Wednesday, January 14, 2015


I, Mark Robbins, on behalf of Frank Sorick and the Wilkes-Barre Taxpayers Association, asked for inspection reports on Sherman Hills as part of a "right-to-know." This drug infested, Bronx mutated development is one of the most dangerous in the country.

To a person - we are livid with Leighton and his cronies. At best, we believe the development was inspected once in the past ten years... and this estimate may be too high.

Our recent request was met with foul play and corruption.

Quick snap shot:
1) We requested the inspection records from city hall and was given a specific amt to pay: $102.50 (see below). The money was sent. 
2) This specific dollar amount represents a specific number of records - so we know that at least some records exist (410).
3) As always... city hall plays games and waits 30 days
4) On day 36 (max supposed to be 30) they claim the Right-to-know wasn't specific enough on two of the three requests. The other request they are asking for nearly $300.

COPS FOR CASH (Money exchanged for police safety)
We are not comfortable with:
1) Allegations that Leighton has received kickbacks or a silent interest in Sherman Hills.
2) To all appearances, Sherman Hills sold itself to a subsidiary of Sherman Hills - Treetop Development. For a 100 % profit.
3) Leighton's alleged monetary interest in Sherman Hills has essentially stopped all inspections.
4) No inspections (or audits of occupants) has led to one officer being shot in the foot (by someone who wasn't supposed to be there) and risks the lives of all officers called there.

We are also concerned with:
1) Elected representatives (Pashinski and Cartwright) have pretended to care and done nothing. They might as well serve as place holders.
2) The city solicitors are not fulfilling their requirements to protect the city's interests in regards to this matter. They are "city attorneys," not "Leighton attorneys."

We have seen the pictures of our next Governor and his wife with solicitor Bill Vinsko and his family in Vinsko's home (Lu Lac Letter). It is our understanding that Vinsko was offered a job with Governor-to-be Wolf.

The WBTPA feel that it is appropriate that Governor Wolfe knows what has happened in Wilkes-Barre under Vinsko's watch. Frankly, citizens are afraid of the thought Vinsko might have more power and what he might do to the state. He has given little to no reason for any citizen to trust him. And he has been "oh so comfortable" in his role.

Has Vinsko been transparent in telling Governor-to-be Wolf about what has happened under his (Vinsko's) watch?

- Is Wolf aware that the city is under a major FBI Investigation?
- Is Wolf  aware of the LAG Criminal Empire that took place under Vinsko's nose for at least 8 years?
- Is Wolf aware of the five indictments and suicide?
- Is Wolf aware of gas-gate and alleged bribes received by Leighton
- As city attorney did Vinsko do anything to bring respect to the offices of Mayor and police chief given both positions were held by chronic alcoholics? 
- Have you ever thought of the effects on morale of the police force with a chief so drunk he couldn't be called at night?

The Wilkes-Barre Taxpayers will have a certified letter sent to Governor Tom Wolf prior to Wolf's signing-in on January 20. 

We hope the new Governor would dismiss William Vinsko if Vinsko misrepresented his record in Wilkes-Barre. We believe Vinsko must have for surely no one could hire a Wilkes-Barre city attorney (and relative to Leighton) given the horrible corruption and substance abuse that has sunk the city for a decade. It is difficult imagining Vinsko doing a worse job. It is time for the pretty boy to be revealed.

To the Mayor specifically -

Drunken prayers aren't answered. Especially "Please let me quit tomorrow." Father Ryan of King's did what many priests do best...  they hide people. He found a hiding place for Gerard Dessoye putting King's College at risk. He is in a position to drink to the grave. Nice job, Ryan. Perhaps the mayor could ask the recalcitrant Ryan to sprinkle him with holy water. Thomas Leighton - you will try everything except doing the right thing. Integrity must be earned over time and you have none.

To the city of Wilkes-Barre -

     You have once again shown you another act of bad faith. Play games at your peril. Right is might and the people and honest law enforcement officials overwhelmingly support us. We will win. We won't stop until we do. We look forward to the day when a prison door clanks and WB officials are on the other side.
                 Until then... Wilkes-Barre Taxpayers Association