Thursday, July 21, 2016


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As I said on a previous page... In early November 2017 I spoke with a Davie officer / FBI trafficking investigator named Adam Granite. I was incensed by his callousness and boorish attitudes towards LGBT's. He literally told me that if these youth had been prostituting themselves overseas... then "it sounds like they were in a better place being trafficked out of a 2 million dollar house in Davie (New Beginnings)." 

Pull the tape of the phone call. It is there!! My conversation with Adam Granite should be on tape (Nov 6 or 7 at 6 PM... unless it was destroyed).

He said that he looked at my blog and told me that "nobody looks like a minor to me." WHAT DO YOU THINK?

The FL Attorney General office told me I had to use this bigot as my ONLY available investigator. I then felt pressured to "kiss his ass" because apparently he was my only option. NO ONE SHOULD BE FORCED TO KISS ASS WITH ANYONE WHEN IT COMES TO RESCUING SEX TRAFFICKED YOUTH. 

E MAILS - I suspected corruption from the outset... but was forced to work with Granite who I believed to be corrupt from day one! The Attorney General informed that I would have to work with him. Not a team... just him. Having just one investigator in an area by himself is an invitation for bribery. Where are best practices? Checks and balances? A massive failing by law enforcement.  

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