Thursday, January 28, 2016

Mark Robbins: Newspaper Nonsense

Who else makes the paper for small claims court? GOOD LORD. The local paper must be in dire straits if they are doing articles on nonsense.

See Notification to be sent to Ms. Frankston-Morris of the Pa Disciplinary Board by an interested party.

Please see the $4,000 suit that Andy Ostrowski filed against Mark Robbins in small claims court just a day or two before the Ostrowski's Disc Board meeting (Thursday Jan 28). I presume Ostrowski once again lost his bid to regain his license. 6 or 7 years now?

As you know it is illegal for one professing to be an attorney to sue an in individual for making a complaint against them. Mr Robbins filed a complaint when he became concerned about the welfare of two children of a drug addicted mother and the support and aid the disbarred (for 6 years) Ostrowski was giving the mother. Both the mother and Ostrowski have a history of substance abuse and Robbins was understandably concerned about Ostrowski's fitness to practice law based at least in part on the company he kept. 

Please preserve the integrity of the disciplinary process by removing or forcing the removal of this illegal suit.

As you may recall, you were sent you the unredacted e mails that you requested that Mark Robbins send you pertaining to correspondence between Ostrowski and Robbins. It is these E mails sent to at most 5 people that Ostrowski is suing over. Robbins stands behind every word.  

It is near comical that a supposed Constitutional lawyer is suing someone over free speech in an e mail or two.