Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Did you know Salavantis hired a "Kids for Cash" Atty as top assistant?

Did you fall for the ads? The TV ads that cast Jackie Musto Carroll in darkness? The evil "Kids for Cash" District Attorney? When Salavantis ean her slander campaign fueled by daddy's money.

I admit I fell for the lies made about Carroll. I voted for Stefanie.

Boy do I regret it. Especially when the hypocrite (Salavantis) hired a "Kids for Cash" attorney as the (for all practical purposes) current DA while Salavantis acts as a self described "administrator." You can read about Sanguedolce and Musto below in the Judicial review report.

Current staff in the DA's office likely want her back because... just like in school... nobody wanted the substitute teacher to leave? It is too much fun having your own way and not having to take orders. Our DA office has turned into animal house.

We need adult supervision.

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