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Why was I arrested? Because I know too much and I am a threat to the sex trafficking / law enforcement partnership in place. The status quo. I dared to "tell the emperor he had no clothes." Why is there an FBI Agent in charge of sex trafficking with no major arrests in a decade? If he isn't taking bribes - then what is he doing? "Lies left unchallenged become the truth." After being charged with a felony (by performing a legal act) I took a polygraph to clear my name (see results). Charges were dropped. Boca Chief Alexander and FBI Agent Adam Granit could never pass what I took. They are participants / complicit with the trafficking and genocide (yes, genocide) of our young girls in Florida.

(1) FBI Agent Adam Granit (Broward) fully supports the sex trafficking trade.
(2) Boca Raton police carried out his "bidding" against me (retribution).
(3) The Boca Raton police falsified police records in at least five areas.
(4) I never committed a crime by helping cars get through a broken RR crossing. These were some of the remarks I received:
"God Bless you"... "Thank you for doing this"... "You are my hero."     

Allow me to cut to the chase: On top of everything you read below, the one undeniable fact is that the Boca Raton police department absolutely falsified a police report against me. In many places. I passed a polygraph regarding this fact. If Boca police stand by this lie... this will involve others agreeing to compromise everything that they allegedly stand for. 

BACKGROUND: There is no doubt in my mind - and within the legal community - that my felony arrest (charges dropped) was a complete "set up" orchestrated by FBI Agent Adam Granit. Granit is listed as the sex trafficking agent responsible for Broward County. Think what is says about him? That he would set in motion an arrest on me... the one private citizen activist he should be working most closely with. Can it get more corrupt?

It is more than apparent that this FBI Agent pressured the Boca Raton police (Chief Dan Alexander) to arrest me (felony and jail) for what may be one of the most nonsensical charges in recent times. The spineless Dan Alexander didn't have the decency to call me himself when I questioned him and his motives. I would not speak to them. 

I refused to be intimidated and I WANTED to put law enforcement on the stand so I could add perjury to the list of corrupt activities. I had all charges dropped. However, in our society, citizens associate an arrest with automatic guilt and this has sullied my name and has otherwise been used against me in my activism.   

The most plausible explanation  for this corrupt arrest was that Adam Granit pressured the Boca Raton police to arrest me for a felony to:
1) Sully my record
2) Intimidate me
3) Exact retribution for my accurate appraisal of Adam Granite doing (next to) nothing to fight sex trafficking. Just look at the numbers of arrests (2?). One of which was a girl who had to save herself by running into a police station.

ery real questions:
What traffickers is he taking kickbacks from? 
In reality, has he become madly rich off the backs of raped girls with an average age of 14?
Is he acting as a John and getting "serviced" himself in the trafficking world.
What word could possibly describe this evil? Spawn of Satan? Or worse?

Another astonishing fact: These corrupt officials were so eager to pin a crime on me that... are you ready for this? They actually claim to have done a police line-up on me so witnesses could pick me out of a line up (2 of 3 failed). This wasn't a murder case. This wasn't an armed hold up. This wasn't a rape. This was a good Samaritan (me) helping very stressed drivers through a broken RR crossing. A line up? Really? Tax dollars at work!

Sunday, May 4, 2018  I perform the LEGAL action (per statute) of helping cars cross a non-operational (key word) RR crossing at Glades and Dixie in Boca. I held up a wooden crossing beam. I was innocent both by (A) statute and (B) case law.

March of 2018  (a month later) Two Boca police officers (Alfredo Lima and a female) knock on my door to discuss the RR crossing break down and the help I offered. They did not arrest me and emphatically stated I was NOT being arrested. Again, the RR crossing was broken. The police report stated this. They left without even a giving me a warning. I did not assign any meeting to this meeting.

May 3, 2018 (3 months later) The Palm Beach Sheriff, based on Boca cop Alfredo Lima's "report of a crime that wasn't a crime," did the following:
1) Issued an arrest warrant for me for what (as was written out in police report) was NOT a crime.
2) I was arrested for a felony.

3) I was jailed.

4) I had to post bond.

