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-  Let me get this straight... the father here gets his son a car. Then then the grandfather goes behind the back of the father and gets the kid a BMW? Holy Shit! There is no love here. Your kid is being controlled and the end around gift giving is an effort to hide something. The grandfather is desperate for loyalty. This scenario stinks from high heaven.

- "As a licensed LMHC, there is something horribly wrong with this picture. Tell the father he is wise to address this now before more damage can be done."

- "Money can be used a a source for good for evil intent. This is so sad. The parents need to stay strong."

- "It is clear something is being hidden and the manipulation is being used to keep it this way.  No amount of parental control can affect this situation. Very painful and very sad."

- "The father is brave to bring this up. No one likes to be told they have cancer... no one likes to admit to child manipulation. We may never know the extent of the obsession or any further damage that may have occurred. What is painfully obvious is that this grandfather is scared and something is being hidden."

- "If it looks like a duck etc.. the evidence here is overwhelming. I pray for your children."

- "It looks as though the parents have suffered trauma as well through these horrific anecdotes. This is NOT grandparenting. This is straight up abuse."

- "I am glad that you posted this on your blog. Corruption comes in many forms. This wretchedness is normally buried under "private family issues." It is clear that this will not and cannot be resolved in its current form. This needs to see the light of day."

Any statement that can be proven to be false will be modified or deleted. As it stands, no one has contested a single sentence.

Circumstances have been presented to me. The depth and the quantity of  behaviors leads one to believe that much remains hidden. The dark activity of a grandfather lies somewhere on a continuum. Extreme toxic behavior occupies one pole. The other pole is represented by inappropriate touch or even pedophilia. 25 alarm bells are presented here. The evidence is staggering. This is a a dark topic and the father is asking for help with anyone versed in the abuse that follows. The father cannot prove the worst that could have happened... but he makes one heckuva circumstantial case. Pedophilia has been researched and there are some aspects that do fit this situation and others do not. HERE ARE 25 ALARMS.

ALARM # 1    VASTLY OUT-SIZED ATTENTION     The (step) grandfather (who we will call Thom) has approximately 10 grandkids... yet 90 % of his time centers around one grandson.

ALARM # 2   ALONE TIME  Significant alone time has been sent with the grandson in a shed (barn) on the property as well as time in the beach front condo in Florida.

ALARM # 3   TRAUMA?  The 19 year old grandson is exhibiting major psychological problems which could have been brought on through a toxic grandfather or something worse. It is reasonable to ask if traumatic events occurred that brought on the grand son's dysfunctional and maladaptive behavior, 

ALARM # 4    EXPLOITATION    The same psychological issues could also have been used to exploit the grandson.

Note: Begin to pay attention to control methods.

ALARM # 5    GIFTS ARE DOUBLED  When the father recently gave a used car to his son, Thom (grandfather), behind both parents' back, bought a car for the grand son at twice the value. The grandson now has two cars.

ALARM # 6    PUNISHMENTS ARE NEGATED    When the father seeks to mete out consequences to his son for pathological stealing, the grandmother (father's mother and chief enabler) threatens to cut son out of the will. 

ALARM # 7    WHITEWASHING    When the grandson steals repeatedly from the grandmother... it is all whitewashed... even though the father and the brother of this grandson are repeatedly stolen from as well. The parents are not told of this alarming behavior.

ALARM # 8   A LIFE TIME OF ENABLING    The grandmother was married to a low bottom alcoholic whom she enabled. A suicide attempt was accompanied by a long note. She was willing to leave behind all of her children to fend for themselves with a hopeless drunk as a father. Yet this same woman has claimed the mantle as parent # 3 to a grandson who has two loving, healthy, and drug free parents. This is delusional... and can only be accomplished through the dangling of money and gifts... and keeping secrets for the grandson (like inveterate stealing). The grandmother's divorce was accompanied by essentially no healing time, and she remarried her first husband's best man (Thom) who was "dripping with issues" from the very start. His nickname is/was "Little Hitler" for his temper, stubbornness, and for having never admitted that he was wrong. The enabling continues full bore as the grandmother has put her self in a position once again to be bullied and steamrolled by her partner. 

