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It will be interesting to see how Plains police will doctor (falsify) this police report. This weekend... in Plains... LCTA Bus Station was demolished near 500 N Main St in Plains. Based on extremely reliable sources and physical damage plain to see...

The Driver Pa State Trooper Don MacRae III (Fern Ridge Barracks) - Turn your self in for Leaving the scene of an accident and an alleged DUI and the cover up.
F--- your thin blue line.
F--- your systemic corruption.
F--- the PSP for covering up for the corrupt DA Salavantis's DUI

WB Cop Pete Cordaro (below; passenger in the car) - Turn your self in for your part in the cover up... POLICE CORRUPTION.

To protect and serve (other cops)

Plains Cops - Turn yourself in for your cover up... POLICE CORRUPTION.

PSP Captain Degnan - We have had enough. Resign. Pretend like you did not know about this. Go ahead you liar. No matter if the trooper was in Fern Ridge barracks or Wyoming... you failed to take action.

You jerks put the good cops at risk through your corruption. This is why people HATE YOU. This is what pushes people near the edge to take out cops.

I was charged with two counts of leaving the scene of an accident two years ago. Only it was never reported as an accident. How the hell does that happen? I was pinned in at Motorworld and grazed two cars during a torrential rain storm trying to get out. 

State Trooper Don MacRae III walks with nothing? 
Are you kidding me?

All cops know about this (if I know they know).
All knew about the LAG Towing auto theft empire.
All cops knew that Dessoye was protecting a drug house.

How can you possibly ask for sympathy from the public?

You are the thugs and bullies and morons from high school 
who couldn't make it in the real world. Now you want to 
get paid for "bullying with a badge." Some of you live on a diet of alcohol and steroids (and cover -ups.) If you weren't
cops you would probably be skin heads.

What is the difference between dirty cops and the bloods and crips?
The bloods and crips are more honest about what they stand for.

Go ahead... continue with your cover ups and bullying... just don't expect us to shed a tear when you are taken out. It is this shit that makes people white hot with anger. You are scum.
Do you want to know what enabling and covering up looks like?
See the WBPD former chief below (Dessoye)
This is what you can look forward to.

Alcohol plus Corruption = THIS
Dead man walking
(Emotionally dead, vacuous soul... but still is alive) 

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Comprehensive Report / Diagrams: Sent to highest officials in Florida and the U.S.

Trafficking involves coercion, force, or fraud (Home page HERE)
This report will be sent as a hard copy to many Florida and U.S. officials and other people of interest.  

I begin this writing in stunning fashion. I am dismayed, frustrated, and angry to report that sex trafficking in Broward County Florida currently operates in a lawless state. What is happening to young girls (and others) in Broward County is scarcely believable and pushes "boundaries of depravity” to unfathomable levels. Other counties in Florida operate in a near lawless state as well and much of my research could be extrapolated to them. 

Four law enforcement officials who act as racketeers (yes, you read that correctly) for sex trafficking to thrive. (1) FBI Agent Adam Granit, (2) Broward State Attorney Michael Satz (3) Broward Sheriff Scott Israel, (4) Boca Raton police chief Dan Alexander (Palm Beach)

Miracles, and only miracles, save children in Broward County. This is supported by a recent case (the only arrest I can find in 2018) whereby a 13-year-old girl had to rescue herself. She ran into a police station by herself after she had been raped by many men subsequent to being forced to ingest alcohol and narcotics. There is no indication she (or anyone) was being looked for by law enforcement. see this link HERE

Consider that the anti-trafficking FBI Agent Adam Granit, the “alleged leader” of anti sex trafficking in Broward County, who willfully and deceptively engineered circumstances that would have me falsely jailed and fraudulently charged with a felony. He did this to a me, a private citizen, who by all reasonable estimations is the most vocal and productive anti sex trafficking activist in Florida (based on recent successes). Far from viewing me as an ally in the fight against trafficking... Granit sees me as a foe to be vanquished and put away. What does this say about this FBI agent? 

Granit enlisted, or likely pressured, Boca Raton police to arrest me and put me in jail. The scheme was a sloppy and deceitful concoction whereby the police report was falsified (in four places). The report was backdated almost a month and included a fraudulent notarization. I do not believe (sarcasm) the excuse of "the Feds made me do it" is a legal and proper defense for a police department who willingly chose to be part of corruption. 

