Sunday, May 31, 2015

Police and Wilkes-Barre's kids

Clerical error: Frank Sorick meant to say "inspiration" above.

I wish I could identify the other officer. I know that Officer Fisher has often bought food for kids at McDoanald's who had no money.

I apologize for not being able to recognize ALL on the many officers who do great works. THIS... is how we begin to turn our city around... one person at a time.

Lastly, I offer prayers to one officer who I know is going through Chemo treatments. 

Friday, May 29, 2015

Corrupt Salavantis wipes DUI off the record (connections)

Law firm link HERE and click on "attorneys." This case went through Magistrate Barilla and then disappeared. Salavantis needs to be investigated in this very clear case of corruption.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


I Believe...  that awards given to Leighton  stand as an affront and the ultimate insult to the victims of "CARS FOR CASH" (LAG TOWING)
(no public official helped 82 yr old Natalie Aleo)
for which Leighton stood over for years.

I Believe... that anyone receiving a public salary should be routinely drug and alcohol tested.

I Believe... that if any DUI is quashed (tossed) that the authority in charge should be liable if such driver kills other people in a subsequent alcohol related accident (Proof of quashers? Marty Kane and Stefanie Salavantis and Donald Whitaker). 

Marty Kane

Don Whitaker
(Play basketball with him?  No DUI for you!)


I Believe... that attorney Phillips (partner of Assistant DA Sam Sanguedolce)  
 has received an illicit advantage from Stefanie Salavantis in making a case "disappear."  See link HERE and click on "attorneys."  This case went through Magistrate Barilla and then disappeared. Salavantis needs to be investigated in this very clear case of corruption.

I Believe... Stefanie Salavantis should resign given that she (in her own words) calls herself an "administrator," She tricked the elctorate... plain and simple. She lied. And still does.

I Believe... that Greg Barrouk should not be rewarded a city administrator job after he "partied hopped" from George Brown's "losing" party to Tony George's "winning" party (and this isn't the only "hopping" he needs to stop). 

I Believe... that Leo Glodzik is being scapegoated over what hundreds knew about. It is a crime for a law enforcement official to not report a crime. Period. Salavantis is too weak to act.

I Believe... that Stefanie Salavantis should have given "Gas Gate" to the Attorney General given Mike Dessoye, Gerard Dessoye, and Thomas Leighton are brothers and cousins. What an incestuous stew!

I Believe... that Mike Dessoye could have been a hero to his brother Gerard by getting him drug treatment.
Instead Mike Dessoye allowed his brother to fraternize with and protect his old heroin addicted girlfriend. Despicable. This sullied the entire police force (yet King's gives G Dessoye protecting its young women... yikes!!!)

I Believe... that we need "adult supervision" in the District Attorney's office.

I Know... much more will be revealed. "Stefanie" is NOT the girl next door. You can trust the girl next store. She has been completely corrupted by the likes of Kane/Leighton/Dessoyes and others. She is in too deep.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Officer arrested for stealing city gas for private use

Hmmmm... I bet you this guy had Salavantis to defend him... and to apologize for him... and to editorialize for him... and to hold his hand.

Miami-Dade police officer accused of stealing gas for private vehicle. Arrested on charges of Organized Fraud

                               Link to this story HERE.

I received the following from our sneaky DA Stefanie Salavantis:

What I would appreciate is transparency... something to the effect of "Write me in as a Democrat. If I beat Vito DeLuca on the Democratic side then I am assured victory." This is exactly the reason she sent this mailer but she never states this. This is slippery in my book. Not the whole truth.

It is signed "Stefanie." Ms. Salavantis... I am not your "BFF" and we are both out of high school. You also shouldn't be hugging police chiefs either.

AS PER THE JARED KANE INVESTIGATION: This will be interesting:
1) The conflicts of interests given Marty Kane's 30 year relationship with County detectives
2) Letter of support from County Detectives Association. (Doesn't this instill confidence in the detectives? What a joke.)

Momma Kane said brighter days are ahead. I assume this must mean a liver transplant... or two... or three.


Mommy Kane: Brighter Days Ahead?

According to Wilkes-Barre City Controller Kathy (Mommy) Kane, there are “bigger and brighter things ahead”, and “you always have the bad guys”.

One has to wonder if she’s both drunk and delusional, or seriously believes our District Attorney is.

