "wonder boy") Mike Kline on the right?

Euphoric Tea (far right)? What makes it euphoric? Will this be disclosed to every customer?


Below  "Gratitude Trainers" in Gratitude Training. Cult Master Jo Englesson lists the price at $15,000! This means you pay $15.000 to be trained at Englesson's "for profit" company! No Bnrainwashing here! Raise your hand if a private company has ever made you pay for the training to work for them!!

     at TRAINER FORUM 14  at GT under Jo Englesson
     Both are employees of Dylan Harrison
     Wesley Bickell (@ Kava Sutra) and Katt Marie (@ Vape shop)

Katt Marie - Pictured with Michael Klein; Gen Mgr of KavaSutra and Trainer for Gratitude Training
Katt Marie works for federally convicted synthetic marijuana manufacturer / seller Dylan Harrison.
Dylan Harrison currently sells opiate-like addicting Kratom  as the owner of the KavaSutra bars
Both Katt Marie and her boss, Dylan Harrison, are Gratitude Training Graduates.


Gratitude Training and its links to KavaSutra
ATTN: Law enforcement (DEA & Co... You know who you are)
TO BE CLEAR...                                                                              
- The 24 yr old General Manager of the degenerate Kava Sutra Bars (Mike Klein).. is recognized & certified by Jo Englesson as a Trainer in Gratitude Training.                                                    
- The convicted synthetic marijuana kingpin Dylan Harrison owns the opiate linked Kava Sutra bars and is a GT grad and coerces employees into GT founded by Jo Englesson  (who claims she will create world peace).                     

Warehouse drug explosion, Sniper Rifles, Steroids, Test Dummies for product, $1.5 M in cash, rich Corporate Stepdad, Synthetic drugs, $500k bond, federal prison (and now pseudo-opiates). See article HERE  This, and the new "drug den" parlors, is who Jo Englesson chooses to align herself & Gratitude Training with.

Kava Sutra is owned by Gratitude Training (LLC) graduate Dylan Harrison. He was once jailed for selling Synthetic marijuana. He now sells "Kratom" which is a dangerous opiate-like and highly addicting substance. The Kava Sutra bars are key recruiting grounds for Gratitude Training. Sources tell me that Dylan Harrison requires or highly encourages employees to take Gratitude Training. Jo Englesson has been seen in Kava Sutra. GT has held events in the Kava Sutra Bars (recently). The General Manager of the stores is Mike Klein. At the tender age of 24, he was (very curiously) just certified as a trainer within GT. Yet I have not seen him listed anywhere as a trainer on the GT sites nor have I seen him actually train anywhere. hmmm. He apparently is extremely wealthy which would draw the attention of Jo Englesson who loves cash a lot more than world peace. Quid pro Quo with Kava Sutra? In addition, Kava Sutra has opened in Colorado. Where is GT looking to expand? You guessed it!! Rocky mountain high! 

The Dangers of Kratom listed HERE and HERE and HERE  I know of at least one very recent recovering Kratom addict that took GT with me (GT overlooking its 1 year sobriety rule). There are at least two "relapsing" heroin users accepted as well. This is a fact.

Gratitude Training and Kava Sutra... together...
harming our youth one precious life at a time!

Rumored next location for Gratitude Training? Colorado!

- Channel 10 News investigation described Harrison as an "Alleged Synthetic Drug Kingpin." See investigative report HERE.  

- A "pharmacy" posted a grand opening on the Gratitude Community page within the last 2 weeks. "Progressive pharmacy" Hmmm... desn't say what they plan to offer. Is it Kratom? The substance banned in Thailand and certain regions within the US. !!

For hundreds of pictures of synthetic weed Dylan Harrison sold to kids... go to to link  HERE    How did he spend only one year in jail? (I am sure there is a story behind that!)

Mug shot of Gratitude Training grad Dylan Harrison. Purveyor of synthetic weed and Kratom in liquid form. Channel 10 News investigation described Harrison as an "Alleged Synthetic Drug Kingpin." See investigative report HERE.   See mug shots of Dylan Harrison HERE

Synthetic Drug Guy back with relaxing drink    See  HERE

Mr. Nice Guy Is Back On The Market With Relaxinol  0  

Mr. Nice Guy, a West Palm Beach, FL Company that was banned for their synthetic marijuana production and sales in 2013, is back and has officials concerned.
“We are back and here to stay, you could say with a vengence, but we are too NICE for that. This time you will find us in the beverage section of your local kwik mart and other fine stores.”

