Saturday, February 15, 2014


In comparing KIDS for CASH to CARS for CASH... let me begin by saying that it is a more serious offense to wrongfully jail a kid than it is to steal a car from a poor person. But both are abhorrent.

According to the Times Leader: Leighton acknowledged he called Glodzik to help people having vehicle trouble, but the calls had nothing to do with city business. “This is me just driving down the street,” Leighton said.

Time out while I puke at this disingenuous, schmaltzy, "I am a dutiful citizen" crap. 

Let's all get on the same page:
1) Glodzik gave free tows - to cops - as kickbacks.
2) Glodzik price gauged citizens so he could give "cuts" to cops. These are called bribes.
3) Hundreds of complaints were ignored regarding damage to cars, price gouging, and autos being stolen.

Folks... we have (have had) an organized crime syndicate running through the police chief's office and the Mayor's office. There's no getting around it!!


Kickback/bribes = Aggressive towing = Full lot
Cars never returned (stolen) keeps it full

"KIDS for CASH" was known by many, many people before it became public.
"CARS for CASH" was known by the entire police force, chief, and Mayor 

"CARS FOR CASH" was a well oiled auto theft ring. 
It thrived because a victim literally had no one to turn to
Glodzik? No
Dessoye? No
Leighton? No

The uphill battle was so fierce that I took a polygraph test at my own expense to overcome the lies!!  LOOK AT THE PRICE GOUGING!!



                                        AVG = $621

Does anybody honestly think these signs were missed by city officials?
1) Kickbacks and bribes
2) Additional bribes to all cops at Christmas time (liquor in the police station)
3) Leighton was in such a hurry to give the contract to LAG he trampled the rights of City Wide Towing and lost a law suit.
4) Captain Bob Hughes selling LAG cars at A1 Auto (How many stolen cars did Bob Hughes sell?).
5) Cops driving "Kickback cars" with LAG tags prominently displayed.

                  "Bribe cars" (LAG Loaner cars to cops)
                             SEE ILLEGAL TAGS BELOW

ILLEGAL TRUCK (represents a bribe) 

LAG crushed this car of 82 year old and returned as is.
Leighton, Glodzik, and the city offered zero.
Private citizens took up a collection for Natalie Aleo.


Senta Boyer's title which she NEVER relinquished!

 With help, Senta bought new car.

Stolen car complaint filed. Nothing happens.
Glodzik given a free pass on every complaint filed.

No collusion with WB Chief Dessoye?
Consider that he broke the contract in not collecting receipts from LAG.
He allowed Glodzik to operate freely as a street thug.

Another Car stolen   See Affidavit below
Criminal complaint filed... nothing.