Saturday, November 30, 2013

Exploring the bottom of Wilkes-Barre's "finest"


I have a very hot temper; alleged to be a "juicer"
I use the "F" word freely

I once approached a man at LAG... and said...
"I don't give a "F*&K" about your car."
That was my opening sentence to him.

A female trainee (college ride-a-long) was just feet away
when I said this (below right).

1) I have taken champagne bribes from Leo Glodzik (LAG Towing)
2) It is reported that my family took free tows from Glodzik (a value item; more bribe(s))
3) Why not also accept the going rate for towed cars from LAG?

(Below, Leo Glodzik of LAG Towing standing next to a car he stole from Senta Boyer)

(Below is car purchased for Senta Boyer in place of stolen one)

I did not report other officers who were using LAG loaner cars like the one below. This was regularly parked outside the police station for two years. 

Thin blue line - BABY!!  You can't touch me!! Or Majikes!!

Majikes received a "plum" assignment from Chief Dessoye after gettting caught! That's the way it goes in Wilkes-Barre.
(Here is a secret for you... the more honest cops feel like they are working in a living hell).

I also did not report the illegal tags on these cars.
The plate below designates that ONLY LAG employees can drive this car. WB cop Majikes drove illegally for 2 years.

Innocent citizens, understandably, would consider these to be "bribe cars" since nearly 100 % of LAG's business came from cops trolling for cars (or cars from accidents).
I did not report WB Captain Bob Hughes selling
LAG cars on consignment from LAG Towing and the amazing conflict of towing as a a cop and selling as a car dealer.

A1  AUTO  Blackman Street  WB

(Below is how Leo Glodzik returned a car to an 82 year old lady. The car was in perfect condition prior to being towed.
Leo Glodzik offered her nothing.
Concerned citizens put together a fund for the woman, Natalie Aleo.

I did nothing to shut down a drug house 
where Chief Dessoye hooked up with his "heroin honey" 
for possible sex and/or narcotics and/or both.
(and may be still meeting with her as she is in town)

I discounted the fact a 38 year old mom died from that house.
I discounted the fact that a mother/daughter (age 13) lived on the
other side of the "half a double" and they
reported the drug activity about 100 times.

My wife and I have sat with Leo Glodzik 
at at least one council meeting.

I openly disclosed the fact that I and other cops give/would give 
a drunken Mayor Leighton rides home from bars...
tying up 2 officers during "prime time crime" periods.

Word on the street alleges that I recently punched a man in the
head while in handcuffs. Allegations suggest this was covered up.

I tried to trick Magistrate Whitaker last year by showing up in uniform, on patrol, ready to testify... when in reality I was told not to come.

(To his credit... Dessoye chewed me out for this.)

My actions embarrass those officers who try and 
work with integrity and respect. This has been established.

I aint sayin' cause it would ruin the fun.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I would be more grateful if Dessoye...

1)  I would be more grateful if...
 this mother didn’t have to die
at the drug house where WB Police Chief Gerard Dessoye frequented and mandated stay open to the chagrin of every honest cop.

2)     I would be grateful if bother Mike Dessoye, as County Head of detectives, had the integrity and felt the duty to police his brother Gerard as WB police chief
and was compassionate enough to help his brother get treatment. 

It would seem that he has failed everyone here. If you don't remove him as your brother... at least protect the public.

3)     I would be grateful if WB didn’t have two alcoholic cousins at the helm of the city to try and figure out a drug plan for the city.

4)    I would be grateful if our WB police chief led a life worthy of respect from fellow officers inside and outside Wilkes-Barre.

5)    I would be grateful if Dessoye’s “heroin honey,” Catherine Meehan – was not still in town

6)    I would be grateful if all employees were drug tested… so a 30 day problem doesn’t turn into a 30 year problem (sad but true)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

AG KANE & Commissioner NOONAN and the drug war.