(C) More details:
    (1) I had one hour long conversation with FBI Agent Adam Granit. My concerns were realized in his alleged role as a protector / player / racketeer regarding the sex trafficking ring called "New Beginnings" in Davie, FL (they have since vacated the premises based upon my exposure of them). 

My allegations are based upon many factors including Granit's outrageous remarks and ignorant positions on sex trafficked youth. In one example, I remarked that some “down and out” transgender youth overseas may have had to independently choose prostitution to make ends meet. To this statement Adam Granit replied, “it sounds like like these kids are in a better place in a $2 M house.” His disregard for obvious evidence and markers of truth and demonstrate his furtive and nefarious motives (see polygraph in which I verify the existence of Granit's statements). 

    (2) Additionally, there exist at least one sham anti-trafficking non profit in Broward county. The Broward Human Trafficking Coalition (BHTC) is nothing more than a façade (survivors refer to these groups as "boutique" charities). The BHTC is also linked to a "dirty" safe house called the Covenant house who allegedly rent out their residents (victims) to pimps (according to a reputable public defender). These organizations could not sustain themselves if not for the cover provided for them. FBI agent Adam Granit represents the highest level of law enforcement in Broward County.

    (3) I have also implicated the Boca Raton police for their unconscionable neglect of evidence. I have produced many legitimate factors (elements) pointing towards sex trafficking and  I have shared these with them. Their responses to my credible allegations in no way resemble appropriate concerns nor do they meet the minimal standards of protocol for crimes as serious as youth sex trafficking. The bottom line - Boca Raton police chief could not distance himself fast enough from my allegations. 

(4) Criminal intent on the part of police is supported by their falsified police report along with the insertion of two concurrent case numbers "into the criminal system" each of which denoted entirely separate dates (see "B" below). Attempt to destroy my credibility are very clear. My activism and exposure of sex trafficking has provided "heat" that law enforcement wishes to eliminate. I was the victim of retribution, intimidation, defamation, and criminal acts meant to harm me. Though charges would later be dismissed - law enforcement can still claim victory by the existence of a felony arrest along with my mug shot. 

(5) In June (2018) I voluntarily took (and passed) a polygraph test. I wanted to confirm to others what I knew to be true regarding the falsified police report and some of the shocking excerpts made by Adam Granit in our one lengthy phone call (I had taken meticulous notes after this call in November 2017). I was so dismayed and stunned by Granit's phone call that I immediately asked for an investigation of him at the time. I did not follow up on this pursuit when I was informed by the Florida Attorney General that Granit was the only resource at my disposal to investigate sex trafficking in Broward  County. It became apparent to me over time that he was dirty as could be. 

(6) In June 2018 I refused a plea deal to have my charges dropped (Palm Beach County) in return for community service. My community service involves fighting the worst crime on the planet - sex trafficking. A few weeks later all charges were dismissed. I never considered this to be a "sure thing" as one never knows how far and wide corruption extends. 

(D) Falsified police report (intentionally backdated) not included here.

Two Concurrent Cases for the same incident (what is going on here? There pursuit of corruption is full of mistakes. 

FBI Agent Adam Granit on top (Godfather)

(applicable to facts stated in this post)

Four areas questioned

The test involves incriminating & outrageous statements made by FBI Agent Adam Granit who's stationed minutes away from the New Beginnings sex trafficking mansion in Davie (Broward County). There is also the issue of a falsified police report which was likely heavily influenced by Adam Granit who clearly feels the heat from an anti sex trafficking activist (me) that he never saw coming. The sex trafficking "machine" in Broward county was working at an industrial-strength level which I took on.  

1)  Falsified Boca Raton Police report    On Super Bowl Sunday (2018) I helped people get through a broken RR crossing. A month later (March 2008) the Boca Raton police spoke with me about it. Officer Lima specifically said I would not be arrested (the RR crossing was inoperable. I was allowed to mitigate the circumstances). 2 months after that (3 months after the incident) I was put in jail and arrested for a felony. I NOTICED THE POLICE REPORT WAS BACK-DATED. Almost a month. It was falsified in at least 3 places by different people so there was corrupt intent. No mistakes here. 


