Thursday, April 30, 2015


Want to see what a "dog and pony show" looks like? It is called the Sherman Hills Task Force.

Does any one feel that the Sherman Hills Task Force has done ANYTHING to make citizens safer or for the police that are forced to go there? Of course not.

Some task force members... 
George Brown and Leighton and Bill Barrett and Maureen Lavelle (Brown's Campaign Manager)

Stop putting yourself at risk and get rid of the "do nothings" council members that have voted with leighton nearly 100 % of the time, They...
1) Try and trick you with "dog and pony shows."
2) Have not helped a single LAG Towing victim (over 1,000)
3) Would not take a stand for an 82 year old lady whose car was crushed (and returned) to her.

Mayor and WB Council

Tony George stands alone.

Tony George is cornering the "anti-corrupt vote" which includes fair and justice minded law enforcement and honest citizens across Wilkes-Barre who are fed up with corruption.

George Brown is cornering the "corrupt vote" which includes the dregs from Leighton's alcoholic tenure. George Brown showed his hand by virtue of his super secret $250 per plate dinner for contractors.

How do you want your city run? Folks, we are losing time. We will look like Detroit on the corrupt path we are on. We CANNOT give away four more years.

Vote against:  George Brown   Mike Merritt   Bill Barrett   Alcoholic Jared Kane (Magistrate)... Beth Gilbert (20 year old malleable "plant" by Leighton) 

Also... say NO the WB School Board Nepotism King.
See HERE    

If the above are not voted in I promise you Wilkes-Barre will be transformed

The above represents the opinions of the writer and any satire may be used for entertainment purposes.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

SHIMMY SHIMMY "SHAKE DOWN" - Leighton & Cronies "pay to play" at George Brown event ($250 per plate)

Hmmm... $250 for what? A Bribe? Pay to Play? Thomas Leighton mentored George Brown in the ways of the "shake down" shimmy at a recent $ 250 per plate dinner at the Bistro in Wilkes-Barre. It was a "city contractor round up" that was held furtively.

Can't pay $250 for Chicken Cordon Bleu?... 
No Contract for you! 

It is a "shake down." That's all this is. These tactics just drive the city deeper into the morass of corruption. PLEASE SEE "CORRUPTION SCORECARD" AT BOTTOM. 
Did you notice how quiet this dinner was? Well "under the radar." Don't you think that if (mostly) all contractors are meeting with a candidate that this would be a matter of public interest... and should be announced? How does the secrecy make you feel? Does this feel honest to you?

Please don't think ANYTHING will change under George Brown. The only public official to stand publicly against corruption was Tony George. 

Note to city contractors: Consider the fact that you would not have to pay Tony George for a contract if you were performing well. Tony George will award contracts fairly and free from extortion-like tactics. 

Note to Employees of City Contractors: Remember, what you do in the ballot box is your personal business. It is private. Please let your conscience vote for the honest candidate.

MORE CORRUPTION SCORECARD  (More crimes committed since last update)
 Gas gate
Leighton theft
 How WB cops are promoted 
$ 4.6  M for non functional camera system.    
Spending run amuck 
 Gifts/bribes from city contracted towing company   
 1/2 M OWED LAG Towing sets recordhttp://citizensvoice.com/news/glodzik-hit-with-lien-owes-more-than-500k-1.1508559 
 Sweetheart Prop dealsMayor provides gifts for Glodzik      http://purebunkum.com/?p=8002 
 LAG Towing goes for the FBI bait cash 
Towing Company auto theft ring 
 Protected Drug House
 Police chief's "heroin honey" 
 Biggest Civil Rights lawsuit in NEPA annals 
No Justice No Peace 
Police withhold crime on reports  
7 MURDERS IN 7 MONTHS  Crime rampanthttp://m.citizensvoice.com/news/w-b-man-murdered-in-city-s-7th-homicide-1.1523255      http://www.wbtruth.blogspot.com/2013/07/wb-murder-rate-506-higher-than-average.html
JJ Murphy and friends 
Senta Boyer - just one victim saved 
 Who is involved
 City Conspirators 
 The King's Shuttle

 Some WB Cops are diamonds in the rough
Crony contractor 
 MILLION DOLLAR MYSTERYCan a Mayor hide $1 Million? http://www.wbtruth.blogspot.com/2013/07/can-mayor-hide-1-million.html 
 CORRUPTIONSee Corruption scorecard at http://www.wbtruth.blogspot.com/2013/07/blog-post_25.html 

Million Dollars
Theme song

Mysteriously appears


Monday, April 27, 2015

Jail immediately imminent for Glodzik?

