Wednesday, December 21, 2016


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A Gratitude Training student in New Brunswick, NJ tipped me off that Gratitude Training looks to "slip under the radar" by changing names. A review of the evidence confirmed to me that her statements to me are completely true. 

The following shows the GOOGLE SPOTS "3 and # 4 occupied by if a "Gratitude Training" search is made. I do not think they can overcome this exposure which is why they are looking to change names. Anyone looking to take Gratitude Training always does a google search first.  

Monday, December 19, 2016


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Verbatim Comments from a LMHC who had taken the "for profit" GRATITUDE TRAINING LLC (GT) 

(1) After reading through all of what you (Mark Robbins) have written in your blog and what (founder) Jo engleson has written (to Gratitude graduates) and others.... I can't say that anything you have written is untrue. In fact it's pretty much on point. So I guess we shall see whether "source" works in her favor. The other thing I found interesting was the GT quote "we are 100% responsible for 100% of everything we create or 100% of everything that happens in our lives." So then we can say Jo Engleson is 100% responsible and that she created Mark Robbins and his truth. There you go. She created it, brought you right into her atmosphere, no accident. Carry on Warrior!!

(2) I've read what you written on your closed Facebook group. I do not wish to be part of the taking down of gratitude training, however, I will say that as I was signing the voluminous amount of paperwork releasing the Gratitude company from harm, I knew what to expect because much of what I did in gratitude part two I have done in experiential counseling groups where there were professionals available. I did in fact mention to several group leaders and others of my concern that the psychological content brought up in part 2 could be dangerous for some and that it would be a prudent idea to have professionals on hand in case of unexpected group participants reactions. My understanding is that there are professionals in case of such and incident. I personally, did not meet these professionals and was in fact concerned. Now on the other hand, I have seen participants experienced great freedom when allowed to express emotions that have been unexpressed since childhood. Those are the strong people, those are the people who can handle the intensity of that kind of psychological experiential work. So I cannot disagree with your protest in this area.

(3) I'm actually quite surprised that there are not more breakdowns or psychiatric issues with participants. Although, if there were we probably wouldn't hear about them would we? I put off ML (Part three; 80 days) and I didn't know why I was putting it off. I even held the fundraiser for the people that went to part one and two with me at my apartment building. I just had this feeling of unrest or I don't know I just trusted my gut on it and I just didn't do it. And it is true, all of those people that loved me so much and called me so much... Just stopped... I did feel that I was not "part of" it any longer

(4) In terms of forced labor or people working 60 hours a week for free, I believe that they are making a choice to do so with the understanding of the terms set out. yes, we can argue that they have been brainwashed. The thing is Mark, groups like this have been around since the late 60s. I am sure you are well aware of that. Life Spring, EST, landmark, Etc. Gratitude is no different than any of these. My question to you would be... Were you personally hurt or damaged in some way by gratitude or its leaders or trainers? Wondering why you feel as strongly as you do, as there are many atrocities and wrongdoing occurring every day in many places in our country not to mention our backyards. Anyways, I hear you. and it's way bigger than you or I. And like I said I have something much more pressing personally. I wish you well on your journey..

(5) I know you do (have an intent to liberate people). And I don't have any sense that (you have) a personal Vendetta. I just don't know that I want to be involved in that. I was never scared I was more pissed off. I didn't like that feeling of being manipulated and guilt-tripped it just felt like so much emotional blackmail. Luckily I have more knowledge and also I don't let people push me into things I don't want to do. That's why I wouldn't fit in with that group of people for very long. I speak up. They didn't like that at all... LOL

(6) Although exposing Gratitude for who they really are is not where I believe my energy and time would be best served. Truth is, there are people who need to be led. I'm not one of them. I received what I needed from my experience with gratitude. You must feel as strongly as you do for a good reason. I support your willingness to trust your gut and to do what is right for you. But I am not a foe. Just a woman who recently lost a really well paid job when the company shut down operations and let everyone go. All of my energy is focused on finding employment fast! I'm a licensed mental health counselor....in case you happen to have any leads..lol.