Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How Corruption happens - Case study FF police

Forty Fort Police

The corruption below was not "personal." When the "apple was bitten"... the Forty Fort police did not know me. It could have been you (unless you are a crony).

It begins with a deal with the devil: The WB police, manufacturing harassment (and other) charges against me (on behalf of the "creepy letter sender" below)... ask Forty Fort police to "sandbag" any and all charges that I wish to file. WB police call around (Magistrate, police etc.) to see if I have filed my charges anywhere. (by "beating me to the punch - they can accuse me of retaliating). 

WB Captain Bob Hughes immediately puts the report on the internet to embarrass me (because I called him out on LAG scandal). Before I know I have newspapers calling me and I have no idea what I am being charged with.

Lies follow: FF police say that I an retaliating... that it is dueling PFA's etc.... You need 100 % proof before we will file a report (same standard for all crimes? up to citizens to solve crimes vigilante style?)... You need to go to Magistrate (lie: can't take misdemeanors/felonies to Magistrate)... I tend to believe the perpetrator (who he never talked to)

Chest Thumping: From FF police chief Hunsinger (in letter):
1) I am the police chief here - not you. (Who said I was?)
2) I am in charge of the officers - not you.
3) I am not here to answer your every beck and call. 

30 year cronies pile on:  New Mayor gives Hunsinger a ringing endorsement without EVER looking at my case. Hunsinger is dirty. He is corrupt. I have seen all anyone would need to see.

Here is LETTER # 24  (Yes... 24!). How would your family feel if they received these types of letters and police would do NOTHING to help. 7 months now.