Friday, July 31, 2015

Proposal: Sex Trafficking Victims" Restoration Bill


Victim / Survivor... “Best bill I have ever seen.”
Good day

I am in search of a sponsor for my anti sex trafficking bill which is unique and wildly effective in its design. If passed, I am assured that two epic events would occur:

1) The prevailing fear among Johns would be so pervasive that the trafficking industry suffer a major blow. 
2) Literally, for the first time in history, victims would have available resources for wellness and rehab to span a lifetime... and they would not be forced to face their pimps / traffickers in court nor would they be forced to file lawsuits. 

Please see attachments. I am submitting my proposal as a flowchart because I believe that this format captures my plan in the best way. I am very confident in my plan. A game changer.

Who could not support the idea that johns should pay back the girls they raped or abused?

The “genius” of this plan is that it does not default to a mandate; a line in the sand. Instead it represents a choice to be made. I call it a privilege. Choices are available made by those Johns who have been apprehended. Option “B” (see flowchart) is a consideration. If the John does not like it, he is processed as is the current protocol. Nothing lost.

Traffickers would and still should be targeted. But there are hundreds times more Johns than both the traffickers and the victims combined. Collectively, the johns hold almost all of the wealth and, given their lower threshold of arrest, it is the johns’ money that represents both the largest and the lowest hanging "fruit.”

I live in Palm Beach County FL where Robert Kraft was arrested. If my proposed bill was law, Robert Kraft could have saved himself from international humiliation via payment of a fine which in no way would have represented a change in lifestyle for him. Money not missed by Kraft would have represented “Manna from heaven” for trafficked youth and those that support them. 

15 % of Kraft’s $6.6 Billion is $1 Billion... meaning he would "suffer the hardship" of living on $5.6 Billion. Think of what could have been accomplished if Kraft unloaded his Gillette stock. 

How bad is it for trafficked victims? There is 1 bed available for every 300 victims. And these beds are made available through huge-hearted people who beg for donations, host events, auction off prizes, and sell raffle tickets. Collectively, we are taking care of the most exploited people on our planet through what I refer to as “bake sales.” Good hearted people (like myself) continue to throw “good money” after a “bad model” more out of guilt than as a true feeling that it will make a difference. 

I come to you with battle scars. My sex trafficking investigations have flipped rocks that clearly wanted to stay in place. If you wish you can read on my blog (WBTruth.blogspot.com)." But here are some samples... 

- "Holding up a cross beam at a broken RR crossing"  Not only was this not a crime, but I was jailed 3 months after the fact on a felony charge.  I literally passed a polygraph regarding these charges. I attested to the fact that the police report was horribly falsified. Dates were changed by almost a month. I do what it takes. I am clearly a rebel when it comes to uprooting corruption. 

- "Stealing my own bike at my girlfriends garage at a house I was paying rent to." Burglary charges. I was getting my bike because my son had crashed his car. Face down in the pavement while handcuffed. Leg shackles and a paddy wagon. 

Seven restraining orders the last 2 years. From traffickers and their enablers. The number of these my previous 53 years? Zero. If these people felt wronged, the correct course would have been libel suits. But there was a hitch. I was telling then truth. I always have. Meticulously. 

   The attempts to destroy my credibility have been consistent and aggressive. Relief was found when I made direct mailers to state VIP's. This brought forth sun light which has protected me since. It is safe in the light. My blog dates back 7 years to Pennsylvania. 

I clearly have earned my place at the table. I earnestly believe I should be read, heard, and that my proposals should be acted upon. My past experience includes business modeling for potential IPO's. This is my skill. The model I present here is a winner. 

I look forward to speaking to you. Let us all defeat sex trafficking. Together.

7801 N Federal Hwy 10 106
Boca Raton FL 33487
(570) 592-3246

FB name = Mark Robbins
HAT “Humans Against Trafficking” is my FB group that had a 
following of 8,000 before mischief took place & destroyed the group.

WBTruth.blogspot.com is where my web presence is captured. This is where my research and investigations reside with a Table of Contents
My blog has been active for 8 years w millions of page views.

If you feel that you would like to know more about sex trafficking... please view my 9 minute video (set to music). It is amazing what you will learn. The feedback has been extraordinary. 

