Saturday, July 23, 2016

UPDATE:  Some attorneys I have talked to have suggested an aggressive Philadelphia attorney because there are many conflicts of interests with local attorneys. Anyone please give me the names of good Philly attorneys who will get the victims the maximum amount. Only I (the blogger) can read KINGSMEGALAWSUIT@GMAIL.COM  Use this address send referrals or have the attorneys write to me directly.
Add DA Salavantis - Possibly the most corrupt of them all
Add Mike Dessoye - Chief County Detective, Enabler, Criminal Concealer 
State Trooper Head Degnan... concealed Salavantis DUI
Any WB Cops who knew of Dessoye's "heroin honey" and Cars for Cash and said nothing
Any troopers and judges (Hughes) that knew of "squashed" Salavantis DUI and said nothing

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