Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Important Clarification re:Leighton

The Times Leader added the clarification below. It is always a rotten feeling to be fingered for something you did not do. 

Clarifications rarely make people "whole." However in this case I am trying to do the best I can.

I give my regrets to Mayor Leighton who may have suffered needlessly over this mistake.

I hope the perpetrator is arrested soon.

October 28. 2013 11:47PM
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A story printed Friday on page 1A should have said Mayor Tom Leighton had been briefed about an assault that happened last Saturday along South Main Street; however, he did not know of any arrests or new developments in the investigation.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Clean it up and forgetta about it

Today's blog comes from Donald Shovlin who articulated well the attack of last Sat night (Sun 2 AM). Leighton claimed to not know what happened as of Thursday of last week.

This case may well be solved... but I also wonder if it is solved through the impetus of bloggers who got the word out. Apparently DPW workers were cleaning up the scene near Leighton's wife shop. And Leighton claims to not know?

Were blood samples taken or was the scene just washed away? Downtown Tommy certainly did not want blood on his hands given his "economic investment" in Pub #1, Pub #2, Pub #3, Pub #4, Pub #5, Pub #6 etc...

One may justify Leighton's "I never heard of the attack" as part of the investigation... but consider he could have:

A)  Said "No Comment"
B)  He could have avoided the paper altogether
      ... Instead he lied.

Answers may well come forth... but once again there are many questions surrounding WB's incredibly corrupt Mayor. 

IF YOU LIVE IN WILKES-BARRE, OR CARE ABOUT SOMEONE WHO DOES, YOU HAVE TO READ THIS! At about 2:00 a.m. last Sunday morning a young man by the name of Anthony Gipson had finally finished his shift as a cook at Bart and Urbys bar in downtown Wilkes-Barre. As he was walking home he was accosted by several young men while walking past a bar only a couple of blocks from where he works. The bar where this attack took place is right next door to Barnes and Noble and Boscovs.

Sadly, this young man was beaten to within inches of death, and eyewitness reports from the scene seem to point to the fact that there were numerous individuals who recorded this cowardly event on their cellphones, yet not 1 of these people has yet to come forward with this video that may very well be key to taking these savages off the street. Sharing this video with authorities does not make you a "snitch," it makes you a decent, empathetic human being. If you are holding any of this information man up and DO THE RIGHT THING!

On an even more disturbing note, yesterdays article regarding the attack that appeared in The Times Leader quotes Mayor Tom Leighton as saying that he was unaware of this brutality until THURSDAY MORNING! I, as just an average blue-collar citizen, knew of this attack by Monday afternoon. Please keep in mind that Mayor Leighton is the boss of the whole of the Wilkes-Barre Police Department, yet a non-descript citizen knew of this atrocity 3 DAYS before the Mayor of the city!?!? If this does not qualify as shear and utter ineptitude on behalf of the city leadership, then nothing ever will.

Furthermore, once again, the beloved, (only by city leadership),
Hawkeye camera system, failed us, the taxpayers, and Anthony Gipson miserably. Par for the course, thus far. On behalf of this poor young man I plead with each and every citizen out there to do what needs to be done and put an end to this grossly ineffective regime by whatever means that we have at our disposal, before the next victim is one of YOUR loved ones.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Rains and pours

Anthony Gipson's brother had a motorcycle accident and suffered a compound fracture of the leg through the skin. Surgery Sunday Morning.

I have heard good things from different corners that Detective Sobocinski has been doing a good job.

Same old story... good ones and bad ones and leadership at its very worst between relatives Dessoye and Leighton. Hard to get your hopes up when Leighton claims no knowledge of incident 4 1/2 days after the fact.

Part of why these blogs exist is to quickly disseminate information quickly to make it difficult to sweep things under the rug. The papers are not what they used to be. 

Don't just pray. Be willing to open your wallet to the Gipsons at the appropriate time. Thank You.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Is Leighton covering up for an attempted murder?

Leighton: Cover-up for attempted murder?

    Don't take my word for it. I will give you the facts and you can decide.

   A) Anthony Gipson (Sunday 2 AM) was almost murdered on South Main St. and has been in a medically induced coma for almost 1 week.

   B) The police did not report it at time of incident. Nothing. They did not publicly (Times Leader) ask for support until Friday! 

   C) The Mayor claims he didn't hear of it until Thursday  
        (Remember, the Mayor is head of police)

        This is the big lie that really got me thinking. Lying when normally you wouldn't have to raises red flags.

   D) Police blotter isn't released until (I believe) Wednesday. 

    E) The shell-shocked/worried-to-death Mother is told by police that "silence" is the best medicine for an investigation of this type (since when is "silence" the prescription for finding an attempted murderer... to forego all public input). 

    F)  There were people on the scene on S Main Street. Many witnesses.

    E)   Paper finally runs story on Friday (due to intentional delay by Leighton/police).

Again... make up your own mind... why keep it "hush-hush" unless you are protecting the perpetrator?