ALARM # 9   PARENTAL POISONING    Both the grandson and his brother reported to the father that the grandparents have begged them to "completely break ties with their father." This is poisoning and alienation at its worst. The one son said, "No amount of money will have me leave my father." 

ALARM # 10    UNPARALLELED CHUTZPAH    Behind both parents' back, Thom takes the grandson and signs him up / makes plans to enter a school in Pa when the son was already enrolled in a school in Florida. These alternate plans are presented to the mom as a "Mother's Day Surprise." Both parents are furious.

ALARM # 11   WITHHOLDING KEY INFORMATION    Thom schedules two surgeries for the grandson - and purposefully withholds this information from the father who lives just miles away. 

ALARM # 12    CREEPINESS    The creepy and completely obsessive relationship has stretched for nearly the entire life of the grandson. The behavior continues despite the grandson having entered college. The grandson is performing miserably. Is it any wonder?

ALARM # 13   INAPPROPRIATE CONTACT    Thom maintains contact with the grandson by calling him frequently during the day. Is this a way to keep the grandson "under control?" Do you remember talking with your grandfather frequently at college when you had two healthy and active parents of your own?

ALARM # 14   COVER UP    The grandmother (the enabler) "flat out" lies on behalf of Thom in regards to Thom buying the grandson a BMW (after the father bought his son a car half as expensive about a week earlier).

ALARM # 15    PASSIONLESS MARRIAGE    The grand sons and father have never seen the grandparents show any kind of affection. No kisses, hugs, or holding hands. They are companions. It is an arrangement. Socialite "cocktail party" companions. Literature shows that passion-less ""companion type" marriages open doors for very sick outlets. The grandson is clearly filling a void. 

ALARM # 16    THE HALO EFFECT    The grandson is still spoken about in angelic terms despite committing theft on par with an active drug addict. The grandson has tested clean for drugs giving more weight to trauma or abuse of some sort. It is so pathological.

ALARM # 17   GIFTS AND MORE GIFTS    The grandson is completely taken care of with gifts and promises of gifts. The gifts (and absence of consequences) and  parent alienation can be seen as the "control mechanisms" or as "secret keepers." A cursory google search indicates the fact that this "gift giving" has been mirrored by by pedophile priests in attempts to silence their victims. They call their relationships "secret and special." 

ALARM # 18    UNDERCUTTING THE PARENTS    The secretive gift giving and the constant "undercutting" has made it virtually impossible the parents to parent this child. The grandson is distressingly confused. The grandson is both rewarded and victimized at the same time. 

ALARM # 19    STOCKHOLM SYNDROME    Knowledge of the "Stockholm Syndrome" indicates that victims can form a bond with the source of abuse and even pledge allegiance. This is consistent with the pattern described here. The grandson has been groomed from an early age.

ALARM # 20    GRANDPARENTS HAVE NEVER BEEN SHUT OUT    The parents have NEVER blocked their kids from seeing their grandparents. Thus there would be no need for such dramatic behavior. One can conclude there is a hidden agenda at play for the grandparents to exercise their obsession and need to control the situation. 

ALARM # 21   CODDLING    The enabling of the perpetrator and the constant coddling of the grandson has made it impossible for the father to get his child proper help. The mom and the dad are extremely healthy and use no illegal substances. But their hands are tied.

ALARM # 22   POWER INVERSELY SHIFTED    Pathologically, the power in this broken system lays has inversely shifted to the grandson who can command gifts and manipulate because the grandparents do not talk to the parents. Secrecy is the poker chip. WHAT SECRETS ARE HIDDEN? 

ALARM # 23   FROM A MOTHER TO HER SON    When the father brought to light some of his very serious concerns... he quoted his own mother as saying: 
- "Nobody loves you"
- "I am going to sue you and drag you to court and drain you of every penny you have."

ALARM # 23    "LAWYERING UP"    The wealthy grandparents have done what monied and guilty people do. They have not sought out a family therapy. Instead they hired a lawyer. There is some serious "secret keeping" going on here! Yet even the lawyer is stunned by the patholgy. The lawyer has suggested family therapy in lieu of a meritless law suit that would only serve to inflict pain. The elder attorney stated in writing: "I have never seen so much dysfunction in my life." 