2) When I spoke to FBI Agent Adam Granit (Davie, FL) in November of 2017 I took meticulous notes of our conversation. I was astounded by his bigotry and his comprehensive defense of New Beginnings’ (NB) sex trafficking ring run. I was aghast at this comment. To assume that being a sex slave is to be elevated above anything in life demonstrates his lack of fitness as an investigator and, quite frankly, as a human being. No one so ignorant and callous should put in a put in a position to try and rescue sex trafficked kids. This man has lost his humanity.

3) Another comment illustrated Granit’s full throttle defense of New Beginnings. What came to mind during our conversation was that I was talking to NB's defense attorney. There are truly only a couple of reasons why Granit would take such hard line stance in favor of sex traffickers. One reason is for cash (bribes). The other would be blackmail for having "used the merchandise." This would be rape. And this would not be the first cop to have sex with a trafficked girl or a prostitute... along with an army who know about it and say nothing. The thin blue line. This explains why the Johns/buyers/rapists  are NEVER arrested or convicted. Granit had the audacity to state to me, “I have looked through your blog and I don’t see any minors there.” This statement would come from a man who had taken bites from the forbidden fruit. No one can look at the pictures below and conclude that none of these kids are minors. These pictures were supplied by new Beginnings. Think of what they are hiding.

4) Adam Granit next played dumb. He used the “ignorance card.” Some of NB’s pictures date back to 2012. Thus, NB has been operating in seven different calendar years. The city of Davie does not contain the wealth of other Florida cities. $2 M houses stand out. Granit claimed he had no idea where New Beginnings was located. Please look at the clues I gave him and the map below. It is not believable that he did not know where NB was. I gave him this information: (a) $ 2 M house (b) off an access road (c) in a gated community (d) in a cul-de sac.

     I was furious when I hung up the phone with Adam Granit. I called for an investigation against him the next day. But the Attorney General told ne that he was the only agent in Broward County and I had no choice but to use him. I have given more probable cause than any investigator would ever need. Given what I had informationally supplied them, I believe that no investigation should be over 8 months old. There is no bona fide investigation here.


Boca Chief Alexander and Lt Nelson Guillot

Their E mails sent to me were clearly dismissive of my concerns. It is unfathomable to think that that they would have no stake in covering for Adam Granit or in the sex trafficking itself. They were unruffled and untroubled in looking the other way. Below is an E mail from Lt Nelson Guillot (Boca Police) which is entirely contemptuous and disdainful given my very credible worries. He used the corporate address of New Beginnings as a loophole to support his evasive behavior; as a way to "punt." 

It is commonly known that a corporate address is not a reliable indicator as to where actual activity takes place. I gave him ample evidence that the trafficking was concentrated in south Florida. I gave at least 7 indicators. including the naming of Davie as the hub (see flowchart just below). The most obvious reason Guillot circumvented my request for help was that he was covering for Adam Granit... or that he has a stake in new Beginnings as well.

What a cop out!!  Sex Trafficking allegations is "someone else's problem!!

Next is an equally dismissive letter from Boca Chief Dan Alexander. Stated bluntly, the attitudes of these cops towards ravaged, sex trafficked youth is reason enough for their immediate dismissal. Their callousness is truly breath taking and horrifying.


             MUG SHOT -  EARLY MAY 2017

The smile in the mug shot?
That's for you FBI AGENT Adam Granit... you corrupt sex trafficking pig from hell.

THE LAW (note that it must be operational)

FULL MONTH LATER: A Boca Raton police officer ("Alfredo Lima" with a female officer) knocked on my door. I had no idea why they was there. He said someone took a picture of me helping cars through at the RR crossing. Mind you… I offered my own personal time for those I helped. I could have been selfish and just passed through myself (my smallish car could fit under the broken beams with easy work).

Boca officer Alfredo Lima (and a female partner) supported my reporting of events by telling me that over forty 911 calls were made. There were a lot of distressed people. A month after the incident (March 2018) Officer Lima stated that "I was NOT being arrested." He lied.