Listen WUWB has been more critical of DA Salavantis than anyone else by far, considering the get out of jail FREE card she gave King Lie-A-Ton,  following the Gas-Gate scandal, but unless Salavantis wants to be remembered as the most corrupt District Attorney in Luzerne County History, not even the child DA herself could turn a blind eye to Petition-Gate.

Jared Martin Kane, who thought it would be easy slipping into his fathers (Judge Marty (Daddy) Kane) shoes, quickly found out that shortcuts aren’t so short in Wilkes-Barre, thanks to City Wide Towing Owner/Corruption Fighter: Bob Kadluboski. Kadluboski heard that several signatures listed on Kane’s republican petition listed names of voters who stated either they did NOT sign it, or moved out of the city/county months/years before the petition was even circulated.

But according to Kane’s mother, Kathy, the city controller, addressed supporters on Facebook on Wednesday afternoon.

“Thanks everyone for your support. Unfortunately, negative press hurt our campaign. To our true friends, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. There are bigger and brighter things ahead,” Kathy Kane wrote.

Hum, she’s not referring to a prison sentence for her son I hope.

Seriously, I despise corruption, but at the same time can’t help but feel sorry for the Kane family for what they’re going through (albeit self-inflicted) but still, as a parent, I just pray they learn something useful from all this.

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Times Leadser article by ED Lewis re: Leo Glodzik (LAG Towing)  HERE.

Leo Glodzik (LAG Towing) is going to jail. Leo Glodzik did NOT act alone. He could NOT have. It is impossible. Leo is guilty as sin... but he is also the scapegoat. At least 120 people aided and abetted him or minimally knew something and said nothing. Leighton was slipping Glodzik properties for pennies on the dollar. Gerard Dessoye stated publically that he did not keep the required records. Mike Dessoye, Head of County Detectives - did nothing. Yhe DA refused to get involved. Every single WBPD officer knew. These are the sad facts. THIS IS A HUGE RACKETEERING SCANDAL. 


Thank God for Tony George.

  1. 1.    The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, commonly referred to as the RICO Act or simply RICO, is a United States federal law that provides for extended criminal penalties and a civil cause of action for acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Farce of investigation begins against Jared Kane: Times Leaser article

Times Leader: Investigation into Kane... See HERE.  Cit Voice article HERE!

Folks... don't get your hopes up. These are the County Detectives that somehow missed a decade of "Cars for Cash" (LAG Towing)... they missed "Credit Union Gate" and sided with Leighton on "Gas Gate." In another words - they are crooked. Very Crooked.

... led by Mike Dessoye
... brother of Gerard Dessoye
... cousins to Leightony
... cousins to Bill Vinsko who has been advising Jared Kane
.... Vinso and city council led by George Brown, Mike Merritt, and Bill Barrett has perpetually turned a blind eye to corruption.

This is investigation is a farce before it is started. DA Salvantis... please turn over to state Attorney General! The crooked deals that Magistrate Marty Kane (the dad) made with nearly everyone within reach for decades are incalculable. 


To the Corrupt:  Vote early and vote often  (from Wake UP Wilkes-Barre)

Only in Luzerne County would voters not only take stock in the old saying"Vote early and vote often", but actually implement the process.

There are those on the street, (and not just a few), who believe their relatives have been voting from beyond the grave. I guess it's not hard to imagine, after all many of them likely signed Jared Kane's nomination petition...

For those of you who benefit from corruption, this is where you'll want to STOP READING, but for the honest voters, the folks who are struggling just to get by, working two jobs to pay for this culture of corruption, the FREE GAS, the kickbacks, for those who saw their name on Jared Kane's petition, yet know they didn't sign it, those of you who TRULY want honest representation for a change, Wake Up Wilkes Barre has devised your Anti-Corruption Candidate List. 

  • Tom Malloy (Cross Filed)

  • Sam Troy (D)

  • Tony George (D)
  • Frank Sorick (R)

  • Steven A Urban (D)

District A
  • Tommy Sorick (D)
  • Joe Bernado (R)

District B
  • DEMOCRATS WRITE-IN Tony Brooks (R)
  • Tony Brooks (R)

District C
  • Sam Troy (D)
  • Stephen J. Urban (R)

District D
  • Thomas Unvarsky (D)

District E
  • William Smith (D)

Last minute dirty tricks regarding door flyer (Bill Fleming)