Horrific acts of sex trafficking have been (and are) transpiring within Broward County in an unimpeded fashion. (The average age of a trafficking victim is 14; the average life span is 7 years). Fortunately, my 50 hour per week "pro bono" efforts have recently yielded some very noteworthy successes. 

The New Beginnings (NB) sex trafficking house has been vacated. They operated out of a $ 2 M house in Davie FL (11000 Blackhawk Blvd) less than three miles from where FBI Agent Adam Granit has been stationed. NB called themselves a transgender surgical recovery center (for same-day "top-only" surgery for biological females... which does not require "recovery"). In regard to this house of horrors, I noted between 70-80 elements of sex trafficking (red flags / indicators) and I have publicized these for a year. See home page link for details HERE (scroll down). The home page can always be found at WBTruth.blogspot.com  

It is beyond credulity that 70-80 independent indicators would not clear the hurdle necessary to make an arrest of NB... especially since I found 48 pictures of victims / "patients" on both YouTube and the NB web site and reported what clearly looks to be minors. My research is searchable from my home page. See HERE  

ny slick trafficking operation will try its best to appear legitimate. The fa├žade is how they trick people; their false representation to the world. Dr. Desanni of Fort Lauderdale (the medical director of NB and their close friend) clearly performed some "top-only" surgeries. Yet even these girls would be trafficked as their flat chests would ignite the passions of a buyer looking for a girl who had not reached puberty. NB's revenues were generated from sex trafficking... or perhaps through fetishes and other client arrangements made through their BDSM business called "Beyond Leather" (see HERE). NB's reported financials fails to reveal a revenue stream, as though a $ 2 M house with a staff of three was just magically paid for.   

HERE. One fact is clear. Dr. Dessani did not perform 700 surgeries on 700 "patients" from New Beginnings (NB). The cost would have bankrupted both entities several times over. 700 is the number of "patients" that Leland Koble (co-owner, general manager, and the lone conduit into NB) claimed to have passed through NB. Most "patients" were tricked into thinking they would receive "top" and "bottom" surgery and were instead trafficked. For many, the horrible lives of transgender youth where they were treated as outcasts and pariahs, became 100 times worse as they became trapped as sex slaves. The same fate can be seen at the thousands of Asian massage parlors that litter the Florida landscape. (One can witness only men entering these parlors one after another... and never are they arrested as the  johns that they are. The only arrests are prostitution charges against the sex trafficked Asian women). 

Of note is the fact that after my exposure, NB changed the wording on their web site to denote "top only" surgery alone. The entire trafficking operation has been made possible through the protection of compromised FBI Adam Granit whos was stationed (for years) less than 3 miles away from the NB sex trafficking juggernaut and claimed ignorance when I spoke to him in November 2017.

Below you can see a diagram of a huge success I have achieved as an activist. New Beginnings has vacated their premises. 

Other noteworthy events in my fight against sex trafficking includes the closing of two sham non-profits in Broward County. The compromised president of the largest (sham) of these non profit was dangerously and dubiously serving as a "victims advocate" for a local university. It is my understanding that she is no longer employed at this school. If this was a move carried out by the school... I believe the administration was acting astutely and prudently. Below is a diagram illustrating the dysfunction of the non-profit.

Back to the charges against me...  I challenged the bogus charges made against me (an incident where I helped drivers successfully navigate through a broken RR crossing which is NOT a crime). The charges were dropped. However, I still suffered the loss of my freedom, $2800 (attorney plus bond), a felony arrest on my record, the humiliation of having my mug shot in the paper, and the embarrassment of having my 20-year-old son sign to bond his father out of jail. 

Please consider the (sociopathic level of) corruption and inhumane callousness that would have an FBI agent (Adam Granit) protect sex traffickers and put the top activist for trafficked victims behind bars. I ask that the reader and all law enforcement consider the cumulative loss of respect, dignity, reputation, and public trust generated by one thoroughly evil man within their ranks – a person who unbelievably remains protected and unscathed by the thin blue line. Years of unfettered trafficking buoyed by phony non-profits could only exist with protection from the law. The trafficking efforts are organized. RICO laws are violated making this a clear case of racketeering. More information on the scheme (including my passed polygraph test) is found HERE  THIS IS AN EXCELLENT SUMMARY OF THE INTENDED RETRIBUTION AND INTIMIDATION I EXPERIENCED FROM LAW ENFORCEMENT (whose goal is to protect the traffickers... Roman numeral "II" in the contents)

Many who read this letter are positioned as change makers. Others stand an arm’s length way. Since Adam Granit has abdicated his role to protect children, I ask that you, the reader, pro-actively assume a role to not only attempt help justice on its way, but to openly share these findings so minor children can be saved from the unthinkable… the unimaginable. Many child victims are not being looked for. Their cries are muffled as they suffer in silence. 

