Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Did you know Salavantis hired a "Kids for Cash" Atty as top assistant?

Did you fall for the ads? The TV ads that cast Jackie Musto Carroll in darkness? The evil "Kids for Cash" District Attorney? When Salavantis ean her slander campaign fueled by daddy's money.

I admit I fell for the lies made about Carroll. I voted for Stefanie.

Boy do I regret it. Especially when the hypocrite (Salavantis) hired a "Kids for Cash" attorney as the (for all practical purposes) current DA while Salavantis acts as a self described "administrator." You can read about Sanguedolce and Musto below in the Judicial review report.

Current staff in the DA's office likely want her back because... just like in school... nobody wanted the substitute teacher to leave? It is too much fun having your own way and not having to take orders. Our DA office has turned into animal house.

We need adult supervision.

Monday, June 29, 2015


After recently finding nothing wrong with Leighton and the city taking 77,000 gallaons of WB City Gas missing... Our child DA Stefanie (with an "f") Salavantis has hired Drew Mclaughlin as a law school intern. Drew McLaughlin was known to many citizens as the city "Spokes-joke" when he worked for the city not long ago as his job became essntially that of repeating Leighton's lies.

Approximate Leighton / Salavantis time line...

Leighton steals gas. 

This theft is put on a billboard (Hint to Stefanie: This is evidence!)

Salavantis is seen in Kingston with Leighton privately after work hours.

The city plays Salavantis "like a fiddle" and is successful in confusing her. 

Salavantis, like most DA cases, takes an incredibly long time. 2 years. She doesn't turn the case over to the state despite alarming conflicts of interest between Leighton and Mike and Gerard Dessoye. Below is a hug she gives Gerard Dessoye Leighton's cousin) while the investigation is ongoing. Real professional.

Outcome:  Salavantis literally defends the man she should be prosecuting (Leighton) by giving an embarrassing and drawn out explanation for Leighton. Essentially the argument is this: "If their policy was to take gas... who am I stop them from stealing it?"

Salavantis next hires the "spokes joke" of the city - Drew McLaughlin. GEE... DO YOU THINK SHE IS EMBEDDED IN CORRUPTION?

In related news, Drew McLaughlin was recently married and invited the corrupt underbelly of Wilkes-Barre. This included the four corrupt council members Barrett, Merritt, Lavelle, and Brown. Tony George was NOT invited presumably because he stood up for corruption.

Salavantis is desribed as the the substitute teacher that has lost control of the class. She is taking orders and not giving them. You really don't know who, for practical purposes, is running the DA office as so many hands are in the cookie jar. Salavantis has labeled herself as an "administrator." It should be known however that she was a judge at the Edwardsville pierogie fest.

There is one county detective that is proficient. His name escapes me but he is responsible for arresting many degenerates for child porn. Nobody really knows what the others do. We are spending about $700,000 for detectives and a DA that do more harm than good.

Mike Dessoye is either the dumbest man alive or he is corrupt. Assuming he isn't stupid... then we can surmise he has covered up for the drinking of Leighton and Geread Gessoye... covered up for the heroin house Dessoye protected... covered up for the clandestine meetings Dessoye had with his heroin honey... and certainly covered up for the criminal empire  known as LAG Towing.

Mike Desooye was Salavantis's first hire. Real smart.

Mike Dessoye must also know what I recently learned from a top WB official... and that is that Leighton has been positively receiving money from Sherman Hills. And he is on the task force. 

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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Glodzik to jail; Is Louis Elmy of a sociopath?

Goldzik went to jail today. No gloating. There were many that helped him including Dessoye (both) and Leighton and many cops on the take... and a DA paralyzed in fear to make a move.

Gerard Dessoye, a crtical component of LAG Towing's CARS FOR CASH... gets a "daddy hug" from Salavantis.

This is our DA folks!

Is Elmy a sociopath?

From Betty Roccogransi of the Times Leader:

Fresh off their unpopular votes to close Meyers High School, spend about $100 million to 
build a new one at Coughlin and not allow the public to have a say about the matter in 
November’s election, two Wilkes-Barre Area School Board members once again demonstrated 
they will do as they please.

What pleased them Monday night was hiring a few more relatives.