Mug shots as appearing in google search

Convicted Manufacturer John Shealy? 
(according to Dec 2012 Palm Beach Post article; store located in Melbourne, FL)

Michael Bryant (3rd person implicated in manufacturing "Mr Nice Guy")

Ron Van Tassel with "Relaxinol" drink

Mr. Nice Guy Isn’t So Nice (Article)
So how did they get away with getting back on the market? They made a drink of course. The new Mr. Nice Guy refreshment is called “relaxanol” and it promises to offer its consumer a “handful of laziness in a smiling can.”

Mr. Nice Guy originally faced federal charges from the DEA for the sales and distribution of synthetic marijuana, which is also known as K2, spice, or synthetic pot.  “Spice” is a highly dangerous chemical concoction that has been known to cause respiratory problems, hallucinations, and even death.   
It would appear that the new drink, “relaxanol”, is just a mask to be able to sell the ingredients in a different way and bypass regulations. Only time will tell how long this product will last on the market and who it could harm. As of now, Dylan Harrison, owner of Mr. Nice Guy, is being heavily watched by the DEA and other officials. Harrison already has a lengthy rap sheet for various arrests besides his arrest in 2013 for his involvement in the production and sales of synthetic marijuana, so he is no stranger to going up against the law.

Dylan Harrison had in fact served time in prison for his first offense with his synthetic marijuana involvement. Harrison had even made an apology to all those that were affected by his product at the time, and even expressed that he knew what he was doing was wrong and that he regrets it. Harrison had gone as far as to admit that he himself has been to treatment for heroin and steroid addiction.  “Being a drug addict, I know the pain drugs cause,” said Harrison. Since the launch of his new product, it appears that Harrison might have just been giving lip service when it came to his public apology for his actions.

We do hope that those who are in recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism stay away from this product, as well as anyone who cares about their health and well-being. If you are looking for a means to get high through drinks like this, you may want to see if you have a problem with drugs or alcohol and get some help. No more Mr. Nice Guy. (Watershed centers)


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  • Cj Dino 

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                  Last night at the final slam we gave away 120 gallons of Kava. This is more than two 55 gallon drum's full.
                  I talked to all of the bartenders including the owner and not one customer thanked any one of the staff for all the free shit. Not one customer said thank you for giving away all your money in the form of excellent, high-quality, high potency, well prepared kava.
                  Just an observation.

                  Sammy Bear Not gonna lie I'm a little butt hurt... I was in Kava Lake Worth till three in the morning and I for sure thanked Cedric. Kava sutra is the best kava bar around hands down! Only kava bar I enjoy going to! Not only because of the high quality kava but because the amazing bartenders and all the crazy parties you guys throw don't hurt either lol. Thank you for happy hour and slams thank you for continuing to serve high-quality kava!
                  John Goodacre i was not able to make the last slam. It is a sad time for sure. And we can still slam together at anytime!

                  Like  Show more reactions
                  August 4 at 8:00pm
                  Jaime Walker  (after being called a whore by Gen Mgr and GT Trainer Mike Klein)  Shout out to Mike Klein!!!! I was serving kava when you were in 6th grade lmaoo.. bullshit someone else about the kava industry, little boy. Come to think of it.. If I was a whore, I could be your mom!
                  Jaime Walker Glad you unblocked me keep toasting to me! I have all your videos and everything documented. Digging your kava bars and cult quite a hole.. guess your gonna have to take responsibility for creating this situation. After all you manifested this, right?

                  Jaime Walker And if you think your death threat scares me.. your wrong. Bring it on.


                Mike Klein (Gen Mgr of Kava Sutra & GT Trainer!!) Does this spoiled brat's wealth

                have anything to do with fast tracking to a GT Trainer? We all know.. Jo Englesson loves cash

                (way more than world peace)

                Matthew Salley    GT GRADUATE!!
                Manager/Bartender at Kavasutra Kava Bar Las Olas


                Leah T Colon  ("works at GT")
                Engaged to Matthew Salley
                Both pictured below
                Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing, sunglasses and outdoor

                 This next person we will call John Smith.  He got sober/clean at Faith Farm... did GT... and is no longer clean. He tells us so below!! He reportedly has been homeless as a result.

                His bio includes...
                - Worked at Gratitude Training
                - Studied at Gratitude Training  (nice resume!)
                Nice job Miss World Peace (Jo Englesson)!!


                This GT grad posted this picture on his FB page. What is astonishing is that he is celebrating a relapse (after being homeless).

