Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Some WB Cops are diamonds in the rough

A cop knocks.

Who is on the other side?

No way a cop can know.

Is it someone wigged out on bath salts? Is it somebody jacked up on Meth? Strung out on heroin? Is it a drunk calling the police to complain about their (also) drunken spouse?

Welcome to the world of a Wilkes –Barre cop. Remember, it is not the do-gooders who make these calls. It is those on the edge. The majority of the calls come from those at risk. And it is this risk that cops must carry as they literally put their lives on the line in a gun packin’ society. $65,000 per year? Please. What’s your life worth? How would their kids measure it?

Don’t let the recent crime stats fool you. These stats look like they came from a not-so-funny skit. Recall – these are the stats issued by Police Chief Gerard Dessoye. This is the chief who felt no need to keep any records for people’s towed cars. LAG ran record-free for years. This is also the chief that says he cannot stop cops from accepting bribes (“loaner cars”) from LAG. Can anybody honestly trust him with anything?

The statistics are an insult to all WB cops. These numbers water down the work they do. Did I read that crime is down 43% over approximately five years? Maybe it’s the chief hoggin’ all the bath salts. He hasn’t been at a City Council meeting in two years. Nor a crime watch meeting. Word has it he shows up late and hides behind a locked door.  He is looking to leave but apparently nobody will have him.

Not reporting crimes is very serious business. May I remind you of Penn State and Jerry Sandusky? The public is at risk when the statistics are sandbagged. Ask Jerry’s victims.

Many people have pointed to a very dark cloud surrounding these lowball figures. They ask:

Why weren’t crimes reported?

Who made these crimes disappear (“cleared”)?

Is there an “open for business” sign at WBPD with drug dealers reaching for their wallet?

Any drug houses covered?  I know of one for sure.

Heck, Dessoye will not (and likely cannot) prove he is not chemically impaired. Turkey Hill Minute Mart’s have higher standards for a chemical free work place. They also fire their managers for a lot less

Say, as an officer, you are one of the diamonds in the rough. By this I mean you are one who steered away from LAG and “Cars for Cash.” You didn’t take bribes or kickbacks from Leo Glodzik. You wanted no part of Gas-Gate.

You know that “11 o’clock” really does mean the time of day.

You don’t take steroids. Nor do you sell them. You mollify situations rather than escalating them. But your honesty comes with a price. You aren’t on the inside track because you don’t partake in corruption.  

Your chance for promotion is slim. You see, the next chief has to be a very “safe” pick for Leighton. A truly “wrong” pick for Leighton would have Leighton arrested the same day. A safe candidate is one who has worked with Leo Glodzik and not against him. Captain Bob Hughes fit the bill. The relationship between A1 Auto and LAG moved him to the top. But charges against Glodzik have confused matters. Now we may have to wait until Dessoye’s liver gives out. (If you think I am rough on Dessoye… know that those who ignore his issues bring him that much closer to his death which is where he is headed with no arrest of his disease).

For those cops who have done the right thing – I salute you! Don’t expect any plaudits from Leighton or Dessoye. This may be the only recognition you get.