Excerpt of letter sent to Commissioner Frank Noonan and AG Kathy Kane:

Paradigm Shift = The process whereby firmly held beliefs are pressed against and ultimately broken; a novel idea and construct emerges.

In the 11/24/13 Times Leader, our Attorney General says, “Kane said proactive approaches are key in dealing with the heroin problem, which she called a “war.” 

I agree that proactive approaches are “key,” however Ms. Kane I am nettled by the use of the word “war.” If you mean the traditional war of taking out the dealers/suppliers… then I would ask that you look at the efficacy of the “war on drugs” the past 45 years. The war has been lost. It hasn’t even been close.

I believe in the “war” aspect… but it must be a war on the users (the demand for drugs). You can’t argue with the “math.” If there are no users (demand) there will be no supply. ALL drug related crime goes away. Please see http://wbtruth.blogspot.com/2013/11/more-of-times-leader-article.html for details.

Let us look at some phenomenal successes we currently enjoy in Wilkes-Barre.

We feed our hungry at soup kitchens which must have the effect, to a certain degree, of minimizing the need for these people to steal food.

Community Counseling medicates throngs of citizens with mental illness so that they are not left to fend for themselves with an illness that may overwhelm them. The benefits that this center has provided are immense.

Is it such a stretch that we would help and taper off (hopefully) those on drugs? 

TO TREAT THE DISEASE AND NOT THE CRIME? There is a terrible misconception that those who take hard drugs enjoy them. This is a theory that must be crushed. There is nary a penalty worse for an addict than the pain of the addiction itself. Ask anyone in NA or AA. Nobody has fun. Most describe it as hell and all want to recover if they only get the right help (along with their own sincere attempts).

If the users (the demand side) can be helped in professionally run clinics, society would benefit manifold. In fact, we are already doing this in small degrees. Suboxone is used to treat heroin addiction and Librium is used to treat alcoholism (in rehab). The problem is that a huge black market exists which defeats the goal of reducing crime.

I assume there are safe ways to treat, taper, and ultimately treat any type of addiction. This must be provided the same way we now provide food/medicine to those in need. I am not a pharmacist nor a pharmacist… but when there’s a will there is a way.
Two legs of the chair are in place. To stand we need a third.

THE END OF DRUG SUPPLIERS    (Think about this!)

There would be no suppliers if addicts can take get treatment/stabilization for free at a clinic. (Some have brought up the specter of first time users gaming the system. These people can easily be weeded out through drug screening. Plus, I have never heard of a first time user at a methadone clinic).

There would be no more turf wars. There would be no need to steal drugs from each another. The rate of gun violence would fall off a cliff.

Neighborhoods would be safe. Police would not risk their lives in drug raids.

~  No more store hold-ups if addict can safely get drug

~  Shoplifting would drop as addicts could afford the drug.

~  Women would no longer need to prostitute themselves to get their drugs.

~   Our jails would empty. Think of the savings!

If an addict roams the street and is under the influence – would you rather that he got drugs from a dealer with money he stole to get… or from a professional clinic that knows this person’s needs, is treating this person, and is treating this person as “sick” and not “bad.” WHICH IS BETTER FOR SOCIETY?

What a perfect setting for treatment! You have sober/clean individuals who have nothing but time on their hands. They can’t go anywhere. Yet we don’t treat them. Instead we cage them. Nuts!

Think of the monumental savings in emptying our jails. It is rather disturbing that we have created a business of “caging humans” that keeps growing. Does anyone think that people have become “bad” over the years. Or do you think it might have to do with the disease of drug proliferation?

Much of the money spent in illegal drugs would be transferred to the medical clinics. Doctors, physician assistants, nurses, counselors, and pharmaceutical companies would benefit. Before, all this money was going to the dealers. THINK ABOUT THIS.

No idea is perfect. But I guarantee that this plan exceptionally surpasses what we now do. It isn’t even a contest.

Thursday, November 21, 2013


16 months ago...

