Monday, April 9, 2018


GOAL: Halve the number of FL sex trafficking victims "Stretch" Goal: End all sex traffickingi FL

The problem: The U.S. treats this problem the same way we treat drug trafficking which has been a disaster. Removing a sex trafficking cartel (does this ever actually happen?) temporarily reduces supply and raises prices. Suppliers (traffickers) quickly move in to fill the void. Supply is also replenished / populated by the fact that a single girl can be sold thousands of time. Demand creates its own supply.

There is too much money to be made. Sex trafficking is the most lucrative business on the planet. The current investigative plan is circular and will never work. Demand (johns) must be targeted. With the current wealth gap, the “have nots” are all but forced into black markets. Most companies do not provide a living wage.

The ultimate solution is predicated on:
1) Reducing Supply
2) Reducing Demand

The focus will be on reducing both. The graph illustrates that the drop in quantity  (victims) arises from a decrease in both supply and demand.


1) "Chip our kids" Privacy issues are "baloney" compared to the benefits of knowing where our innocent kids are. I-phones already track our every step. Ask any parent who's had their kid abducted if they wish they had not followed through on this 30 second procedure. We do it for our pets! This would be an option and not a law... and of course as adults these grown kids could opt to have their chip removed from the discreet part of their body in which it was placed.  

2) Arrest johns and heavily fine them. This has been discuused.  They are rapists. The proceeds go to help the victims. There is enough money (rich Johns) to cover the needs of trafficked victims for life times.

3) The "bar" to arrest a John is lower than one may think. Stings are very successful. What’s the ratio of pimps/rapists to victims? 100:1? Higher? More?

4) "Name and shame" the Johns. Part of the Restoration model. Pictures go in the paper.

5) Nothing will work until law enforcement is on board and sees the johns as the engine that pushed sex trafficking.  

1) Awareness programs reduce supply through vigilance.

2) Shutting down Craig's list and its ilk reduces available supply. 

3)  A whistleblower program is most needed. Traffickers are reprehensible people and it wouldn't take much to have an insider "flip" someone if the price was right. This would dramatically upset supply lines and lower the costs and times of investigations.

4) Victims who have been ravaged emotionally should be able to give testimony or depositions outside of court. They should not be further victimized by predatory defense attorneys who assassinate the victims’ character based on what the perpetrators did to them. Currently, the judicial system is set up so that a trafficker is actually served by and motivated to completely annihilate the credibility of "his girl." 

5) I cannot emphasize enough the importance of the chip system. Put yourself in the place of a pimp/trafficker.... what are the chances of an abduction occurring if a trafficker knew that the police may immediately on their tail and would know the exact location of the victim?

Within this scenario - an immediate kidnapping charge could be made before a young female was raped.  The victim would not have to know where the chip was implanted - or if it was implanted at all. 

There would still be occurrences where this would fail to work. This would not likely help arrest parents (and foster parents) who may sell their kids from home. But on balance I believe it is an optimal strategy.

The diagram below illustrates reality. Law enforcement in Broward County is intertwined with the traffickers and is actively working with them. Below the line below are graphs and other explanatory information that you can peruse.

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