Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Kanes and booze don't mix

Jared Kane     the "short story" about this person is that nearly everything has been handed to him... and still he has made a mess of his life.

- It is reported that his father "fixed" a DUI for this juvenile

- A DUI with a reported alcohol level of an insane .267 was expunged

-  He got a political job (through his father) with Judge Conahan (now imprisoned)

Here is how his performance is described in a legal document (frequent no-show and intoxicated). The "he" is Conahan.  

- He was apparently set up with a state position which he was fired from.

- We really have no idea if he is sober now. At 33 years of age... and given his background... this candidate is a joke. A monkey who flips coins would make a better judge.


Apparently a 33 year old "live at home" deli slicer is running for Magistrate. Jared Kane is the name. Son of the profoundly corrupt and chemically addicted Marty Kane.

Just some of what you need to know about this family from trusted sources.

- Current Magistrate Marty Kane is a chronic alcoholic. In fact, it is with this understanding that I have filed to have him recuse himself the once or twice I was to be in front of him.

- The one time I was in front of him... he actually told me that if I wanted to make a constitutional argument - that I would need an attorney.

- I have yet to hear from any attorney that he is not corrupt. It is as clear as the noon day sun.

- His drinking is so out of control that he was seen in a visible spot at a bar french kissing a transgender woman. His wife, Kathy Kane later confirmed this. I am not concerned about who he is attracted to... but I am very concerned about his judgment (apparently washed away with alcohol).

- Marty Kane has been "fixing" DUI's for years. There is one individual whose DUI was fixed. Did it help? This person would go into 11 different rehab centers. I know this for a fact.

- Molly Sheridan's DUI was thrown out. This is stated on page three of the legal document below.

- I cannot reiterate how corrupt this man is. I only know a small fraction of one per cent of what has gone on.

- Cases are clearly predetermined ahead of time.

KATHY KANE   As Head of city council, she routinely "gave cover" to:

- The LAG Towing criminal enterprise

- WBPD Chief Gerard Dessoye's adulterous affair with known heroin addict and dealer Catherine Meehan. At least 40 complaints and/or police reports to Catherine Meehan's residence yielded nothing. 

- When a public citizen complained repeatedly about the situation, Kathy Kane advised this person to call the perpetrator (Gerard Dessoye)

Below is legal document... it is unbelievable to read what went on...