History attests that the stern will of a Godly few can stir public support. Bright lights and the call of the people precede acts of transformation. Though people are doing wonderful acts rescuing victims... the goal must be to have no more victims. This calls forth attacking the problem on the "input" or "inflow" side. Hypothetically, if no victims are coerced or forced into "the life," then we would reach the ideal situation where trafficking has ended. Lack of demand ultimately lowers demand

Solutions (see end of document for diagrams) include a decrease in demand and supply of the “offered product” (the victims). There has been no effort whatsoever to arrest the johns/rapists/buyers. Economics at its simplest level reveals that demand creates its supply. Demand, through legal means, must be targeted and thus reduced to make gains. Outside of Pascoe County (FL) who make significant arrests of johns, ground will never be taken while working within a broken model. Would you play tennis with broken strings? How about playing basketball with an oversized ball?

Reduced Demand and Supply    The indication, exposure, and arrests of compromised law enforcement personnel whose seditious acts not only freeze attempts to fight sex trafficking – but decimate efforts. Subversive acts scuttle well-founded attempts to fight trafficking. A bedrock of integrity is mandatory.
Reduced Demand and Supply   Continued awareness campaigns intended to leave no safe havens for the sellers (pimps/traffickers) who offer their wares (victims) to the buyers (johns/rapists) that support the black market.
Reduced Supply    Parental consent to “chip their kids.” What parent of an abducted child wouldn’t want this? Imagine… arrests of traffickers could take place within hours and not years! This may be the best idea.
Reduced Supply    Implode trafficking operations through “insider” bounties / whistleblower money and/or immunity for some of those arrested. Despite the disastrous war on drugs, worthy elements of this fight include methods of supply line infiltrations. “Perfect justice” (immunity for lucky whistleblowers) must take a back seat to the liberation of victims considering the abominable rescue rates of 1-2 per cent.
Reduced Supply    Implement civil forfeiture laws (where applicable) and place immense fines on traffickers. Proceeds to go to a victim recovery fund to create an economic floor through which no survivor can fall through.
Reduced Demand    Run stings to arrest solicitors. Arrest before the rapes occur. There may be no greater deterrent than public disclosure (mug shots) in the local news.
 Reduced Demand    Issue prohibitive fines against the buyers/johns/rapists. Money to fund the recovery fund.

 Reduced Demand    An option under consideration exaction of extremely heightened fines in lieu of a buyer facing public disclosure (mug shots). This would be a boon to the victim recovery fund. Buyers of sex include some of the wealthiest people in the world. Leverage can be applied to go after this wealth on a “case for case” basis. Precedent for options are omnipresent in our current legal system. Bail payments are optional. Accepting plea deals are optional. Crime stopper rewards and IRS whistleblower money are given to those who choose these options. There is a low legal hurdle for the implementation of options. 

Aggressive legislation must be passed to reflect the near unanimous will of the people and lawmakers. There is no lobby group or caucuses for sex traffickers. Laws should flow through undeterred. Whom is for trafficking? Think of the ground to be covered if all right minded people are working in harmony.

My personal story began innocently with my twin nineteen-year-olds and I signing up for what we thought was a self-growth program. This program (Gratitude Training in Pompano Beach, FL) turned out to be a toxic brain-washing cult. I left Gratitude Training because they weren’t paying workers (“volunteers”). 

However, my more impressionable kids remained within its choke-hold. The cult’s process of “breaking one down” lowers defenses. Suggestibility is thus heightened and leaves one open to engagement in other cults. One such “sister cult” is named New Beginnings (Davie, FL) which has been operating a sex trafficking ring for at least six years (and is populated, managed, and owned almost exclusively by Gratitude Training “graduates”) New Beginnings has touted themselves as a transgender surgical recovery center. Yet upon examination, one quickly realizes (in at least 70 different ways; see wbtruth.blogspot.com) that they are not (and cannot) be who they say they are. They seek out imperiled youth whether they come from the Gratitude Training cult, overseas, or any other accessible group with vulnerable kids that can be exploited. 