Word has it the DA will revoke Glodzik's bail and require him to do "work release" in prison.

Senator Casey requested more money to fight WB crime. Forgive me for stating the obvious... but money aint the problem. There is a massive wall of denial in place. A wall of corruption and substance abuse. THINGS IN WILKES-BARRE LOOK DIFFERENT IF:

1) Its Mayor was sober and clean.
2) Its (old) Police Chief was was sober and clean.
3) Its Magistrate was sober and clean.
4) Its DA didn't have "child-like" experience and didn't lie about what she would do. It is obvious to the "dumbest brick in the stack" that she is firmly placed in the Leighton/Dessoye umbrella and is in too deep to get out.

Her incompetence took her there.
Her corruption keeps her there.
She is the Kardashian DA

Therefore, voters, we need to remove her ourselves in November. No more lies!

As for the substance impaired... the lives of alcoholics are by definition unmamangeable. They can't manage their personal lives, their families, and certainly not a city. Bob Casey - remove the scales from your eyes. YOU ARE ENABLING. We don't need money. We need sobriety. See article  HERE.

Also... FBI requests "silence on Glodzik evidence" HERE
Also... two "Credit union gate" cops plead guilty. See HERE
Also... our Scranton Attorney General is a liar. See Here.
Also... Judges Hughes and Vough stepped up to the plate re: court backlog while the child Salavantis simply "comments"  See  HERE     

NOTE: Times Leader, and Editor Spohr, have increased the investigative and editorial content of the paper by bringing in Steve Corbett and Betty Roocograndi.

Also... today... Jenn Learn-Andes has a story on synthetic marijuans that EVERY PARENT SHOULD read  HERE

Sunday, April 26, 2015


Last minute addition:  TL's Betty Roccograndi speaks on Gas Gate HERE

I want to reiterate a crtical point made in testerday's post:



The second DA Stefanie Salavantis hired Mike Dessoye (brother to WBPD Chief Gerard Dessoye) all integrity was lost. You cannot have the Head of Detectives overseeing his brother's police force.

It was Salavantis's inexperience and neediness that had this happen. She was looking to ingratiate herself with the ensconced power structure. We will never know the full damage to this decision because so many LAG victims were faceless and had no voice. They lieterally had nowhere to turn.

LAG was ultimately defeated when the father of a State Policemen was price gouged. Perhaps my efforts laid the groundwork for the sting that ensnared Glodzik. The question remains... if not for the involvement of a State Policeman's father... would the LAG criminal enterprise be humming on all cylinders? I hope not. 

It is reassuring to know the FBI has made headway against Leo Glodzik and WBPD officers Anthony and Ninotti. Ideally, however, a "top down" approach (Leighton/Dessoye) would be preferable beacuse once those at the top are charged - it frees those below them (WBPD) to stop covering up and to disengage from any criminal activity (bribes/fraudulent loans/driving illegal cars).

I have previously been "supportive" of current WBPD Chief Hughes because his attitude toward the people was one of humility (even remorse). I brought up his selling cars from LAG Towing because it fit into the tapestry Salvantis's watch. 

I also wish to reiterate that because of gross mismanagement (Leighton/G Dessoye/M Dessoye) and substance abuse that the WBPD have been operating under the most extreme stress. How far can the "thin blue line" be stretched.? A WBPD "non-team" player could find themselves working security at a convenience store in no time. Their life's financial security rests with their job. 

Therefore I still recognize that through no fault of their own they are working in an environment as dangerous as North Philly. I pray that God keeps them safe and that new leadership changes the landscape for the better. Tony George is the only public official to stand in the truth. 