Here is the link:  https://youtu.be/v-a7jSkBev4

Senior level corporate finance experience
High school and University teaching positions
Wake Forest University BA Economics
Lehigh University MBA (4.0 GPA)
CMA Certification in Management Accounting
CFM Certification in Financial Management

Father of adopted twins

Mark M Robbins

Mark M Robbins

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Anatomy of a Salavantis LIE

Here is Cit Voice cover for 07/30/15 It says: Devastated mother says justice system 

failed her son, whose alleged killer faced felony assault charges in January until 

police withdrew them in March. Page 4

Salavantis is taking lessons from Leighton. Not only does she lie... but she drags people in with her. In this case it is the WBPD police. 

picture and some text provided by Citizens Voice
A) Hahlil Brathwaite shoots into a car with 5 people
B) At prelim hearing... these charges were withdrawn

1.   felony charge of aggravated assault  
2.   misdemeanor charges of recklessly endangering another person
3.   terroristic threats
4.   simple assault were withdrawn.

... only a Misdemeanor remains!

3) Brathwaite murders Jason Canty

Who shoots into a car of 5 people and is allowed on the street!!

THE LIE    Through a spokeswoman, Police Chief Robert Hughes initially claimed the DA’s office had signed off on the move to drop the charges. 

- Salavantis disputed that version of events — saying her office didn’t learn the aggravated assault charge was dropped until weeks after the preliminary hearing. 

1) Essentially Salavantis is calling Chief Hughes a liar. What Hughes said was true and Salavantis is covering up for her incompetence. The fact that she would claim to admit to not know about these serious charges would make her:
A) At best incompetent
B) At worst a scheming liar.

2) Note that the WB Spokesman never claims the WBPD Officer willfully dropped the chargeson his own. The statement only reads that he acted "appropriately" (by following the DA's orders).

3) Brathwaite's defense atty said the charges being dismissed was part of a deal (with the DA) whereupom only a Misdemeanor would be carried to the Courthouse.

DA Salavantis and her part in recent murder

Lies from Salavantis should suprise no one. The latest saga has her trying to throw a WBPD officer "under the bus" by lying and saying the DA office did not sign off on the withdrawal of charges against Khalil Brathwaite.

From Citizens Voice: Mother wonders why her son's alleged killer was set free. See link HERE

Why were charges withdrawn?
1   felony charge of aggravated assault  
2   misdemeanor charges of recklessly endangering another person
3   terroristic threats
4   simple assault were withdrawn.

The Officer was told to drop charges: From article: 

(1) Through a spokeswoman, police Chief Robert Hughes initially claimed the DA’s office had signed off on the move to drop the charges. ( He would not make an initial claim were it not true). 

(2) The officer (in another article) would not say why charges were withdrawn (obviously covering for Salavantis). 

(3) Brathwaite’s defense attorney in the case said the charges being dismissed was part of a plea deal that called for Brathwaite to plead guilty to the weapon discharge offense in the Court of Common Pleas. This implies the DA was involved.     SALAVANTIS IS NOT TELLING THE TRUTH. 

Khalil Brathwaite
TIMELINE Jan 2015   Khalil Brathwaite tries to choke a female. He opens fire on a car with numerous people.

Few months later   At Preliminary Hearing... DA office inexplicably withdraws all but one charge.
Last weekend   Khalil Brathwaite, not in jail where he should be, shoots the much loved Jason Canty in the head and murders him.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Another DA debacle. Does this look like a Misdemeanor to you?

Anthony Gipson in General Hospital where I visited him. Picture is from WBRE.

How can DA witrhdraw two most serious charges?

"He was banging his head on pavement while unconscious."
How is this not aggravated assault?
Former employer says Michael Mackey belongs in a cage
Priors: Statutory Rape and DUI

Investigators say 28 year old Michael Mackey brutally beat 21 year old Anthony Gipson after he knocked out Gipson during a fight in downtown Wilkes-Barre in the early morning hours of October 19th. Mackey was arrested Friday morning on assault charges. Prosecutors say Gipson and Mackey had an argument inside a center city bar and that led to a fight in a nearby parking lot. Luzerne County Assistant District Attorney Mamie Phillips said, "We know they had a fight but that fight turned out to be something much more. 