A sex trafficking ring this big (they claim 700 “patients”) must have a quid pro quo arrangement with law enforcement. No one could conceivably cover for this degenerate group gratuitously. The level of action and money is too high to go unnoticed. They needed help. A federal agent named Adam Granit (and others) covered for them. He clearly “showed his hand” by jailing me and no others.

A personal detail that I will share is that one of my kids is part of the LGBT community and was vulnerable to New Beginnings’ grooming. She was unable to gain a proper perspective. The panic I experienced as my child slowly slipped into the darkness was a fright seared into my soul. Who could possibly be so debauched and evil to separate a daughter from her father?  

I described the activity as an “open air” abduction. I knew my where my child was physically located – but a chasm separated us emotionally. It is this memory, and the knowledge that it is happening to others, that has propelled me forward into my anti sex trafficking activism. My child was released only after I exposed both cults (Gratitude Training LLC and New Beginnings Inc) and posted my findings in my blog. Feeling the heat, the cults soon saw my child as a liability which loosened their grip.

Seeing the value of exposing these cults, I sought to help others by shutting them down. I have been met with “legal terrorism” which includes 11 separate visits to court and a day in jail. My sanity has been questioned and I have been repeatedly dragged to court on bogus retraining orders. Nevertheless I have garnered a powerful following. The unfortunate truth, however, is that New Beginnings has been protected by law enforcement. This protection has produced the best business model I have ever seen. From a reward-to-risk perspective, sex trafficking stands by itself as the "perfect crime” for criminals in Broward County. “A drug is sold once. A child is sold thousands of times.”

“Show us a victim” (please assume throughout that victims may be male or female)    The criminal mandate of "show us a victim" is a farce. It is archaic. It’s an “old school” burden established by hoary white males who knew nothing of trafficking and viewed women as inferior. The facts are that the voiceless can’t be heard and don’t come forward. They have no context or experience to draw from. I next list some barriers that must be seen through the eyes of a young trafficked girl. Barriers that (likely) prevent young girls from coming forward may include: (1) Walking away from a (forced) drug addiction and a known “supply” (2) Coming forward (to police) while perceiving themselves to be prostitutes and/or junkies (3) Stepping into “cold turkey” withdrawal (4) Leaving the comfort of what they know to what may be jail (5) Fearing the pimp’s reprisal if they are found (6) Escaping from a trafficker; a trafficker who knows that the “go straight to jail” card is dealt only if the victim escapes. (7) Having faith that they will be taken care when faith and hope has never worked for them… not once. This is the burden that Broward State Attorney (Michael Satz) uses knowing that these barriers are insurmountable and completely unrealistic. The Assistant State Attorney (Kristine Bradley) and FBI agent Granit jointly use these contrived and insurmountable walls to justify their zero-rescue rate. The pimps and traffickers operate with immunity. The racketeers (including law enforcement) are the profiteers.  

Humane?    Is the standard humane? Is it realistic or fair to rest the fate of traffickers on the shoulders of a 15-year-old girl who has been trafficked? This is barbaric. It can’t work. It never will work. FBI Agent Adam Granit (in one long phone call) kept repeating to me “you need to show me a victim.” What he presented to me was a logical fallacy to protect himself and the traffickers. (A) I could only “find” a victim if I committed a crime myself (trespassing, burglary… even abduction) (B) I would never see a victim because Granit would see to it that I don’t. Recently a 13 year old girl came forth and she was deemed “uncooperative.” The game is easy to follow. Granit serves as the “gargoyle at the gate.” I will print here what I have told others. “He would sooner murder a girl than let her escape.” He knows where the bodies are.

Arrests of Johns    Florida statute 796.07 is very broad. The threshold for arresting johns is low. “Probable cause” arrests can be made based on the “knowledge or reasonable cause” of the john without the actual activity. This plays right into the objectives I have set forth.

A path to the traffickers    Strategies abound. For instance, undercover Johns can go to the source. One south Florida non-profit has been following the leads. They answer the ad. They visit the massage parlor. “Show us a victim?” The victim is right there in front of the john. Every single time. Yet police are (very obviously) being ordered to stay away. Opportunities are lost. If a trafficked victim is respectfully removed and taken to a very safe and warm (hospitable) house (and not the police station) she may finger the trafficker. She may want to leave “the life/” If she doesn’t cooperate – what has been lost? Safe houses like “Krista House” in Miami are doing phenomenal work. Nothing will happen until “the law” finds itself on the right side of the law.                      