ALARM # 25    ATTEMPT TO HAVE FATHER ARRESTED    A police incident report demonstrates a reprehensible trick in which the father, during separation from the mom, was to visit his toddlers who were staying with the grandparents in Florida for Spring Break. The father drove 135 miles. The guard was instructed by Thom to block the father's entrance. Police were put on notice to arrest the distraught father who predictably could have acted in a way to trigger a "disorderly conduct" charge or perhaps a "trespassing" charge. The four year old grand kids were used as bait. The father maintained his composure and was lauded by the police for his behavior. They presented the Incident Report to the father which described the attempt to antagonize the father through the use of his children as pawns.

FINAL NOTES    The father is embarrassed by this situation despite not having engendered the circumstances. Having been forced to keep secrets as a child regarding his alcoholic father, he refuses to be shackled with more shame, loneliness, and alienation that comes with severe dysfunction and/or abuse. Like the Oscar Award winning movie "Spot Light" illustrates, transparency identifies the problem, offers an opening for others suffering the same fate, and provides a mechanism to gain insight from others. Throughout all of this, the father has not had a drink in 30 years which shows that miracles do exist and ther must be a God. Hopefully exposure will ward off the spiritual cancer and psychic danger associated with keeping dark secrets for others. 

There you have it. A "25 Alarm" fire. Draw your own conclusions.

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OPEN LETTER TO ANTI-BIBLICAL & "EMPIRE BUILDING" LIBERTY U:  This letter (and some cartoons) has been sent to nearly all religious faculty members at Liberty U from me, a former (straight) Ministerial Graduate student. I have sent multiple E mails to Liberty U faculty but not surprisingly I have received no replies because of the tightly controlled environment at LIBERTY U. FALWELL Jr. I presume has issued a gag order. But unlike faculty and students who are live in fear (students are fined if they fail to attend a political candidate's rally), I have literary license to state the truth.

I write this letter from a unique place without fear of being fired or given a being given an "F." I left LIBERTY U as a Graduate Ministry student when I realized that Liberty was giving and endorsing free legal aid to an inciter / accessory to murders of gays ("KILL THE HOMOS" BILL) in Uganda (see below).  No true and authentic "Christian" School could be a party to these atrocities. Liberty U has one mission: TO AGGRANDIZE THEMSELVES. LIBERTY U is as "CHRISTIAN" as TV Prosperity Minister Creflo Dollar "naming and claiming" and begging for a 65 million dollar jet from his parishioners. 


TRUMP   The...













In a previous post (the one prior to this one) I present more detailed research and address Bible verses taken in context which contradicts what conservative Christians espouse. If you are interested in a more detailed look at the Bible and being gay please see the link HERE.

To give you a grasp  of the enormity of Liberty U's transgressions (omissions/commissions) I present the following comparisons:

- Penn St Coach Jerry Sandusky is in jail for harming young boys. Legendary coach Joe Paterno and the President of Penn State were fired for "knowing and saying nothing."

Sandusky and Paterno

- Pedophile priests in Boston were ultimately defrocked and/or jailed. Cardinal Bernard Law was forced to resign for concealing these priests and by moving them around and for "knowing and saying nothing."

Cardinal Bernard Law

- Pastor and Anti Gay Terrorist Scott Lively was charged with international "Crimes against humanity" for inspiring and inciting the murders of innocent gay men in Uganda. Matt Staver (Dean of Liberty Law School 2006-2014/ Liberty Counsel) knew this and did everything he could to help the gay terrorist (Lively). He has offered Scott Lively free legal help for Lively's part in instigating murders of innocent men. 

Uganda Newspaper... part of "Kill the Homos" bill that Matt Staver (Liberty U) supports.

On his web site, homicide instigator Scott lively begs for cash while acknowledging that Liberty Counsel has been providing his legal defense.

Consistent with the "Liberty line," Liberty University's reaction to Staver's aid to the instigator of murders is one of tacit approval. In the public sphere, Liberty has offered up only thunderous silence for the behavior of all involved. Far from being pious, holy, and decent, I challenge you to find another University that has acted in a more contemptible and depraved manner than Liberty U. 

