Thursday, February 5, 2015

How the Times Leader profits from the girly joints

I was in a Turkey Hill Mart the other day and I saw (what appeared to be) 11-12 year old kids (2 girls and 1 boy) leafing through "The Weekender" with giggles. I wondered if their parents would have been happy with what they were looking at. I saw that they were looking at the girly ads. Nice seed to plant in little girls' minds, huh?
Back Cover of Weekender
All photos courtesy of  Weekender; redactions made so as to not geive free advertising)

This blog post is not about men (mostly) who independently decide to visit these places. That is their personal business and I, like everyone else, have not been a choir boy my entire life. This isn't a lecture. This post is about a "community" newspaper and where it places its priorities. Especially given the paper is FREE and any child can walk away with it (The Weekender).

What I am more concerened about is the women who get caught in the industry - the industry the Times Leader supports through advertising (The TL owns The Weekender).

I refer to Asian women who cannot speak 20 words of English and who (according to previous TL article) only take cash. They are likely living lives as sex slaves... or perhaps indentured servants. Not fully independent.

I also refer to local young females who "work these places" to get cash to support their heroin habit (name your drug). Despite the rare examples cited on TV (such as an Ivy League stripper), very few girls have the moxie to take off their clothes in front of a phalanx of strange men. Interviews have shown that many girls will do a line of cocaine just to muster the courage to perform.

Even fewer females would go completely nude at one of the seedy BYOB shacks. 

Tragedy: A young mother I know from a local church (from a nice part of kingston) was on methadone. She fell off the methadone and began using heroin again. She went to the strip clubs to get money. The stripping turned to prostituting (often the case for more money). She overdosed and is now dead.

Recently the Spa below was busted by state police. Four years ago there was talk of women being trafficked.

A rational person would assume that one Asian Spa has a business model almost identical to another one down the street. So what does the Times Leader do? It pulls the ad for spa that was busted and continues to advertise for the other "me too" spas. Classy. Real classy

Courtesy Times Leader 

Fortunately we live in a two paper town. While no paper is perfect, the Times Leader has missed the mark by a mile. Based on:

1) Their published announcement that anyone can falsely assume another's identity (Comments secrion) and state defamatory remarks as that person...

2) The fact they don't follow their own guidelines which "forbid using sexual preferences to insult someone “in any way, shape or form” and from using vulgar, profane, sexually explicit or defamatory language."

3) The fact that they support the sex industry which promotes the enslavement of both local and foreign women.

I ask you to vote. Vote with your wallet. Buy the Citizens Voice.