Revelations    I write with a thirst for justice and a heavy heart for victims who have been or are currently being raped. I am dismayed by law enforcement who make no arrests for trafficking. Phony facades of charities and years of unfettered trafficking could exist only with protection from the law. My attestations are not based on pre-conceived agendas. 

What follows are diagrams illustrating different facets of what I have uncovered.

How does the law deflect and ignore the sex trafficking that appears before them? They use well worn excuses that prevents victims from being rescued as captured below. "Bring me a victim" is the common refrain from law enforcement whose job IS TO FIND THE VICTIMS THEMSELVES. This endeavor is should not be the obligation of private citizens. Furthermore, law enforcement is actively working against the rescue of victims because one gutsy victim could turn them all in. With certainty, I can say that Broward County is willingly, purposely, and illegally hiding victims as opposed to searching for them. Racketeering applies here.   

 It is not surprising that there have been just one sex trafficking arrests (very recent) in Broward County (2018) and no arrests of a major ring of any size in Florida. The law goes after the lowest hanging fruit if they are even bothered at all. This explains why 98-99% of victims are never found. Below is the diagram illustrating a 13 year old victim and her mother. They received no help despite constant pleadings from the mother.          

To repeat, I provide a link to activity regarding the falsified police report filed against me that was engineered by FBI Agent Adam Granit. This includes the polygraph I passed and the many nefarious actions those engaged in the scheme.  (See HERE)  

Flying under the radar are the "Asian massage parlors" in S Florida. Nearly 100 per cent of these  represent sex trafficking units as females are brought from Asia and are working under duress, quotas, force, and coercion. Fraud exists as well as they were never told they were coming to America to be sex trafficked. Many are forced to sleep in the parlors. 

The next two graphs offer solutions that will work if passed. The keys are (1) Fining the Johns (2) Offering whistleblower money to those who turn in traffickers (insiders included). (3) "Chipping" children to make the act of abduction nearly obsolete. 

ADD: (1) Victims be treated in a different class of victims as many are not ready to testify in the way we do with children. (2) Begin a "chip your kid" program to make abductions obsolete.

The next diagram explains demand and supply more thoroughly. 

My narrative    
Sister Cults    My entry into this world began innocently and naively. My twin nineteen-year old kids and I signed up for what we thought was a self-growth program. We enrolled in Gratitude Training (“GT”) in Pompano Beach, Florida. This “training” was in truth a toxic brainwashing cult. I left GT because, as a for profit company, they weren’t paying its workers (euphemistically called “volunteers”). At the same time my impressionable twins remained under its hold. The cult’s process of “breaking down” lowers one’s defenses. Suggestibility is heightened and leaves one open to engagement in other cults. 

Cult upon cult    One such “sister cult” is named New Beginnings (“NB”) located in Davie, Florida. They have been operating a sex trafficking ring for at least six years. NB is populated, managed, and owned by GT staff and “graduates.” 

11000 Blackhawk Blvd Davie FL (now empty)

Owners Bonnie Lazarus and Leland Koble

Scientology without walls    An LGBT child of mine was especially vulnerable to the grooming and fawning of the cults. Panic set in as I saw my child slipping into the darkness. Abuse of the courts commenced with a bogus “rubber stamped” restraining order filed against me by Josephine (Jo) Englesson, the owner of GT. She would later drop it. It was only filed to gain leverage. 

Abduction    I describe my circumstance as an “open air” abduction. Scientology without walls. An emotional chasm was opened and broadened between my child and me. I was awe struck at the malevolence that I was witnessing. How could a third party be so wicked as to separate a daughter from her father? And why were they fighting so hard for my child? 

It was apparent to me that my child had value in the south Florida sex trafficking world. Time was against me and my choices were limited. I thus began an earnest investigation that exposed both cults. I was tenacious in my probe. My child was finally “emancipated” only after I publicly exposed criminality of the cults. My blog reads like a handbook of cults and racketeering. WBTruth.blogspot.com is my site. 

MARK M Robbins

Lehigh University – MBA

Wake Forest University - BA Economics

CMA / CFM Certif's in Mgt Accounting / Financial Mgt

Corporate Finance, business, and teaching background


A must see; reads like a handbook to corruption / racketeering 

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