If you are sincerely looking for the perpetrator... then why not publicize like every other type of violent or armed crime? There is a reason they have a show "America's Most Wanted." It works!


She is there to protect Leighton like she has been all along. I don't know of a single private criminal complaint (from a "real" citizen) that she has acted upon. It has been a disgrace.

1) She said she can't file assault charges until the WB police file these same charges. Well... isn't this convenient?

2) So it is up to the WB police. They get to call the shots... and they get to protect the perpetrator. It's been 6 days with many people at the scene. DO YOU REALLY THINK THEY ARE LOOKING?

Remember... the Mayor is in charge of the police.

3) They KNOW exactly who did this... but Stefanie Salavantis has given them an "out." The police get to make the first move. And they likely never will. 

4) The police will act like a bunch of dunderheads in giving this person up. 

LASTLY... apparently the perpetrator is well connected. I did an internet search and found 6 people of this name in WB. I am not yet comfortable revealing the name.

some other comments...

The Friday Times Leader reported that Leighton knew nothing of the savage beating that almost killed 21 year old Anthony Gipson... 5 days after the fact. 


"Downtown Tommy" didn't know there was a near murder in front of one of his bars?
The Mayor - the official head of the police - the last to know?
Is he that stupid to think we are that dumb enough to believe him? Apparently.

Prison for him cannot come fast enough!!

1) Leighton was in a 5 day blackout.
2) He knew about the attack and was lying part as part of what could become very serious mischief (sometimes called a cover up).


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Leighton hiding nepotistic hires / Lost teen

From the look of Rose Frati's Facebook status... it looks like she now bows before the King!
Rose's husband, Butch Frati, is head of Wilkes-Barre Operations

As always, Leighton must hire within his "friends and family" network... his "Republican Guard." 

Or perhaps this is a "pay off" to keep Butch Frati quiet.

If it smells rotten... then it probably is.

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Keep your eyes open for this girl.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sign Petition for Gas Gate - Prosecution demanded!!

The DA is running well past all deadlines for its investigative results from Gas Gate. All the citizens want is for the law to be applied evenly to all citizens.

If by some chance Gas Gate is being addressed by the DA or another law enforcement agency - this will be noted at the time this is realized. We are not trying to cause mischief. We only seek justice. 

This cannot be swept under the rug. Enough gas was stolen to drive the distance to the moon and back. That is a lot of stolen gas!

LINK: http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/file-gas-gate-charges

Sign Petition for Gas Gate

  1. PETITION    Please add your name to the petition requesting that the Luzerne County District Attorney (Stefanie Salavantis) file charges against those who stole gas at the DPW pump in Wilkes-Barre (Gas Gate). 18,000 gallons are missing... enough to circle the earth in a car 22 times!
    Click below to add your name.
    Please share this petition with others through facebook and e mails!

    IMPORTANT    You can use a surname if you are afraid to reveal your identity... just make sure your IP (E mail) address is valid. So Police Officers... feel free to sign and comment.
    Only your name (or surname) and city appears on the petition.

    Sample petitions thus far: People are not bashful

    #148Colleen HardingAug 26, 2013Wilkes Barre, PA
    Your feet are being held to the fire now. We are your contituents, your boss that you answer to. This is a directive.


    Stephen A. Urban

    Aug 26, 2013

    Wilkes-Barre, PA
    Foot dragging is not acceptable. Our D.A. can forget about being elected again should she not file charges against Leighton and the others who certainly stole gas! No excuses!

    #130Amanda NiederriterAug 26, 2013Jacksonville, FL
    DA Salavantis, I am signing this petition because, as a United States Sailor, I have a code of ethics instilled in me. Honor, Courage, and Commitment. Doing what is right, even if it is unpopular, is the duty of not only all government officials but, of decent human beings everywhere. DA's are supposed to fight for what is right, and bring justice to the many wrong-doers in the world. I urge you to do your job and do just that. Follow your code of ethics. Thank you. Respectfully, AS3 Niederriter, USN
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Monday, October 21, 2013


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Wilkes-Barre Crime Watch members have worked tirelessly for at least a decade. For this they should be applauded. Since members are not elected and not paid… in this post I will simply offer suggested areas of improvement with only mild criticism to the volunteers of Crime Watch.


Police and Crime Watch    Police leadership have shamefully let the city down. At best they have offered nominal support. Apparently Chief Dessoye does not feel that citizens have a role in crime prevention. He couldn’t be more wrong.

Police and Citizens    This is a difficult area to address because crime is so rampant that police only have time to put out fires. But assuming they could come up with some free time… can you imagine the impact they would have as Big Brothers to local children? Or perhaps offering recreational opportunities every few months? Relationships build trust. Such endeavors would clearly make Wilkes-Barre safer (and would be far more fulfilling for our officers).

Crime Watch and the citizens    A house divided cannot stand. Many citizens have been “booted” off the Facebook Crime watch groups and have left seething with anger. Many times they aren’t told why. For those of you that don’t use Facebook – being kicked off a group this way feels like a door being slammed into your face.

