Thursday, July 25, 2013

Felonies I filed with FBI

The Wilkes-Barre corruption is so obvious and the methodology so plain that I decided to make my allegations public. Some names have been added (since I put this together last December) but the common theme is "Corrupt Organization." At the federal level I believe this would fall under the RICO ACT which I hope is where this is heading. The RICO Act was formulated so that the "heads at the top" (Mafia) would be responsible for what happens below them. The Scorecard below relates mainly to "Cars for Cash." 

The felony counts of gas theft I left as its own independent investigation where I hope that DA Stefanie Salavantis can plainly see that "theft is theft" whether it be the Mayor, the undertaker, Grandma with sticky fingers.... or even the young man recently jailed  for stealing church equipment. The DA must know that the law cannot be selectively enforced based on title. The law is the law. Not applying the law evenly is a violation of the 14th Amendment and I have confidence we won't need to enter those waters. Credibility and trust are paramount concerns for a town hit so hard by scandals. In fact, Ms. Salavantis ran on these issues. See more comments below the "scorecards."

For Billboard and "Table of Corruption", see:
Times Leader article:


An astonishing $2,9700,000 per year based on unpaid state taxes.

Like Enron (for example), there are many in WB who have known what has been happening and chose to play the game. They are guilty. If you will recall, there were defendants named at Enron besides the CEO (Ken Lay).

If Thom Greco was charged with a felony for "misprision" (see my July 15 post) under the influence of Joe Noone of the Scranton FBI... then everybody above should be charged with "misprision" for starters If not then we are looking at injustices that will stand for the ages. (Misprision simply means not reporting a felony. Everyone is minimally guilty of this.)

All I ask for is fair and even justice:
1)  Mike Dessoye, Head Detective at the Luzerne County DA, should have zero influence over Gas-gate.
2)  Similarly, Joe Noone, who worked with The Mayor and Chief of WB in getting the charges of misprision against Thom Greco, and who has been seen socially with Leighton and Dessoye, needs to recuse himself if he cannot see this fairly.

No offense to Detective Dessoye or Agent Noone, but I believe my request is fair. I am very smart in some areas but not the law. But I know enough to realize that cases need to be heard impartially.