07/06/12    The district attorney (S Salavantis) on Thursday vowed to look into 18,000 gallons of missing gasoline intended for city vehicles. 

07/06/12    "Honestly, I can't really - I don't know. I don't know why I didn't fill out the log," Leighton said. "I can't answer that question."

Is 18,000 gallons a lot?

Consider you could circle the earth in a car 21 times.
(math nerds:  18,000 gallons times 30 mpg divided by 24,901 = 21.69)

07/06/12    "It was not hidden that I took gas," said Leighton, who defended his action because he filled up his vehicle in lieu of accepting a city-owned car. "Everyone knew I took gas."

07/06/12    Leighton said he and a few other city officials - he could not say how many others are involved or who they are - were authorized by the administration to fill up their private vehicles when used for city business. (Names please?   Just city business?)

07/06/12    "Eighteen thousand gallons sounds like a lot - and believe me, I thought it was a lot - until I found out how big these gas tanks are," Leighton said.

You could go to the moon and back and still have gas left over.
(math nerds:  18,000 times 30 mpg divided by 238,900 = 2.26 ... one "up and back")

07/06/12    City-Wide Towing owner Bob Kadluboski said he was rebuffed by a Wilkes-Barre police officer Thursday when he tried to file a criminal complaint against Mayor Tom Leighton and other city officials for stealing gas paid for by taxpayers. Kadluboski said he spoke with Sgt. William ("I yell because it is cathartic") Harden on the phone, and Harden refused to take the complaint because the administration was already investigating the missing gas.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

If a scam feels good... is it really good?

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Wilkes-Barre city is under way with it's newest scam  -  The STRIKE ONE POLICY. It certainly sounds good - but is it?

I was at the Strike One Appeals meeting tonight.

Result: Adam Peters, an excellent landlord, has his means of living taken away until MARCH. He lost 4 -0.

OBSERVATIONS:  Police NEVER notified him that a non-tenant (as opposed to the actual female tenant) had been arrested for drugs. Can anybody please tell me how Adam is supposed to know the personal habits of this man?




The apartment inspection came after the police went through. After it was ransacked. That seems fair, doesn't it?

This ONE STRIKE LAW becomes very complicated given Wilkes-Barre's selective protection of certain drug houses. Chief Gerard Dessoye had an interest in one. 

The landlord who filed complaints received nothing but retribution for the many complaints she made.

So, please Mrs. Leighton and Dessoye, how does one go about discerning between the good and bad drug houses?


Is the city giving any TRAINING on how to spot the right house... or do we just assume landlords can act as their own FBI agents. There is grave danger associated with turning in drug dealers.

Slander:  Adam Peters, an excellent tenant, has been slandered.

Bill Vinsko: Vinsko is on record (Aug 22) for saying he would help landlords. Well he didn't lift a finger for Adam Peters.

The review board was made up of all appointees. In other words, it was a kangaroo court.

Adam Peter's home was condemned (technically) for having faulty smoke detectors (after the police raided them looking for drugs).

SELECTIVE ENFORCEMENT?  How many other buildings do you know that were condemned for having dead batteries in smoke detectors... after the police raided it it?

... more to come

The latest scam to hit WB City Hall

70,000  Views    Thank You

Saturday, November 16, 2013

More of the TIMES LEADER article referencing me

SUNDAY TIMES LEADER ARTICLE:  http://timesleader.com/news/local-news/988269/Community-solutions:-Readers-speak-out-on-Wilkes-Barres-rising-murder-rate




The murder and crime rate in Wilkes-Barre is almost solely due to drugs and addictive substances. Ask any corrections officers and they will tell you that at least 80 per cent of the residents are there because of drugs or alcohol. Solve the drug problem and you solve the crime problem. Period.

INSANITY FOR 50 YEARS  The war on drugs”  has been “A WAR ON SUPPLY

We treat disease as a crime and the results have been horrendous.

WARFARE AGAINST DEMAND      ~    Drug test again and again.