Nor was I given a warning. The advantage of hindsight reveals that I was read my Miranda rights as a (dishonest) way to set me up for a future arrest. The date was falsified on the police report to Feb 10 I would assume so it would look like a timely arrest. It is nonsensical to wait a month to arrest someone for holding a cross beam at a broken RR crossing.    

THREE MONTHS LATER: A Sheriff deputy came to my residence three month after the incident to arrest me and put me in jail for a felony... “Interfering with a RR crossing.” Bond and the attorney fee was $2,800.  

The arrest has smeared me and I have paid a personal price already. A felony arrest charge gets one’s mug shot in the paper. Any employer can see this. Any volunteer org can see this. Any friend can see this. People almost always assume one is guilty if an arrest is made. EMPLOYERS will not hire someone with a felony arrest even if they are never convicted. Even if the case is thrown out. 

Carrying out retribution under the color of law is a dreadfully serious offense. On par with planting drugs on someone.  bribes are being paid and some in law enforcement have activities to hide... what happened to me is predictable... and very alarming. As a community let's keep our antennas be up.

G. August 2018   It has since been revealed that The Boca police officer back-dated the police report and had a notary lie for him as well. I have had enough. I passed a  polygraph test to hammer the point that I am telling the truth. 

Here are 2 e mails I sent to Boca police. I refused to engage in a "back and forth" and listen to their lies and efforts at damage control. They have showed me who they are!

Dear Boca Raton Chief of Police:

 If you fire someone for making racist comments... what do you do to those falsifying police reports?

   I passed a polygraph test regarding the facts of this case. I KNOW MY POLICE REPORT WAS  BACKDATED BY ALMOST A MONTH. I am not an idiot.

  On Super Bowl Sunday (2018) I helped people get through a broken RR crossing. A month later (March 2008) the Boca Raton police spoke with me about it. Officer Lima specifically said I would not be arrested (the RR crossing was inoperable. I was allowed to mitigate the circumstances). 2 months after that (3 months after the incident) I was put in jail and arrested for a felony. I NOTICED THE POLICE REPORT WAS BACK-DATED. Almost a month. It was falsified in at least 3 places by different people so there was corrupt intent. No mistakes here. 

  Fraud as clear as the noonday sun. What will you do about it? Shove it under the thin blue line? Trust me... it is out there and being read as I write this.

  And do you really wonder why people hate cops with this level of fraud? White gang bangers.

  I will know that you and others are serious about sex trafficking when a rapist (a buyer) is actually arrested. Zero % arrest rate.  Sickening...  

The word on the street is Johns don't get arrested because police would be arresting their "own." I think the "word on the street" is correct. 



E mail I sent next day in response to their request that I contact them:

On Jul 5, 2018, at 3:37 PM, Mark Robbins <markrobbins3000@gmail.com> wrote:
Sergeant Suarez of Boca Raton police:

   I received your message that you tried to contact me.

  I have devoted at least 50 hours per week of my own time over 8 months "gift wrapping" a case against a sex trafficking ring. This sex ring came way too close to my family in a very personal way.

    What has happened here is very telling and descriptive of law enforcement. The one fighting the hardest against sex trafficking is the only one to have spent a night in jail, charged with a crime , and is $2800 poorer. I must also suffer the perpetual indignity of having my "felony" mug shot put out in the ethers in full public view. I must suffer the grave consequences of this for those I meet in the future and it is clearly an obstacle in helping sex trafficked victims. Basically the police have destroyed my reputation on this alone. 

(And yes... there was an incident in 2016 where I was arrested for burglary (not convicted) as I was retrieving my bike (that I had paid for) from my then girlfriend's shared rental house that I was obviously at many times. A house where, at that time, I WAS REMITTING 700 DOLLARS PER MONTH IN RENT.  (Ken Ronan's law firm told me this arrest could be expunged but two cannot). 

     The code that law enforcement lives by is well worn and is set up to protect its own.  I refuse to be re-victimized again. In the words of Phil McGraw, "I am not going to have you piss on my leg and tell me it is raining." The thin blue line is only wired to discredit me. This is why I took a polygraph test.

