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PHANTOM RESCUE (Broward County) 
Phantom Rescue is a deceptive nonprofit that claims they are comprised of ("elite") group of former law enforcement officials that may include Navy Seals, FBI, CIA, State Department, Special Operations, Homeland Security etc. A group such as this would not have the "intelligence" to track victims (since they are "former" law enforcement) nor would they have the money, connections, and legal right to "snatch" kids from foreign lands. Their claims are preposterous.

The following pictures have been posted by Phantom Rescue. They are either irrelevant to sex trafficking or they are photoshopped. 

Massive video screen is photo-shopped over building

 Photo-shopped  -  The back hatch protrudes from tire.

Has nothing to do with sex trafficking



See financial home page HERE

  (One member Tony Sparks; Two total Board members)
Some information has been removed from their site. 

- He does not have offices in Malta and Australia 
- Documented rescues = ZERO
- He has not visited 700 countries; I doubt he has visited one
- Paid $50 k to a charity; placed on Board same year in 2016
(Note: I am not naming the charity because they facts suggest legitimacy and integrity). 

2016  (latest year available; in thousands)
 $72    Contributions, gifts, grants etc.
($60)  Salary for  Tony Sparks
($14)  Professional fees
($10)  Other expenses
($ 50)  Payment to sex trafficking charity; given a Board seat)
($62)   Loss

More Red Flags for Phantom Rescue

1) No legit sponsors after 11 years. (1 person = Tony Sparks)

2) The emergency hot line does not work.

3) This is yet another org from Broward County that's is a scam. Like other Broward County orgs - FBI Agent Adam Granit is the overseer. 

4) Tony Sparks calls himself an "elite emergency force" as if they play out a theme to a kids' adventure movie. A force? With just one persom?

5) And at the same time he says that they are not a replacement for law enforcement. So what exactly are they?

6) I have asked their manager Tony Sparks to contact me multiple times and he has NEVER CONTACTED ME. This us the same  treatment I received from the Broward human trafficking Coalition (BHTC).

7) There video on their web site is pure nonsense. It looks an an ad for the Navy Seals.

8) Under "press" there is NO press coverage!

9) He shows an award from the "Office Depot Foundation." This is a charity that takes in money. They don't hand out trophies to others. 

10) He shows a colorful TV-like screen on the side of a NYC building. It is obvious it was photo shopped.

11) One of their sponsors is McLean Hospital.. a psychiatric hospital in Massachusetts (WTF?)

13) There are no names listed on web site.

14) There is no governing board

15) He claims to have an office in Malta and Australia (wtf?). What is important here is he claims to have an international presence. This "model" is a cover for bringing over youth from overseas. New Beginnings and the BHTC also have an international presence which can be used as an excuse to fly in kids. A kid can bring in $ 250,000 per year.

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