Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Guest blogger Mike Frank Burnside: Call your Congress member now!

Guest Blogger   Mike Frank Burnside

My note: My eyes tend to fog over when insurance was brought up. But the message below from Mike Frank Burnside of Harvey's Lake (PA) caught my attention. 

I am privileged to not be poor. Yet I am not part of the mega wealthy. Please consider the ever widening wealth gap in our country... and ask your self "Was the money earned fairly or not?" And "How can wealth itself be used to make easy money."

1)  Bribes/Kickbacks  "Kids for Cash" and "Cars for Cash" (LAG Towing and Leighton/ WB Police), Consider... one of the wealthiest men in Luzerne County is/was Leo Glodzik... a tow truck driver now in prison... ran one of biggest auto theft rings in Pa history.
2) Pay for Play... Securing contracts by paying off politicians under the table or via campaign contributions.
3) Selling influence   Clinton Foundation... Trump's kids were recently selling meetings with "dad" for a million bucks per "donor."
4)  Doctors scamming insurance companies / selling scrips for pain meds
5) Drug Dealing / Racketeering / mob activity / threats / extortion / violence / prostitution / bookies / bar owners
6) Judges.  Buying their way into office. Chief Luzerne County Judge Dick Hughes spent $173,000 and hid the fact that state police covered up DUI of Luzerne County DA Salavantis. Your honor? I think not. 
7) Even something as simple as speed traps. Pays attorneys. Job security for lazy cops. Municipal money.

Think hard about how people make their money. Far too much respect is given to the wealthy. When reading the piece below... think of the honest "9 to 5ers" that have no access to "easy money." Nurses for example.

Message below from Mike Frank Burnside: 

When Trump or Paul Ryan say they want to replace the ACA with "Health Savings Accounts" (HSAs), they are also saying they want to replace Obamacare or Medicare or Medicaid with YOU paying for your healthcare. That means YOU pay for chemotherapy... YOU pay for all surgeries and hospitalization... YOU pay for all your family's doctor visits, urgent care, ER visits, and prescription drugs out-of-your-pocket. No longer will our tax dollars help us to pool our resources to share the costs of necessary care. They intend to claw-back the social safety net to pre-New Deal times.

A Health Savings Account is just a tax-free way for you to save up money to pay for your own medical bills. So if you are paying off college loans, or saving for a house down-payment, or simply living paycheck to paycheck, guess what -- a Health Savings Account does you no good, because you have no discretionary funds to deposit into it. And even if you manage to save five grand or ten grand in an HSA, that could all get wiped out in one routine hospital visit for you or a family member. Then you are back to square zero again.

Don't be fooled if they say they're going to "give" you a token amount to "start you off" -- in no way will it replace the kind of coverage you can get now. Even if you can supplement your HSA with affordable health insurance, you will be eating away at money that you should be investing for your retirement or your kids' college tuition. Only the top 3-5% of Americans can save enough for retirement, college AND their own out-of-pocket medical expenses. Therefore, the tax benefits of HSA's only help those people.

The actual purpose for repealing the Affordable Care Act and for drastically changing Social Security and Medicare is to transfer the money currently allocated to them to the very wealthy via more tax cuts for the mega-rich. Millions of us won't be able to afford necessary care so the upper crust will feel even grander.

Please call your Congress member to protest this now. Their plan is to rush this through before most people understand what's going on.

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