Saturday, April 25, 2015


DA Stefanie Salavantis is not qualified to be DA. This is so obvious it needs no further reflection. This blog post will indicate her very important role in corruption as the highest ranking law enforcement officer in Luzerne county. It has been impossible for her not to see the racketeering and/or corrupt behavior going on under her nose; I alerted her before she was DA and many times since. More verbeage follows the photos and E Mails

Salavantis always had the option to ask the State Attorney to investiagate. Instead she let the guilty go free and unfettered. Absolving Leighton from "gas gate" is yet another example. How could this not be referred to the State Attorney General given the relationships in the first flow chart below? Salavantis is clearly ensconced as an insider in the county's corrupt syndicate.

In the beginning...   I first alerted Salavantis to massive corruption before she used false ads to get herself elected. The E mails can be seen after the pictures below.


"Straight up Corruption"   DUI TOSSED
From: Stefanie Salavantis <salavantisforda@gmail.com>
To: "Mark Robbins" <mark@gratefulhands.net>
Date: Friday, September 2, 2011, 5:38 PM

Mark: I am looking into the Cars for Cash scandal.  It is very interesting.  Thanks for the information. Stefanie

From: Mark Robbins <mark@gratefulhands.net>
To: Stefanie Salavantis <salavantisforda@gmail.com>
Sent: Monday, September 5, 2011 7:00 PM

 I hope you find it more than "interesting." Crimes are being committed. Leighton has within the last week refused to adhere to the Towing contract. He insists on giving Leo Glodzik a monopoly. This by itself is corrupt activity (hence corruption).
   How many people on fixed income lost their cars due to predatory pricing (up to $250)?


1)      Glodzik is to provide monthly inventories of people’s cars to the police chief. He has provided none in 75 months.
2)      The Mayor is to enforce “industry standard” pricing ($80/tow). Glodzik charges 3 times that ($250 and higher).
3)      With $50/day impound fees (twice the average), many low income people have had their carsseized and sold.

1)  Persuading someone or some people (W-B Mayor Thomas Leighton and W-B Police Chief Gerard Dessoye)
2)  To act in one's favor(to the extreme favor of Leo Glodzik of LAG Towing) giving him monopoly status)
3)  Illegally or dishonestly(by illegally breaking the city contract for 75 straight months. See 1, 2 , and 3 above.
4)  By a gift of money or other inducement ($50,050 Glodzik annually gives to city).
All four facets of a bribe are present. There you have it. A Bribe exists. This, however, is just the tip of the iceberg. How else does Glodzik take care of the Mayor/others in return for $500,000, no price controls, and no inventory requirements? It would torture one’s logic to assume there aren’t kickbacks. Nevertheless, for starters, at least we know bribery exists.
These “favors” were not provided to the previous contracted tower who didn’t pay for the contract. This tower did not overcharge. I know because I have physically examined his receipts. $75 was the standard rate. In fact, he wasn’t given a fair chance to bid on the 2005 contract and later won a $250k court settlement. In the worst of ways, the Mayor wanted Leo Glodzik as the Tower. The reasons are apparent.

At the bare minimum… Glodzik gives $50k & in return the city illegally
“looks the other way” in all important aspects of the contract.
There are no records and no price caps. It is a concealed cash “free-for-all.”

Fast facts on LAG Towing:
1) Salavantis was alerted to LAG Towing months before she was electesd (below).
2) Cops are reported to have received a bribe of $50 per tow.
3) The tow rate per monh for Falzone's (current) is said to ne 17 per month. The tow rate at LAG was said to be over 100 per month.
4) LAG stole cars by price gouging customers and withholding their vehicles illegally.
5) It is hard not to calculate the number of stolen cars to be any less than 1,000.

To catch Leo Glodzik (LAG Towing) in one "sting" operation does not come close to serving justice. It is an insult. Leighton, Gerard Dessoye, Mike Dessoye, and Stefanie Salavantis were either participants of the LAG Crininal Empire or had knowledge of it.

This is truly one of the saddest criminal syndicates because it targeted the most vulnerable of populations - the poor. Each stolen vehicle represented an "economic death spiral" for those affected. These people were COMPLETELY shut out of the justice system as the DA and police and the Mayor and city council would not listen to the pleas.

