Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Is JJ Murphy a Harvard man? Really? Kings and Marywood to Harvard?  Hmmmm. What exactly occurred at Harvard? Was it a seminar? A workshop? Notice that there is NO DEGREE associated with this reference to Harvard. JJ Murphy is not the man behind his mindblowing 140 page application!!
Next... What a pathetic excuse to explain his sordid behavior.. JJ Murphy had himself paid this outrageous amount ($300 per hour) because he was greedy and thought he could get away with it. Goal Consulting was a "front" to add a veneer of authenticity.

Does something seem strange here? There are NO Wilkes-Barre city hall personnel listed as references - just the police may not have been at arm’s length” Hobbs, N.M. – October 22, 2016 -- The State Auditor's official findings align with my concerns. In July, I filed a complaint with the State Auditor’s office asking for the probe into two contracts championed by Hobbs’ City Manager, J.J. Murphy. These two contracts were awarded to the Medico Consulting Group, LLC, a waste and recycling consultant, and Pennsylvania attorney Alan Wohlstetter, a $475-per-hour-consultant retained for legal services related to the police department’s video surveillance network. After conducting a fact finding investigation, the office mailed a letter dated October 17, 2016 to the City of Hobbs stating that these two contracts “were handled in a manner that raises significant uncertainty as to whether the City received competitive prices. Additionally, the fact that both firms are from Pennsylvania and have connections to the City Manager’s prior employer raises the appearance that the contracts may not have been at arm’s length.”

What is this about?