The disgust has been so intense that other alternative Facebook groups have started as alternatives to “Crime Watch 1.” Groups as large as 500 – 1,000. I don’t know why each person has been kicked off… but what I do know (and is quite obvious) is that the model that Crime watch is using is broken and must be fixed.

The goal is chronic inclusion - not chronic alienation.

Crime Watch’s credibility hangs in the balance if they can’t begin to see their brother and sister as kindred spirits. Police will not support Crime Watch if they are forced to choose between “Crime Watch One” and “Crime Watch Two.” Just like we can’t have two police forces… Crime Watch must stand as one and put differences aside. 

According to “UASONWATCH”.ORG”… without top-down support, it is difficult for anyone in a police department to buy into an initiative regardless of its effectiveness. Therefore, law enforcement executives must be educated to the benefits of a Crime Watch. Strong community relationships and public support are essential to buttressing the work of police in crime reduction.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Proseltyzing at County Council?

60,000 views.  Thank you readers! Together, joining wills, we will cleanse WB and Luzerne County of corruption!!  Please get involved.

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Recently at a city council meeting Council member Harry Haas read from the Book of Isiah. Here is the video:


Mr. Haas meant well but may not have understood how offensive this might have been to others. Reading from the Bible was arrogant. It was arrogant because he assumed that other in the room held the Bible to be the high holy book that Haas held it to to be. One man walked out.

The best evangelizing is the witness of one's life. We are attracted by actions and not words.

I am a Christian and am writing (ever so slowly) a Christian book. Even so, I am like most people and still have doubts. There is no "perfect faith." As the Pope says below: "Proseltyzing is solemn nonsense." Our faith needs to be mirrored in others and be lived and breathed in our lives. It cannot be lectured to us.

Evangelize, Don't Proselytize - And There's a Difference

People can't be coerced into the faith, they must be loved. That is what Pope Francis is saying, and that is what his predecessors said.

Fr Dwight Longenecker
Jeffrey Bruno

In this week’s interview with atheist newspaper publisher Eugenio Scalfari, Pope Francis commented that “proselytization is solemn nonsense.” Christians who have converted to the Catholic faith, missionaries, and those involved in apostolates that work helping people to convert to Catholicism were offended. When Pope Francis said “proselytization is solemn nonsense” and re-assured Eugenio Scalfari that he did not intend to convert him, they heard the Pope saying that evangelization was a waste of time and that converting people to Catholicism was “nonsense.”

Pope Francis does not have the theologian’s precision that characterized Pope Benedict XVI nor the philosopher’s clarity of thought and expression that marked Bl. Pope John Paul II. He is a pastoral Pope, interested in people and passionate about meeting them on their own terms, wherever they are. Unfortunately, Pope Francis seems more concerned with the individual contact and warm personal style than he does with clarity of teaching. 

To understand Pope Francis’s words, we should first understand what he means by “proselytization.” To proselytize is to attempt to convert someone to your religion. This simple definition is clear enough, but the word also carries a connotation of using coercion of some sort. To use guilt, emotional blackmail, or psychological pressure to get a person to accept a religion is both immoral and ineffective. Even if they convert, they have done so under pressure, and thus it is not a true conversion.

To understand the Catholic approach to evangelization, it is worth considering Pope Benedict XVI’s teachings on a visit to Brazil in 2007. Addressing the Latin American Bishops, the Pope said, “To you who represent the Church in Latin America, today I symbolically entrust my encyclical Deus Caritas Est, in which I sought to point out to everyone the essence of the Christian message.”  Pope Benedict then explained that the Church “does not engage in proselytism.  Instead, she grows by ‘attraction,’ … just as Christ draws all to himself by the power of his love.”

Friday, October 18, 2013

You who... Leighton where are you?

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Two murders this week.
Have heard nothing from G Dessoye or Leighton
(unless I missed it)

What gives?
Rehab? That would be wonderful.

Resigned attitude? They know they have lost control of city.

Retooling? Coming up with another "whiz bang" unconstitutional scheme like "One Strike?"

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Facebook and Intimidation

Facebook Etiquette

An individual, an area resident, has been posting some very disturbing comments on Facebook. The comments you see below are typical of what he has sent to at least 3 people.

Please know that you do not have to tolerate this kind of intimidation. Facebook does not provide protection for such individuals. You have the option of reporting to police.

Me: My tensions are high tonight... let's just agree to move along... no hard feelings
Him: No come shut my mouth
Me: How old are you?
Him: Old enough to take your sorry ass when ya coming over tough guy
Me: Distressing how you resort to violence... has it always been that way for you? Do you have a soft side?

His behavior is consistent with the way he blindly "knocked people off" a popular Facebook site while remaining an anonymous administrator. Well defined passive aggressive behavior.

But the bigger issue are the threats and taunts of violence. Earlier this person threatened me to fight him.

My best recommendation is to limit your Facebook time and speak with friends. I try my hardest not to engage anyone who may be hostile. (And watch your kids if you have any!)  Thank You