The mentally unfettered Lively claims homosexuals were the guiding force behind the Nazis.

Matt Staver, Dean of Liberty Law School 2004-2016 (while "Kill the Homos Bill was passed in Uganda)
Founder of Liberty Counsel which has been named as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center
Gives free legal aid to the Uganda engineer of murder, Scott Lively

From Wikipedia: Liberty Counsel agreed with the military policy banning homosexual activity within the armed forces.[7] Liberty Counsel defends employment discrimination against gay workers[8] and opposes the addition of sexual orientation, gender identity, or similar provisions to hate crimes legislation.[9] Liberty Counsel also opposes same-sex marriage, civil unions, and adoption by gay people.[10] Liberty Counsel has been listed as an anti-gay group[11] and, in October 2015, as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).[12] 

Anita Staver, wife of Matt Staver. President of Liberty Counsel (designated hate group)

Heading says "Liberty Lawyer"
Anita Staver's "pretend fear" of transgendered people; #boycottTarget (bottom) a colossal failure

Matt Barber; Associate Dean of Liberty Law School
Claims to be undefeated heavyweight boxer, but his record is never shown
Shares venomous anti LGBT radio show with Matt Staver


-- "So, America, here's a refresher. Homosexuality 101: The central, defining feature of homosexuality is same-sex sodomy." (My notes: (1) Gay women too? (2) What would you say to straight married couples who engage engage in anal sex in the privacy of their bed room?) 
-- "Yuck." (My Note: "Yuck" is not a biblical or legal defense.) "Is it any wonder why these gay jihadists want us to focus on the subjective specter of gay rights and ignore the objective reality of gay wrongs?" (My note: Which objective reality?) "This is why they terrorize anyone who fails to conform." (My note: Can you define how you are terrorized?).
-- Has said "gay male relationships constitute 'one man violently cramming his penis' into another man's lower intestine and calling it love." (My note:Would this not also describe straight married couples having anal sex?).
-- On same-sex marriage; "Fake gay marriage is consummated through squalid and feculent abuse of the reproductive and digestive systems." (My note: Gay women too?)
-- Claims LGBT activists want Christians either 1) dead 2) imprisoned, or if they can have neither of these, 3) marginalized to the point where they can't even support their families." (My note: Where is the evidence that "LGBT activists" have claimed this?) 
-- Compares gay activists to a swarm of locusts with a pagan mentality and claims the equality movement attacks 'anything noble.'" (My note: Is the assumption here that you consider you and your comments to be "noble").
-- Warns that God is going to destroy gay-accepting America. (My note: The "Gay accepting Americans" are waiting with bated breath for this predicted destruction to occur). 
-- Says "gay people purchase kids and treat them like having little pets or something," 
-- Says tolerance is a "cancer that brings down to societies." (My note: Are you suggesting that tolerance for you too would bring down society?) 
One can easily see that Liberty leadership is a power seeking and a politically hungry assembly... despite the New Testament exhortations to remain neutral on these matters. I would be well within bounds to state that Liberty University is far more secular than it is Christian. They use "Christian dressing" to gain people's trust. Trite phrases like "I will pray for you" and "May God bless you" become meaningless in relation to what they stand for and what they overlook. 

Do you remember this virulent homophobe during the Presidential election? 
Liberty's response to Swanson's "Kill the gays" message? Silence... of course
Sadly... three 3 GOP candidates took the stage just after Swanson's message of murder and hate.

Even a beginner Bible student knows the perils and the sin of worshiping idols. Yet Liberty U's idolatry of our degenerate President is beyond the pale. Liberty has played its hand. In return for press, cash, and assignments doled out by Trump, Liberty U President Jerry Falwell Jr's "man crush" on Trump presents Falwell as a giddy child on Christmas morning. The leadership has sold their souls for Trump and have provided the President with a pedestal previously reserved for the Messiah. He is called a "beginner Christian" (really?) by some and will be giving the commencement address this year at Liberty U.

