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VIDEOS and PICTURES (Videos removed because GT is being sued... but the pictures remain!)
(1) Click HERE  - Secrets, family break ups, "naked cuddle puddles" If your mind heads into a "curious and erotic direction" - Cancel this thought!! Do NOT envision a bevy of male/female swimsuit models... most will want to make you turn away.)

(2) Click HERE  - Over 80 nude/almost nude frames of participants… This YouTube video actually comes with a warning !

(3) Click HERE - This video is a must see, See 3:30 - 4:40. Do you know how crazy this is? "You create everything in your own life AND everything in the world."   In other words, if a meteor kills someone in Japan - YOU CREATED IT. Every abortion in the world? YOU CREATED IT. The goal of World Peace from the "Creative Peacemaker" (Jo Englesson) is clearly delusional. "Creating castles in the sky with the intent on living there" seems to be a prerequisite for cult leaders. They live in fantasy and interpret it as real. People mistake this for charisma.

(4)  Nudity and sleaze. See HERE   (YouTube took down the video because of the nudity within Gratitude Training)
(5)  Divorces, Relapses etc. Click HERE    
(6)  "Pre-promising" True friends don't recruit their friends into GT. Click  HERE 
(7)   Founder Jo Englesson - A snip from her video "We are not a cult... but actually we are." Click HERE   
(8)  Interview with an alleged GT trainer.  Click HERE.  
(9)  Jo E and Jim Jones Comparisons  HERE
(10)  Pressure to recruit HERE


FRANCINE RAHE and her sex empowerment class ads below.  Rahe has no o license as a sexologist or for mental health... just a sex trafficker and BDSM dominatrix. RAHE is the SLEAZE QUEEN. In the training she asks who has been molested and who has molested anyone. 




ABOVE (Jo E's poor attempt at humor... "drinking Kool Aid"
The fact that she spends 28 minutes explaining the the "cult" is evidence it is a cult.


The three "interns" at New Beginnings (everyone in next 2 pics are GT grads)

Elliott Rivera, Khia "Luna" Clark, Leland Koble (co-owner NB). Thomas Mills III
Next pic... Khia "Luna" Clark, Elliott Rivera, Thomas Mills III, Bonnie Lazarus  (co-owner NB)

LELAND KOBLE  and  BONNIE LAZARUS are romantic partners living in Miramar, FL

HOW DOES NEW BEGINNINGS PAY FOR A 2M house and 3 helpers?
What are they doing? 


 Yvette Reyes (left)  GT instructor and attorney for GT
Laurie Emery (right) - a real "swinger" for a Boca Psychologist

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I would like to nominate Justin Lee to be honored as part of MSNBC’s national “Pride 30” celebration which will recognize those in the LGBTQ community who are considered “stand outs.”  Justin Lee is a speaker, activist, author, and founder and director of the Gay Christian Network (GCN) which hosts a prolific online presence and hosts a annual conventions attracting attendees in the thousands. He is one of the most respected individuals regarding LGBTQ affirmation within the church. 

Justin Lee

Gay Christian Network web site. Here is the LINK.
A nice summary of his work van be found at Wikipedia under his name -  Justin Lee. Here is the LINK.

Taken from Gay Christian Network’s web site

Justin Lee had the faith and courage to address LGBTQ issues within one of the major bastions of bigotry in our culture – the church. Most especially the conservative church. Justin Lee was a torch bearer. He started the Gay Christian network in 2001. This was a time when gay acceptance was pushed under the rug for nearly all churches. Justin Lee perhaps more than any other individual can be credited with invoking the conversation between LGBTQ orientations and the church. His first gathering in 2001 had approximately 30 people. The Gay Christian Network now attracts thousands to its annual conventions. These conventions contain “breakout rooms” addressing topics pertinent to LGBTQ’s and those who support them (like me as a father to a gay son).

Church in rural Georgia

When my son “came out” I researched and found Justin Lee’s name. Fortunately, my son came from a family that embraced him… but I wanted to know more. I read Justin Lee’s book called “Torn” and even handed out 30 copies for free at a local “Gay Day” celebration. This book helps one get into the mind of one struggling with their sexual orientation. I perhaps know this struggle more intimately as I knew the culture at Wake Forest University where I graduated a decade ahead of Justin Lee (I am 53). While I was there no one came out as gay. It just didn’t happen although Wake Forest has made life much more comfortable for LGBTQ’s over time.

“TORN” by Justin Lee

Supporting my son by attending NYC gay parade.
Pictured in Purple shirt is Mayor Deblazio.
Justin Lee has created a community where LGBTQ’s feel safe and supported.

Many of the conversations within the church may not be happening if Justin Lee, starting from nothing, didn’t create a powerful network that has helped illuminate the status quo. Someone had to be first. Justin Lee was that man. Of note too is how Justin Lee has advanced LGBTQ affirmation in the church in a remarkably peaceful way. He respects other view points and no one is “banned” from his conferences (OK… the Westboro Baptist Church may be stopped at the door).

Westboro Baptist Church picketed GCN  conference that I attended in Portland, Oregon. They were drowned out and surrendered and left the premises.

Justin Lee can be largely credited with the demise of “conversion therapy” as he created the space for its founder, Alan Chambers, to speak at a GCN conference. Chambers lead the powerful Exodus International, which attempted to convert gays to straight folks. Chamber admitted to a packed crowd that conversion therapy was an unmitigated disaster. Alan Chamber could not point to one person who was successfully converted. Since this point a ground swell has emerged and states in our nation have moved to deny this type of therapy.

Alan Chambers and Exodus International

There are other organizations now set up lime GCN. The Reformation Project run by Matthew Vines for example. Matthew Vines is another worthy candidate but I assume I am to just nominate one person. I nominate Justin Lee because he had the vision and courage to be first. Being first brings with it faith and courage without the knowledge of whether or not his pursuit would be successful. Justin Lee stayed true to his principle and the thriving Gay Christian Network is evidence of his faith filled efforts.

Ii is noteworthy that I was a graduate student in ministerial studies at Liberty University. However, I left that school when I learned of Liberty Counsel and Matt Staver (who stood beside the “Kentucky clerk”) who heads the law school. I was shocked when I heard that Attorney Matt Staver of Liberty University was representing pro bono a heinous man named Scott Lively.

Left to right: Mike Huckabe, Kentucky clerk Kim Davis, Matt Staver Head of Liberty Counsel

Who is Scott Lively? Scott Lively (charged with “Crimes against humanity”) has been a spreader of gay hate around the globe. In Uganda he helped create a “Kill the Homos” bill which posted pictures of prominent gays in tbe newspaper and asked the public to murder these people. Lively also has worked with Russia in spreading bigotry at the time of the Russian Olympics. The work of Justin Lee is as important now as ever. The recent findings of torture and killings of gays in Chechnya bears this out.

Scott Lively; charged with Crimes against Humanity

I have created my own web site that pulls together much of what I have learned at the Gay Affirming conferences I have attended. My web site is effective in debunking the Bible scriptures against gays that many conservative Christians peel literally off the page. I am also more salty and outspoken than most. See this LINK.



 I earnestly ask that Justin Lee be chosen by MSNBC as a pioneer and a difference maker in the LGBTQ community and that he be cited for his efforts which he so richly deserves.

                                                                                  Very sincerely,

Mark M Robbins

Mark M Robbins

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