Monday, June 29, 2015


After recently finding nothing wrong with Leighton and the city taking 77,000 gallaons of WB City Gas missing... Our child DA Stefanie (with an "f") Salavantis has hired Drew Mclaughlin as a law school intern. Drew McLaughlin was known to many citizens as the city "Spokes-joke" when he worked for the city not long ago as his job became essntially that of repeating Leighton's lies.

Approximate Leighton / Salavantis time line...

Leighton steals gas. 

This theft is put on a billboard (Hint to Stefanie: This is evidence!)

Salavantis is seen in Kingston with Leighton privately after work hours.

The city plays Salavantis "like a fiddle" and is successful in confusing her. 

Salavantis, like most DA cases, takes an incredibly long time. 2 years. She doesn't turn the case over to the state despite alarming conflicts of interest between Leighton and Mike and Gerard Dessoye. Below is a hug she gives Gerard Dessoye Leighton's cousin) while the investigation is ongoing. Real professional.

Outcome:  Salavantis literally defends the man she should be prosecuting (Leighton) by giving an embarrassing and drawn out explanation for Leighton. Essentially the argument is this: "If their policy was to take gas... who am I stop them from stealing it?"

Salavantis next hires the "spokes joke" of the city - Drew McLaughlin. GEE... DO YOU THINK SHE IS EMBEDDED IN CORRUPTION?

In related news, Drew McLaughlin was recently married and invited the corrupt underbelly of Wilkes-Barre. This included the four corrupt council members Barrett, Merritt, Lavelle, and Brown. Tony George was NOT invited presumably because he stood up for corruption.

Salavantis is desribed as the the substitute teacher that has lost control of the class. She is taking orders and not giving them. You really don't know who, for practical purposes, is running the DA office as so many hands are in the cookie jar. Salavantis has labeled herself as an "administrator." It should be known however that she was a judge at the Edwardsville pierogie fest.

There is one county detective that is proficient. His name escapes me but he is responsible for arresting many degenerates for child porn. Nobody really knows what the others do. We are spending about $700,000 for detectives and a DA that do more harm than good.

Mike Dessoye is either the dumbest man alive or he is corrupt. Assuming he isn't stupid... then we can surmise he has covered up for the drinking of Leighton and Geread Gessoye... covered up for the heroin house Dessoye protected... covered up for the clandestine meetings Dessoye had with his heroin honey... and certainly covered up for the criminal empire  known as LAG Towing.

Mike Desooye was Salavantis's first hire. Real smart.

Mike Dessoye must also know what I recently learned from a top WB official... and that is that Leighton has been positively receiving money from Sherman Hills. And he is on the task force. 

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