I felt so awful for some victims (like in January) that I peronally used my own cash to put people in cars. If there was ever an example of "putting money where one's mouth is"... this is it.

I have become a target for nuisance charges. I have been to court 8 times with a a jury trial set for a misdemeanor charge. The police report states that I used nasty language against another person in 2/1/2 minutes of phone time. The DA has sought it is in the state's best interest to refer my case to the State Attoeney General. A jury trial for this. And Leighton walks from from gas gate. I have been convicted of nothing and - truth be told - my attorney says I have a zero per cent chance of losing the case. It is obvious that I am trying to be silenced. I will not be silenced.


What follows is a "Who's who" in corruption mostly pertaining to the LAG Towing Criminal Empire headed by:

Leo Glodzik: Who is in deep trouble with FBI and was convisted of a felony. But to say that Glodzik stands alone is laughable.

Mayor Tomas Leighton stands as the Head of this racketerring enterprise. As you recall, Leighton tried to "slip" prperties to Glodzik foe 10 cents on the dollar.

Former WBPD Chief Gerard Dessoye also stands at the head who said he had "no need" to keep LAG records even though they were reqiuired by the contract.

According to the Times Leader, Leo Glodzik is getting help for substance abuse. I do not believe the same can be said for G Dessoye or T Leighton.

The FBI performed a successful indictments against 2 from the WBPD. But it shouldn't work like this. We have working knowledge of crimes committed by Mayors and Chiefs of police. This should be a top down investigation.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Baby (Jared) Kane still boozing

We are rollin !!   1.47 million page views   245,000 site views 

Jared (Baby) Kane still drinking... and he hasn't graduated college. 

At least this guy below didn't hit 2 parked cars a block apart!

The most astonishing aspect of Jared Kane's escapades is that the drunken Marty Kane (Daddy Kane) didn't pull strings to have the arresting officers fired!

Awesome piece from Steve Corbett ...   See column from Times Leader HERE



        TOM MALLOY                                                                                                                                  Baby Kane                          

28 years without a drink  (drawn from interview w Tom Malloy)    Kane: No college degree & still boozing   

Folks... there are real prices to pay when we elect jokers to offices they are unqualified for.

There is a price to pay when we elect a child as the DA.
There is a price to pay when we elect a teacher to City Controller.
There is a price to pay when we elect a "Tourism major" as County Controller.
There is a price to pay when we elect a football player as a Commisioner.
There is a price to pay when we elect known alcoholics to office.
There is a price to pay when they appoint their alcoholic friends and family.
There is a price to pay if we elect an unimpressive college student to city council.

Can we get back to our roots? This area has always been blessed with hard workers and people who value a dollar and common decency. When we elect the corrupt and the impaired we give away what we once were. We give away our soul.

Please take the elections seriously. Your choices will affect people directly and unwise choices have grave repercussions for our region. We are known for corruption and as a result - absolutely no quality corporations are looking to relocate here. 

We are better than "call centers" and "distribution hubs." Everything can change by November. Let's make it happen.




Thursday, April 23, 2015

Salavantis has earned nothing

Salavantis knew about "CARS FOR CASH: before she was elected:

From: Stefanie Salavantis <salavantisforda@gmail.com>
Subject: Re:
To: "Mark Robbins" <mark@gratefulhands.net>
Date: Friday, September 2, 2011, 5:38 PM

Mark: I am looking into the Cars for Cash scandal.  It is very interesting.  Thanks for the information. Stefanie

    There is one over arching theme that DA Salavantis must come to terms as she sits in her position. This theme represents a core value in how we operate as a society and stands as the foundation for our nation's progress. It is called EARNING SOMETHING. It is "not getting something for nothing."

    Stefanie Salavantis, you received votes in the last election... but you actually earned NOTHING. You tricked us. You used other people's money to savagely defame Jackie Musto Carroll through false TV ads. You are unqualified and inexperienced and have skipped necessary steps to be where you are. You don't deserve the position you are in. The county has paid a dear price for you penchant to align your self with the corrupt infrastructure. 

