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See Tony George's "Kids for Cash" endorsement further down. First take a look at the broad facts of "Kids for Cash" to realize the huge scope of this horrific bribery scheme.



Judge Mark Civiarella (17 yrs in prison) for taking $1 Million and "stuffing" juvenile center with kids for pal Rob Mericle
Sandy Fonzo behind Judge Mark Civiarella. Her son committed suicide after illicit/unethical jail sentence by Civiarella.

Judge Michael Conahan (8 yrs in prison) for taking $1 Million and "stuffing" juvenile center with kids for pal Rob Mericle
Rob Mericle received just one year in prison for bribing judges to "stuff" his juvenile facility illicitly / unethically / dubiously in Luzerne County Pa.
PALM BEACH GARDENS resident (PA Attorney) Michael Powell served 18 months. RECENT NEWS!! (June 2016)   Powell reported to be under federal investigation. See article HERE

W-B Mayor Tony George supported "Kids for Cash" Judge (Civiarella; serving 17 years). See letter to editor below. After the prison sentences were administered, Tony George proved to be one of the most stubborn and thick headed (and just plain stupid ) men alive. After all the of the irrefutable evidence was in regarding "Kids for Cash," Tony George would not relent on his apparent "man crush" of the nefarious Civiarella. In fact Tony George "double downed" on his position and continued his support of disgraced Civiarella at the W-B Mayoral candidate debate. 
Transcript (below) of the above letter written to Wilkes-Barre Citizens Voice Newspaper in 2008:

Editor:   We feel it is our responsibility to respond to the criticism that Judge Mark Civiarella has received the last few weeks concerning juvenile justice.

We can say from personal experience in Judge Civiarella's court room that he was always fair and firm with all students. 

His concern for safe schools was always a top concern for him. 

An example of his concern for safe schools is the fact that every year for the past 10 years, Judge Civiarella took the time from his busy schedule to speak to all students at Wilkes-Barre Area Vocational Technical School. 

He spoke to the students regarding the purpose of attending school and the consequences that result if the safety and welfare of any student or staff member was in jeopardy. 

Also, in the past several years, Civiarella participated in a school play in which he re-enacted a court room trial with the students acting as lawyers as well as victims of school violence.

His dedication of working with our students created a bond of trust and confidence with him, the students, and the staff. Students who have had personal experience with Judge Civiarella have expressed gratitude and thanks for his involvement in their lives. His concern for students after adjudication is what makes him so special. He has made a tremendous difference in the educational process of our school. 

In closing, Judge Civiarella will always be a part of Wilkes-Barre Area Vocational Technical School and we are thankful for all the years of quality and dedicated service he has given to our school and to our community. 

Anthony Testa
Dean of Students
Wilkes-Barre Area Vocational Technical School

Anthony (Tony) George
School Resource Officer  
Wilkes-Barre Area Vocational Technical School

  Eye Opening news from "Wake Up Wilkes-Barre" blog. See HERE

Tuesday, January 10, 2017



... is a "for profit" Large Group Awareness Training (LGAT) program that does NOT PAY the vast majority of its labor. 

It is a toxic cult (see characteristics below). It uses...
(1) pop psychology 
(2) experiential exercises (with music to match) 
(3) unproven and apocryphal spiritual “laws”
(4) frenetic, frantic, and pressured days lasting up to 15 hours (up to five days) 
(5) “trauma bonding” and break downs and “love bombing”
(6) an “us versus the world” philosophy to foster team bonding
(7) uses the fear of excommunication and isolation to keep members adhered

A)     It brainwashes students so they in turn (as staff) can brainwash others.

B)      An ocean of brainwashed adherents (students and graduates) work for no monetary pay for this “for profit” business. Some work as many as 60 hours per week.

C)     Students and graduates sign up family and friends “pyramid style” for no commission.

D)     Secrecy and brainwashing fuels this business. Exposure is desperately needed to liberate those brainwashed. Hopefully the IRS will come looking for its money after I wrote them!

E)      Parts 1 and 2 (Total of nine intense training days) create the euphoria and the prelude to Part 3 which is an 80 day indoctrination phase in which seemingly a “thousand hooks” are used to keep vulnerable students obsessively engaged. Coaching calls, Mentor calls, “Senior calls,” small group calls, team calls (up to 3 hours), committees, legacy project, goal setting, commission-free recruitment (“enrollment”) quotas, fund raisers, service for parts 1 and 2… it never ends.

