Thursday, May 25, 2017

Lighthouse Christian Academy: Pull the shades. They are coming!

This school made national headlines for their very clear discrimination policy. Why $665,000 of our money (federal funding) bankrolling  this? See link for Lighthouse Christian Academy Admissions HERE.


Letter to school. So many conflicts and contradictions within your school. I am a ministerial candidate and have focused on LGBT's and the church. FYI... bigotry like yours helps fuels the suicide rate among gay teens (8.5 times higher).

1) You are completely wrong on how the Bible defines marriage. You are not even close. See bottom. For instance, a virgin who is raped must marry her rapist. (Deuteronomy 22:28-29). So if a creepy man shows up and rapes a female student. Do you...
Follow the Bible and force a marriage?
Follow the Law and press rape charges?
Or do you do both?

2) Jesus would never treat a marginalized group the way you do.
3) Don't claim to have an anti-discrimination policy when you don't. You have a "discrimination policy."
4) Which homes do you decide to invade?
5) How can you hold children responsible for adult activity in their homes?
6) Why are you hyper-focused on sexual sin to the exclusion of others (greed, gluttony, pride etc..)?
7) Giving you federal funds for discrimination allows nonsense religions to receive the same. Should Satanists receive funding as well for chopping the heads off of chickens? Here is the irony... the Satanists would be acting more humanely. Chickens lose their heads every day. Have you eaten at a Chick-Filet?
8) The traditional form of marriage, and the most common, is clearly polygamy. 40 cases. Re-read your Bible.
9) You claim to imitate Christ, really? Is your Christ a bigot?
10) Your school is based on an amalgamation of scriptures that matches your agenda. It is called cherry picking. This is "phony holy" nonsense.
11) Did you know the Bible is silent on gay orientation? It had to be. Being gay was not a "thing" until 1892. All homosexual sex is about straight people acting "unnaturally!" Bet you didn't know that! 
12) Required Reading for Lighthouse. Go HERE

I would appreciate a response.   Thank You  Mark Robbins