      If you drug test on average every 30 days – you are never 

more than 30 days from the problem. This means EARLY 

INTERVENTION! We have officials in WB who have never been 

tested and they have had to live with their addiction for years. The 

pain and suffering and corruption that they have spread is 



~ Medical clinics set up to treat active addicts

~ Using disease model, patients given pharmaceutical equivalent of
their drug. Many of these are already being used.

~  If users are treated well enough so that they don’t go back to
the streets… then we have effectively ended the drug trade and
the crime that goes with it.

Yes… but won’t they still be “on drugs?”
A) Yes… but they would have been anyway. The clinic setting takes away the crime element. The clinic is safer.
B)  While at the clinic… they will be getting daily reminders of treatment choices. All users truly want to stop.
C)   The neighborhood would actually be much safer as the crime that goes with the drug trade would be gone.

è The most important outcome? Drug dealers, and all the horrible things about them, would go away. USERS WOULD NOT NEED THEM ANYMORE.

Think about that!

Crime rate            Remains as is                 Drops at least 75 %

Murder rate          Remains as is                 Drops at least 75 %

Dealers               Makes $ 1million/yr         Makes nothing

Treatment            Remains as is                 Treatment available 

Health issues         Remains as is                 Issues can be
                                                         flagged at clinic

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Two tiered Justice in Luzerne County

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

WB MURDER RATE off the chart (literally)

The Wilkes-Barre murder rate is now almost 9 times (8.82) the national average. 

IT IS LITERALLY "OFF THE CHART" BELOW. Try and find a place for 41.5 murders. You can't. Not even close.

It is easily in the top 1/2 of one per cent for cities. The WB murder rate is approximately 41.5 per 100,000 residents.

It's rate is just below the cities which lay claim to  to mass murders (such as Sandy Hook, Ct). these events skew statistics.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

WB may want to start here:
1) Is their leadership chemically impaired? Fix this.
2) Is it a good idea to have "bars and taverns" as the city's growth industry? 



14 murders over ten full months (300 days)
This equals 17 annually (365 days)
17 murders per 41,000 residents is proportional to 41.5 per 100,000 residents

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Saturday, November 9, 2013


(recently assaulted)
@ 3PM (Nov 10) Sunday at Burt and Urby's 
on South Main Street in WB

Mackey and Glodzik - bunkmates in prison?

Michael and Leo sittin' in a cell
First comes the kissin and then comes the gel
Boom chaka-la- ka I can't say what's here
One final kiss and a "Thank you my dear!"

Michael mackey

Visiting today are the Copes both wife and Dana
They are equipped with pie like any good Heyna
Embedded are juice paks that settle like stones
A gift from their old buddy... cop Kenneth Jones

Leo Glodzik

Why isn't Mackey's charge attempted murder?
If not for others pleading... he would not have stopped, right?
If you feel comfortable with Mackey on the streets - please raise your hand.

When Glodzik calls a woman 40 times... and breaks a PFA... Why is there just more PFA?
Why aren't harassment and stalking charges filed?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

WB Murder rate now higher than Newark's

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With Wilkes-Barre's latest murder, Willkes-Barre now has a murder rate 9% greater than Newark NJ (37.09/34 = 1.09).  http://www.neighborhoodscout.com/nj/newark/crime/

One must also wonder, with WB's obvious attempts to squelch bad news, have any murders gone unreported? After all, the attempted murder of Anthony Gipson took 6 days to reach the papers. 

Leighton's comments about these murders are bizarre. But at least he sometimes makes it to the microphone. Dessoye is sloshed away while anchored to his bar.

Leighton claims that the murders are personal, isolated... even exclusive. Well so is rape. Is he trying to tell us that these murders are unlike the mass Murders (Tuscon, Connecticut, Va Tech etc...)?
Mr. Mayor... I think we have this figured out.