You GOTTA be kidding, you say. Why be surprised when this was simply business as usual for this group?

Remember the nepotism policy the Wilkes-Barre Area Career and Technical Center’s joint 
operating committee discussed back in February? It’s obviously still on the back burner 
collecting dust. But with good reason.

Board member John Quinn, one of WBA’s representatives on the CTC board, said in March that
 any such policy this board passes must be done right.

So meanwhile, with no obstacle blocking its path, the CTC board voted to hire the niece of 
Louis Elmy and the daughter-in-law of Ned Evans. Elmy and Evans both represent WBA on the
 CTC board.

Business as usual

Both directors are also kind of shameless. And so is the rest of the board’s WBA contingent, 
Denise Thomas and Quinn, who voted for both hirings, and James Susek, who voted only for
 Elmy’s niece. Don’t they see or care how the public they just snubbed in their home district 
perceives this?

Elmy and Evans didn’t vote for their relatives because they can’t. So they abstained. But it’s
 apparently acceptable for a board member to make the motion to hire his kin because Elmy, 
the personnel committee chairman, did just that. He wasn’t at the meeting but participated via 
a conference call, the Times Leader reported.

So after he got the ball rolling, his fellow board members did the rest. And that’s the way it’s 
done at this school.

Crestwood School District representative Gene Mancini, who in March brought up the 
preposterous idea of implementing a nepotism policy at a school where nepotism reigns 
supreme, said he asked for an update at the April meeting. He said Quinn first corrected him 
that it was a hiring not a nepotism policy that was being considered. Then he informed him a 
board committee was discussing it.

Now don’t laugh, but Ned Evans, who’s daughter-in-law was hired Monday, is on that 
committee. So we’re guessing nepotism isn’t a very big concern of his.

Regarding the job Elmy’s niece, Samantha Elmy, got, administrative director Frank Majikes
 reassured everyone that she was the only candidate who applied for the newly-created 
$32,000 position of child care group assistant. He also said the job was advertised “all over.” 
So what’s a board to do? Obviously be thankful that at least a board member’s relative wanted

As for Evans’ daughter-in-law Nicole Stella, Majikes said she was the best qualified candidate 
out of four or five interviewed for the $15.72 per hour custodian job. He didn’t need to tell us 
that. It’s a given that when there’s competition, more often than not the most qualified 
candidate just happens to be related to a school director.

$450,000 loan

In addition to expanding its family of CTC staff members, the board also voted Monday to 
borrow $450,000 for its new day care program. Mancini said when that program was first 
proposed last year, three of the five member districts’ superintendents were opposed, saying 
there were better programs to enhance the career center’s curriculum. But what do 
superintendents know about education?

He also said some on the board expect this program, which includes an on-site day care 
center, to be a money-maker. Maybe it will be after that $450,000 loan is paid off.

The loan was approved, Mancini said, so the school wouldn’t have to deplete its capital 
reserve fund. It will be used, among other things, to pay the salaries and benefits for the four 
people hired Monday for the new program, including school director Elmy’s niece. You can’t 
make this stuff up.

Also at the meeting, Mancini told the board to “stay tuned” because Crestwood has hired a 
Pittsburgh law firm to fight for an extra seat on the board.

Just what the CTC needs, two Crestwood representatives hounding the board majority to stop
 hiring their relatives.

So stay tuned.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Louis Elmy and Stefanie Salavantis and their corrupt brethren

1.64 million page views !

This county has three major industries: Corruption, Corrections, and Heroin. We cannot continue to look the other way regarding…
1)    Chronic alcoholism of figures like WB Chief Gerard Dessoye, Mayor Tom Leighton, and Magistrate Marty Kane (now seen drinking in the morning). We should not have to put up with this. Refuse help? You are fired.
2)   Corruption within the DA office from Salavantis who
-     Hired a Kids for Cash attorney Sam Sanguedolce  (it’s true) as the Head Assistant.
-     Mocks “Michaels law” by throwing out a DUI from a person represented by Sanguedolce’s law firm. No reason given.
-     Finds no crime whatsoever – not even malfeasance – with 67,000 gallons of missing city gas.
3)   Nepotism. Louis Elmy belongs in jail for the way he has hurt our area. He has completely dumbed down and watered down the WB School District. We will never complete nationally for quality companies with the harm of the above people. And there are many others. 