    We need only look at the victims of LAG Towing who were routinely ignored by your office because they were poor and simply "didn't matter." Please don't play the "poor victim" when people fairly criticize you about murders and corruption and your investigations that take years. You are no vicim. You are no damsel in distress. Instead you are a cunning predator who has lied to get where you are. You have not earned the right to be a DA and the results only confirm this fact.


From Salavantis (April 23)

It's come to my attention that in recent interviews, my opponent has criticized my experience regarding the timeline of an ongoing investigation as well as the need to secure a search warrant to access data on an Apple IPhone.
I'm fascinated to hear of my opponent's criticisms regarding my "inexperience." Preliminarily, I've run this office successfully for over three years now. I've reviewed dozens, if not hundreds of search warrants for approval. I'm not certain exactly how many he's approved, my guess is none since he's never been in charge of any prosecution ever. To the contrary, he's spent his entire career trying to use any means possible to let criminals back on the street to victimize our community. Now he wants to be "an aggressive prosecutor."
With respect to the Apple search warrant, I'm personally shocked that my opponent has publicly taken this position. First, he is openly utilizing Ms. Merritt's tragic death for political gain. A position I find personally appalling. If he is so experienced, he would know that search warrants are prepared by the police. In this case, a detective of 31 years with the Wilkes-Barre Police Dept. If he is so experienced, he would also know that the search warrant was approved not only by me, but by my First Assistant also who has been a prosector of 13 years. Finally, if he bothered even reading the publicly filed search warrants he is criticizing, he'd know that we got the cell phone records from the providers. The iPhone that the Wilkes-Barre Police are seeking to forensically examine, is locked with a passcode. The technology is proprietary and only Apple can unlock it. You cannot just stick a post-it note on the phone and ask Apple to open it. Apple, and its legal department, require a search warrant, prepared by police, approved by the District Attorney and executed by a neutral issuing authority before they will unlock another person's iPhone.
I welcome his further criticisms, but I hope in the future, he picks a topic he knows something about because search warrants and investigations clearly are not it.
I thank you all for your continued support as your elected District Attorney as well as your support in seeking reelection.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Vito DeLuca = Our next District Attorney

Anyone who was a witness to Vito Deluca's speech at his rally (April 22) knows that he is head and shoulders above Stefanie Salavantis in all critical categories. DeLuca was restrained in his criticism of Salavantis but I have the privilege of being more blunt.

The ONLY REASON Salavantis is the DA is because daddy (and friends) put together a false TV ad canpaign. Salavantis savagely defamed Jackie Musto Carroll in regards to "Kids for Cash" which was a complete fabrication.

IS THIS HUG APPROPRIATE?  WHY DIDN'T DA SALAVANTIS RECUSE HERSELF FROM GAS GATE?  Below Salavantis is giving a bear hug to Gerard Dessoye - the cousin of Tom Leighton... the man she is investigating.

07/06/12    The district attorney (S Salavantis) on Thursday vowed to look into 18,000 gallons of missing gasoline intended for city vehicles. 

07/06/12    "Honestly, I can't really - I don't know. I don't know why I didn't fill out the log," Leighton said. "I can't answer that question."

Is 18,000 gallons a lot?

Consider you could circle the earth in a car 21 times.
(math nerds:  18,000 gallons times 30 mpg divided by 24,901 = 21.69)

07/06/12    "It was not hidden that I took gas," said Leighton, who defended his action because he filled up his vehicle in lieu of accepting a city-owned car. "Everyone knew I took gas."

07/06/12    Leighton said he and a few other city officials - he could not say how many others are involved or who they are - were authorized by the administration to fill up their private vehicles when used for city business. (Names please?   Just city business?)

07/06/12    "Eighteen thousand gallons sounds like a lot - and believe me, I thought it was a lot - until I found out how big these gas tanks are," Leighton said.

You could go to the moon and back and still have gas left over.
(math nerds:  18,000 times 30 mpg divided by 238,900 = 2.26 ... one "up and back")


07/06/12    City-Wide Towing owner Bob Kadluboski said he was rebuffed by a Wilkes-Barre police officer Thursday when he tried to file a criminal complaint against Mayor Tom Leighton and other city officials for stealing gas paid for by taxpayers. Kadluboski said he spoke with Sgt. William Harden on the phone, and Harden refused to take the complaint because the administration was already investigating the missing gas.