The "fox watching the hen house" does not work for lawyers, judges, or law enforcement. It is a broken as the legal methodology to fight sex trafficking where less than 1 per cent of the rapists (buyers) are arrested. An inconvenient truth easily dismissed and placed into law enforcements' "big box of denial."

      The most effective way for me to be heard is through a civil law suit. This is the route I am choosing and I ask that I not harassed in the meantime. 


On Thu, Jul 5, 2018 at 1:47 PM Suarez, Chris <CSuarez@ci.boca-raton.fl.us> wrote:
Mr. R--------

I have received your email and I would like to speak with you regarding what you wrote.  I attempted to call your phone (570-592-3246) but it went straight to voicemail and the mailbox was full.  Please call me at 561-982-4824 to discuss your concerns.  Thank you.

Sergeant Suarez

Christopher Suarez | Professional Standards Bureau Supervisor
Boca Raton Police Services Department
100 NW 2nd Avenue Boca Raton, FL 33432 
P:  561-982-4824   |  F:  561-982-4875   E: csuarez@myboca.us

Stay connected…
cid:image001.png@01D1F6EA.9632D930cid:image002.png@01D1F6EA.9632D930  cid:image003.jpg@01D1F6EA.9632D930    cid:image004.png@01D1F6EA.9632D930   cid:image005.png@01D1F6EA.9632D930   cid:image006.png@01D1F6EA.9632D930                  

Please note: Florida has a very broad public records law. Most written communications to or from local officials regarding city business are public records, and are available to the public and media upon request. Your e-mail communications may therefore be subject to public disclosure. The City of Boca Raton scanned this outbound message for viruses, vandals and malicious content and found this message to be free of such content.

Jul 5 (3 days ago)


What is shocking about the police report is that literally NO CRIME is being reported. My defense could have been the own words of the police in their report!

I asked for this report on November of 2018
(1) The date is falsified (by almost a month). 
(2) The report fails to include that a female officer was with Lima
(3) Once again, a crime was NOT committed. The RR cross was not operational.


(Furthermore... I have never laid a hand on anyone my entire life. I have never been in a physical alteration. I never once spanked my children.)


(1) May 2018  Boca Raton - (Good Samaritan) -  Arrested for holding up a wooden beam at a broken RR crossing to allow distressed drivers from having to wait a minimum of approximately 30 minutes. The Boca Raton police had me jailed for this 3 months after the fact with a felony arrest. No conviction. 

(2) October 2016  Boca Raton ("stealing my own bike") - I was arrested for retrieving my bike (that I had paid for) at night from the open garage at a residence that I was paying $700 per month rent. I was paying rent for my girlfriend who was staying there. I had been at this residence many times. No conviction.

(3) 2004  Melbourne (damaged shopping cart; prior to my activism) - I removed a damaged shopping cart from a Wal Mart (yes, I specifically chose a cart from the "damaged cart" section) to push my purchases home (my car was being fixed). I was detained in order to make sure that what was in the cart was paid for (which it was). Wal Mart valued the damaged cart at a (nonsensical) value of $400 leading to my detainment. No conviction. 

As a child sex trafficking activist, traffickers / their enablers have filed wild and crazy restraining orders on me as an ineffective way to shut down my activism. In at least three instances - I had had never even had a conversation with these people. A major flaw with these orders is that anyone can file these (rubber stamped) orders by making up lies. 

In two of these orders I was accused of "setting up surveillance" within the petitioner's home (a home that I was never in). Also… hiring people in cars to watch them and following these people 24/7 (yes, 24/7). There is no check in the system for mental illness, bold faced lies, psychoses, or hallucinations. 

In my opinion... "anything/everything goes" (is considered legitimate) rubber stamped restraining orders as these ridiculous orders create a cottage industry within the system for Judges and others employed to hear these nonsense cases. It is BIG BUSINESS,

The accused are always presumed to be guilty and must go to court to clear one's name and prove innocence. I have tried to sue for defamation but was told I was not allowed. 

I am also told first hand that these are not enforced anyway and would never prevent a deranged person from doing harm. Of course, I would not personally know this as I have never lost one of these cases. 

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