All in the "Elmy",,, Public money supporting a family tree.

* Louis Elmy: He works for the  Luzerne County Prison.

* Brother: James Elmy also works at the Luzerne County Prison.

* Sister: Deizarae Height works at Wilkes- Barre Area Voc  Tech as a  secretary.

* This sister is  married to Jim Height: He was  charged for accepting $2,000 in cash for support he provided to a contractor regarding the Wilkes-Barre Area School District. 

* Another sister: Renee Post is married to James Post who is the Purchasing  agent for Wilkes-Barre  city schools.

 * Brother: Kevin Elmy is the head of maintenance at Wilkes- Barre Area Voc  Tech.

*  Kevin Elmy’s wife: She works at the courthouse.

*  Niece: Samantha J Elmy hired as a school teacher.

Times Leader article regarding nepotism (2800 views)

From Times leader editorial (June 17 2015). A similar editorial was written 2 years ago by the TL...

Give credit to Wilkes-Barre Area School Board Vice President Louis Elmy for his persistence — as in, how he persists in blatantly ignoring calls for this embarrassing board to embrace higher standards of conduct.

Elmy’s wife, who works for the school district, recently received a new job title and salary. A majority of the nine-member board voted this month to move Sandy Elmy from teacher’s aide, a part-time post she held for several years, to Kistler Elementary School secretary. Presumably that makes her eligible for health care and other benefits.

Her hubby had publicly supported a failed attempt last year to get Sandy Elmy an upgrade in her capacity as teacher’s aide. Not to be overlooked, board member Robert Corcoran lobbied hard at that August 2012 meeting for his wife to get an upgrade, too. Each man abstained from voting for his own beloved but voted yes for the other man’s wife. Due to the abstentions, those efforts were mired in a 4-4 tie.

Fourteen months later, the votes finally swung in favor of the Elmys.

This situation might seem less despicable if it were an isolated case during another era in an otherwise upstanding school district. But this is 2013 in Wilkes-Barre Area — Luzerne County’s most corruption-tainted district, widely considered to be a place that historically has employed people by following a strategy that sounds as if it was borrowed straight from a cellphone plan: strictly “friends and family.” Bribes also have been used to secure teaching jobs here.

This urban, public school district had no written teacher hiring policy until last year. Its board only drafted a written policy, begrudgingly it seemed, following the high-profile guilty pleas in 2009 and 2010 of a handful of then-current and former board members who had engaged in passing bribes involving would-be teachers or business owners seeking contracts with the district.

No sooner was the new policy in place, however, than the board majority began to soften it.

Today, as has been the case with prior versions of this board, certain members bravely call for progressive changes. But the controlling clique perpetually clings to the past, stonewalling most reforms.

Voters should keep that in mind next month when selecting candidates for open board seats. Quiz candidates concerning their beliefs about serving as a board member of a publicly funded institution: Would they dare run for the office if a relative already worked there? Would they remove themselves from the post, not just abstain from certain sensitive votes, if a relative were to seek employment there?

To be clear, Louis Elmy runs afoul of no law by serving on the board.

And, Sandy Elmy might make a super secretary. Apologists will say she should not be treated any differently — or have perceptions of her performance tainted — because her husband helps to oversee and guide the school district’s operations.

And they’re right. She deserves to be judged entirely based on her merits.

Which means her husband should not be serving on this school board — the very body that most likely will be voting soon on a newly negotiated contract involving school secretaries’ salaries.

He should resign before that vote.

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

Maybe the STATE legislature should get involved and make some laws against it...the state provides monies...they have a vested interest...time to put a stop to it...it's like incest

Kudos to the TL for calling them out!

They will drag their feet forever on a no-nepotism policy. I believe that they run for these positions just to gain the ability to manipulate the hirings.

what the papers and reporters forgot to put in the view of the public eye is Stella had worked there for 2 years as a substitute janitor and worked her way up to the full time position... In all honesty....it would be discrimination if she didn't get the promotion since she was the only person who applied of who all ready worked there......again lack of investigation on their behalf just to make another school director look bad !!!!! SHAME SHAME

I agree that full disclosure should be made with an article like this. Share all the facts. People have a right to know. Then focus and energies could be put where most needed. If they really want what is best for this community than the media would do their do the due diligence in a manner that is more respectful to their Community.