07/06/12    "That should not be the case, no matter how frivolous an officer may think it is," Salavantis said.

Recently a man was arrested for stealing a canister (2-3 gallons) of lawnmower gas from the back of a public works vehicle.

Sanity check # 1
3 gallons is less than 18,000 gallons (.00016).
The man who stole 3 gallons was arrested.
Why has no one been arrested for stealing 18,000?
Just wondering.

Sanity check # 2
Do Leighton’s wife, kids, and kids’ boyfriends/girlfriends count as city workers?
Just wondering.     

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Sand box Lesson for the Child DA

(1)  The rules stated that Leighton could not take gas for any reason (it is called a contract).

(2) Leighton took gas that did not belong to him.

(3) Leighton stole gas. He is a thief.


Stefanie Salavantis...   If you tuly cared for your community... you would resign immediately and pick a qualified prosecutor as your replacement. You lied on your TV ads, you lied to the Times Leader Editorial Board, and quite frankly we don't trust a word you say. The "complexity" and "confusion" of Gas Gate is anothe big lie. You created subterfuge so Leighton could slip through the cracks. 

    The most respectable thing you can do is leave your post as DA effective immediately.

Times Leader aricle: Leighton cleared of gas theft  HERE



Vito Deluca rally
Meet him Wednesay night April 22
Genetti's 7 -9 PM in Wilkes-Barre
(Nobody will be turned away... FREE EVENT)
The important thing is you show up !!

Let's send the liar Salavantis on her way!!

Monday, April 20, 2015


People say:

"Oh Salavantis is not that bad... she just steps aside and lets others do the work."
"She is a figurehead... a nameplate... she does no harm."

If this is how you perceive our "do nothing" DA I ask you to seriously reconsider your opinion. Follow the flow of the post and I doubt you will be happy at the end.



Salavantis hired all the detectives including Mike Dessoye, brother of alcoholic former WBPD chief. Marty Kane's son (mulriple DUI's and job losses) is running for Magistrate. He received a job under imprisoned Judge Conahan (through his dad Marty Kane) and, as reported in a legal document, he routinely failed to show up for work and when he did he was often drunk.

WARNING: You are about to be sickened. Here is a letter from the County Detectives Assoc of Pa (our local detectives make $100 k per year). Astonishingly, it appears corruption amomg detectives flows right to the state level because no sane person could endorse Jared Kane. The reprobate Jared Kane is an individual who has squandered job after job and is redeemed only by his alcoholic father Marty Kane.

Magistrate Marty Kane's life tells a salacious story as well. His drinking is legendary. There was also a recent incident of interest. Despite being married and in a very public setting, Marty Kane was seen seen french kissing a transgender woman. My issue is not with his preferences but with his judgment and what he carries into the court room. 

Here is a link to a DUI charged to Jared Kane (What else has been covered up?).   See  HERE

Anyone that endorses the degenerate, Jared Kane, is for all intents and purposes corrupt. Was this letter signed blindly? Or were local detectives summoned? Either way it is a disgtrace. Let's not pretend otherwise. Who is at the center of the detectives, the coruupt Leighton, the alcoholic Marty Kane and Gerard Dessoye, the one who perpetually failed to act on Lag Towing and the Mayor stealing gas?  STEPHANIE SALAVANTIS. You cannot be surrounded on all sides with corruption and claim purity. She is knee deep in corruption and it is time we all realize this.

County Detective Dan Yursha
Photo: N/A, License: N/A, Created: 2013:04:10 19:30:29
Detective Chris Lynch

Mike Dessoye; brother of disgraced Gerard Dessoye

My fake interview with Mike Dessoye:

ME: So let me get this straight... during at least the last 6 years...you have had 
information on...
- Gas Gate
- the bribe cars Leo Glodzik (LAG Towing) lent out (Majikes) and the Credit union scandal
- the heroin house that was protected by your brother
- the drug and/or sexual affair that your brother Gerard had with the "heroin honey" (Catherine Meehan) who spent time in prison for stabbing a fetus.
- the young mom that died from drugs obtained from the "heroin honey's" house
-  The fact that Sherman Hills has received very few inspections endangering the police that have to respond there.
- the universal and unchallenged knowledge that both Leighton and your brother have serious substance abuse issues.
Mike Dessoye: Yep. Know all about it. All too well.

