Monday, December 19, 2016

Lisa Cuenca Commendation

Dear Broadstone management

re: Manager commendation (Boca Raton)
Lisa Cuenca

  I am writing to report that our new manager, Lisa Cuenca, has been a blessing to our community. Lisa Cuenca has shown herself to be very personal and "real" as opposed to the corporate feel that is present at other corporately run complexes. Living alone and new to the area, it is nice to have the "friendship feeling" when as I drop by the office and "chit chat." 

  Lisa has made a concerted effort to try and know the residents. This helps provide a feeling of safety and security in knowing that if a need arises... that I am dealing with a friend who cares and not just a "9 to 5" manager. At the same time Lisa has been direct when she has needed to be. With 800 residents, there will always be those that bend and break the rules to encroach upon the peace and security of others. It is affirming to know that Lisa addresses conflicts in a healthy way.

  I count Lisa as one of my blessings this holiday season and I commend Broadstone for its discernment in the selection of Lisa as manager. Have a blessed holiday season.