Imagine...you are only hearing about those people who are related. Look at the last few hires, closely. "Special friends" get jobs also. As Mr Elmy said on social media this week " I did nothing but help people who were out of work and needed to pay their bills. "

Need to federally indict more of them. What other organization locally has had so many of their members arrested for nonsense like this?

The saddest part about reading these comments is knowing that after a few days have passed, all of this will be forgotten. No "new" folks will attend a WB Area School Board meeting, folks will continue to avoid the CTC like the plague, and the hoopla will subside until the next revelation of nepotism/spending/corruption/etc. makes the news. Wake up people, take control back instead of allowing the people YOU elected to make poor decisions. Oh, YOU didn't vote in the last election (the one where the WB mayor was practically sworn in with 3,000 votes)? Then SHUT UP and take your medicine.

The candidates do not want everyone showing up to vote.

Many, many people would love to have a job today. Any job.

Absolutely positively NO relatives - hired , nominated, considered , allowed to apply - etc etc etc - period.
If the media did its job, they would learn just how many jobs the Elmy family hold that are fed at the public BBQ.

Amen! Not only is nepotism a problem in the WB Schools hiring process, there are also teachers who body-slam children, and one elementary teacher who was featured in a "questionable" lingerie video and then went on to be featured in a reality television show where she was shamelessly trying to get engaged to a wealthy man (while being on a "leave of absence" from the school). The list could go on and on. However, student achievement is plummeting and the test scores prove that scholastics aren't the primary focus of the schools. The problems are numerous. How does GAR High School allow the academic atmosphere to get so bad that they assign teachers to be fight diffusers? The School Board needs to fix many things in the district.....including the hiring policy.
School Board and School Superintendent. Who is responsible for what? Perhaps that is a part of the bigger picture? The superintendent is responsible for administering an annual budget of more than $102 million and overseeing roughly 575 employees. According to a CV article on August 28, 2013 yet in April 2013 Only months after landing the job, Wilkes-Barre Area School District Superintendent Bernard Prevuznak announced he is leaving the position for family reasons and returning to the position of deputy superintendent. How many times did this flip flop? The board hired Prevuznak for the permanent job last November, but a contract was never finalized. In April, Prevuznak said he wanted to return to his old role as deputy superintendent and continue to head the district until the board could agree on a permanent replacement.
After Tuesday's meeting, Prevuznak, 55, said board members asked him to reconsider after "negotiations for the other candidates" failed to result in an agreement for a new chief.
"During that time since I made that announcement in April, I have had many administrators, teachers, stakeholders in this district come at me and asked me to reconsider," the Plains Township resident added. "They felt I was the choice that they wanted too as well, and some other personal issues in my personal life have been resolved."
After the vote to appoint Prevuznak as superintendent for the next three years, the board unanimously approved a motion from board member Louis Elmy to save money by not hiring a deputy superintendent.

well maybe that kid got body slammed because they need fight diffusers at GAR ..... 2 kids have been badly hurt by machete attacks over the last couple of years and a lot of those kids are out of OKT or Sherman hills ..... you figure it out

What is the purpose of having Resource Officers at the schools when classroom teachers are assigned to be fight diffusers and body-slam children?. Are the Resource Officers not doing their jobs properly? You tell me......



Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Councilman-to-be Beth Gilbert: A Diamond in the rough

I was able to meet with Beth Gilbert for the first time this evening along with with her mom and fiance. Beth is an exceptionally gifted young woman. I planned an hour and we spoke for 2 1/2 hours.

Her knowledge of current issues and the mechanics of government went far beyond her schooling (double major at Wilkes). She already has impressed me with her fortitude and work ethic. She has a caring heart and will clearly be responsive to those with legitimate needs. I believe she is also bold enough not to be swayed by the dreadful gridlock and group think that has characterized council votes in the past.

If I had to giver her a rating it woild be A Plus.

I would also give an A Plus to Tony Brooks who is running for WB City Council.