Leighton does not look or sound well. The redness is a red flag. Cherry tomato is not a normal complexion. He is also not crisp in his communication. There is a "slurred aspect" to his speaking. Not so much an outright slur (that is why he has two spokesman)... but one can imagine him nursing a bender from the night before. This is just an observation from someone who sounded the same when I drank in the 80's. I recognize that type of speech. (Note: This is not a commentary on his physical appearance. He looks fine otherwise. It is only an observation of symptoms of something that is a public issue. Addiction. Ask Toronto residents how happy they are with their Mayor after being taped smoking Crack.)

So it is all very pertinent. Addicts and alcoholics don't manage well. Hence the unmanageability. Giving a faithful store owner 5 days to move is indicative of this. Complete insanity.

And weren't pumps not working during the last flood? How many people were overrun as a result? Again, unmanageabiliy. No attention to detail. If the city were an actual business it wouldn't last a year.

And lastly... lest you need reminding... consider the outrage of the Chief of police keeping open a heroin house on McLean Street. Consider the cops that had to play along. 

How can anybody respect Gerard Dessoye after that? He is a broken man with a broken city. The psychic toll of Dessoye's actions will last a long time. A young mother died of heroin from that house. So sad.

But he won't be touched. The head watchdog to the cops? His brother. He was the first appointment of our unseasoned DA. 

Thanks Stef.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hate crimes by way of postal onslaught

To Federal authorities and other interested parties (via the Hate Crime Act of October 28, 2009 signed by President Obama):

Please read the letters I received below. These letters contain elements of stalking, miscdemeanor lewd communication, terroristic threats, four counts of harassment, and ultimately lying to police authorities (which I can prove). But Hunsinger won't help me because he made a deal with the dirty WB cops. 

These letters also represent hate crimes. Also called bias crimes. There are repeated slurs against gays. Hate crimes encompass slurs such as these (sexual orientation - whether real or or perceived). I am not gay.

Charges filed? Yes. Against me!   In yet another bastardization of justice... I confronted the lady behind the mailings. After only 2 minutes and 35 seconds of speaking to her... certain cops swooped in and filed charges against me. The charges from report # 1 and report # 2 were changed. They are charging me with Misdemeanor harassment charges.

This is just pathetically motivated  comeuppance for the anti-corruption work I did regarding LAG Towing, bribe cars, Dessoye's addictions, protecting a drug house, and kickbacks and other bribes. 

After researching “hate crimes” on the internet, I have come to believe that it is one of the best laws passed. It is an “anti-bullying” law for everyone. It is naïve to think that bullying ends at that playground.

These laws in the United States protect against hate crimes (also known as bias crimes) motivated by enmity or animus against a protected class. Although state laws vary, current statutes permit federal prosecution of hate crimes committed on the basis of a person's protected characteristics of racereligionethnicitynationalitygendersexual orientationgender identity, and disability. The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ)/FBI, as well as campus security authorities, are required to collect and publish hate crime statistics.

On October 28, 2009 President Obama signed the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, attached to the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2010, which expanded existing United States federal hate crime law to apply to crimes motivated by a victim's actual or perceived gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability, and dropped the prerequisite that the victim be engaging in a federally protected activity.

I am not gay. But it is apparent in these letters that the sender perceives that I am gay which is the determining factor.

To those officials receiving this on Monday. I ask that we keep things simple. (The DA blew this off)
1) Did you take an oath? Please honor it
2) Are you paid? Please serve in a way that has you worthy of your pay.
3) If a close relative received what I received - How would you respond? I ask for nothing more
4) Please look at the evidence and not tainted voices of disreputable people. Be fair.
5) Don't ignore me.
6) Don't corruptly align with others.

My defense to these threats and taunts is this: Since becoming involved in "anti-corruption" 2 1/2 years ago... I have paid more to victims and the disadvantaged and those that need it than I have spent for myself. More for them than for me. Since my family is attacked in the letters... I will say that my relationship with all family members is near perfect. I see my children 5 - 7 times per week.