                CULTA SUTRA!!   Lights, action, bula.....Getting lit, Dj, Shells, happy hour midnight till 1am w Matthew Salley (Mgr Kava Sutra & GT grad) Kavasutra Kava Bar Las Olas. 

                Fort Lauderdale Manager Matthew Salley
                partying with ban addict in relapse
                Friends help friends relapse !!  

                Skylar Kaplan
                FB Page says "Works at Kava Sutra Lake Worth"

                Skylar Kaplan - "Graduation" of Part 2 of Gratitude Training - 5 days!!
                Other "graduations" include Part 1 (4 days) and Part 3 (80 days)

                "Moonbat" Pearson-Martinez (on right) is reportedly heavily involved in
                GT and also asked to be a guest bartender at KavaSutra (see below)

                Aniel Moncibaez - another GT participant working for KavaSutra (Dylan Anderson)


                E mail sent to me from a girlfriend  (very minor details changed to protect identity)

                Dear Mark -
                My ex invited me to Gratitude Training in 4 rambling e mails. I asked if it  had anything to do with Lifespring. He said no that this is much better
                . (
                Note from Mark Robbins (this blogger):  Gratitude training is nearly identical to Lifespring). He became indignant when I said that it wasn't for me . It had already destroyed our relationship when I said I wouldn't sign up. I said I would think about it because of the one day free offer (which I thought was a desperate move on the GT's part). Then I read your warning on your blog. I am so glad that I did not sign up.  My ex is a clone and is affected by the negative behaviors of this cult.  I don't want to end up like that. I previously looked at another Large Group Awareness Training program (LGAT's I think they are called) but never drank the Kool Aid. If you can help my ex please do.  I really don't know how to be nice about this without sending him into a rage. He needs help. He needs to be de-sensitized. He needs to leave that group. Thanks for saving me.   --------


                BREAKING NEWS for 9/23/17 (scroll down for Table of Contents)

                If you recently signed up for the "Free part 1" of Gratitude Training (a for profit company) then this this message is for you! READ CAREFULLY! This free part 1 of Gratitude Training (Pink Cloud Training) comes with much risk and a heavy price. You are entering a type of program that has been around for a half century. They are highly skilled in the "best practices" of psychological manipulation and brainwashing. I should know... I was taken in for 2 months. There is a reason that some nights you are lucky to get 2 hours if sleep. 

                The human mind is essentially the same for every one. Some people are smarter and have professional degrees. Older people have more experience. But when you consider that Hitler convinced an entire country to kill 6 million people... that people thought David Koresh was Christ... that polygamous wives of Warren Jeffs are loyal to him despite him being in prison  --- then one can easily see the he power of brainwashing and  the self affirming power of a group. Jo Englesson has become madly rich by (essentially)  re-opening Lifespring, trying her best to look like Ellen DeGeneres, and euphemistically re-naming it the program as "Gratitude Training." It should be called "Narcissistic Training" because it teaches the laughable and fallacious motion that our "being" - our "source" - can control everything. They defend this by clinging to the unprovable claim that this happens at a "some level"... a very deep level.

                In part 3 of the Table of Contents (previous post) I list many of the exercises you will encounter. One exercise called "red/black ... black/black" tries to convince you the importance of finding "win/win" situations. This is amazingly hypocritical because GT fights very dirty when questioned. They will take you to court and even use rumors against you.

                The partners of GT will take hours and hours of free labor from you and pressure you to recruit for them. They will convince you that you somehow benefit from this... yet you will notice there is no alumni tuition fund. What does this say? It says that almost no one will support this program with actual money. In the end you will likely struggle to get your life back. 

                You will experience "cult love" (LOLLIPOP LOVE) which in no way way resembles unconditional love. Expect to be alienated if you leave. Your "free part one" will either leave you brainwashed and sucked into a cult, or will leave you bitter and confused as you are nearly tackled if you decide to leave the training center This will not end well either way.

                Part 1 and 2 should be called Brainwashing 1 and Brainwashing 2... and Part 3 should be called the "80 day indoctrination phase." Predators. The best Bible scripture to describe GT is "Pink Cloud Training" would be "Satan comes disguised as an angel of light."

                At the end of 80 days you will likely be trapped in a retreat and be asked to coerce to sign up (commission free of course) contacts in your I phone. You will be confined and lectured of the "benefits" of working (illegally on their end) for free for this "for profit" company. Like the end of all of the trainings... you will be love bombed into yet another "pink cloud" of euphoria to push you to the next phase in the cult. 