Mr. Mackey continued to punch Mr. Gipson even when he was out cold on the ground." Gipson suffered severe head and facial injuries and was in a coma for more than a day. He has since been released from the hospital. Mackey said nothing inside or outside of District Court but his attorney Curt Parkins told Eyewitness News, "We look forward to a hearing and trial to vindicate my client. The facts that are in the complaint sometimes are not what comes out in court."  Mackey is free on $10,000 bail and will have a hearing on November 10th.

See Bottom of file (Most serious charges withdrawn)

Restitution? What will Anthony Gipson ever see?
Sue the Tavern?  With the help of Leighton under new name (corner of Public Square)

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Governor Tom Wolf: Remove our District Attorney

Our DA Stefanie Salavantis reports to Governor Tom Wolf. It is time she be removed, Her incompetence and corruption has led (see below) to preventable deaths and a justice system that people no longer trust. 

A certified letter will be sent to Wolf addressing Salavantis's gross negligence, incompetence, and corruption. A copy will be sent to the Disciplinary Board. I will post on this blog when finished. 

Salavantis is the head law enforcement officer and Luzerne County justice has fallen into the hands of the corrupt.

Civiarella/Conahan/Powell/Mericle = Salavantis/Dessoyes/Leighton/Kane and others

The crimes are different... but the pain is as intense for family members of the many murdered victims in the area and the lack of resolution that defies belief. 

The DA office has become a corrupt cesspool. What cases are disapproved? Depends upon who you know. I know for a fact that DUI's and aggravated assaults have been thrown out or reduced. The wheel of justice grinds slowly as at least 12 murders remain unsolved. Does anyone actually think that "Gas Gate? (w/Leighton) was nothing but a massive cover-up? It is laughable to see Salavantis "talk tough" with thieves who are guilty of a fraction of what Leighton stole.

And how long will Salavantis cover for Jared Kane? How long can that forgery investigation possibly take?

Weekend Murder:  Khalil Brathwaite shot Jason Canty in the head. Canty was a beloved 32 year old man. 


On WILK his mother, daughter, wife, and employer called in to express their shock and sadness. Why was a 19 year old who fired at a car of 5 people walking the streets? Because our DA is completely undisciplined. All the charges were dropped right under her nose. A diligent DA would disallow ANY CHARGES to be dropped if a deadly weapon is used. This should be common sense policy. See charges that were dropped below.

(Citizens Voice) Prior criminal history of weekend murderer:
19 year old Brathwaite, a 2014 graduate of GAR High School, found himself in handcuffs earlier this year when he allegedly opened fire on a car full of people outside of his Brown Street home.

Charges stemmed from the incident on Jan. 9 in which he was involved in a domestic dispute with his girlfriend, Brea Seabrook.
According to court documents, police said he choked Seabrook after an argument, which resulted in a search party for Brathwaite by the victim’s brother and four other men.

During the search, contact was made between the parties when Brathwaite told the victim’s brother to stay away and threatened to shoot them, police said. The five men agreed to turn around, but not before Brathwaite fired a shot at the vehicle they were driving, according to police. There were no reported injuries.
Brathwaite was released from the Luzerne County Correctional Facility on Feb. 3 after a professional bondsman posted $30,000 bail.

In a March preliminary hearing it that case, a felony charge of aggravated assault and misdemeanor charges of recklessly endangering another person, terroristic threats and simple assault were withdrawn.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Salaries of DA Salavantis ($172,000) and staff

(2013   Standard Speaker)

$172,271 Stefanie Salavantis, district attorney 

A staggering amount, given:

1) The number of unsolved murders (at least 12)
2) The skyrocketing crime and murder rate
3) She has not prosecuted a single case
4) According to her own words... I AM AN ADMINISTRATOR! (LA Tarone radio show)
5) Filed no charges against Leighton (not even malfeasance) in the theft of WB city gas (77.000 gallons)

Some attorneys work in other law practices
$97,860, Michael J. Dessoye, detective (appointed by Salavantis despite conflict with WBPD chief Gerard Dessoye... cousin to Leighton)

    - Both Dessoyes covered for the LAG criminal empire
    - Both Dessoyes presumably covered for protected drug house run by G Dessoye's "heroin honey."