Criminal Tom Leighton's sidekick George Brown resorted to attacking Tony George for doing the right thing, Tom Leighton was nothing more then a criminal involved with so much corruption in the city, from the cover up in the credit union to LAG towing, and the theft of city gas. his sidekick George Brown knew all along what this mayor was doing , and he has the nerve to attack Tony George for wanting to help the citizens of the city with racial problems, Tony George was called out on WILK Steve Corbett and did a fantastic job of clearing his reason for meeting with a group, George Brown refused to call in, just like George Brown refused to answer questions at city hall meetings, him and his cronie Leighton ignored a veteran trying to get some answers , he wouldn't even respond, George Brown admitted no wrong doing in the case of the flyer about Tony George, but can anyone trust Brown after what his hero has done to the city??..

Friday, May 15, 2015

Kathy Kane: "I wanted to leave something for my son."

Before reading below... please stay focused on election day. In my four years as an activist against corruption - TONY GEORGE is the ONLY public official to publically stand against corruption. HONESTY and INTEGRITY are the most important attributes in leadership.

KATHY KANE: "I wanted to leave something for my son." This was the sentiment of Kathy Kane as she and Marty Kane are ready to head to Florida. Leave something? A home? No. A car? No. A $90,000 elected job as a Judge? You bet.

She still takes care of her 32 year old son who lives at home. The two numbers on the the campaign web site are numbers for Kathy Kane. Talk about enabling!

It would appear that she is untethered from reality. But not fully. This is a statement on how corrupt Wilkes-Barre is. The corrupt order from a menu. George Brown votes with Leighton? In. Know the school board president? Where do you want to teach? 

There comes a point where economies of scale kin in. This is where those benefitting from corruption outweigh the honest people who vote. We are teetering right now on the precipice. VOTE! If this elsection slides away we may never get our city back. Bye Bye Wilkes-Barre... and cities it infects.

PostedSat night: 

Jared "Baby" Kane has become as elusive as Eric Frein. He has to eat, right? Maybe he will show up at the scheduled breakfast below.
This way victims of forgery and the press may finally speak to Kane. He is certainly a (crazy) momma's boy. The numbers below go directly to Kathy Kane who refers to "justice activists" as the "bad guys." What the silly drug of alcohol will do!

("Baby Kane" courtesy of Steve Corbett)


1) Apparently, sources say,  Jared Kane has had 3 DUI's and two were thrown out. He blew a mind blowing .267 on the one. he hit two parked cars... a block apart. Question? Who believes a Magistrate should be charged with murder if they throw out a DUI and that person kills someone?

2) Very good word tells me at least three parties will be filing private criminal complaints against Jared Kane for forgery on Monday. PEOPLE ARE IRATE THAT THEIR NAMES WERE FORGED.

3) Confidence in our District Attorney to act on this matter remains very low. One resident commented that Stefanie Salavantis is official property of "Kings and Queens" of Wilkes-Barre... Leightons, Kanes, Dessoyes, Braces, and Judd Shoval. .

4)  Below is posted part of a legal document. Imprisoned "Kids for Cash" Judge Conahan did a favor for his alcoholic buddy Marty Kane. Conahan gave Jared Kane a job. The post below explains that spoiled brat Jared Kane showed up "sometimes" and when he did he was drunk. (Sorry for the gap between the 2 pages).

NEW: JARED KANE...  Condemned Homicide house on petition. Scroll down for more info on Kane.

Picture and article courtesy of Roger Dupuis and Times Leader HERE.   

COPY of Petition   HERE    (courtesy of Citizen's Voice)

NEWS ARTICLES (Jared Kane Fraud)
- Betty Roccograndi's column in Times Leader  HERE.
- Times Leader article re: Jared Kane  HERE!
Citizens Voice article re: Jared Kane HERE.

South Park meets Wilkes-Barre...
... and Solicitor Bill Vinsko... front man for the corrupt
... Honorable mention... Mike Merritt (voted in favor of Leo Glodzik for years)
... Honorable mention... Maureen Lavelle (voted in favor of Leo Glodzik for years)
... Louis Elmy... School board director whose family tree fits under public organizational chart
... posthumously... Drew McLaughlin (former City Spokes joke)
... posthumously... Maureen McCormick (former City Manager)

Redemption award: WBPD Chief Robert Hughes for humility and earnestmess in new position as chief.

Redemption award: Most of WBPD who carry on in one of the most dangerous cities in the nation and have not resorted to violence (as seen in other cities). They also have to work under a corrupt Mayor.