As they do with their own Matt Staver (and radio hate spewer Matt Barber), Liberty somehow sees past our president's habitual lying, immorality, and contemptuous behavior. Where is Christ in this? The New Testament does not teach lessons of wild riches, con jobs, tax evasion, pay to play, photo ops, name dropping, prestige, misogyny, disdain for the marginalized, and Bacchanalian revelry in the form of victory parties thrown by the Emperor (in the Rose Garden) in celebration of the poor and the sick getting stiffed.  

Old white men with Trump after Health care bill passed in US House  of Representatives. The lack of diversity is astonishing.

2017 Religious Freedom Bill    Pictured...
Thrice married and cosmetically enhanced Preacher Paula White
Thrice married and cosmetically enhanced President Donald Trump

Who did Jesus protect? Where did His heart lay? With the marginalized. Does Liberty U see this? Where is the leadership to this most vulnerable group? I reviewed the faculty publications. See HERE.  Not one book or paper addresses the LGBT issue that is splitting the church in half. In fact, Dr Habermas, your book on suffering does not contain a single reference to the pain that LGBT's experience. Willful indifference. A more apt title would read: "A book on Suffering... but just for straight people." Habermas, like all of Liberty faculty, has benefited from the insulation that Liberty U provides. If you don't cross Falwell and the anti LGBTQ agenda, then a life time job awaits you, But therein lies the danger. Silence is not always golden. Liberty's ignores LGBT's and the pain they face cross campus. It is obvious that they are under a gag order. This is despicable. cross campus 

Gary Habermas like all Liberty authors... cherry picks "sanitized" Christian topics to be covered.. Nary a word is ever spoken about LGBT pain and anguish. 

Statistics of LGBT suicide are listed below. The suicide of Tyler Clementi helped form the Tyler Clementi Project. Would Liberty even know what this is? I will tell you. It was started by a mother whose gay son jumped off a bridge in the New York area when he was "outed" by his freshman roommate in college. I met this mother. Do you know she was forced to find a new church because her conservative Christian church could not adequately support her?  

- Gay teens are 8.4 times more likely to commit suicide
- 92 % of transgenders reported as having attempted suicide before the age of 25.  

People are friendly at Liberty U. Probably friendlier than most colleges. Being "nice" is not their problem. I took a class from Dr. Benjamin Forrest pictured below. He treated me wonderfully. But no amount of kind treatment washes out the collective and sinister gridlock pertaining to the atrocities carried out by the venomous homophobic attitudes of Matt Staver, Anita Staver, Matt Barber, and all those who sit in silence. One would think that, in keeping with Christ's message of love, that Liberty's foremost obligation would be to see that the hate and loathing cease immediately. Yet a blind eye is perpetually turned. Liberty U conveniently filters out their home grown bigotry. 

Dr. Benjamin Forest
Being a "nice guy" does not abdicate one of responsibility

Far from protecting the most vulnerable among us... Liberty U, flush with more cash than many small nations, considers itself the victim! Liberty clamors for religious freedom which we know is "code" for rebuking and humiliating LGBT's from the pulpit and elsewhere. Liberty's own antagonists, Matt Staver and Matt Barber (Liberty Counsel), are as heinous and cruel in their words as any hate group in America. Matt Barber reflexively and viciously slanders gays with apocryphal accusations. 

Liberty's Matt Staver provides free legal help to the gay terrorist (American Scott Lively) behind the Ugandan "Kill the Homos" bill.

As previously stated, silence is compliance. Silence is consent. The faculty and leadership of Liberty trade their comfort, salaries, and the hide-a-way safety of Lynchburg, Va for the inconvenience of challenging the most hateful among their own... let alone those outside their cocoon. Liberty is rich, connected, and comfortable. Comfortably numb. 

Liberty U is numb to the reality of scripture. Traditional marriage in the Bible does not embrace the "50's" picture depicted two pictures below. The Bible describes marriage in astonishingly complex ways and even introduces incest in Genesis. 

Liberty's Matt Staver with thrice married Kentucky clerk Kim Edwards

In the Bible, there are forty instances of polygamy alone. Christian churches across the globe are quickly realizing that being gay or transgendered is not a sin. The Bible NEVER speaks about monogamous same sex attraction (being gay) as it wasn't recognized until 1892. No one has the right to put LGBT's in life time "penalty boxes" based on lazy, mindless, and literal peelings of scripture directly from the pages of the Bible.