NOTE: Detectives use a gimmick to get paid way more than their salary. They all schedule themselves during the day... so when most murders occur at night... they pick up huge over time. Their shifts should be staggered. Another form of corruption in my opinion.

$93,543, Gary W. Sworen, detective
$93,543, Daniel G. Yursha, detective
$92,317, Richard G. Capitano, detective
$91,500, Deborah Parker, detective
$87,099, Sam Sangueldoce, first assistant district attorney
$86,272, Christopher D. Lynch, detective
$84,703, Larry D. Fabian, detective
$72,425, James L. McMonagle Jr., assistant district attorney
$62,930, Dan Becky, detective
$59,251, Charles J. Balogh, detective
$57,252, Alexis Falvello, deputy district attorney
$56,503, James P. Noone, detective
$52,286, Jenny P. Roberts, assistant district attorney
$52,284, Maureen Collins, assistant district attorney
$52,284, Shannon L. Crake, assistant district attorney
$52,284, Jillian Matthews, assistant district attorney
$52,284, Frank T. McCabe, assistant district attorney
$49,283, William J. Dunn Jr., assistant district attorney

10th unsolved murder. What if this was your relative?

Courtesy CV

Coroner: Death of Tyzheke Seward, 23 ruled homicide by gunshot wounds in W-B.  SEE Citizens Voice article   HERE   Sep 20, 2014

Courtesy CV

The death of a man found in a field behind the Interfaith Heights apartments on Coal Street in Wilkes-Barre has been ruled homicide from multiple gunshot wounds, Luzerne County Coroner Bill Lisman said Friday.

An autopsy determined Tyzheke Seward, 23, suffered two gunshot wounds to the head, Lisman said. Police continue to investigate Seward’s homicide and no charges were filed as of Friday evening.
Residents reported hearing gunshots fired around 1 a.m. Thursday in the area and Seward’s body was found around 7:20 a.m. in a grassy field between the Interfaith Heights apartments and the nearby Sherman Hills Apartments.

Forensic pathologist Dr. Gary Ross conducted an autopsy on Friday afternoon and determined Seward was shot multiple times, Lisman said.

Other murder victims where families have no closure:

                                            (Stock photo of U.S. Veteran; picture of Larry Herbert not available)

Sunday, July 26, 2015

9th (and counting) unsolved murder. It's time to get a competenet DA

Father of three found dead at front his.door
Both loved ones of the victim and neighbors say Bachman kept a close watch on this community, even had surveillance cameras around his home. 


Other murder victims where families have no closure:

(Stock photo of U.S. Veteran; picture of Larry Herbert not available)

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Veteran killed in hit and run... another case unsolved

(Stock photo of U.S. Veteran; picture of Larry Herbert not available)

WNEP TV Story here HERE.

HANOVER TOWNSHIP — April 5, 2015   Officials say a man from Wilkes-Barre died, after he was hit while crossing the street near Ashley. The driver did not stop. The victim, Larry Herbert, was 61.
Police in Hanover Township are still looking for the silver jeep that witnesses say struck and killed a man on Hazle Street just after 11:30 p.m. on Friday.
Kate Moore still can’t believe what she saw happen late Friday night in front of her home on Hazle Street.
“I heard the thump outside, I thought oh my gosh my car is getting hit, that is when I see the man laying in the road,” said Moore.
Officials say Larry Herbert, 61, was crossing the street outside Claire’s Bar when someone driving a silver Jeep Cherokee hit him and kept on going.
People inside the bar say that the victim was especially polite and would shake the bartenders hand before leaving. They added that he was crossing the street to wait for a ride when he was hit.
Moore says she could hear the victim’s friend encouraging him to hang on.
Previous listed unsolved murders

Friday, July 24, 2015

No one charged in murder of Peter Bielecki Jr.

Yet another unsolved murder!

70 Carey Ave in Wilkes-Barre   Age  49

Times Tribune HERE

Obituary from Citizens Voice  HERE

Our "Child DA" has not led nor seemingly motivated detectives to find the killer of Peter Bielecki Jr.

Previous listed unsolved murders