Redemption award: Prayers to one WBPD officer with cancer. This person is well thought of by many (despite presumed mistakes)


1) DISQUALIFICATION? Apparently too late... but he is clearly short of 100 signatures.  
2) FORGERY: DA Salavantis should press charges immediately as we have many people who claimed not to have signed the petition (whose names were on).
3) PERJURY: Jared Kane lied to the notary when he stated that all signatures were valid "under penalty of perjury." Word has it his notary is also his Treasurer. This is too much.


The legal aspects:
1) This case in New York is similar to Jared Kane's fraud. This man spent weekends in jail.   Link HERE    

2) Forgery is to be elevated to a felony of the third degree if the writing purports to be a will, a dead… or other document evidencing, creating, transferring, altering, terminating, or otherwise affecting legal relations. Link HERE

Defense to forgery charges
A)    Lack of intent to defraud or injure
B)   Lack of knowledge that a writing was forged


"This will also be the end to Salavantis if she let's this one slide too. The public is watching and you're definitely not going to let this one go."

"Do your job now, Salavantis! These people said the signatures are not theirs. Kane signed that he was the circulator of the petition. He verified that he witnessed these people sign the petition. Arrest Kane immediately. I'm so sick of this DA being political." 

"Pure scam. And this pathetic little political hack most likely going to win. 89,000 per year. - 6 year term. Over half million for the little scammer. Forged signatures and this kid might be wearing a justice robe. This is truly underhanded scam. >. This is criminal.. WB voters. - Do not vote for this fraud and poor excuse for a person."

"This is the ultimate in regards to a persons character. Does this really surprise anyone? DUI's, fired from state and county positions....."

"Stephanie (Salavantis), darling, all eyes are on you. It will be interesting to see when and how your coaches are going to strategize the plays for this one. If it weren't so dangerous, it would be absolutely hysterical."

"A wanna-be magistrate who lives with his parents at the age of 33? And you are going to judge people before you? Seriously?"

“Salavantis, do your job. This is crystal clear. These people said the signatures are not theirs. Kane himself signed as the circulator of the petition. Boom. Guilty. Let's see how you get out of this one, Missy DA.

"We are just about to see how corrupt luzerne county is !! The corrupt Kane family will win this election by what ever means necessary !!! Plus having supported DASalaventis in her race against DA Musto Carrol will pay dividends for them !!! Salaventis will put this invitation in the political friends and family file along with Judge Gartley and all the attorneys that were OVER BILLING HE COURT WITH HER PERMISSION !! This county will never change it so sad!!!"

"Kane is such a horrible liar. He's one of the biggest disgraces ever to fall on this ballot. His day will come for sure for this. You think your name will save you? Haha!!"

Master plan? Like what?!? How can he relate to people that have jobs, families and responsibilities? He still lives at home with mommy and daddy. Cut us a break already!
How about, "Kane needs a job sucking of the public teat for the rest of his life?" This name-recognition nepotism needs to end...NOW! The Kiddie-Kane looser needs to go bye-bye.
I will say this again:

if ya got any doubt, then vote to keep him out, No Kane,
try to better your town and don't vote, for that clown, No Kane,
say bye-bye, say bye-bye, say bye-bye, No Kane

"Unbelievable!!!!! Now it's in the hands of Salavantis. Don't worry, Kanes. She'll never take any action. Maybe she'll claim he had no policies or procedures in place so he can't be prosecuted. Oh wait. That was Gasgate. Oh, I know. She'll let Kane hire his own investigator. Oh no. That was Gartleygate a/k/a Stevensgate. This should be good."

Here's how it plays out behind the scenes
Vinsko: (calling Jared on his phone.) Hey dunce, we had them, did you forge sigs? (Jared doesn't answer, he's drunk by now, hell it's Happy Hour.)
Vinsko: (Calling Kathy Kane) Hello Maam, we're working on it, any idea where we can find Jared?
Kathy Kane: (unrecognizable screaming) &%&#$^#&$(#$)#*$(*#*$(#*$(*#*)(*)(**)$&*#^$*&!!!!!!!!!!!!! (pukes in the background)
Vinsko: Yes maam, I'll find out and take care of it. (Hangs up)
Vinsko: (Calls Marty Kane at the local watering hole) Hey Skip, is the old man there?
Skip: Hold on.
Marty Kane: Kane, what's up?

