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Luna Clark

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Luna Clark (approximately age 22) was likely courted  by Francine Rahe (Head GT Trainer) during Part 2 of Gratitude Training in June 2017. There was an exercise where we the participants were asked to close our eyes and were asked a series of personal questions... some pertaining to felonious criminal acts against children.

One question was: Have you ever molested anyone? I told myself... F this... I am not shutting my eyes for this... I want to know who the child molesters are. As clear as the "noon day sun" I saw Kiah Luna Clark raise her hand. I am "polygraph ready" sure of what I saw. I did my civic and legal duty by reporting Luna Clark to the authorities (they claimed they need a specific victim). The trainers and staff of GT repeatedly and brazenly break the law by not reporting the molesters within. It appears that there is a calculated reason. New Beginnings has a team to build. A sex trafficking team.

Like the NXIVM cult recently featured on ABC's 20/20... Gratitude Training (founder and self appointed guru Jo Englesson) looks for material for blackmail. In fact my understanding is that these sessions are secretly recorded and/or videotaped by Gratitude Training for the express purpose of having students commit "blood oaths" unbeknownst to them. Though it may not seem possible, I believe that GT is even more diabolical than the meanest street gangs where at least there appears to be consent and knowledge that an oath is being made and carried out. If murder is "death sentence worthy"... what is the price to pay for the sex trafficking of hundreds of young biological females?

Nothing is sacred in those rooms. All material will be used against those who don't "play the game." If you are wondering about me... they put me through a five hour deposition. Fortunate for me I don't have a criminal history to cover for. I don't have any violence in my past. All I have are false allegations... some of which GT has doctored.

The data on the three New Beginnings "interns" (for what? interns for trafficking?) is very comparable and they are all likely caught up in the evil triad. Luna stands apart for me because (1) She has admitted in front of me to being a molester (with Francine Rahe standing right behind her) (2) She clearly "works" for New Beginnings (perhaps as a low level manager known as a "bottom" in the human sex trafficking world., and (3) "Luna" appears as a staff member on the third part of the triad - the "Beyond Leather" BDSM cult.

Kiah Luna Clark graduating from Gratitude Training (Fall 2017)

Elliott Rivera and Kiah "Luna" Clark were dating when I knew them Summer 2017.

Above:  Luna Clark, Elliott Rivera, Thomas Mills III, Bonnie Lazarus.
June 25, 2017 
left to right... Elliott Rivera (side shot), Thomas Mills III, Luna Clark

Elliott Rivera below at New Beginnings
How long has Elliott Rivera been there?
The pic below looks like a 14 year old.

The African American girl on the left represents a prototypical New Beginnings victim.
This girls speaks French, is from Switzerland, was flown in by herself... and is as vulnerable to being trafficked as any young person could be. It is apparent she would not be missed.

This is how New Beginnings works!
Where is this girl now? Sold? Still being trafficked? Dead?

Below: Luna's FB page with Elliott Rivera.
Note to Children's Home Society - Is this who you want to be affiliated with?
Cults and traffickers and BDSM filth?

BDSM "Beyond Leather" Event May 2-5

Above: "Network gathering" 
Sex Trafficking team of Dr Sasanni, Bonnie Lazarus, Trans porn star Buck Angel, Leland Koble.
Dr Rusell Sasanni was also at the gathering at NB on June 25 2017
Dr Rusell Sasanni  also appears in a picture with Elliott Rivera at NB. 

 Jo Englesson and her described "dynamic duo" partner, Francine Rahe
Chris DeSanti
Huckster and guru wannabe
Part ine Trainer (brainwasher)
Above: Bonnie Lazarus and Leland Koble
House of "sex slaves"

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