Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Leighton is getting very cocky

At Tuesday night's County Council meeting, WB Councilman Tony George rightly asked what is taking so long with the gas gate investigation. Tony George said he has sent multiple letters to the DA Office.

Leighton - whether it be the alcohol talking or just his plain arrogance - snapped back: "Why don't you just call her!!"

This case should not be difficult. The taxpayers put the evidence on a billboard. 

Yet Leighton has good reason to be cocky.

Who runs the Times Leader?
Jellyfish Spohr? You would be wrong

If you ask reporter Jerry Lynott, it would be Leighton... as good word has it that Leighton did not like an article Lynott wrote and yelled loud enough to get Lynott demoted. The jellyfish went "squish."

Spohr is also responsible for all the porn ads in The Weekender (at kids' view level at any Turkey Hill) and the comments section of the paper that more disgraceful than a bathroom stall at a seedy train station.

To their credit, the Times Leader has stopped running ads for the "Aroma Spa" near the General Hospital. Because they were shut down by the State Police... when a condom was left for the undercover patron.