Vinsko: Mr. Kane, we have a problem do you know where Jared is?
Marty Kane: On the bench, BAHAHAHAHAHAHA. (Hic-up)
Vinsko: No sir, seriously do you know where Jared is?
Marty Kane: OK, (hic-up) he went out with the ol lady tonight.

Vinsko: Where?
Marty Kane: Happy Hour, how the he&& do I know, we hang at different watering holes, Why?
Vinsko: Well sir they're asking about the signatures on the petition?
Marty Kane: Take care of it, why are you bothering me? (Hic-up and hang up)
Vinsko: S*&(! Call the Voice. Okay folks, “Obviously, it’s a very sensitive subject with an October surprise-type issue,”
Ya think Vinsko, that's all ya got???????????????????? They're all stooges to the Kane's. Come on Vinsko grow a set and tell us what you really think?"


NOTES (Copy of petition from Citizen's Voice  HERE)

- Jared Kane owes at least $40,000 to contributors for election fraud.

- Once again, Stefanie Salavantis editorializes for the corrupt saying she is "mindful of the election timing." Note to Stefanie: Please zip it and do your job.

- FBI notified... Salavantis would never turn on Marty Kane's son

- News articles below         Great work, Citizen's Voice !!!

From B Kalinowski of Citizen's Voice)  Terri Bonn-Smith, (#10) one of the five people who told The Citizens’ Voice she did not sign the petition, said she was shocked to see her name on the petition and that she was “angry” over the matter.
“I take my signature very seriously,” said Bonn-Smith, who lives at 262 E. Northampton St. and owns a salon next door,
Bonn-Smith noted that the petition had her name printed in reverse as “Smith-Bonn.” After being shown the petition, which also included her husband’s name, she called him. He said he didn’t sign it either. “That’s bogus,” Sean Smith (#11) said of the signature.
Bonn-Smith said no one approached her about signing a petition for Kane, and even if they had, she would not have signed it.
“I don’t know who he is, so absolutely not,” she said.
Three others — Tara Tesar (#36) , of 105 Rees St., Elizabeth J. Harris (#54), of 130 S. Meade St., and Sara Klinges (#39) of 161 S. Grant St. — told The Citizens’ Voice the signatures in Kane’s petition are not theirs.
“That’s not even close to my signature,” Klinges said.

Thursday, May 14, 2015


Before I begin, I first want to present a voting record comparison:

As far as George Brown stretching the truth...
When you think of Management... do you think of CEO, President, Vice-President etc.? George Brown claims 38 years of management experience including international companies like RCA and GE.

TRUTH STRETCHER # 1    It sounds like GE and RCA are two different corporations, right? Well not exactly. GE bought out RCA in Mountaintop. It was the same physical location. George Brown makes himself out to be a "globe trotting" hot shot when in fact he never left Mountaintop. Roger Bishop was head of HR when I was there and Joe Spoone was before him. I don't even know if George Brown was the head of Human Resources at any time.

My source?  Me. Because I worked there as well... after Harris Corp bought it. I worked as a Senior Financial Analyst after graduating from Lehigh's MBA program. This company was then bought out again by Fairchild Semiconductor.

TRUTH STRETCHER # 2   Having worked there, Human Resources was a functional office with a staff of maybe four. To claim this to "management experience" is really stretching it. Working in human resources is NOTHING LIKE running the company. 


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Current performance is the best predicter of future results

And isn't this truth with Tony Brooks running for WB council!!

Consider: If you were interviewing an employee... would you hire the person that doesn't show up?

If you were a broadway director... would you hire the actor who couldn't remember their lines?

If we are electing a councilman... shouldn't we looking at the the efforts they made in their campaign in order to assess how they'd perform on the job?

Based on CURRENT PERFORMANCE (as a basis to judge future results)... Tony Brooks is head and shoulders above all candidates. 

Look at the enthusiasm for meet and greet!

He has run his campaign with surgical precision:
    - He responds to every phone call
    - He has made himself available via e mail and facebook
    - He alerted voters where & when he'd be knocking on doors
    - He is the only candidate in Council B to have a Facebook page

Only Tony Brooks scored perfectly on the table below. If other candidates aren't communicating... why on earth do you think they will improve when in office?

Why would one ever vote for someone who makes a half effort or no effort? We of course know the reason: Corruption or nepotism.

