Saturday, May 11, 2019

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I. Completed Report (pdf file)  Four years of sex trafficking investigations on sex trafficking / fraudulent nonprofits  

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II. My Appearance on NBC TV
 6 in Miami - Here is LINK
Go to 26 second mark  
- My Teddy Bear Truck on TV
- Interview of me
My protest of Matt Gaetz in Miami
III. My New Nonprofit      TraffickedKidsMatter.com HERE
- Teddy Bear Truck
- Animals = Innocence lost

IV. My Polygraph Test HERE 
- Covers many areas
- Truth taken very seriously!

V. New Beginnings (NB) sex trafficking  HERE 
-  Sex trafficking  
- 100 red flags & counting

VI. Broward Human 
Trafficking Coalition  (BHTC) HERE
- Corrupted nonprofit
- Jumorrow Terra Johnson = President 

VII. Child Rescue 
Coalition  (CRC) HERE
- Sham software
- $978,000 paid salaries     

VIII. Elite Foundation  HERE
- Book publishing sham that rigs Amazon rankings to deceptively claims bestsellers. 

IX. "GI JOE" nonprofits  These three nonprofits dazzle and deceive a gullible public w claims of Navy Seals, CIA ops etc. See HERE
A) Phantom Rescue - Pompano 
B) Saved in America - nationally based and under investigation.
C) Operation Underground 
Railroad - nationally based and under investigation.

X. My Bio HERE


XI.  Corrupt FBI Agent HERE

XII.  Corrupt Law Enforcement
 Speaking truth to power.
-  Getting jailed. See HERE

XIII.  Proof: Statistics
- Analysis showing certainty of trafficking. See HERE

XIV.  Gratitude Training (GT)
NB board member Francine Rahe was head trainer.
Overview of this cult.  HERE    
- Crazy exercises / trauma bonding HERE
- I successfully sued GT for harm done to my kids

XV. "Beyond Leather"
- Grey haired orgy and  BDSM business
- My link regarding Beyond Leather HERE
- Their website is HERE     

XVI. Illicit Massage Parlors 
(A) Pics of spa owners / lobbyists at Trump event HERE (top of post)
(B) My FB conversation with massage parlor lobbyist HERE (bottom of post)
(C) Business model - Illicit Asian spas HERE
(D) "Mother Jones" article of Yang selling access to Trump HERE
(E) Palm Beach Post article: Cindy Yang - Chinese sex trafficker and influence peddler... complicit with Xiaoqi Wang. HERE

XVII. Questionable "Safe Houses"
Covenant House (Fort Lauderdale) 
Lippman Youth Center (Fort Lauderdale)