F)      The beneficiaries? The founder Jo Engellson and other partners in the LLC.

CHARACTERISTICS OF A CULT (and their relation to GT)

(1) A sect or a group is considered to be extremist or false, when under the guidance of an authoritarian and/or charismatic leadership, members exhibit fixed and/or religious veneration. Groups that meet this definition tend to have an escalating negative impact on the lives of followers. The chronic draw of money, time, and unpaid labor over time escalates within GT and creates hardship (even if the student sees it as doing “the best work there is”).

(2) Members are zealous, protective, and unquestioningly committed. --- Members regard leadership and their ideology as representing truth, law, and what is right and good. Us versus them. “We are the 2 per cent.” The leadership affirms and enforces this idea.  

(3) Philosophy is often based on the ideations coming from the mind of one person; often a person not affirmed to be psychiatrically sound (narcissism for example) or even vetted by others. GT Founder Jo Englesson claims that we are 100 % responsible for everything 100 % of the time. She calls it “source movement” whereby we “author” everything into our lives. This of course is a logical fallacy because countering “authorships” collide and create mutually exclusive results (for example, two competing sports teams “authoring” victory). It also creates nonsensical results… such as a fetus choosing or “authoring” to abort itself. It puts humans in the place of God.

(4) Questioning, doubt, and dissent are discouraged or rebuked. Criticism about leadership or the group are taken very seriously and likely punished. Those that push hard enough are considered a liability. They are quickly excommunicated and cut off from the group into total isolation (similar to “subversives” in Scientology).

(5) The group uses public humiliation or punishment, debilitating work, sleep deprivation, or other practices to create group-think and to suppress individualism and doubt. Like most cults, the concentration of money and power remains in the hands of the very few.

The group is elitist, claiming special status and powers for itself and its members. Unrealistic goals are set. This is called “magical thinking.” Jo Engellson maintain a fanciful vision of world peace being “sourced” through her very fringe New Age group. She also contradicts her vision by running to attorneys and the courts when pressed hard enough on her ideas and her illegal business practices. 

(7)  Members of the group generally begin to disassociate themselves with close family and friends. The group becomes a replacement or a surrogate “family.” Members within GT are told that a “10 life” or a “10 partner” is only available within GT. The group becomes the sole community of its followers. Members of the “staff” are given robotic, fixed, or scripted, answers to common questions. Or they simply answer a question with another question. 

(8) Questioning the group's practices often leads to forced exodus. Members remain because they become afraid of alienation and isolation if they leave. “Love” within the group is completely conditional and therefore represents a false love and a false hope. Acceptance and communication dries up once a member is outside the community.

(9) Groups like GT “trauma bond” its members to congeal. A process of “breaking down” followed by "Love bombing." The shower of love occurs “full throttle” at the end of any session or multi day event so that members feel valued and special. These warm feeling are capitalized by GT to inspire its “love bombed students” to recruit and sign up family and friends.  

(10) The young… the lost… the broken… the molested… and the drug addicted are populations that GT likes to target. THE MOST VULNERABLE. GT preys upon the fact that almost all of these people may have never felt the euphoria of “love bombing.” Students mistake GT as the lone source of these good feelings when in reality these experiences can be found in many other groups. GT has a huge LGBTQ population which deceives these adherents into thinking it is a safe space for them. The reality is that GT is a very dangerous for anyone over time it will rob one of valuable time, money, unpaid labor, and meaningful connections to the outside world.

(11)  Longitudinal studies of cults reflect that most members struggle over time. This is certainly true of GT. A syndrome called the "Roman Candle Effect" takes place. Inspired and euphoric members often see immediate improvements in their life and even in their employment. But given that there is no mechanism to in GT to keep these feelings alive, other than sacrificing more money, time, and unpaid labor, a miniscule few experience abundance and most disengage almost entirely from the group.

(12) GT breaks its promises as though they were never made. Confidentiality is repeatedly assured. Yet since no one in GT(that I met) is professionally licensed or certified, HIPPA laws are not enforceable and thus trampled. Private information from applications and even shared secrets within the trainings are fair game as weapons to be used against dissenters if need be. This includes a court of law. This nefarious tactic is also used within Scientology.