Tuesday, August 25, 2015


   I WANT MY LOAN REPAID.  I lent the Muckrakers Inc. (WB Ind Gazette) $4,400 to get started. Lou Jasikoff gave me four post-dated checks for $1,100 each. He told me not to cash them when they were due as they would bounce. I will file both civil and criminal charges this week if not paid in full.

    Lou Jasikoff keeps dodging me. I will go to court and will blog if  necessary to expose this matter and other matters regarding the paper if need be (this blog post is buried in my AUGUST posts so as to not embarrass people... obviously this can change). If this company does not have $4,400 by now they are not solvent. There is something wrong. 

   I do not believe in the message or the people. I do not believe in what or who they support. I believe Andy Ostrowski has tricked people.... or maybe people want to be tricked. My most recent message from him.


Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on the perspective), I’ve become accustomed to emasculated grown men, with much greater power and influence than a clown like you, needing to play tattle-tale to the so-called authorities because they lack the character and substance to deal with me directly, man-to-man.  Get in the back of the line, pal.    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

What is most important to know is that, after 28 years of sobriety, I know that nobody spends significant time with a junkie unless they are use too. It is that simple. 

Opening Check list I sent to PA Disciplinary Board (page 1) regarding Andy Ostrowski:
A) First list is summary of Disciplinary Counsel conclusions
B) Second list are my observations


Now let me address the issues of the female Ostrowski has chosen to spend months with (sources are very legitimate including documentation)

-          As a mother she lost custody of her kids

-          She has had supervised visits because of her drug use

-          She told me she was on Suboxyn (replacement for heroin). 

-           She  drank while taking this

-           Like Ostrowski, she wraps her denial around medical ailments such as Diabetes (No one passes out cold to diabetes).         
-          She has showed up positive for vicodin, percocet, oxycontin, morphine, muscle relaxers, and sleeping pills. She also smokes and drinks.

-          She passed out one night when I was there when she was in the shower. Her roomate had to carry her limp body to her bed room.

-          She also has passed out in her car at her sons’ football game.

-          She has also passed out for entire weekends when her kids were over.

-          A Judge ordered her to NOT to drive her kids. She did so anyway and was held in contempt of court with a $1,000 fine.

-          She has been in two rehabs. The director who I know (Dr Nick Colangelo) reportedly has “wrung his hands” of her.

-          She has been through approximately 10 lawyers. Four have sued her for money. The others didn’t want to waste their time.

-          She has had approximately five Judges to recuse themselves.

-          She has abused the legal system by filing so many motions that the number of hearings between her and her ex-husband is said to be 92.

-          She appeared at an “adult read” at her kids’ elementary school  and was so “loopy” that the teacher felt compelled to call for assistance. 

-          She has to check in daily at the courthouse. In the 9 days that I spoke to her (saw her twice in person... other time she had passed out in bathtub.)

-          She has 2 pending DUI’s from the pills she takes. 

-          The one DUI took place in the afternoon. I am told she could barely walk.