                You are fighting a forest fire with a squirt gun. What I mean by this is this may be your first time into this type of a (cult) training. You are up against "brainwashing masters" (trainers w years of experience - they aren't as smart as they may seem), a brainwashed group to pressure you to stay, an even more brainwashed staff to keep you from leaving, and a brand of cult training in existence for a half century (EST Training, LifeSpring etc). The founder of EST TRAINING fled the country on tax charges. Then came Lifespring. They were sued into oblivion. GT appears to be a carbon copy of Lifespring (all of this is covered in this blog below). I am told that a suicide has occurred during this training and am aware of criminal activity that GT would be quite surprised to know that I know.

                They will ask you share the most intimate details of your life.
                - Have you been molested?    
                - Have you been raped?  
                - Have YOU MOLESTED ANYONE?   
                - Have you had an abortion?  
                - Have you been a party to one?
                DO NOT SHARE A THING!! This can be used against you if you challenge them!!

                I was given a false impression about confidentiality. They are not licensed! Thus they are NOT 
                BOUND BY HIPPA LAWS. Very tricky. They will take your most sacred secrets and use 
                against you publicly and/or in a court of law if you decide that they are frauds. They play dirty. A vision of "world peace" is a "pink cloud" dream... a utopian marketing gimmick. It is one of many "pink clouds." They will fool you with their business suits. Much of the "staff" have lives no more successful than Scientologists. They are as broke!! If you ask the wrong questions you will be kicked out "Scientology style." Unconditional love? Not even close. It is "cult love" and nothing more. They will leave you alone in the desert. It is all about the money. The founder lives like a queen.

                0n Friday Sep 22 Founder Jo Englesson failed to get a restraining order on me. They have become desparate. Since I have been out of the program family members have pleaded with me to get their loved ones out of the cult. GT will split a family with no compunction. It is a disgrace. "Disgrace" is too soft of a word for what they will do.

                I have stood by myself as my team turned their backs on me. I talk to 3 out of 47 people. My kids and one other person. As I said... if Hitler can manipulate a country to kill 6 million people... GT can easily manipulate you into involuntary servitude and have you turn on anyone. After all... to their thinking... your family can come together if everyone pays for the training. The similarities to 
                Scientology are striking and horrifying.

                Threats against me (Mark Robbins) will be met and have been met (figuratively) w fire and fury. The 2 death threats will not stop me. If you "double down" on dirty tricks against me you are not thinking clearly. I am very powerfully resolute and disciplined to persist to do what's right for others. I am a liberator, and this isn't my first time I have done this. I took on an entire police force in Wilkes-Barre Pa and shut down one of the largest auto theft rings in state history. 2 cops and the tow owner went to prison.

                Contact me with questions. I will speak to any sincere person. You may be able to join me in a law suit if you have been deceived.  MarkRobbins3000@gmail.com

                GT members know of this blog.  Red flags are waving if you have not been told about this blog. Your friend is likely brainwashed which is a serious matter because YOU ARE NEXT!! "Contempt prior to investigation" is a very is very dangerous and unadvised philosophy. If you live in denial I promise that you will be a "moth drawn into the light of the flame." You are cooked.

                GT members experience "confirmation bias." This is the denial that sets in when one realizes 
                that their investment and time have been wasted. It is embarrassing. As a  result people in the training almost always overstate their successes (if any).  Given the many criminal acts of GT, their unadulterated greed, and the collective harm to others... it is in the best interest for this company to be sued in federal court. Count on it.


                RESPONSE TO FB POST OF JO ENGELLSON  See the reference to me, Mark M Robbins, in Jo E's post below. (Jo Englesson is the founder of the "for profit" Gratitude Training LLC for those just joining.) Let me first say I hope her new baby is healthy. 

                In JO E’s post, people are asked to pray for me. Please spare me prayers and use prayer for those that really need it. Writing a blog that is radically honest is not reason enough to pray for me.

                Also… is prayer even part of GT? To use GT lingo, why aren’t I being “authored away” from the place within called “source.” If we are 100 % responsible for everything 100 % of the time, who needs prayer? Don’t we write our own script (which implies that we play God)?
                -         Do we pray to God?
                -         Or do we “author” what happens to us? 
                Mutually exclusive as I see it.

                Jo Englesson seems weary in her post. Counting money is a tiresome task. Running a cult is not for everyone. After all, one has to trick 100% of the people 100% of the time. When someone like me gets “authored in” it is like someone “over-turning the apple cart.” I am the one that asked the hard questions... I separated from the pack. I am the fish that spit out the hook… the one that got away! And the one that was tossed out "Scientology style." Not too bright to copy Scientology if you don't want to be seen as a cult! 