The most useful book I have read concerning the affirmation of LGBT's in the church is titled "Walking the Bridgeless Canyon" by Kathy Baldock It contains  a scholarly interpretation of the "homosexual" verses in the Bible. Kathy, who is not gay, has courageously taken on the LGBT haters of the world. This LINK to her web site depicts ten lies spread by conservative Christians.  

Churches world wide are rapidly coming to their senses
and are growing at a meteoric pace. See the list Here.

Traditional Marriage?

The Bible's actual descriptions of marriage. Like me, you were probably never taught that marriage is consummated between a rapist and his victim (second from top, on the right).

I took the photo below a few years ago at a conference (The LGBTQ affirming Reformation Project) in Washington DC. Located a half block away was the highly hate filled and destructive Family Research Council. Gaining access to them was more difficult than entering Fort Knox. 

Honestly, it is hate and bigotry that keeps these organizations afloat. Otherwise they serve no purpose. It is hate that pays the salaries of Tony Perkins and many other haters. LGBT hate is an industry in and of itself. Liberty U is branded by their hate. it. It has been astronomically profitable for them.

The Ugandan bishop (below) fled Uganda to avoid being murdered as a gay man. Given Liberty Law / Liberty Counsel's role in the the atrocity (defending gay terrorist Scott Lively and the "kill the Homos Bill")... how would Liberty U defend itself? Honestly, what would Jesus do? Or perhaps a more pertinent question is... "What would Jesus tell you to do?"


I posted a link which some consider inflammatory. I consider it to be accurate. The post is entitled: "LIBERTY U... The KKK for LGBT"s... CHRISTIANS POISED TO BE SPLIT" Click link HERE. This post and the links within it are illuminating in many ways.

FYI...   I began a program at Liberty in Ministerial studies. Two A's and a B. Then I read about Liberty Counsel and the Ugandan "Kill the Homos" bill and I withdrew from Liberty U. I had the opportunity to meet two of the refugees in Washington DC. While at Liberty I had to listen to the infantile "God did not create Adam and Steve" comments... as though God never, ever allowed for common variations in nature, right? 

The "thin blue line" is a metaphor used for the concealment of corrupt behavior within the police force. To say that Liberty U. has a "thin white line" would be too generous as white is associated with holiness. The truth is Liberty operates behind what I call a "thin black line."  

Liberty University is painted in shame. The fruit they bear will some day be owned by them. I hope that judgment day is as real as advertised in every possible way. "Oh Good and faithful servant, how have you served thee?" Liberty U, answer this please. You will some day. And It won't be pretty. 

       - Mark M Robbins

PS  A thoroughly exhaustive list of ANTI-LGBT HATE MONGERS is listed HERE (thanks to "Right Wing Watch").

PPS  I have distilled much of what I have learned from Christian gay affirming conferences on my web site (LGBTWOW.com). This LINK will take you there. This particular link on my site, authored by Susan Cottrel, addresses the fascinating answers to 40 questions asked by evangelicals. Susan Cottrel and Robert Cottrel are leaders in LGBT affirmation and were recently featured on ABC's 20/20. Look them up on Facebook in addition to Susan Berland and Kathy Baldock. I realize that I am almost certain to leave out some courageous pro LGBT religious folks, but nevertheless I have provided a list of many LGBT affirming folks who deserve recognition. Most can be found by googling their names or by finding them on Facebook. 

Matthew Vines            Justin Lee            David P Gushee   
Allyson Robinson      Vicky Beeching    Nicole Garcia 
Kevin Garcia               David Johnson    Betsy Burns Johnson   
Rev Scott Anderson   Rachel Murr         Peter J Gomes
Lisa Salazar                 Wendy V Gritter   Frank Schaefer
Dan Karslake               Dr Joel Hunter             
Bishop K Kobaris        Rev Terri S Pierce       
Jessica Devaney         Geeta Gandbhir     

Must see videos from Reformation  Project. 

See link for videos HERE.

 Inspiring words from Dr. David P. Gushee

The staff and Board of the Reformation Project

The Board of Directors of the Gay Christian network (below)


Pro-LGBT Religious Women You Should Know (source: The Advocate)

See link HERE