Voters are cheating themselves if they vote for anyone besides Tony Brooks. Here is what you do:

On Tuesday:
Democrats need to write him in as a Democrat.
Republicans can find his name on the ballot.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Roger Dupuis of the Time Leader reports that Leo Glodzik might go to jail if his bail is revoked.   See HERE

Why now?  With an election coming up? This is a "dog and pony" show to make it look like the DA is acting "tough." Glodzik did not and could not have acted alone in his "Cars for Cash" criminal empire. This has striking parallels to "Kids for Cash."  Here, Glodzik is being scapegoated for many other "guilty as sin" people. Leighton and Gerard Dessoye and many others paved the way for Leo Glodzik. 

Who knew about LAG Towing?
Leighton knew because he made it possible for LAG Towing. He was the head racketeer. Obviously at least a few few cops were on the take.
George Brown and city council (Barrett/ Merritt/ Lavelle) knew because I told them about it for two years straight at city council meetings. They never helped a single victim.
Gerard Dessoye (former Chief of WBPD) knew because he refused to keep the mandatory records for LAG. He was also busy with his romantic heroin interest… his heroin honey.
Mike Dessoye knew what his brother was up to. The other county detectives had to know.
The DA: I told Stefanie Salavantis about LAG before she was even elected. Her office discarded stolen vehicle complaints like they were trash.
Tony George knew and stood up against corruption. THE ONLY ONE!! NO JOKE !!


Background: Early in the morning  a man tried to break in to Ms. Sudnick's home. He tried to enter through both the door and a window. Shelby and her young son cowered on the back porch. They were terrified. (disorderly conduct doesn't seem to fit... whatever).

More comments from Ms. Sudnick:  "Hi Mark, Thank you foe all you do. Tony reached out to me on Saturday. My husband called him on Monday and met with him in the afternoon. He spoke to headquarters on our behalf. He is a wonderful man and he is the only one that did anything about this. I am forever grateful to him and I truly believe he will be a great mayor and clean up the city. He is a genuine, kind man and always puts the concerns of citizens first.

Monday, May 11, 2015

I wouldn't elect Bill Barrett as dog catcher

Bill Barrett was part of the four person corruption team (G Brown. Merritt/Barrett/Lavelle) that kept Leighton and LAG Towing afloat. Imagine... Barrett, a former former police chief, voted for years in favor of the criminal empire, Dementia? Or just breathtakung corruption? Times leader article on this race HERE

Unvarsky - distinguised caree as WBPD

The call of justice implores us to vote for a sober Magistrate. 

Please do not under any circumstance vote an alcoholic who has done nothing but leave wreckage in the past from his drinking. Please... let's not embarrass ourselves. I refer to Jared Kane. 

Why is there no WB Magisterial court on some (all?) Fridays? Marty Kane and Tini Ninotti are together drinking at what some would consider a "low botton" bar.

LEIGHTON CORRUPTION SCORECARD  (More crimes committed since last update)
 Gas gate
Leighton theft
 How WB cops are promoted 
$ 4.6  M for non functional camera system.    
Spending run amuck 
 Gifts/bribes from city contracted towing company   
 1/2 M OWED LAG Towing sets recordhttp://citizensvoice.com/news/glodzik-hit-with-lien-owes-more-than-500k-1.1508559 
 Sweetheart Prop dealsMayor provides gifts for Glodzik      http://purebunkum.com/?p=8002 
 LAG Towing goes for the FBI bait cash 
Towing Company auto theft ring 
 Protected Drug House
 Police chief's "heroin honey" 
 Biggest Civil Rights lawsuit in NEPA annals 
No Justice No Peace 
Police withhold crime on reports  
7 MURDERS IN 7 MONTHS  Crime rampanthttp://m.citizensvoice.com/news/w-b-man-murdered-in-city-s-7th-homicide-1.1523255      http://www.wbtruth.blogspot.com/2013/07/wb-murder-rate-506-higher-than-average.html
JJ Murphy and friends 
Senta Boyer - just one victim saved 
 Who is involved
 City Conspirators 
 The King's Shuttle

 Some WB Cops are diamonds in the rough
Crony contractor 
 MILLION DOLLAR MYSTERYCan a Mayor hide $1 Million? http://www.wbtruth.blogspot.com/2013/07/can-mayor-hide-1-million.html 
 CORRUPTIONSee Corruption scorecard at http://www.wbtruth.blogspot.com/2013/07/blog-post_25.html 

Million Dollars
Theme song

Mysteriously appears