                But I must say… it takes chutzpah for the cult leader to play the "sympathy card" while many in GT work and handle responsibilities for no pay within this business. It appears that the “Jo E and company” have become desensitized to the “pink cloud” that tells them that “service to GT” is worth it because there is no higher calling than establishing world peace, Forgive me for asking, but how much ground has been made towards this goal over 8 years? How long can people fall for this?

                I give GT credit. It takes moxie and a significant level of brainwashing in order to convince someone to pay GT $15,000 to be TRAINED!! (to be a trainer). I have never seen this before and I have lots and lots of business experience. I always paid to train my staff. It is the legal and moral right thing to do. They still have to pay rent to pay while they are being trained, right? I also paid the person running the vacuum at 1 AM. I paid over-time too!

                My son suggested that 'lil Miss "World Peace" should save her tears for those she exploits. Miss World Peace doesn’t play win/win when you cross her. She will even take you to court! And play dirty in the process (anything you share in GT can be used against you). It takes a very cold heart to watch brainwashed and broke (and often broken) people standing on chairs begging for tuition money. And washing cars. And seeing a psychologically manipulated woman offer to pose nude for a "little food and money" as she "volunteers" her life away. It is positively stunning to me how little empathy that’s offered to these people from those in leadership.

                I don't feel sorry for Scientology because of the exposure actress Leah Remini provided. I don't feel sorry when a child trafficking ring is broken up. I don't feel sorry for the people who went to jail after I broke up a Pa auto theft ring. And I don't feel sorry for a cult leader who profits from the brainwashing of many vulnerable people who were never told that they would have to work for a business and not get paid.

                For some, like those in leadership, the very "wrong person" was authored into this program. Others may thank me once their long and likely painful detox is over. But I will be mostly helping people I will never meet. These are the ones that see my blog and stay away from Part 1.Part one is GT's food source. For me, this is a hill worth dying on. March with me brothers and sisters if you wish. The truth will set you free but it will hurt a bit at first. 


                Current News: (1) Gratitude Training shuts down West Palm location. (2) Letter to the Pride Center in Ft Lauderdale - As a staunch supporter of LGBTQ rights I am pleased to see the great work that you do. I write in order to caution you. I would like to advise you not to sully your good name by being associated in any project with Gratitude Training LLC. My blog reads like a text book (a small one) of everything that is horribly wrong with this cult (and it is definitely a cult). My blog carries a message so powerful that the Attorney General of Florida (Pam Bondi) felt compelled to write me regarding potential criminality within this cult. Areas of concern are deceptive trade practices, federal and state tax charges, violations of labor laws and whatever else may come up. Civil suits are sure to follow as well. Please read about Gratitude Training at http://wbtruth.blogspot.com/   You may contact me if you need to follow up at ------.

                August 2017


                IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER  -  My intent is to protect people. This includes the most innocent such as the vulnerable, the youth, minors, and my own children. This blog represents the blogger's opinions, research, facts, inside experience, observations, interpretations, and perceptions. If any statement(s) are indicated to be materially untrue, this blogger (Mark Robbins) will examine the merits of any claim. If a claim is found to have merit, the blogger will post a timely retraction so as to rectify the concern.               THIS BLOG HAS OVER 7.5 MILLION PAGE VIEWS.  NO ONE HAS PROVIDED ANY EVIDENCE AT ALL... AT ANY TIME... THAT ANY OF THE MATERIAL IN THIS POST IS MATERIALLY UNTRUE or FALSE. I AM WILLING TO EXAMINE ANY STATEMENT. THEREFORE I CAN WITH CERTAINTY SAY THAT I HAVE NOT WILLFULLY MADE ANY STATEMENTS THAT I KNOW TO BE UNTRUE OR FALSE.               My peaceful protest will continue with vigor as I protect the vulnerable, the youth, minors,  and my adopted twins. I am confident that my right to peacefully protest will not be taken away.  I have asked very uncomfortable questions. I have broken no laws.  I am a very credible and highly educated former Senior level Finance person who "smelled a rat" and questioned the founder on her illegal business practices within this "for profit" company. I was told I wasn't a "good fit" hours later. This is VERY PERSONAL to me in that my adopted twin sons (age 19) are/were in the program with me. "GRATITUDE TRAINING  EXPOSED" is also a PUBLIC FACEBOOK GROUP.