ME:  Do you think there is a conflict of interest between being the overseer of the police while your brother is Chief?
Mike Dessoye: In a polyanish world yes. But I don't live in that world... or one that is even remotely fair. Blame it on Salavantis. She hired me and knew many of these issues herself. 
Mike Dessoye: I suppose you could call me an opportunity seeker... or perhaps an opportunity taker. Salavantis has been a pushover... and I have taken full advantage of this. Frankly, our system of justice is a mess... but I will soon retire. It is not about justice. It is about me. 

More poor choices... Salavantis also used the law enforcement as "celebrity servers" as she polticized the Eric Frein murder and drew free publicity for her father's restaurant. Is this the job of a DA? Am I supposed to be inspired by the fact that there were two Dessoye brothers serving food? What a sickening display.. NOTE TO STEPHANIE: Rather than adding to the the $ 1/2 million pots that these families accumulauted (plus death benefits)... maybe you could give $100 to the family of slain 8 year old Tyler Winstead. 

Pictures from Jared Kane's drunkem get together...

Apparently drinking is the only way these people know how to communicate

Likely tossing drinks down somewhere

 Beth Gilbert is the stooge of the corrupt. They had to dip into college ranks to find someone naive enought to play the role.

Bill Barrett (left) corrupt as always. Question to Barrett: Why did you and Kathy Kane charge taxpayers for trip to Austin with no announcement? Looks, feels, and seems like you were hiding it! 

Whether it is Marty, Kathy, or Jared... can find them at the bar

AA anyone?

False advertising... Marty or Jared?

False advertising... Marty or Jared?

Salavantis was seen privately with Leighton in Kingston. Mike Dessoye is Head of Detectives. It has been 3 or 4 years. Do you think maybe... just maybe... there is collusion going on? Salavantis claimed to be confused. Does anyone doubt that this confusion was deliberately set by Mike Desoye and the crony detectives? Folks... let us not kid ourselves. THERE IS MASSIVE CORRUPTION GOING ON. DETECTIVES INCLUDED.

Conider... Her first (or near first) hire was Mike Dessoye as Luzerne County Detective at $100,000 per year.   Mike Dessoye > Gerard Dessoye > Leighton > Corrupt City council  >  Protection of LAG Towing.

Protection of LAG Towing?  You betcha. Salavantis's hired gun (Sanguedolce) routinely threw out stolen car cases

I can't be bothered with stolen cars of poor people

Can imagine this?
    - Your car is stolen  (Price gouged $400, $800... whatever)
    - You know who stole it (Leo Glodxik)
    - You know where it is (LAG Towing)

You can't go to police, mayor, city council, state police, or the DA office?
Your legal rights and access to the courts are COMPLETELY DENIED.
Who is to blame? The head law enforcement officer. The DA. Stephanie Salavantis.

Daddy hug  Salavantis and G Dessoye

I put together a case so compelling that I served it up on a "silver platter."
But this wasn't enough. It took a good ole boy's (state policeman) father to be pricee gouged before anything happened.

I was cited for trespassing for taking a picture of a truck being illegally driven by WBPD cop John Majikes
    - This truck has LAG tags (was driven illegally) for more than a year in full view of ALL the cops. Thin blue line.
    - In court the alcoholic Magistrate Marty Kane said I was not allowed to use a Constitutional argument without a lawyer.
    - I was the only person (out of tens of thousands) to be cited for Trespassing behind the police station.
    - Gerard Dessoye had the audacity to tell the paper every citizen was welcome back there but Robbins
    -  John Majikes is now living in the home of the late grandmother of Bill Vinsko and Leighton (who are cousins... just so you know how cozy it is
    -  I am told that this was the start of Credit Un ion gate (fraudulent loans)